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March 22, 2023, 07:28:32 pm
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News: Finally, congratulations to Efinn Rox for becoming UWE Champion
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The one and only Wildcard

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Author Topic: The one and only Wildcard  (Read 657 times)
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« on: June 04, 2010, 10:18:22 pm »

Base Pic

The beard is KEY

Wrestler's Statistics
Strength: 7.5/10
Speed: 9/10
Technical: 9/10
Submission: 7.5/10
Charisma: 10/10
Stamina: 9/10
****: 6/10
Total: 58/70

Name: Wildcard
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Weight: 195 lbs
Hometown: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Numb by Linkin Park
Fighting Style: Stiff technical wrestler

Same type of shorts that AJ styles wears in ring, only blue with red and orange flames on the side. When not in the ring he is usually wearing a classy suit.

Weapon Of Choice

Entrance Description
Numb by Linkin Park hits and the entire arena goes black as the buzz of the fans grows louder. a blue light shines on the crowd and a few flames form a semi circle on the stage around a dark figure whom the fans cant see. As he walks forward for every few steps he takes on each side of the ramp a similar blue flame lights. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp the lights come on all at once revealing Wildcard. He slides under the bottom rope and goes straight to his corner to await his opponent.

Standard Strike Moves
  • Standard punch
  • Dropkick
  • Stiff kicks
Standard Grapple Moves
  • DDT variations
  • Snap suplex
  • various suplex combinations
Submission Moves
  • Heel hook
  • Sharpshooter (rare)
  • Figure four
Extreme Moves
  • Various jumps to the outside of the ring
  • Jumping hang mans neckbreaker
  • Cut throat driver (Mark Briscoes finisher from ROH)
Favourite Moves
  • shining Wizard (hit from anywhere)
  • four fifty splash
  • shooting Star press
  • Royal Flush - butterfly jumping pile driver (Jay Briscoes J-Driller)
  • Double foot stomp from top rope

Wrestlers Biography/History
Began with humble beginnings in small feds all over the globe, winning tag titles and **** titles. Opened WRW with Ryan Hart and after holding the X-division title went on to win the world title after winning a tournament and beating Cory Chevelle, Greenbean, and Da King in a four way match. From there he joined UWE and had many accomplishments, including winning the Money in the Bank and making it to the finals of the King of the Ring tournament. Since then Wildcard has made smaller appearances in smaller companies but hasn't gone full time anywhere.

Titles Held
  • WEF X-division champ
  • WEF Tag team champion
  • WRW X-division champ
  • WRW World Heavyweight champ
  • UWE Cruiserweight title

Sample Roleplay


Kris Kore: This is World Revolutionary Wrestling and right now we have been seeing the biggest wrestlers from both promotions come together just like how my colleague who recently retired just like meó

Cory Chevelle: You didnít retire Kris you got fired for losing against Double Dangerous Lee

Kris: Specifics donít matterÖ the point is we have been seeing wrestlers and owners and basically everything that people have paid to see and quite frankly itís been an experience

Cory: Well of coarse it has and itís only going to get better as the first ever WRW card is posted on Sunday then the Sunday after we will have all of our champions crowned.  

Kris: But there has also been some other big news Cory! Wildcard, former TAWF owner has relinquished his position of power to become a wrestler again, he used to be a huge star in the WEF, longest reigning cruiserweight champ if my memory serves me correctly

Cory: but now heís in the X-division Kris, and thatís a whole different game, I donít know if he can keep up.

Kris: weíll just have to wait a bit and see then Cory!

The WRW arena is buzzing about what could be coming up and which returning TAWF or WEF wrestler they could be seeing next. Suddenly all the lights go off at once and the buzz rises even higher. The fans are starting to cheer as some have already made guesses as to whom it could be. Finally the opening to Numb by Linkin Park hits on keyboard then it stops and the fans burst going absolutely crazy knowing whom it is. The opening for Numb plays again then the rest of the song picks up and one strand of blue pyro shoots up at the front of the stage then from the sides of that a whole ring shoots up on stage and numb is still playing loudly. Finally the pyro turns red then the lights come on and the pyro is still shooting up. The pyro goes down all at once and Wildcard is standing there looking at the crowd and they are cheering him so loudly chanting ďHAIL WILDCARD!Ē Wildcard is dressed in his jeans, white wife beaters shirt with flames on the site, and over short sleeve shirt that is completely flames. He also has his vintage red sunglasses on and the fans are happy to see his read flames wrestling boots instead of his office shoes and office suit on. He just gets a louder response then he takes his glasses off and throws them into the crowd then begins walking down the ramp. The fans are outreaching their hands but Wildcard makes no effort to high five them, he merely smiles and makes his way towards the ring. Once he gets to the steps he walks up one by one and then Lillian is inside the ring, he points to the ropes and she opens them for him. Once he gets in he smacks her on the ass and she blushes then the fans cheer, normally heíd get a negative response but the fans are just happy to see him back. He goes to the side of the ring and the man sitting there gets up to give him his mic then he tosses the guy a quarter and the fans laugh again. Wildcard then walks back into the middle of the ring with mic in hand and the fans are anticipating him to talk but wonít let him because they are being so noisy. The chants are still going on and Wildcard brings the mic to his mouth but the fans wont quiet down so he just takes it all in for a little bit, listening to the crowd and loving every minute of it. Finally when they settle down he brings the mic to his mouth and begins to talk to the riled up crowd

Cory: I cannot believe the reaction that I am hearing for my good friend Wildcard. The fans are just so happy to see him back in the ring, doing what he does best. Being a professional wrestler.

Kris: How can a man his size be getting a reaction like this, its ridiculous, the fans just donít know a good wrestler when they see one.

Wildcard: Finally, after all Iíve gone through, after all the temporary feds, the fed I once loved and the fed I once ran have merged together to make the best damn federation Iíve ever seen or been a part of! See I donít have to see the first card to know that, I donít have to see the matches or the stars, because Iíve ran TAWF; Iíve been in WEF, and that is enough for me to know what this will be. So when me and DJ made the deal to merge the two feds, do you think that I would take ownership or become a wrestler? Your damn right, Iíd become a wrestler! See my career took off in the WEF! In the cruiserweight division! Now I come to the WRW, looking for a better-revamped career and whatís a better place to get that career? Back where I started. See as much as I can beat heavyweights I am, as most of you have probably noticed, the size of a cruiserweight, so Iíve joined the divisionÖ that best suits my style, the X-division, where there are NO limits! Now looking at what I have to deal with, I notice that WEF decided to forgo the cruiserweight division, so that title wont be merged, now that leaves us with a champion named Spectre. See Spectre has always been a good wrestler, always on top of his game. Heís the man that ended one of my cruiserweight title streaks! Though I was the man that ended his first in return! And Heís also the man who Iím going to beat for my first WRW title. See Iíve gone through the phases, Iíve joined the federation and Iíve earned my stripes not only here but in other companies too. Wherever I go success follows me, thatís not coincidence, thatís not me being a cocky bastard, that is fact folks, I donít talk trash because it implies falsehood. So what Iím doing is issuing a challenge. I want Spectre and I want him right now, I want him Sunday, I want him as soon as the boss can get him my way cause quite frankly I am ready to tear it up with him in this ring for my first belt here.

Kris: where does this guy get off just issuing a challenge to our X-division champion? He thinks because heís used to run TAWF he can just come in here and get any match he wants? Cory like the man or not you know thatís not how things go here!

Cory: we donít even know if thatís what heís suggesting yet Kore so give the man a break and hear him out!

Wildcard: Now I know what a lot of you people and Kris Kore must be thinking ďWhat does he think just cause he used to own TAWF He can come out and make a match with him vs. the Champ!? Bull!Ē and guess what? I agree. So starting Sunday I am issuing a challenge, it is 2 shows between now and the PPV so here is my little plan, we throw everybody in the X-division in a battle royal! We take the two final guys the week later and put THEM in a match! Then the winner of that will go on to our PPV and fight it out against Spectre at Doomsday and Spectre I can guarantee if this all goes down, if it gets the big thumbs up, you will be dropping that title to me and possibly even dropping out of the federation. Spectre this is what I do to people. I end careers, I leave big black blotches on records that wrestlers can spend their whole lives trying to get rid of but simply cannot. Do you know what it feels like to hold a loss to a 5í5Ē 170 pound man? Oh wait you do, well for others it ruined them. This isnít to try psyche you out or try get you to pack your bags and hit the road Spectre this is simply a warning for whatís about to come your way. I like what you have, I crave I need I WILL HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE!! So take your belt out to a fancy dinner, buy it some expensive champagne, seduce it, have a good night with it, then clean it off and replace the name ďSpectreĒ with the name Wildcard. Cause Spectre, two people are going into that match, and I will make sure that you remember the name.

Cory: what did I tell you Kris, Wildcard isnít what youíve pegged him out to be, sure he ran a company but heís not some pompous ass that acts like he still owns the place when he knows as well as we do that he doesnít have power here like he used to have it!

Kris: Well him not being a pompous ass has yet to be seen, Iíll bet he hires wrestlers to fill in that battle royal for him! Something like that! This man isnít what heís built himself up as thatís for sure Cory!

Wildcard drops the mic and the fans burst with cheers again as he turns towards the entrance, sporting a much more serious look on his face then he came out with. He starts heading up the ramp and people are still reaching their hands out but Wildcard still doesnít really seem to notice or care about it. Finally Wildcard gets to the top and is going behind the curtain, but he turns around one last time and instead of raising his one arm like he normally does he motions a belt around his waist then makes a big X with both of his arms and that causes the fans to cheer louder then they normally would. Wildcard then turns and walks the rest of the way behind the curtain. With the fans cheering his name the scene fades away

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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2010, 10:33:04 pm »

Welcome back man, glad you've signed back up.
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« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2010, 11:32:28 pm »

Oh no....CM Punk as picbase. What will happen if Tista rejoins with James J  Wink Cool
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« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2010, 04:43:16 am »

If he's dead set on it I can always do Austin ARies or go back to Aj. I just like the cult leader look Punks got going on right now
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« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2010, 05:50:32 am »

What's up Eugo? Long time no see man.
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« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2010, 07:30:06 pm »

Yeah man certainly been a while. I'm ready to do some good writing with you guys again
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