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Author Topic: Angelus  (Read 932 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: June 05, 2010, 09:13:47 pm »

Base Pic

Wrestler's StatisticsStrength: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Technical: 9/10
Submission: 7/10
Charisma: 8/10
Stamina: 9/10
****: 9/10
Total: 58/70

225 pounds
Las Vegas, Nevada
Entrance Theme:
The Memory Remains-Metallica
Fighting Style:
Martial Arts/Technical

Usually classy suits, occasionally casual.

Weapon Of Choice
Duel batons

Entrance Description

"Fortune, fame, mirror vain
Gone insane...

*BOOM!* A huge pyro fires up from the stage as "The memory Remains" continues playing.  As the smoke from the pyro clears, Angelus is left standing in the middle of the stage staring straight down at his opponent.  There's a sudden chill that sweeps through the crowd as Angelus takes one good, long look around the arena. 

"Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor"

Schumacher: Ladies and Gentlemen.  From Las Vegas, Nevada!  Weighing in at 225 pounds!  He is UWE's first and only Grand Slam Champion!  ANNNNnnnnnNNNNGELLLLLLUSSSSss! 

"Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded prima donna"

Angelus makes his way down the ramp, highfiving the occasional fan who holds their arm out desperately to touch him.  Some fans can be heard cheering his name at the top of their lungs, others have not forgotten his past deeds and refuse to cheer him.  Angelus' eyes say it all though.  He's not here for them.  Angelus slides in on the apron and pops up, immediately look over to his opponent and pointing to them, telling them tonight they're gonna just another fallen victim.  He then turns around and runs to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the top rope and pointing around the arena, then back to himself.  Angelus jumps off and turns to his opponent, loosening up a little before the match begins.

Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
But the memory remains

Standard Strike Moves
    Color=signature move

    -Fists of Fury (Quick, lightning like hands that can flat out go anywhere he wants)
    -chest chop
    -round house kick
    -bicycle kick
    -cart wheel kick
    -enzi guri
    -head butt
    - side step + kick (as it sounds, he side steps someone's move and kicks the boogly out of em)
    -Yakuza kick
    -Snap, crackle, POP! (Groggy opponent stands in front of Angelus, he kicks them across the face once, then reverses his foot and kicks them again, then moves his foot forward once more to kick them across the face for a third time)
    -flying knee
    -flying leg kick (Runs, jumps, soars like an eagle and kicks the hell outta someone)
    -missile dropkick
    -"Split em, and rack em" (Usually an opponent comes after Anj, and he'll do the splits, then hit em where it counts.  Of course, the ref doesn't see a thing)

    -The Verdict (RKO)
    -Tiger bomb
    -The Chadinator (Fisherman suplex)
    - samoan drop
    -spine buster (Uses it like the rock did, sending them into the ropes.)
    - press slam (Only IF his opponent is lighter than him)
    -Devine denial (electric chair drop, commentators usually shout something like DENIED! DENIED!)

    Back grapples:
    -test of faith (Holds opponent up for a fisherman suplex but then falls to his side, slamming his opponents head into the mat.)
    -The Equalizer (Angle Slam)

    -German suplex
    -back drop
    -back drop + *insert move* (does the back drop, gets up, elbow drops them, or moonsaults them)
    -inverted ddt

    -Shooting star press
    -leap of faith (opponent stands up and I jump straight out as I extend my fist out and nail them in the face)
    -elbow drop
    -missle drop kick
    -Fisherman suplex from top rope.
    -The Verdict(RKO off the top rope)

    to the outside of the ring
    -suicide dive
    -spring board
    -Fallen Angel (He runs to the ropes, hops to the top of the rope then stands up and extends his arms from his sides making his body look like a cross as he dives on his opponent.)
    -The Verdict: Rko's opponent from the apron to the outside.

    -shoulder block
    -super kick
    -yakuza kick
    -flying lariat
    -high sprung ddt
    -shining wizard
    -calf kick
    -leg sweep
    -chop block

    -leg drop (He runs to the ropes and hops up to the middle rope, then bounces back and turns in mid air)
    -moonsault from the middle rope
    -backflip (He just backflips over his opponent using the 2nd or top rope.  From there he might kick em, or back drop them)

    -Shades of Flair: Figure four
    -Sharpshooter ( his main submission finisher)
    -Arm bar (He's the master of it!  He'll link an armbar out of anything possible!)
    -Torture rack

      "One way ticket": This is Angelus' modified super kick (kinda like the sweet chin music is for HBK).  When setting up, Anj will to a corner and wait for his opponent to stand or turn around, then he'll strike.  But he can also connect it any time he wants if need be. 
      Deal breaker: Angelus' armbar
      C-2:  (formerly known as The Silverback Brainbuster) Basically a kickass Brainbuster.

      Wrestlers Biography/History
      His wrestling career began in the legendary Cory Chevelle's company known as CCW.  Angelus started out working on the alternative CCW show called Lockdown for Cory's best friend and business partner, the legendary Elton Faulk.  Angelus didn't know much about the business.  Before that he was a bounty hunter chasing down those who have done nothing but cause pain and suffering for others in this world.  When Angelus joined in CCW he began quickly learning the ropes under Chevelle, Faulk, and another superstar known as Tony Daniels.  Those three men were his biggest icons.  On Lockdown Angelus had great success.  He came in week after week and fought tooth and nail until he had the chance to face a great man by the name of Saito, who at the time was the CCW Triple Crown champion.  The match would of been for the CCW World Heavyweight title but something happened and the match was called off.  Angelus had to take a leave for reasons still unknown, he also officially left another business he was doing some work in every now and then called WEF.  Angelus has said that at that time, the wrestling business just wasn't appealing to him so much.  He missed the rush of his bounty hunter days.  He missed the hunt.  It's unknown if Angelus went back to his bounty hunter ways or if he was just simply sitting at home.  One thing's for sure, he wasn't through with the world of wrestling yet. 

      Angelus returned months later on the very same night that his long time and historic rivalry, Fatality won the CCW Heavyweight title from CCW Hall of Famer, Blight.  Angelus returned to shock the world as he done what no one thought was possible.  He dropped the 7 foot monster with one swift blow.  It was the shot that started it all for those two in a rivalry that exists to this very day. 

      Shortly after, the company was being pressured by their network to make their program a little more 'family oriented'.  Cory Chevelle being the stubborn, bull head man he was...just wouldn't do it.  Chevelle and Faulk as well as several other CCW stars fought their network until they had no choice but to close shop.  HOWEVER, CCW wasn't over there.  Oh no!  CCW packed up and moved to a city called Fallen Grove, New York.  It is there where Cory Chevelle had his own darkest moments as he took over as the city's head crime boss.  While Angelus was left looking at two different paths.  So many of his CCW brothers had gone into dispicable life styles.  They too had become corrupt by that god forsaken place.  Angelus remembered his roots as a bounty hunter...and decided to take a stand.  Both him and Tony Daniels joined the police department and SWORE they would cut the cancer out of the city.  Chevelle was making a killing off of chaos, and the demise of others.  Weekly underground fights, prostitution, hit contracts, drugs, casinos.  You name it, he had it.  Angelus and Daniels came close so many times until one tragic day.  Tony Daniels had been killed.  Or atleast, that's what they all thought.  The news of his best friends death only fueled the fire of Angelus even more.  He went on, fighting week after week to climb to the top.   He had many close calls with Chevelle himself.  Angelus fought the likes of Clearly, Ty Bahr, Connor Gael, Fatality, and more!  It all came to one point: Summer Slaughter.  Every month Cory put on one major wrestling event for the city.  Summer Slaughter was a long time major CCW ppv and so was the main event match known as the Ring of Hell.  It is there where Angelus fought the best of the best in CCW and Fallen Grove.  It is there where Angelus walked out victorious and finally cut the cancer from Fallen Grove. 

      Fallen Grove had it's casualties.  But it had it's moment of greatness too.  Angelus met the love of his life there, April.  Tragically, she was caught in what Angelus thought was the line of cross fire at the time.  When it was all said and done thought Angelus did have one thing, he had his brother.  Not the crime boss, he had the Cory he remembered.  The two walked away from it all, and that was it for the tales of Fallen Grove and CCW.  Angelus still carries a special place in his heart for CCW.  It was a place like no other.  His CCW brothers will always be just that, his brothers.

      After that Angelus went into WRW.  He spent some time there, won some gold, lost some gold.  But WRW and Angelus just never really clicked.  It's surprising he stayed with the company as long as he did given the problems he had.  WRW gave some great moments to Angelus that he will always be thankful for.  His match and rivalry with Richie Reid, his matches with Wildcard, Cory Chevelle, Clearly, and Katrina Valentine. 

      When Angelus left WRW, he spent some time developing his own fed and that's also how he came to UWE.  When Angelus came to UWE, it wasn't long before he began picking up win after win.  He fought hard to make his way to the top of the company.  He picked up the tag titles with Ryan Ingram who, in Angelus' eyes, left Angelus hanging.  Angelus had to basically defend the titles himself.  When Ingram left, Angelus became the first person in UWE history to carry the tag titles alone.  But that was taken care of rather quickly.  Angelus found a new partner, he found his now good friend Stoner.  Angelus and Stoner hit it off right off the bat.  The two showed great chemistry and went on to become the longest reigning tag champs in UWE history.  Angelus also picked up the IC title along the way and began a great rivalry with a UWE superstar known as Skorp.  Skorp managed to get the win over Angelus when they had their match for the IC title but the two are still dying for the day they can square off once again to settle things.  Then it happened.  At the Royal Rumble, Angelus went in as the 11th man, and came out as the victor.  It was the biggest win of his career, at the time.  Then he went on into Mania and had one of the best matches UWe has ever seen with the world champ, Greenbean.  Again, Angelus came out as the victor.  He had finally done it.  It took a while, but he did it.  Angelus went on to feud with people such as Jamie Stevens, James J, and a few others. 

      more coming*

      Career accomplishments:
       -CCW Heavyweight title (1)
      -CCW **** title (1)
      -CCW Ring of Hell winner-2006
      -WEF Heavyweight champ (1)
      -WRW Heavyweight title (1)
      -WRW Renegade Champion (1)
      -UFN Heavyweight champ
      -UWE Tag team champion (1 )
      -first man in UWE to hold the Tag titles single handedly. Successfully defended the belts twice before given a new partner.
      -UWE Intercontinental champion (1)
      -UWE Royal Rumble 2007 winner
      -UWE World Heavyweight Champion (2)
      -UWE **** Champion (1)
      -UWE Triple Crown champion
      -First UWE Grand slam champion
      -Set longest reigning tag team champions record with partner, Stoner.

      Main supporting Character: Sam Ayers
      (Mickey Rourke)

      Heather: (The girlfriend)

      Manager Biography/History: coming soon 

      Sample Roleplay


      ”I’ll kill every last one of those son’s of bitches!”

      Angelus slides a new, fully loaded clip into one of his colt .45's as he stands up from the street.  Thunder echoes in the distance, signifying a storm is coming.  Angelus looks down at April’s lifeless body one last time and peacefully says good bye to the woman he loved....and their unborn child who was lost as well.  Angelus turns and begins walking down the dark street.   He doesn’t care how it all ends tonight.  One way or another...he’s taking them all with him.

      opening theme

      He may in fact be blinded with anger and hate.  But none of it matters.  She died there, in his arms because of who he was.  They had no business killing her.  She was no part of any of this!  DAMN THEM!  Angelus’s hands clench tighter on the grip of the guns.  The rain now begins pouring down into the streets as well.  You can see the droplet’s exploding and bouncing off of Angelus.  His eyes search the streets for the car that sped off.  When suddenly he finds himself right in front of the old pawn shop.  The place where every crook in town would come and turn over their stolen goods that they each destroyed a life for.  Just for blood money.  Angelus stops and marches directly up to the door.  Slowly putting his guns away, he prepares to knock but stops himself and looks at his hand and then back at the door.  Screw the knocking.  Angelus kicks the door and the owner of the shop is literally caught with his pants down.  He sits not far from the door with a young, **** girl sitting in front of him.  Her head, between his legs. She doesn’t even look 15  Before the shop keeper can react, Angelus grabs a bat that’s hanging right up on the wall and swings it right at the rat bastard. CRACK! Right into the face!  The shop keeper flies off his chair, blood spattering all over.  The frightened girl scurries away on her hands and knees across the floor into some corner.  Angelus slowly approaches the shop keeper and kneels down with a sadistic smile.

      Angelus: Now that I...have your attention, I have a few questions to ask you.

      The shop keeper’s damn near out of it.  But he still manages to mumble off a big tough “**** YOU, PIG!”

      Angelus: the first is this: Who had the hit organized tonight, and where are they?

      Shop keeper: I’m not saying one **** thing!  You knocked ma’ teef out!

      Angelus goes down and scoops the shop keeper up by his shirt in a fit of rage.

      Angelus: I’ll do more than that if you don’t tell me what I want to know!


      There’s suddenly a glimmer in Angelus’s eye and he slowly forms a grin while setting the shop keeper down.

      Angelus: So that’s what you’re afraid of...hmm.  Okay then. 

      Angelus turns away and goes over to a display case that has many knives and other forms of blades in it.  The shop keeper suddenly has a very nervous look on his face when Angelus punches right through the glass case and pulls out a rather scary looking knife.

      shop Keeper: Wha-What are ya doin’ man?  He-Hey, put that back!  ANGELUS!  NO!! NO!!!!

      Angelus holds the blade and quickly comes back at the shop keeper.  He traps him between the knife and the wall...

      Angelus: TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!!! NOW!! 

      Shop Keeper: ALRIGHT!  Some new guy in Fallen Grove.  His name’s Max Vitorio or something!

      Angelus gets more into the shop keeper’s face and presses the knife even further against the guy’s groin.

      Angelus: And where do I find Mr. Vitorio? 

      Shop Keeper: EH! EH! EH!  C’MON!  GO EASY WITH THAT THING!  He’s downtown.  He owns that new-uh, hotel built down there!

      Angelus: Okay, second question now Ron!  Don’t mess this one up, you’re doing so well!  Now, what’s a slob like you doing with a teenage girl!!!  IN MY TOWN! 

      Shop Keeper: I-I-I-AH, **** sake man!  I swear I didn’t...

      Angelus quickly head butts the shop keeper and then spins him around, throwing him right into and through some of the display cases.  Angelus walks toward him, in a great fury.  The shop keeper rolls over, dazed and see’s a monster coming for him.  He tries to get up and escape but the next thing he knows, a winding foot comes flying around from no where and cracks him right in the face.  The shop keeper flies into the wall and slides down, now sitting.  Angelus leans down to get face to face with him and just stares into his eyes.

      Angelus: has costed a life at one time or another.  A life you...YOU helped destroy.  Now I ask you, how does that make you feel?

      Shop Keeper: I-...oh **** man, look I told you where to fi-

      Angelus: You’re not answering my question....The rules were, you had to answer them. 

      Shop Keeper: I DON’T KNOW MAN!!!  I...

      Angelus: Look at her!  LOOK AT HER!  Not only have you ruined other’s lives, but hers. 

      Shop keeper: Hey man, it’s her job!  Alright?  You’re just mad because your pretty little girlfriend got wacked! 

      Angelus: I was hoping you would say that.

      Angelus pulls out the knife once again and holds the shop keeper by his throat.  There’s a dark, loathsome look in Angelus’s eyes as he raises the knife just enough so the light shines off the blade.  The shop keeper looks up in horror and then Angelus slams it down in one place.  A place that would hurt every man the most.  The shop keeper squeals out as his eyes roll back.  Angelus stands up and turns back to the door, but before leaving he turns to the girl.

      Angelus: Go home. 

      the girl quickly runs out.  Angelus turns back once more to see the bloody bastard lying on the floor, still screaming like a girl.

      Angelus: Just like being circumcised, eh Ron?  Don’t worry....

      Angelus whispers the rest to himself while walking out the door.

      Angelus: ...You’ll be dead in a minute or two.

      the sound of a car window smashing goes out through the stormy night.  A soaking wet Angelus gets inside the car.  He probably shouldn’t try hot wiring the car since he’s soaking wet from the rain.  But he does anyway.  Getting a little shock is the last thing on his mind.  After a few seconds, Angelus wires the car and goes speeding off into the night.  A long, red car flies like a bat out of hell through the rainy streets with Angelus behind the wheel.  He’s gotta get to Vitorio.  If it’s the last thing he does, he must kill the bastard who did this.  All the crime, all the scum, and the cancer that’s been slowly killing the city for so all ends.  One way or another.  While Angelus is driving, memories flash back through his mind.  They were gonna have a life together.  They were going to be happy.  Angelus had even considered leaving the force for her and the baby when it was born.  But all that will never happen now.  Angelus figured that out when he watched the life fade right from her beautiful eyes.  If an angel had ever died in front of a human being, that’s what it would of looked like.  Angelus comes flying around a corner, nearly losing control of the car and almost slams into another car on the street but luckily dodges it!  The hotel’s in sight!  The gas pedal is pushed all the way down as Angelus speeds up.  Finally, in front.  No door men.   Nothing.  Looks like this truly is the night.  Vitorio knows he’s coming, he’ll be ready.  Angelus parks the car around back and quietly slides himself out through the driver’s window.  He adjusts his jacket while approaching the back door, but as he approaches the steps he can already hear the henchmen on the other side talking.

      “We gotta be ready for that cop, Angelus!”

      “ Yeah?  I don’t think he’s so tough...”

      “HA!  You never met Lenny then have you?”

      “Tongueless Lenny?”

      “How do you think he became Tongueless Lenny?”

      “ *gasp* NO WAY!”


      Angelus smirks and then lightly taps on the door.

      “Who da’ hell is it!?!”

      Angelus: Pizza guy!

      “I didn’t order any pizza, did you?”

      “No but who cares, I’m starving!”

      “Yeah me too...”

      The door opens as a relatively large, bald man in a grey suit steps out with his wallet.

      “ What the hell?”

      A pipe suddenly comes flying out of the shadows from the man’s right and cracks him right in the head!  The big man drops down the steps, on to the back alley pavement.  Blood runs from the side of his head while the other door man now slowly comes outside.  He see’s his pal lying there, unconscious.  Maybe even dead and a sudden burst of fear passes through him.


      As the door man walks out and kneels down to his friend, Angelus comes walking out from the shadows.

      Angelus: You’re like your friend I see.  Not very smart. 

      The door man quickly turns back around and is stunned.

      “YOU’RE HIM!”

      Angelus: Yes, I am!

      The door man gets up and swings at Angelus but misses!  Angelus pops back up and tackles into him, driving him back and then slamming him on the concrete outside!  Angelus mounts on top of him and screams with a lust for blood as he begins punching the man’s face in.  Drops of blood spatter up on Angelus’s face, but quickly get washed away by the falling rain.  Before Angelus knows it, all that’s left of the man’s face is the bits of bone and torn skin.  Angelus stands up, covered and soaked in blood and heads inside.   Once inside, his senses become very acute.  He listens for the slightest sound.  For a hotel...things just seem too quiet.  At least the interior design is brightly colored and the halls seem to be well lighted.  Angelus enters into a lobby where he is greeted by several men.  They all are either sitting in the lobby furniture or standing against the wall.  None of them however look surprised to see Angelus.  Angelus walks until he’s about in the center of the room then he stops.   He turns all around, looking at each man.  Then, taking his form Angelus smirks and says...

      Angelus: Well...if this is how you want to die, come forward.

      One burly man smirks to another man and steps forward, cracking his knuckles.  He swings once at Angelus but completely misses.  Angelus then kicks him in the side of his knee cap, cracking it.  He then straightens and strengthens his right palm and quickly brings it right into the man’s jugular.  He falls over, holding his throat and choking to death.  The other’s now all stand up.  They realize how serious this is.  Angelus again takes his form and taunts them on.  But this time they all come at once.  Fists fly, feet fly.  The sounds of bare knuckles meeting soft, human flesh shake the lobby walls.  Angelus is shown dodging, and moving all over the place.  Leaping, kicking, punching, throwing, head butting.  One man, Angelus literally cups his two first fingers of his right hand and gouges the eyes out of an enemy.  Then one of the men grab angelus and the others begin brutally punching and kicking, cracking the ribs of Angelus before the fight returns inside Angelus!  Until finally....the last man is shown being dropped.  His neck is nearly turned back all the way around and all that remains, is a bloody, battered....Angelus.  He slightly leans in, holding his ribs.  He’s covered in blood.  Both his own, and theirs.  Angelus begins limping up the lobby stars, heading to the elevator.  He just gets up the stairs when the elevator door opens and a man holding duel revolvers fires two shots directly into Angelus!  He falls back, and rolls down the steps.  For a moment...he thinks he may be dead.  But then he realizes that, life is still in him.  He removes his 45's now and sits up, firing them up at the shooter.  The shooter fires back and another bullet hits Angelus.  This time it’s in his left shoulder.  Angelus turns some what to his left but continues firing, until the shooter falls over the railing, dead.  He drops to one knee and leans over, breathing heavily.  He observes his wounds in which his blood is running freely from.  This can’t be it though!  He won’t let it!  Angelus forces himself back up and goes up the stairs, into the elevator.  He pushes the “6th floor” button and then leans back against the wall until it reaches.  Once there, he can see a set of doors shut as someone just ran out.  Angelus begins stumbling forward until he himself is at those doors.  He goes through them.  They lead to the roof.  Angelus looks around, searching for the person who ran out.  He’s breathing heavily now.  Not much time.  Then he see’s the devil himself.  The man Angelus has hunted all night.  Vitorio stands there in the rain when a devilish smile.  He removes his jacket and begins walking forward.  Angelus does the same, and when the two meet...they begin circling each other.

      Vitorio: Looks to me like you’ve had a rough night.

      Angelus: Not near as rough as you’re gonna have...

      Vitorio: Awww, come on man!  She was just some stupid ****!  No hard feelings huh?

      Angelus: Not at all...* Angelus suddenly cracks Vitorio in the face with a left hook.*

      Vitorio: *spits blood*  Heh!  Is that it?  I thought you were suppose to be some big badass.  No...I think instead of wasting any more time on you, I’ll kill you here.

      Vitorio reaches behind him and goes for a 9mm.  Angelus withdraws his 45 from his under arm holster and takes aim right at the bastard’s head.  Vitorio stops and freezes, going dead stiff with fear. 

      CLICK! DAMN!!!  EMPTY!!!  Angelus looks at the gun as if it had betrayed him.  Then Vitorio smiles and pulls out his gun.

      Vitorio: Too bad.  You had some real spunk!

      BLAT! A single shot is fired into Angelus’s chest.  Angelus acts as if he’s going to fall over backwards by the way he leans back at first but then drops to his knees.  He slowly feels the wound and looks at the blood.  Vitorio steps forward and holds the gun to Angelus’s head.

      Vitorio: You know...that girl might still be alive if it wasn’t for you.  But, nothing personal eh sport? 
      Angelus: I have...

      Vitorio: What was that?

      Angelus: I have something....for you. 

      Vitorio: Oh?  Like what?  Free parking tickets? 

      Angelus: PAIN!

      Angelus punches Vitorio in the groin and when vitorio leans in, nearly falling over, Angelus head butts him making Vitorio fly back!  The gun is dropped and scattered some where while Angelus slowly gets up to his feet.  Vitorio holds his nose and gets on his hands and knees, crawling to save his life.  He pleads for mercy from Angelus, but Angelus shows no signs of giving in.  Vitorio sits up against the railing of the ledge and Angelus grabs him up.

      Vitorio: NO!  I CAN PAY YOU!  ANYTHING!

      Angelus: Anything?


      Angelus: Bring her back...

      Vitorio: What?


      Vitorio: I...

      Angelus: CAN’T!?! 

      Angelus yells at the top of his lungs and shoves Vitorio over the edge.  He stands there, watching as Vitorio plummets to his demise.  You can hear the sound of a car smashing below from the body’s impact.  Angelus turns around and falls forward, coughing up blood.  This is it he thinks.  This is good-bye.

      “How’s my brother?”

      “He’s fine.  He’ll make it.  Just needs time and rest.”

      “Good to hear doc.  Listen, take this and if anyone asks he’s not here and I was never here.  Got that?”

      “I understand.  It’ll be taken care of, Godfather.”


      Angelus’s eyes open for the first time in months.  He’s lying in a hospital bed...alone.

      Handler Information

      Boot Jack

      Your Contact Information:

      How did you find us?:
      Feels like I been here before...
      Do you have any previous e-fed experience?
      Are you currently in any other e-feds?
      Do you plan on being a full time or part time competitor?
      Full time
      Any Other Information
      I lah-ve Ooh double-ooh veee

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      « Reply #1 on: June 05, 2010, 10:33:27 pm »

      After much consideration I've decided you'll just make the cut for here! haha. Awesome to see Angelus back again.
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      I have to second Bean's statement!
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      Should've found a better diet

      « Reply #3 on: June 10, 2010, 08:50:03 pm »

      Thanky.  Updated my move set and some stuff.
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      Should've found a better diet

      « Reply #4 on: October 04, 2010, 04:23:33 am »

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      Chris Horton
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      UWE **** Champion

      « Reply #5 on: October 04, 2010, 01:39:58 pm »

      Fuckin' baby eatin' zombie...
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      The Master of Puppets
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      Should've found a better diet

      « Reply #6 on: October 04, 2010, 09:11:36 pm »

      **** you Chip!...fuckin' sellout.   Tongue
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      Chris Horton
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      UWE **** Champion

      « Reply #7 on: October 04, 2010, 09:24:37 pm »

      Get with the times Chadders, nobody likes kiddy little nicknames any more. Wink
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      The Master of Puppets
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      Should've found a better diet

      « Reply #8 on: October 05, 2010, 12:16:40 am »

      This Chadders thing is gonna get you killed.
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      Chris Horton
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      « Reply #9 on: October 05, 2010, 09:32:48 pm »

      You love it really, be honest.
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      Efinn Rox
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      Noctis Lucis Caelum - Got it memorized?

      « Reply #10 on: October 06, 2010, 01:24:26 am »

      Chipples speaks true and from the heart
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      inferno posted image:

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      UWE's Triple Crown And Cruiserweight Champion

      « Reply #11 on: October 06, 2010, 08:48:54 am »

      ... Oh man, I just recovered from my last set of leg uppercuts...
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