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October 26, 2021, 06:46:53 am
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News: Finally, congratulations to Efinn Rox for becoming UWE Champion
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Week 5 Results

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Author Topic: Week 5 Results  (Read 213 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: July 24, 2009, 10:07:05 pm »

Blackout opens up live tonight in Orlando, Florida!  It’s a sold out crowd with each and every fan screaming “NEW DUBYA E!  NEW DUBYA E!” King Nothing blasts over the PA as the pyrotechnics go off.  The camera opens up to Blackout’s own, Bo Freeman!

Bo Freeman: “ORLANDO!  Are you alive out there tonight?”

The crowd cheers, and they can all be heard screaming “YEEAAAH!” Bo smiles as he raises the mic back up.

Bo Freeman: “How does it feel to be alive?  Ladies and gentlemen; please join me in welcoming the first ever and reigning UWE Prime Time Champion… ‘The King of Awesomeness’…CHIP HORTON!”

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge begins to play over the PA system as the arena lights go out, instigating instant disdain from the fans, as they boo the man that they know is going to be stepping into the arena in a few short moments. As the intro grows, the booing does, and as the first verse starts, ‘Horton sucks!’ chants begin already. The crowd really hate KoA.

As the chorus begins the Prime Time Champion steps through the curtain; clad in a pair of dark blue jeans, and an un-tucked smart black shirt. He also wears a pair of black Nike trainers and a pair of dark shades. He has the Prime Time Championship belt proudly draped over his left shoulder. He hears the reaction from the crowd, and simply smirks before holding the rock handles proudly above his head, then, bring his arms down, he lifts the championship belt from his shoulder, raising it aloft with his left hand and once more holding up a rock handle with his other hand. This posing is met by more hatred. He arrogantly smiles, before begin his walk down to the ring…

Just the mention of his name causes more booing, as Chip Horton now slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and has a look around the crowd, smugly smiling to himself. He enjoys being hated; it is what makes Chip Horton. He then raises the Prime Time Championship once more, to generate more hate from the UWE fans in attendance. With the boos still at past full volume, KoA climbs each turnbuckle in turn, each time proudly showing of his newly coveted gold. The arena lights then return to normal, as the King snatches a microphone from Bo Freeman. “Ties That Bind” then cuts, but the booing continues at full volume…

KoA: “Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to UWE Friday Night Blackout…Or, as it is more popularly becoming known week after week; Chip Horton’s two hours of awesomeness!”

No one man is bigger than the show he is on, and the crowd know this. Of course, Horton doesn’t raising the title above his head once more as he soaks in the negative reaction from the crowd. He then brings down the belt, and drapes it once more over his left shoulder, before raising the microphone to his lips with his right hand as he prepares to speak again.

“You may not like it, but let’s face facts; I’m not wrong. Sure, it may be Quentin Barnes in the Triple Crown Championship match tonight against Allen Marrow, but you know what? At this point in time, that doesn’t bother me.”

“You see, I’m the Prime Time Champion. Last week, the UWE universe witness me use my brains once more to achieve a place in the annals of UWE history by becoming the first person ever to hold this championship you see sitting upon my awesome shoulder. That instantly gives me more credibility than Allen Marrow, Quentin Barnes, Tony Daniels, Stoner, Fervor Falls, James J and everyone else on Blackout. With this Prime Time Championship firmly in my grasp, I can write my own history books, unlike any Triple Crown Champion after Edward Laurent.”

“The Triple Crown Championship already has it’s history, of course it is partly the UWE Intercontinental Championship, which was, of course, a prize highly sought after for about three years. Old news. Then, of course, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which held a lot of history. Old news. Finally, the WTF Universal Championship, which, again, has a lot of history. And when these three belts are combined, which they have been, hell, the history books are as thick as Adam Majors.”

The crowd are not fans of the cheap shot at Adam Majors there, as they begin to boo the King of Awesomeness. Smiling, he begins to speak again.

“However, the history of the Prime Time Championship is all about one man; me. I am the only man ever told hold this belt, and I will remain the only. I’m not letting go. Don’t get me wrong; I’d be ecstatic to become UWE Triple Crown Champion, but as far as I’m concerned; I can make this title one of the most sought after prizes in UWE history. Why? Simply because I hold it, and I get to create its dynasty.”

Being booed, KoA walks right up to the camera, balancing his right foot on the bottom rope and his left on the second rope. He holds the title belt up to the height of his head and right up to the camera, removing his sunglasses. The looks in his eyes is almost a crazed one as he sweeps his long hair away from them.

“Adam Majors, James J, anyone out there looking for a shot at me, listen up now. I will not relinquish this championship. Ever. It is MINE! And far as I am concerned, seeing as I’m the first man to hold this championship, it’ll forever be my property, and it’ll forever be in my firm grasp. So try and take it away from me…I dare you.”

KoA climbs down from the rope as “Ties That Bind” hits the PA system once more, as he is booed heavily. He lifts the Prime Time Championship high, being met with more disdain. The looks in his eyes and the facial expression he wears reflect seriousness, as UWE Blackout goes to a commercial break.

Bo Freeeman: “The following match is the opening contest of the evening and is scheduled for one fall…”

The lights fade to a dark red, as “Firestarter” by The Prodigy fades in, already halfway into the intro. As the intro carries on, Pyronus walks out and raises his arms to the sky with his “Rock On” hand sign on them, which cues the pyro next to him to go off. As the flames continue he walks down the ramp.

Bo Freeman: “Introducing first; from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, weighing in a one-hundred-and-fifty-five pounds…PYRONUS SOURIA!”

As he reaches the ring, he walks up the stairs and along the ring apron until he reaches the near right turnbuckle, which he climbs up and stands on, still on the outside, as he holds his arms up, making the “Rock On” sign with his hands once again. He then drops into the ring, walks at a semi-quick pace and turns to the audience, holding his arms up as before while flames shoot up behind him, going left and right along the left side of the ring. Then, as his theme music fades, he leans in his corner waiting for his opponent.

Frank Leary: “So who do you fancy in this contest, Alex?”

Alex King: “I’m no **** homo! You sick old man!”

Frank Leary: “No, I meant who do you think will win?”

Alex King: “Oh! Oh…Erm, I think Pyronus’ lightning speed could be a problem for James Jowers tonight personally.”

Frank Leary: “Well I think James will take the plaudits in this contest. He has to be sick of losing…”

Alex King: “No, he won’t be. I’m sure he’s used to it by now!”

The opening of Hell by Disturbed begins to play over the PA.

*ahh ahh*

The song continues to play over the PA as some of the fans rise to their feet.

*Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James then walks out onto the stage and looks around in the crowd, only to be welcomed with cheers from the crowd, most of which are taking a few pictures of him

*Leave me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you
Running from all that you've feared in your lifeSoul of the night, will a son mislead paint a horror upon you
Marking the moment, displaying in my ghost of a life
That I can't condone the way you left me out in the open
To leave me to die
So how can I, forget the way you led me through the path into heaven
To leave me behind*

James begins to make his way to the ring, slapping hands of the fans as he goes to the ring…

Bo Freeman : “Making his way to the ring; from Augusta, Georgia, weighing in tonight at 226 pounds, he is one half of the Dark City Boyz, he is... JAMES ‘THE KRUSHER’ JOWERS!”

*Now I can't stay behind
Save me, from wreaking my vengeance upon you
Too Killing more than I can tell
Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James stands at the top of the steps, he stops and begins to look around the arena again. After he looks around the arena, he goes up on to the apron and hops to the second rope and bends down, only to rise back up and stick his right arm in the air, and positioning his left foot on the top rope. He jumps down into the ring moments later and begins to walk around, and finally stops in the corner where he awaits the match to start.

Frank Leary: “Well, no matter who wins this match, I can tell that we’re in for a quality encounter.”

The referee performs some last minute checks on the wrestlers and around the ring; checking for any foreign objects that Pyronus or James might have smuggled in to the contest. The referee deems the match eligble to start, and rings the bell. The crowd seem to be split towards James J and Pyronus as they lock up in the middle of the ring; but they seem to favour the veteran James just that little bit more. However, Pyronus expertly uses his speed to gain the advantage, pulling himself around to the back of James, before drop kicking the back of James’ head. This makes ‘The Krusher’ stumble in to the ropes, and as he bounces back Pyronus manages to hit the much heavier James J with a clothesline, sending him to the mat.

Frank Leary: “A good showcase so far from Pyronus. He’s over one hundred pounds lighter than James J and has took him off his feet in what I would call relative ease.”

Alex King: “Relative ease? It’s **** brains that he used! That was quite impressive to pull the old switcheroo there.”

Pyronus awaits James to return to his feet, but as James reaches his knees, he’s met by another dropkick to the face, sending him crashing once more. Pyronus drops for the pin, but only gets a one count. Dragging James to his feet, Pyronus is then hit by a barrage of punches from ‘The Krusher’, who’ll be looking to get back into this match up and indeed back to winning ways before its too late. Pyronus is winded from the shots to his mid-section, as James begins to calculate what to do next.
James quickly spins Pyronus around, and hits him with an admirable German suplex. As he hits the mat, however, he keeps hold of Pyronus, and hits him with another.

Frank Leary: “Nice suplexes from James, there; he realises that this is a good way to wear Pyronus down by hitting him with hard impact moves. It can’t be good for Pyronus as he doesn’t weigh much at all.”

Alex King: “Yep, only weighs about thirty kilograms wet through.”

As Pyronus squirms in pain on the mat, James goes straight for his legs, locking in a leglock on the Candian wrestler.

Frank Leary: “Very clever by James! He can limit the speed of Pyronus by injuring his legs!”

James’ submission hold is to no avail, though, as Pyronus manages to scramble towards the ropes and grab the bottom one. James elects to keep hold of the submission for a while, relinquishing the hold as the referee reaches number four in his count of five. James goes to hoist Pyronus back to his feet to land another move and inch closer to victory, but as he does so Pyronus punches James in the face, making him stumble backwards. Pyronus then sees an opportunity, scrambling away from the ropes he rolls up an unsuspecting James…




James manages to kick out, and Pyronus wastes no time in going on the offensive, viciously stamping on James J. With James in a heap on the floor, Pyro climbs to the top rope. James begins to stumble to his feet, and Pyronus jumps off the rope and hits a thunderous missile dropkick! James cries out in pain as Pyronus admires what he’s just done. Again, Pyronus wastes little time going on to the offensive, hoisting James to hit feet and landing a barrage of kicks and punches to the abdomen and face of ‘The Krusher’, before throwing him against the ropes. Pyro then runs against the opposite ropes, and as him and James inch ever closer, Pyro grabs the head of James and hits him with an astounding running neckbreaker right in the middle of the ring!

Alex King: “Oooh, nice move by Pyro there!”

Frank Leary: “I think Pyronus senses victory !”

Indeed, Pyronus has created a perfect situation to hit the Backdraft. Pyronus waits for James to stumble to his feet, and runs past him, leaps towards the ropes, does a 180 degree turn before landing feet first on the second rope. He springboards off and goes for the mid-air spear…NO! James moves out of the way at the last second as Pyronus crashes and burns on the floor!

Frank Leary: “EPIC FAIL!”

Alex King: “I think it was unlucky personally so…Yeah, **** you, Leary.”

Pyronus now struggles to his feet, in pain. James hoists Pyronus p on to his shoulders for the GTS, BUT PYRONUS WRIGGLES DOWN AND CATCHES JAMES IN AN INSIDE CRADDLE!




Frank Leary: “PYRONUS WINS!”

Alex King: “Haha! Another loss for Jowers!”

Bo Freeman: “The winner of the match…PYRONUS SOUR...uh...SOURIA, or however the **** you say it!”

The referee raises Souria’s hand high in victory, as James J sinks to his knees on the mat. What does he have to do to get a victory?

Alex King: “You owe me five dollars.”

Frank Leary: “What the ****?! We didn’t even bet!”

Alex King: “Lies, old man, nothing but **** lies!”

Cameras open up backstage as Blackout’s gm, Duke Hamilton is walking backstage.  He appears to be talking to himself about the James J match that just ended...

“Mmmhmm!  You see that motha’fucka get his ass whupped again!? DAMN BOY!  I think next week Ima have him outside selling t-shirts.  Why the-...”

He stops.  If he had hair he would feel it rise on the back of his neck.  It almost feels like someone’s breathing on him.  He begins to slowly turn around...and there’s Effin Rox.

Tha’ Duke:
Can I help you?

Ever had your-

He puts his hand up in Effin’s face and stops him.

Tha’ Duke:
Yes I have.  With Grape Jelly.  In Rikers. 


Tha’ Duke:
I thought so.  Now getch’yo ass on outta here.  You’re gonna have a match next week against someone.  Maybe he’ll knock yo’ creepy ass...

Effin turns away and begins to softly sing “Jeepers, creepers, where’d ya get those peepers...” Leaving Duke completely baffled.  He turns around, ready to go on his marry way when he runs straight into Ty Bahr who’s been standing behind him, glaring away.  Duke backs up, pissed as only Duke can be.

Tha’ Duke:
MOTHA FUCKA!  Watch where you standing, boy!

Ty Bahr:
...Boy?  BOY!?!  Did ole Ty Bahr hear you correctly, did you just address Ty Bahr, master of ass kickery and the fine art of beer guzzling as...BOY!?  I swear Duke, I’d slap you but no one would ever know so what difference would I make!?  I came to talk to you.  What with us not talking in a coon’s age and all...

Oh yeah.  Bahr said it.  Duke caught it.  He huffs up, gets in Bahr’s face, almost foaming at the mouth.

Tha’ Duke:
WHAT...did you say!?!

Ty Bahr:
What are ya, hard of hearing?  I said we ain’t talked in a coon’s age ya dumb corporate sum’****.  Now what I was saying is Ty Bahr would like a match.  Matter of fact; he’d like one next week. 

Tha’ Duke:
You ballsy motha...

Ty Bahr:
That’ll do.  Book it. 

Tha’ Duke:
Oh I’ll book it.  I’ll getchu your match. 

Bahr grins and nods at Duke before slapping him on the shoulder and walking away.  Duke just stands there fuming away.  You know something bad’s gonna happen already, don’t you?

As we come back from commercial break, Stoner sits in the center of the ring, legs crossed, with a microphone in his hand.  Melissa is with him, sitting in a chair behind him and rubbing his shoulders.

Alex: "I can imagine he's upset, but please don't let this be one of those sit-in protests."

Frank: "I think he just wants to be comfortable.  He does a lot of standing you know.  Besides, if Melissa is out here I'm willing to hear him out."

Almost as if in response, Stoner lets out a small laugh and brings the mic up.

"Ok, so we all know what happened last week.  I was in a punishment 3 Way, which became a breeze 1 on 1 fight when one of my opponents was inable to appear, and I ended up losing my **** Title."

The words seem to sting a little bit.

"To Fervor Falls."

The crowd gives a boo, having heard

"The first time I held that title, I held it longer than anyone before me.  Or since for that matter.  On top of that, I never actually lost the title, I set up that kick ass tournament of doom for it after becoming World Champ."

He takes a deep breath, Melissa planting a kiss on top of his head.

"I'm not gonna knock him for how he won it.  God knows I've had my own history of a shady past when it comes to titles, and how I won them.  I made a mistake, he capitalized on the mistake, and he's the new **** Champion."

Stoner smirk.

"For now."

He climbs to his feet and walks towards the ramp, leaning on the ropes.

"Fervy.  I know you have a match tonight, against Deppah of all people.  But we will have our rematch soon, and that belt is coming home with me.  And in the words of the little whiny anime kid, believe it."

He sighs.

"But thats not all I'm here for.  Hammy, I had an idea I wanted to toss your way.  I know you're loving life and all, but this is amazing.  I'll get back to you on it, since I like that little sense of flair and drama, but the thought goes along the lines of...  King of the Hill."

He gives a wink as Melissa stands, being all eye candyish, and walks to Stoner.  He lowers the middle rope so she can exit.

"Anyway.  Thats the gist of it.  For anyone who was in the bathroom, or getting concessions or whatever, lemme run it by you one more time.  First: I'm gonna kick Fervy's ass.  Second, King of the Hill."

He exits the ring himself, walking up to the ramp.

Frank: "Surprisingly short and to the point from Hilm here tonight.  A different attitude perhaps?"

Alex: "I think I got an up-skirt shot on Melissa as she left the ring."

Frank Leary: “Welcome back to UWE Friday Night Blackout everyone! We’ve just seen James J’s woes extend ever further with a loss to Pyronus Souria, and earlier on tonight we heard from Prime Time Champion; Chip Horton.”

Alex King: “We did. And now we’re going to find out who’ll be the first man to challenge Chip Horton for UWE’s newest championship, as Adam Majors takes on Maria.”

Frank Leary: “Majors and Horton have had a slight rivalry as of late, Chip Horton owning a singles victory over Majors and of course another one when counting last weeks Prime Time Championship match. Can three be the charm for Adam Majors when he’s taking on The King of Awesomeness? We’ll find out if he can defeat Maria here tonight.”

Alex King: “I’ve heard backstage that Majors isn’t in a very good mood, either, so this could be ugly for Maria, very ugly indeed.”

“Legs like that” hits the PA, getting an instant positive reaction from the UWE fans.

Bo Freeman: “The following match up is a number one contender’s match for the UWE Prime Time Championship! Introducing first; from Chicago, Illinois, MARIA!”
Maria comes out in a red outfit, smiling and waving to all of her fans. She prances on down the ramp and into the ring.

These lies are leading me astray its too much for me to stay
I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly

{ A Blue curtain of sparks rain from the entrance way as Majors comes rising from out of the floor }

Bo Freeman: “And her opponent, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, weighing in at two-hundred-and-forty-four pounds…ADAM ‘URSA’ MAJORS!”

I see you so please stay strong
I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone
I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly

And we once also had a story too
you can see that good men only come in few.

{ Major slowly walks down to the ring staring blankly as he keeps his hands out as fan give him five. }

Even in our greatest moments we may win or we may lose
every song's got it's rules, you've got to learn to make it through.
Maybe one day we can choose how it feels to be a woman or a man
without rules but buried underneath there's a picture glued.

{ Majors slides under the rope and climbs to the top turnbuckle of one of the corners }

So when my body burns in ashes only sing the truth
Let these words strengthen all your views
because these words were meant for you.

{ Majors explodes of the corner landing one knee in the middle of the ring as the corners explode into blue flames }

These lies are leading me astray its too much for me to stay
I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly

As each competitor takes to a side of the ring, the referee performs a few last minute checks, before making sure neither wrestler is hiding any foreign objects. The referee gives the all clear, and the bell rings. Majors, clearly not in a good mood, locks up with Maria in the middle of the ring. After struggling to get the upper-hand after a few moments, he just pushes the diva to the ground, the intensity in his eyes now looking at an all-time high. Majors is determined to get a shot at Horton, but Maria probably is too. Immediately after the push, Adam Majors begins pummelling Maria with rights and lefts from his feet, stomping upon the diva who was undefeated until last week. The mean streak she possessed doesn’t seem to be shining through now, however, as Majors lifts her to her feet before hitting her with a fantastic German suplex.

Frank Leary: “Nice move from Majors there, it’s looking good for him so far.”

Alex King: “He’s got to be careful, though; we know Maria has that mean streak about her. You saw what she did to that bloke a few weeks ago. I can’t even remember his name; and I’d doubt he can.”

Maria moans in pain on the floor, as Majors, not looking like stopping his offense anytime soon, drops down to the mat and locks Maria in an armbar. As Majors cranks up the pressure on the arm of Maria, she looks more and more like she might either tap out or simply faint in pain. However, Maria realises she’s quite close to the ropes, and begins a struggle towards them. Majors notices this, and relinquishes the hold, stomping on Maria a few times before he gets to his feet and awaits Maria’s rising also. As Maria returns to her feet, Majors spins her around, and hits her with a thunderous inverted DDT, sending her down to the mat quicker than she was able to get off of it. Maria lies in pain in the middle of the ring, and Majors decides to take his chance now and put this match in the bag. As he twists Maria’s ankle, she begins to cry in pain; even more so when Majors wraps his legs around the ankle and leg of Maria, and drops to the mat viciously tugging the ankle of the diva. Maria taps out in pain as Majors rises to the mat in victory!

Bo Freeman: “The winner of this match and number one contender to the Prime Time Championship…ADAM MAJORS!”

Frank Leary: “A quick victory for Majors! He’ll be very pleased with that.”

The crowd cheer Majors’ victory, but soon after, cheering turns to booing. Not knowing what happening, Majors looks frantically around the ring. But, as he looks out to the crowd, he’s hit with a shot with the Prime Time Championship to the side of the head! The crowd boo violently, as the champion himself is revealed on the camera; still wearing his street clothes from earlier. Majors lies motionless on the mat, as Horton takes his belt and places it in the middle of the ring plate-side up.

Frank Leary: “What the hell is he doing?!”

Horton drags the body of Adam Majors towards the belt, before lifting him to his feet. Delivering a kick to the abdomen of Majors, Horton then locks him in the DDT position.


Indeed Alex King was right, as The King of Awesomeness flips over Adam Majors, twisting round whilst he’s on Majors’ back and sending him down on top of the championship in neckbreaker-like fashion. Being booed viciously by the crowd, Horton simply stands up, replaces the Prime Time Championship belt on to his shoulder, and smirks, before deciding to raise his championship in to the air as a signal.

Frank Leary: “A cowardly attack if I’ve ever seen one! Surely Adam Majors will be after some revenge!”

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge hits the PA System as Chip Horton begins to make his way out of the ring and up the ramp, being booed and abused permanently. He stops at the top of the ramp and raises the Prime Time Championship above his head once more, as he grins to himself at what he’s just done. Blackout goes to commercial…

Backstage the scene fades in as the first thing we see are big, bright white teeth, accompanied by a 'happy to be here' smile that belongs to Elizabeth O'Haver, standing in front of the camera, holding a UWE microphone with a basic black Velcro sheet for the background. As enthusiastic as usual, Elizabeth doesn't waste much time in addressing the people watching.

Elizabeth: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome...

Before the lady can finish, she's interrupted by an over-exaggerated cough, a cough purposefully done to cut her off more than anything, it works as expected, Elizabeth goes quiet and turns to her left.

Marshall: Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie.

Into the shot struts Jack Marshall, with a patronising tone to his voice whilst entering, he walks in with his head held high, such presence that just commands attention. This guy made his arrival in UWE last week, letting everyone know who he is and the fans have mostly decided to boo the guy on first sight, just moderate heat for Marshall as he isn't known well enough yet to form a true opinion on him.

Wearing his expensive sunglasses and tight affliction t-shirt that accentuates his physique, Marshall oozes cockiness as a smile graces his perfectly toned face, a face with no deficiencies, the guy really prides himself on his appearance and if his in-ring abilities match his appearance, it would be long before people are taking notice of Jack Marshall. Glancing into the camera, Jack then turns back to look at Elizabeth, holding her hand with his, which brings a smile to her face, obviously she's under the impression he's flirting with her but she finds out he's only sneakily taking the microphone from her hands, as he pulls it away from her, towards himself, holding it with his left hand. Speaking off the mic, but perfectly clear nonetheless, Marshall has one more concern for Elizabeth before addressing the Worldwide audience.

Well thanks sugar momma, I'll take it from here.[/color]

With a cocky gesture towards Elizabeth signalling for her to take her leave, she isn't sticking around after being disrespected like that and with a huff and a puff, she walks out of the shot, muttering the word "Jerk" before she leaves. Not bothered by that in the slightest, Marshall turns back to the camera, looking directly into the lens, his sunglasses remain on, so it's tough to predict what's going through his mind as he just pauses for a moment, allowing the fans to formulate an opinion of him before bringing the mic up to his lips with his left hand, speaking instantly, with a dry-sounding tone to his voice.

In case you didn't watch Blackout last week, allow me to introduce myself again, my name is Jack Marshall. Now while that name might not mean a whole lot to people right now I can assure you that in a short space of time, it will be a name synonymoushe with Professional Wrestling. Now, I haven't been around the wrestling business for too long, compared to some of the vets that are pushing around the twenty year mark people could label me a rookie and it's true, experience is a vital attribute in this business, but as vital as it is, it's not a necessity.

You don't get to where I am in such a short space of time by luck, I have God given talents and the natural ability to perform. Combine that with a drive for success and a passion for being the best, you have a superstar who's undeniably on his way to the top, you have a superstar, named Jack Marshall. After I announced my arrival last week I came backstage and naturally The Duke was impressed, can't fault the guy for that so I arrived at the arena tonight to find Mister Hamilton simply 'forgot' to book me.

Taking the mic from his lips to clear his throat a little, Marshall grits his teeth slightly, something seems to have caused a slight annoyance to Jack. Moistening his top lip with his tongue, Jack now carries on speaking like he did before.

Last week I politely reminded The Duke not to forget about me, he has done and has since apologised and insisted it won't happen again, but I'd now like to publically remind him not to forget about me again, I don't like it when people mistreat me. My whole life I've had people chasing me, wanting me to do this and that for them, people see dollar signs when they see me so to be the guy doing the chasing, rather than being chased, was kind of a culture shock to me but it's cool, I'll play for now. But just a heads up Duke, if your ever so self-centered again as to leave me out, a man you insisted would be such a commodity you just had to have me, then, well I don't want problems with the Boss, but if that's the only way I can get noticed, that's what it'll take.

Here's the thing, my ascension to the throne has been so quick because I don't let anybody use me, I don't allow people to step on me to get ahead, I'm not stepping stone and I damn sure ain't no James J. This isn't the place for nice guys, nice guys work in sales, they don't beat the crap out of each other. I've seen James wrestler, he's good, he's very good, but he's been stuck at third base for quite some time now, he just can't seem capable of hitting that homerun. Seeing as James is UWE's stepping stone, I'd like to take advantage of that and challenge Mister Jowers to a match, allowing my career to take off with a flourish and thrust myself into the spotlight I deserve.

But think about it James, when the inevitable happens and I face you, this will be the boost for your career, this will show you the standard you need to be at and this could just take you to those heights you need to reach, it's win win for both of us. You know, Picasso once said "Give me a museum and I'll fill it" now I'm not claiming to be the Picasso of wrestling...not yet at least, but all I'm asking is to be put in a match, give me an arena and I'll fill it.

Taking off his sunglasses and resting them on the top of his t-shirt, Marshall now looks into the camera, wide open eyes as a smug smile slowly forms on his face. Dropping the mic, he speaks quietly and softly into the camera.

Believe me after next week, I'll make sure I'm never forgotten, again. I'll be seeing you all next week.

With a flick of his hair and putting his sunglasses back on, Marshall walks off to the right, making his way down the corridor, allowing the camera to fade to commercials.


The quick drum beat of The Local Art's Tsubasa rallies the fans off their seats, flying their arms in the air and letting off a rioting roar. On the titantron is the various faces of The Depressed Daydreamer as he shuffles across the screen changing his outfits, his pose and his standing position, all with a devious smirk on his face. Each and every one of them express an emotion through their eyes, sadness, rage, pride, happiness was hidden behind the face of Sentai Ranger Platinum. With all the costume and faces, only one man has yet to be seen; The Most Connected Man In The UWE who is finally seen standing by himself in the centre, alone. Slowly, the camera zooms out while he stands, unmoved. As the camera moves back, our hero is revealed to be standing on the rails of a subway while behinds him the light of a train draws closer and closer, getting larger with every second that passes, until all that's left is a blinding ray bright enough to illuminate the entire stadium.

Freeman: Ladies And Gentlemen! Making His Way To The Ring! From Seattle, Washington! Weighing In At Two Hundred And Twenty Eight Pounds!! MAH BOY; The Depressed Daydreamer! ... Tony ... DANIELS!

The arena goes back to normal and already standing at centre stage with his hand firmly clenched onto the handle of his Ebony Bokuto. Returning to a proper position Daniels smiles at his connections, his Daydreamers with a smirk on his face, flicking the tip of his nose with the ball of his thumb. He marches down, left arm holding onto his weapon, ignoring the arms that reach out so far that tries to contact him so hard. His attention is towards the ring. Each step, planned out, waiting for the set up to the chorus. He slides under the ropes and springs to his feet with a rolling kip-up.


All four sides of the ring light up as fireworks shoot from every corner. The camera pans around the ring while he just stares at the flames dying out in a glorious sparkle. Daniels walks over to the ropes and climbs onto the second rope, and gives off a salute to his fans before quickly transcending into his trademark pose. He hops back down to ground zero and prepares himself with a few prematch warm ups.

smoke pours out onto the entrance ramp and stage as the opening riffs to Hurricane Jane play over the PA system, followed shortly by two quick, successive blasts of gold and orange pyro on the stage.

Jane, I've made it plain,
although I'm faded as a ghost:
I want you here inside me.
Say the word.
Oh, you've been playing nice,
but I can see it in your eyes,
you're thinking, "Christ.
He's everybody's girl."

Out runs “The Desire” Fervor Falls, emerging through the smoke shouting at the top of his lungs a variety of “ass kicking” and “I'm a sexy sumbitch” type statements. Fervor continues his tirade before noticing someone in the audience. Fervor's facial expression turns indignant and he removes his glasses before walking up to the nearest child along the entrance aisle and getting in his face before shouting a stream of obscenities at the poor, unsuspecting youngster. An adult tries to stand up for the kid but Fervor reacts instantly, raising a backhand and causing the attempted hero to falter and back down. Fervor nods before backing away and continuing down the entrance ramp, dropping his glasses and removing his gold chain before rushing toward the ring and slipping out of his vest.

It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody.
Oh, what's the use of making a bed?
I took something and it feels like karate;
it's kicked me down and left me for dead.
It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody,
so what's the use of pulling a shape?
I put what I want, when I want, in my body.
I'm never gonna give what I take.

Fervor slides into the ring before popping up to his feet and kicking the ropes furiously. Again, Fervor persists in singing his own praises, which is aided when his manager, Ms. Dawson, steps over the barricade seductively from her usual front row seat and walks up the steel steps, microphone in hand. Ms. Dawson drops into a squat, her miniskirt doing very little to cover up her rear, and stays in that position as she looks over her shoulder at the much appreciative straight and bisexual male crowd as well as the lesbian/bisexual female crowd. Ms. Dawson enters the ring via the lowest rope before raising the microphone to her lips, which she licks slowly before smiling at the cheering crowd as the music cuts off. Meanwhile, during all this, Fervor continues his self gratifying remarks about, well... himself.
Ms. Dawson: Gentlemen, and Ladies, please clap your hands for the Man of the 21st century, the Man who all these little boys out here want to be, the Man that makes my thighs tingle and my lips quiver... he is “The Desire” Fervor Falls.

Well...there’s that ****. 

Why ya gotta be hatin’ on the guy like that? 

Shut up.  Fervor Falls is a disrespectful little punk!  He doesn’t deserve to carry that belt!

And substance abusing pot head does?  Great logic! 

Tony and Fervor stare across the ring at each other.  Official, Mark Calloway goes over the rules with them.  This is a non-title match up between the two.  They nod as they understand, and the bell is called for.  Fervor comes out of the gate swinging but Tony ducks it, letting Fervor’s arm swing right over his head.  The speed demon acts quickly with a reverse headlock into a take over, and keeps the hold as he cranks back on the neck of Fervor Falls!

Beautiful chain wrestling by Daniels!  And that, Alex, is what will win matches!

And showing!  Can’t forget that!

Oh will you cut that **** out!  The Tony Daniels today is the same Daniels I remember back in CCW!  He showed up, he wrestled the hell out of ya, and he went home with pride Alex.  PRIDE!  Tony Daniels is one of the BEST technicians I’ve seen in a squared circle.  If Fervor isn’t careful, this will be over sooner than anyone expected. 

Fervor begins pushing himself up onto his hands and knees despite Tony’s best efforts.  He tries to get an arm around Tony’s back, but Tony releases the hold and lets him up.  Fervor gets up, pissed as can be.  He looks over at Des who cheers him on, then at Daniels and stands asking him “Well, what are ya waiting for?”  Fervor just points and shouts back “SHUT UP ****!  IMA **** YOU UP!”  And here he comes!  He charges The Depressed Daydreamer who’s obviously not daydreaming tonight because he rolls by Fervor, evading the attack.  Fervor turns and swings, but Tony side steps and hooks his arm, and connects a hip toss!  Fervor bounces back up, turning around to meet a dropkick by Daniels!  The dropkick connects right to his face and sends him flying through the ropes.  The crowd goes wild!


that’s it?  That’s all?  It’s kinda meh. 

Des comes over to Fervor to help him up.  He just shakes her off and screams “GET THE **** OFF ME!”  He looks back in the ring at Daniels before sliding in.  He charges once more and tries to grab Daniels but Daniels goes for the side lock hiptoss again, only Fervor grabs his arm and rolls him right over as well!  Daniels goes to get back on his feet but Fervor kicks him right across the face!  Fervor gets up, stepping around Daniels, taunting him.  Every so often he throws a few kicks in, keeping the steampunk samurai down!  Tony lays on the mat face down and tries to cover up.  That’s when Fervor drops down on him and begins throwing forearms to the back of his head!  He screams at Daniels “IMA MAKE YOU MY ****, YA ****!”  Then gets up, dragging Daniels up as well.  He whips Daniels across the ring and as Daniels comes back he goes for a flapNO!  Daniels rolls forward off of Fervor’s shoulder and rolls Fervor up in a pin!  Ref. Calloway counts! ONE!  TWO!  THRENO!  Fervor JUST kicks out.  Daniels gets up as does Fervor.  Daniels throws a quick kick to his thigh but Fervor blocks it.  Daniels goes for a round house buy Fervor ducks it and evades the attack as well!  Finally Daniels attempts to pick him up for a suplex but Fervor drops back down and raises Daniels for a suplex!

Looks like your pal’s in trouble Franky!

Listen you little **** bird.  Tony Daniels is just fine. 

BUT DANIELS REVERSES!  He drops behind Fervor, gets both arms locked up in a half nelson!  He’s going for THE DEPARTURE-FERVOR COUNTERS!! He gets free, and turns around, grabbing Daniels and sending him to the corner!  But Daniels leaps to mid rope and then climbs to the top.  He begins walking along the top rope with perfect balance while Fervor looks else where.  Suddenly Fervor turns and see’s him walking.  He begins running over to Daniels at the ropes, Daniels leaps across the ring at Fervor, and Fervor leaps up as well swinging his fist!  IT CONNECTS!!!  Daniels crashes into the mat badly and Fervor falls to the ground as well, holding his right hand as he screams “AH GOD DAMMIT THAT **** HURT!  WHAT THE **** MAN!”  Frank and Alex look at the replay and see Fervor’s fist slowly drive into Daniels’ throat.  Fervor gets up, reluctantly crawling over as he covers Daniels.  Ref. Calloway counts...ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!  The bell rings, the match is over.  Fervor rolls out as Des brings him his **** title.  The official is leaning over Daniels checking to make sure he’s ok.  Everyone seems to be trying to figure out if he’s ok.  Then, to everyone’s amazement, Daniels raises a thumb up, putting their fears to ease.  As Daniels stands up the crowd begins to applaud him while the camera cuts to Duke backstage again.

Duke is seen in his office, speaking to someone over the phone.  He appears to be rather pleased with something.  He looks up at the camera and gives his pearly white smile with a little wink this time.  Then hangs up the phone.

Tha Duke:
You know...I think people are getting a little too cozy around here.  I think it’s time for me to remind you all just...who I am.  So I’ve signed someone who will shake things up a bit.  Get under yalls’ skin as you have mine.  You’ll meet him next week.  But tonight...ahhh, let’s just enjoy the rest of the show, shall we?  Ladies and gentlemen...I give to you the demise of Allen Marrow.

The cameras back up ringside.  Quentin Barnes is standing in the ring, ready to fight as Fight the power blares over the PA.  Marrow comes walking out with his Triple Crown title, looking back at the titan tron where Duke appeared on screen earlier.  He then looks into the camera, waving for it to come closer, then as only Allen Marrow can, he says “Man...**** YOU!”  Marrow looks down at Barnes and just shakes his head.  He continues on down the ramp while Bo Freeman raises a mic...

Alright ORLAND-O!  The main event of the evening!  It is for the one and only Triple Crown championship!  Over here we have Quentin Barnes!  And entering the ring as we speak is your champion, Allen Marrow!  ORLANDO...ARE...YOU.....READY!?

The crowd pops like some real crazy muh’fawks.

Then let’s get rockin’!  YEAH!

Ref. Calloway raises the belt between the two before handing it to Bo.  He calls for the bell, and neither man wastes time going after the other.  They lock up in the center of the ring.  Barnes uses his size and strength advantage over Marrow to scoop him, preparing to slam him back down into the mat.  Only Marrow counters!  He slides off of Barnes and before Barnes can do anything, Marrow kicks him in the side of the knee, making his leg curve in. He then grabs Barnes by the face and drives his knee into it.  Barnes crumbles holding his face with Marrow looking back into the camera sending a distinct message to Duke Hamilton.

Who do you think is gonna come out of here as champion tonight, Frank?

Well, I don’t have my crystal ball so I don’t know.  Marrow sure as **** looks pretty impressive though. 

As Barnes is down Marrow begins viciously stomping away at the contender.  Not giving him the slightest chance to get up.  Finally the champ seems to get bored with it.  He grabs Barnes up, taunting him on a little then headbutNO!  Barnes grabs Marrow by the head of his hair and stops the head butt!  Marrow cracks Barnes in the jaw twice but that’s all before Barnes throws him across the ring with little effort.  Marrow gets up, shaking his head as he comes back and throws another big punch!  But the wolf just takes it!  It seems to have little to no phase on him!  He grabs Marrow by the head and headbutts him, dropping the champion!  Barnes stands over him, shouting for him to get back up.  He then reaches down and grabs Marrow by the throat, slowly pulling him back up to his feet.  He wraps his massive arms around Marrow and throws him over with a belly to belly!

And this is what we saw last week!  Barnes just taking control and ripping Marrow apart with that brute strength and size advantage! 

Barnes walks over to Marrow who seems very groggy and out of it.  He grabs Marrow up, begins drawing his fist back as he prepares to plant it right between the eyes of Allen Marrow, and that’s when Allen Marrow suddenly snaps back!  He begins throwing a flurry of punches, trying to drive the monster back!  Barnes is stunned!  Marrow grabs him and whips him across the ring into a turnbuckle!  He hits hard and comes stumbling out, that’s when Marrow lifts him up and connects a HUGE northern lights suplex!  And now it’s time.  Marrow looks over into the camera, knowing Duke is watching this.  He says “now watch THIS ONE!” As he backs into a corner.  A groggy Quentin Barnes begins to come around, and Marrow leans forward, ready to charge.  Barnes gets up, and begins turning around as Marrow starts his run...


Marrow goes for the JIHAD!!!! But catches a big boot to the face instead! Marrow’s head snaps back so unnaturally everyone watching cringes.  He falls limp on the mat, and Barnes stumbles around until he drops down and covers him.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!!  The bell rings, the ref brings Barnes the TC title, and as he celebrates Duke walks out with a smile...
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