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October 26, 2021, 07:08:20 am
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News: Well done also to Marvin Wood and Haven for stealing the show at Showdown
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Blackout Week 6 Results

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Author Topic: Blackout Week 6 Results  (Read 229 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: August 01, 2009, 09:56:21 pm »

Credit for the writes:
Match One: Chip
Match Two: Stoner
Match Three: Anj
Main Event: Steph

In the ring, the Ring announcer stands waiting for the crowd to die down before lifting the mic to his mouth.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I would like to introduce, the NEW UWE Triple Crown Champion; “The Wolf” Quentin Barnes!

Stronger by Kanye West hits and the crowd pop instantly; the song reaches crescendo as Quentin Barnes makes his way out onto the ramp with the Triple Crown Championship over his right shoulder. Making his way down the ramp, he looks almost shocked at holding the Championship belt. Slowly, he climbs the steps and into the ring before shaking hands with the ring announcer. Taking the microphone he turns around to salute the fans, each side of the ring raising his hand. Finally, the crowd dies down as he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Thank you…

The crowd pop again, only for a moment.

Originally, I came back to UWE to end the career of a man who had crossed me and my family. I beat Riddick Andrews; I succeeded. Then, I came back to UWE to prove that I could still hang with the guys in my own age bracket. I beat Scott Reave; I succeeded. Then I came back to UWE to prove that I could take on the best that Blackout had to offer. I beat Allen Marrow; I succeeded. Finally, I came back to UWE to prove that when I got my chance, when I got my shot, I wouldn’t choke. I won the UWE Triple Crown Championship; I succeeded.

The crowd cheer once again.

When I came back originally, I believed I was an old, washed up, has been that was fuelled by revenge and malice. There wasn’t a single cell in my brain that considered the fact that I still had what it took. When I beat Allen Marrow the first time round, I honestly still believed that he’d took the week off; I was sure it had been a fluke. I’m not being modest here; I’m just being a realist. Walking into the biggest match I’ve had in the last 5 years, I didn’t think I could win. I, Quentin Barnes, thought that I was about to be revealed to be a charlatan.

The crowd boo the sentiment.

Yet as the match went on, I slowly built confidence; as that match moved forwards I was hit by an epiphany. Even now, at 38 years old, in a federation full of young, athletic, pumped and chiselled superstars; I still had something. I still had the will, the ambition, the brains and the ability to win out in the end. Allen Marrow hit me with everything he had, and I hit him back twice as hard. He just didn’t have what it takes to beat me. He’d looked past me, already watching out for that next challenge Duke Hamilton would throw in front of him. Allen, I hope that’s lesson learnt.

Smiling, the crowd semi-cheer as they still show their love for the former Champion.
From the first moment we were scheduled to face one another Allen, I told the world I respected you. I respect what you’re about, your work ethic and your insatiable thirst for the win. Still, after everything, I respect you. I may have been the victor, but you beat more respect into me than I had for you already. See, the thing is Allen, you’re the past. Now, I have to consider my next step, I have to think about just who is going to face me next. Who is next to find out just what this old man has left in the tank. For once; It’s me who has no idea…


Frank: What!?

Alex: Oh no!

Frank: Is Tony Daniels going to be the first to step up to the plate!?

Tsubasa blears through the speakers as the fans bring themselves off their feet, The Depressed Daydreamer enters past the curtains with a grin smeared across his face as he marches down to the ring with his Bokken attatched at his hip and his title drapped over his shoulder. Quentin Barnes' fists are raised high, he's ready to defend himself if push comes to shove while Bo Freeman takes the stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, my good friend and your Cruiserweight Champion, The Depressed Daydreamer Tony Daniels!

Daniels climbs the metallic steps before entering the room, ignoring The Triple Crown Champion for a moment only to shake Freeman's hand and follow through with a hug (No homo). Bo hands him a microphone and Tony can only stare at the man of the moment while the fans cheer the thought of a fight between The Depressed Daydreamer and The Wolf.

Daniels: Whoa, whoa... Easy there Champ... I dunno about you but I've got a match tonight, I'm not here to fight you, just lower the arms for a moment, okay?

Reluctantly, Barnes recovers his posture, another victim to Tony Daniels' winning smile. Barnes didn't want to hit a guy with glasses anyways, that's just low.

Daniels: Look, I dunno if you know this or not, but I was actually brought to Blackout to be the head of interviews, my voice was suppose to represent the people as I hit you with the questions everyone wants to know. And yeah, I know I'm suspended from that position until further notice, but... C'mon, how many times will I get to cut in line for the first official word from our newest Headlining Champion, ladies and gentlemen give it up will you!?

The fans agree, Quentin Barnes is the new face of Blackout and although they loved Marrow as a Champion, the love Barnes just as much. The fans are eager, they want to hear the voice of their new Triple Crown, but will he meet their request.
Daniels: Come on dude, just a two minute interview, nothing big... Whatdya say?

Barnes: ... You've got two minutes...

The fans errupt and The Depressed Daydreamer is extatic! He can barely contain himself while Barnes can only smile a victor's smile at his fans. His Pact.

Daniels: Alright! Great, well... First of all dude, congratulations for beating Allen Marrow. Finally someone who might give meaning to the title! Be honest dude, how did it feel to have your arm raised as Bo over there announced you as Triple Crown Champion?

Barnes: I got to admit, considering I never thought I'd even come back? It feels pretty good to be YOUR Triple Crown Champion.

Daniels: Your wife and brother in law were watching as well, did that make it any more important to you?

Barnes: My wife is the most important person in my life, and she respects that his belt is the most important thing in my life. I'm just glad that my brother in law got a chance to see the master class... He is of course, a future World Champion.

Daniels: Fantastic! And while these fans have no problem claiming you as their champion tell me what it's like having to walk around backstage with all those whispers on how you didn't deserve that title...?

Frank: What!?

Alex: Whoa! I didn't know Tony had a spine! This might actually turn juicy after all!

The fans stand there in confusion as Tony Daniels stares at Barnes with a sinister grin across his face, nodding in agreement with himself. Quentin casually raises the microphone to his lips, waiting for the audience to silence themselves.

Barnes: That's rich coming from a guy who was going to cash in something that wasn't his... How is Wildcard by the way?

Tony Daniels recieves a return insult, a little dumbfounded that Barnes was actually smart for an old man. He doesn't even have enough time to give a come bacl.

Daniels: Yeah.. That's true, but in the end, I didn't cash it in...

Alex: Because Marrow got the best of you

Frank: Shhh!!
Daniels: You however, three weeks on this show and you're already on the top of the mountain... Seems a little fast, doesn't it? I mean, three weeks for most people is barely enough to start a career, you on the otherhand seem to have some special senior citizen card that gives you complete access to the number one contendership for the title...

Barnes: No. Unlike you Tony, I actually showed for my matches... And won them...

Shot two to Daniels who's going a little red by Barnes' words who at the moment is keeping a rather calmed expression on his face. Daniels places his right hand over his throat in rememberence of last week's defeat to Fervor Falls.

Daniels: Hm, cute... Really... But, let's be serious for a moment Que Bee, do you mind if I call you Cube? See, the thing is Cube, you being rushed into this title picture, it's great and all except for one thing, you've pretty much lost all meaning for that title...
I hate to say it, really, I do. But the fact is that you've proven that anyone can win this belt, Laurent created it, Marrow stole it and you within three weeks of your debut had claimed it for your own! See that would seem like a great tale... If it all hadn't happened within two months of each other. It's like I've said, seeing an old decrepid fart like you can win it in such a short time means that anyone (Including James) could be holding that title come Wrestlemania... I mean... It's not like it's hard to become number one contender,,,

Frank: Come on Tony, you know that Barnes worked Hard to get to where he is!

Alex: Hard my ass, the guy just kicked some lacky's ass and then boom! Allen Marrow. Tony's right, Barnes did cut corners!

Daniels: Y'know, if that... Other... Show... That the UWE has... That I don't really care to remember, has taught me anything, it's that if at first you don't succeed, complain... And you'll become number one contender!
Bryan Blaze; The X, I'm sure there are others out there that have whinged and moaned about waiting for their spot in the sun, to get what they deserve. Well, I've been in the waiting line for three years to get what's comin' to me, so lemme save you the time. Hi, Tony Daniels, Number One Contender!

The fans applaud the thought, Tony D., Cruiserweight Champion against Quentin Barnes, Triple Crown Champion!

Frank: What!? Tony's skipping line!

Alex: Yeah! I'm loving this boy more and more!

Barnes, however, does not appear to be interested. Instead, he's pulled out his cell phone and is looking at it with great interest and typing away.

Daniels: What? No comment on how me challenging you only continues the circle, how me defeating you will only bring more shame to the title? Hm, Maybe you haven't realised that unlike you, I know how to bring honor to a championship, in case you didn't notice, people finally remember who their Cruiserweight Champion is!

Still, Barnes ignores Daniels, still typing away on his cell phone. Daniels looks on quite adgitated.

Daniels: What type of Champion will you be Que? Will you be like me? The last big name to hold your title. Or will you be like Fervor Falls? A rising talent, destined for great things. I know, you'll be like Chip Horton! Proving that your newly made crown is worth fighting for, right? Try again... I see you being like those that've held it before hand... Forgotten within a month... You may be able to defend it, but I will be able to represent it, and it pains me to know that I have to bear this burdon for you... But I will do it, for... The People.

Finally, some noise eminates from the crowd. Daniels looks confused, however behind him, on the screen is a Twitter page belonging to Quentin Barnes...

"@Tonydaniels Man your breath stinks! Never heard of tic-tacs?"

"@Tonydaniels Why is your head so small?"

"@Tonydaniels Why do you have a man servant? Is that incase you don't score in the gay bars?"

"@Tonydaniels Apparantly a new wrestling instructional DVD has been released "How to avoid getting hurt; Don't Show!", by Tony D!"

Tony D. can only laugh at Barne's insults, he even applauds him a little.

Daniels: You are a funny one aren't you? Man, I wonder how a guy like Riddick Andrews was trained by the likes of you! Alright, hide behind your jokes Barnes... And by the end of this I'll make sure that I'm doing then what I'm doing now.

Laughing at the joke you are.

Barnes ignores Daniels' comments once again, his fingers zipping across his keypads at lightning speed. His eyes stare at The Depressed Daydreamer's, waiting for.. Oh! Daniels has a message. He scans through it and his eyes quickly widen at the sight of the personal tweet he's recieved.

Daniels: Dude! I can't read that aloud! Ohohoh! So that's how you want to play it, huh? Alright then, you've had your two minutes, now we go by my clock... I'll see you round, Champ...

Stronger by Kanye West is played in the background as Daniels and Barnes stare each other down. Daniels gives off a smirk while Barnes remains without any emotion. The Depressed Daydreamer takes his leave, not removing his eyes from his new competitor. Barnes raises his title back to a comfortable position, showing it off a little bit before waving his mobile at Daniels who only reminds Barnes that he's made a huge mistake winning that title.

Bo Freeman: “The following is the opening contest of the evening…”

The tron lights up with the silhouetted image of a woman, which soon switches to images of a bronze skinned beauty with a face recognized by the world. The scenes melt into a montage of white sand beaches of Haiti and the inner city streets of Philadelphia. It finally pauses on the Swann Fountain of Philly. The crowd marvels at the spectacular sight as it closes in on an elaborate night display of water and lights. It then zooms to the center and focuses in on the beautiful Star at the center of it all in a flowing white dress and dripping with sparkling diamonds, walking on the water but completely dry from head to toe.

The sounds of her footsteps on the water echo through the arena as if she were in an empty hallway. A strobe light flashes as the scene on the screen continues and a show of white laser lights darts across the stage. We see the camera quickly zoom away from the screen until it is high above the entire state of Pennsylvania, then zooms even farther out above earth’s atmosphere. A hand accentuated by an impressive diamond ring closes around the planet from the bottom and as we head farther out, the Glittering Goddess is literally standing with the world in the palm of her hand.

Bo Freeman: “Our first competitor comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and weighs in at one-hundred-and-twenty-four pounds…STAR!”

The opening sounds of “Flashing Lights ” by Kanye West featuring Dwele' blast throughout the arena as a thick fog begins to creep onto the stage. The strobe light continues to flash rapidly as the laser lights continue to decorate the area. The beautiful Star soon emerges through the fog, dressed in her very revealing attire of a black triangle bikini top, bikini bottoms and black chaps. She stands on the stage for a moment, soaking up the adoration of the fans before making her way down the ramp. Star struts to the ring with an amazing air of confidence and heads up the steel steps, where she flips over the top rope and into the ring.

Bo Freeman: “Now introducing Star’s opponent…”

"I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me..papa-paparazzi!" is heard around the arena, which instantly grabs the attention of the fans. Onto the entrance ramp arrives Marshall, light-footed as he hops around the ramp, loving that he's centre of attention. A smile on his face, he walks down the entrance ramp looking around at the people who've paid to see him.

Bo Freeman: “He hails from Hollywood, California, and weighs in at two-hundred-and-twenty-four pounds; he is ‘The One Man Show’…JACK MARSHALL!”

As he gets closer to the ring, Marshall runs and slides in, under the bottom ropes, turns onto his back and kips up, which attracts a few screams from the girls, he knows he's attractive and is gonna play on it.
The camera pans in a circle around him as Marshall climbs to the second turnbuckle, holding one finger up in the air "number one" he mouths, before jumping off the turnbuckle and leaning backwards on the ropes, waiting for the ref to ring the bell.

Frank Leary: “Two new acquisitions to Blackout kick-off the wrestling side of the show tonight. Who do you think will win, Alex?”

Alex King: “Bit of a daft question really considering we’ve never seen either of them before…”

The referee rings the bell after the usual checks and both competitors waste no time in going after their opponent. Marshall and Star lock up in the middle of the ring as is the customary fashion in a wrestling match. Marshall, using his superior weight and power, manages to push Star away from him, before unleashing several strong right ahnds to the face and midsection of Star, sending her down to the mat. Stomping on the head of Star, Marshall notices a moment to pose. He holds up one finger to the crowd and shouts “number one!”, much like he did in his entrance. The crowd boo him to oblivion, but Star manages to roll him up when he’s still posing!




Frank Leary: “Levels of cockiness from Marshall there that you’d expect from the likes of Fervor Falls and Chip Horton!”

Alex King: “Yeah; but Falls and Horton don’t fall for tricks like that…”

Marshall isn’t going to be beaten in such a tricky manner, as he attempts to fight out of a knee bar that the much lighter and leaner Star now has him locked in to. He winces in pain as Star applies more leverage. Marshall begins to edge towards the ropes that aren’t very far away. Knowing that he’ll probably get there, Star decides it’d be in her best interests to let go of the hold and go on the offensive in a different way; and that she does. Star takes position and waits for Marshall to return to his feet, and when he does he’s met with a thunderous dropkick and is sent crashing right in the middle of the ring!

Frank Leary: “Fantastic dropkick! Rivalling that of Tony Daniels, maybe?”

Alex King: “**** no it doesn’t rival Tony Daniels!”

Dazed, Marshall climbs to his feet once more, and his hit with a yazuka kick! As Marshall falls to the mat once more, Star notices that she has chance to hit a high risk manoeuvre. She climbs up to the top ropes, taking a moment to prepare herself, before leaping off the ropes and landing a breathtaking imploding 450 spalsh!
Frank Leary: “My God what a move! She calls that move ‘Star Struck’ and Marshall will definitely be feeling just that right about now!”

Climbing the top again and taunting to the crowd, Star receives quite the positive reaction. As she turns and jumps down, however, she’s met with a boot to the face by Marshall!”

Alex King: “OUCH! Ha-ha that looked **** glorious!”

Dragging Star in to the middle of the ring and then picking her up, Marshall flings her against the ropes, and as she flies back at him lifts her up and hits a one man flapjack! That’s got to hurt! Not leaving things to chance after that mishap earlier on, Marshall almost instantly drags Star up to her feet, and pulls off a tremendous spinning neckbreaker! Star is groggily lifted off the mat once more by Marshall; but she slaps Marshall right in the face, before kicking him right in the mid-section!

Frank Leary: “The girl has life in her yet!”

Winded, Marshall looks angry and goes right for Star, but she ducks and then prepares to hit a superkick as Marshall turns back. Marshall turns and Star attempts to hit the superkick, which she calls ‘Shut up, ****!’ AND IT CONNECTS! Star covers Marshall.  Ref. Calloway begins to count 1....2......3!!!  

Bo Freeman: Ladies and Gentlemen, winner by pinfall.....STAR!!!

Tony Daniels vs Bahr

Winner: Tony Daniels via dropkicking Bahr out of his **** shoes!

Ooc: I’ll write something for ya when I get off work Dep.  Trust me, I will Tongue

The lights power down. In the darkness ‘Black Republican’ by Nas begins to play. The lights come back on as Efinn Rox rises from the stage. His eyes remain closed as a pillar of vapor rises up around his body. After several moments pass he opens his eyes and walks down the ramp. He ignores the fan's reaction to him whether good or bad and slides into the ring.

Alex: Effin Rox is one of those who has plenty of potential, and just needs a chance to showcase what he can do.

Frank: This is his chance right here.
The lights fade to a dark red, as “Firestarter” by The Prodigy fades in, already halfway into the intro. As the intro carries on, Pyronus walks out and raises his arms to the sky with his “Rock On” hand sign on them, which cues the pyro next to him to go off. As the flames continue he walks down the ramp. As he reaches the ring, he walks up the stairs and along the ring apron until he reaches the near right turnbuckle, which he climbs up and stands on, still on the outside, as he holds his arms up, making the “Rock On” sign with his hands once again. He then drops into the ring, walks at a semi-quick pace and turns to the audience, holding his arms up as before while flames shoot up behind him, going left and right along the left side of the ring. Then, as his theme music fades, he leans in his corner waiting for his opponent.

Alex: I’m not to keen on what Pyronus has been up to. I think he’s been hanging out with Stoner too much.

smoke pours out onto the entrance ramp and stage as the opening riffs to Hurricane Jane play over the PA system, followed shortly by two quick, successive blasts of gold and orange pyro on the stage.

Jane, I've made it plain,
although I'm faded as a ghost:
I want you here inside me.
Say the word.
Oh, you've been playing nice,
but I can see it in your eyes,
you're thinking, "Christ.
He's everybody's girl."

Out runs “The Desire” Fervor Falls, emerging through the smoke shouting at the top of his lungs a variety of “ass kicking” and “I'm a sexy sumbitch” type statements. Fervor continues his tirade before noticing someone in the audience. Fervor's facial expression turns indignant and he removes his glasses before walking up to the nearest child along the entrance aisle and getting in his face before shouting a stream of obscenities at the poor, unsuspecting youngster. An adult tries to stand up for the kid but Fervor reacts instantly, raising a backhand and causing the attempted hero to falter and back down. Fervor nods before backing away and continuing down the entrance ramp, dropping his glasses and removing his gold chain before rushing toward the ring and slipping out of his vest.

It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody.
Oh, what's the use of making a bed?
I took something and it feels like karate;
it's kicked me down and left me for dead.
It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody,
so what's the use of pulling a shape?
I put what I want, when I want, in my body.
I'm never gonna give what I take.
Fervor slides into the ring before popping up to his feet and kicking the ropes furiously. Again, Fervor persists in singing his own praises, which is aided when his manager, Ms. Dawson, steps over the barricade seductively from her usual front row seat and walks up the steel steps, microphone in hand. Ms. Dawson drops into a squat, her miniskirt doing very little to cover up her rear, and stays in that position as she looks over her shoulder at the much appreciative straight and bisexual male crowd as well as the lesbian/bisexual female crowd. Ms. Dawson enters the ring via the lowest rope before raising the microphone to her lips, which she licks slowly before smiling at the cheering crowd as the music cuts off. Meanwhile, during all this, Fervor continues his self gratifying remarks about, well... himself.

Ms. Dawson: Gentlemen, and Ladies, please clap your hands for the Man of the 21st century, the Man who all these little boys out here want to be, the Man that makes my thighs tingle and my lips quiver... he is “The Desire” Fervor Falls.

Frank: This looks to be competitive, not to mention pretty freaking amazing.

As the three men circle each other and prepare for the match to begin, a guitar riff rings through the arena as “Stoned and Drunk” begins to play and a guy that looks mysteriously close to Stoner wearing a beanie and a Fast Action Grappling shirt walks from backstage, kendo stick in hand. He takes his time meandering on down to the ring, a bob in his step just off beat to his music.

Frank: Whats going on here? Why is Stoner coming out here?

Alex: You mean aside from the maniac in the ring with the belt he refers to as “his” still? Cause I don’t have a clue.

Stoner makes it over to the commentary table, waving to all the fans and taking a bow before finally sitting and placing the audio equipment on his head. He pulls a joint out of his pocket, taking a hit off of it before waving at the guys in the ring.

Frank: So, Stoner, how’re yo-

Big Stonehenge: Not Stoner, although I appreciate the compliment indeed/. No, you see I am Fast Action Grappling’s own lead commentator “Big Stonehenge” here to spread some of our bad assery your way.

A moment of silence before the three men in the ring get to action as Fervor explodes with an assault of lefts and rights on the not-as prepared Effin, who admirably has some punches of his own to deliver. Pyronus rolls under the ropes and exit’s the ring, taking the time to find himself something decent as he tosses out a trashcan, a fire extinguisher and a step ladder before finding his weapon of choice-

Frank: A 2 x 4? This wont end well.
Big Stonehenge: Not for the person on the wrong end of that thing at least.

Fervor, not worried where the weapons came from but happy to have them available none the less, grabs the trash can and smashes it over Effin’s back, smiling in the direction of Big Stonehenge as he takes a piece of wood from behind.

Big Stonehenge: How unpleasant did that sound?

Fervor drops to his knees as Pyronus drops the board to the side and begins delivering kicks to the mid section and back area of Fervor. Effin seems happy for the moment’s respite, taking advantage to roll out of the ring and find a weapon of his own to hopefully be able to match the other two. Pyronus puts Fervor in a sort of reverse sleeper hold, brining him to his feet and dropping him with a reverse DDT. Fervor holds his head, shouting in pain as Pyronus goes for a pin attempt.

Alex: That was different.



Pyronus runs to the ropes only to be tripped to his face from the still-outside Effin Rox, now with a different fire extinguisher than the one already in the ring. He slides in, dropping a few kicks in the ribs of Pyronus for good measure before walking over to Fervor, who is attempting to pull himself up with help from the ropes. A look hinting a mixture of both anger and fear washes over the face of Fervor Falls, and with a roar he jumps to his feet and tackles Effin Rox to the ground, going crazy with punches and ignoring all else.

Frank: Fervor relying on his emotions to fuel him here this match up it seems.

Alex: If he can’t keep his cool though it might come back to bite him in the ass you know.

Big Stonehenge: *tokes*

Fervor glares at the commentary table before unleashing another round of punches on Effin Rox, who seems more interested in reaching around than protecting himself. Fortunately he grabs hold of the fire extinguisher and slams it into the head of his opponent, knocking him off of himself. Fervor lays semi-conscious on the ground as Effin pulls himself away from the spot where he was busted open, checking his head to see how much blood was pouring from his wound. Satisfied t hat Fervor wont be going anywhere, Effin takes the moment to breath, TOTALLY forgetting there was another person in the match. Pyronus comes behind Effin, who is sitting and leaning on the ropes, and puts him in a sort of choke hold, trying to get him to tap for the win.
Big Stonehenge: This is called the “Reverse Polarity Choke of Hatred” and was developed in the early 1400’s by one “Mankala Shrilanka” by pure accident.

Alex: Sure we can go with that.

Fervor begins to lift himself off the mat, his eyes widening a little at the sight of the blood drip from his head onto the mat. He punches the ground with anger, catching Pyronus’ attention and getting him to let go of Effin who starts to breath again. Pyronus slides under the bottom rope as he and Fervor get face to face and begin to exchange words, Fervor something about distractions and Pryonus saying “for Drigo.” Fervor slaps Pyronus, more an insult than an injury, and the two begin trading blows as if the match had just begun. Fervor takes the upper hand with a European Uppercut, throwing his opponent off guard and setting him up finely for an Irish Whip at Effin who back body drops him over the top rope out of the ring.

Alex: Holy **** ****! Pyronus is dead!

Fervor runs at Effin who seems too tired to throw Fervor so opts out to instead pull the top rope down. Fervor manages to stay on the apron, but not for too long when Effin gives him a few punches to put him back out there. He runs to the opposite side of the ring, coming back with a speed few can match and flying through the ropes and taking down both Fervor and Pyronus before going for a pin on Fervor.

Alex: This could be it!




The day seems to going just as any other day would at a UWE event. Fans line up at the door, posters in hand, their favorite superstars shirts on their backs chatting and awaiting the doors to open up so they can get in and enjoy their favorite UWE show, Blackout. Staff members walk around outside selling UWE Programs, the staff inside however are finishing up getting everything ready, shirts, hats, chains, drinks, food etc... Everything seems to be going well as planned, but one man seems to be doing other things. He seems to be nowhere in sight as the staff continues on getting ready for the fans to pile into the door. There are about 10 minutes left before they open up, and let them come in. Blackout is nearly an hour away before the lights kick on, and the show goes live. 5 more minutes pass before the man of the hour arrives, that man being UWE Superstar James Jowers who has been ordered here by UWE Blackout General Manager: Duke Hamilton. James looks around, seeing all the fans in single file awaiting to get inside. Tonight is no ordinary night for James Jowers. Tonight, he will serve the fans in a different role.. Selling them T-Shirts... He walks up and behind the counter looking rather down, you can tell that he doesn't want to do this, but he has no other choice.

Mike: Your late...

James: What do you mean I'm late?

Mike: You was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago.

James: No one told me. I just got "By 6:30" and according to my time, I'm not late.

The last five minutes pass by, doors open in full swing, fans all around are happy that they can now come into the building. Tickets are scanned as people walk through the door into the cool air that surrounds the place. Fans all begin to hit the souvenir stands to buy what ever it is they like. Other fans, however seem to walk through the doors to find their way to their seat for the night. The fans continue to pile into the already crowded arena as they begin to back up what seems to be the only souvenir stand in the building, the fans seem to gather in the matter of seconds as it becomes a little over crowded. A few of the fans get their shirts, but at a slow pace as James seems to be not caring at all at the moment.

Mike: Your gonna have to do better then this...

James: I'm doing my best.

He looks up to find a woman standing in front of him.

James: What can I get for you?

Woman: I'd like to get one of the Stoner shirts..

He looks at her, but then manages to get her the shirt that she asked for. He gives it to her, and takes the money. He looks around, not seeming to catch a break as he goes back and forth getting the shirts that the people have requested.

James: You realize that this isn't going to help me win a match...

Mike: I don't remember that being a part of this.

James continues on, doing what he was told he would be doing, frustrations seem to start building as time goes by.

James: Have you realized how many of my shirts we have sold...

Mike: Haven't noticed.

James: There are more people who have walked away, then those who have bought one of my shirts. (he looks up to a man who now stands looking for a shirt) What can I get you?

Man: One of those (he points to the shirt) and the Drigo bear

James: When did we get a replica of Drigo?

He doesn't receive and answer as he turns and picks up the shirt, as well as the stuffed dragon replica of Drigo. He hands the items to the man, receiving the money in exchange. He stands, awaiting, as people continue coming up. James can't seem to catch a break as fans continue asking for shirts. He has sold a lot of shirts on this night. This night that he will not forget for quite awhile, an humiliation night for the former champ, who doesn't even stop for a simple autograph.

James: What can I do for you?

Man: Chip Horton shirt.

James turns around and finds the box with those shirts in them, he takes it out, and gives it to the man. People come, but don't leave with out something in their hands as they begin to slow up. As the show starts up, the sound blasts through the arena. As the night goes on the people begin to slow down once more to finish out the rest of the show, a camera crew arrives, but is unseen by the eyes of James Jowers, who continues to sell the UWE T-shirts which are displayed on a wall behind him. Shirts ranging from Stoner, to Chip Horton, UWE, Blackout, Pyronus, as well as James himself. James sells shirt after shirt, just as ordered by Blackout GM: Duke Hamilton. Without a second glance, James walks past Mike, who is also there helping sell shirts. James walks around the table to where the camera was last spotted, but it seems to be gone now.

The second he turns around, there it is, heading into the door to the arena, James walks up behind it, stopping the man from taking another step into the arena. He requests the camera to follow him as he walks back to the T-shirt stand, walking behind it. The camera soon opens up, as we are only near minutes away from opening back up to the television crowd after taking a brief intermission. People watch on TV's all around the world. James looks into the camera, all of his frustrations seem to come out all at once as he begins.

James: Tonight, this is what I was supposed to do. Sell T-shirts to the fans of the UWE. Just one week removed from yet another loss, Duke ships me out here to sell these T-shirts. Get a good look at them. This make you happy Duke? Me lowing myself to selling a damn T-Shirt, when I could be in the ring doing what I do best, wrestling? Do you think this is funny? Its not as easy as one would see it, dealing with fan after fan, looking at face after face... Look at all of these people, not one of these people care about me, no one cares about James Jowers any more. You want to humiliate me Duke? I think you did a damn good job here tonight.

James then jumps over the table, leaving Mike with the last few fans who have come up.

Mike: Where are you going?
James: I quit, that's where I'm going! .. I am tired of looking like a fool selling T-shirts to all these people. I am tired of looking at all of these people, asking me for shirt, after shirt, after shirt.

James then notices a man who is looking at him, but the man would rather keep his distance, as James seems to have had enough of selling shirts.

James: What are you looking at baldy? You like watching me stand over there selling shirts while you stand over here smiling, drinking your little beer? Do you too think that its funny to watch me sell t-shirts to all these people who don't seem to care one bit about me, until it comes to their needs? Its people like you, and people like Duke who make people like me look like some fool. I'm sick and tired of standing over there looking at people as low as you buy shirts just to give no thanks, or nothing else to go along with it. A drop dead would of been nice, but not even that arose. Are you even listening to me?

The man doesn't seem to care as he takes a sip of his beer.

James: Your just like the rest of them. You don't care what I do, as long as you get what you want. You are just like Duke. You don't care about anyone but yourself. Its me, me, me, and **** everyone else...

James pauses for a second, now knowing that the man he looks at doesn't care what he says. The man just does finish up his beer before James slaps the cup from his hand. Staff is there quick to get in the middle of James and the other man, as things look to heat up.

James: You don't care about me, and quite honestly, I like it.

James then turns and walks through the doors to the arena, just as Bo Freeman is about to announce the next match.

James: No one here wants to see the next match... (he pauses) You see Duke, I am tired of being looked over as your little towel boy. I'm not the man to run around here to do every one of your errands. I'm not your coffee boy, nor your T-shirt sales man. I am sick and tired of all of you people, because you are just like him, I am tired of dealing with the same crap every week. I'm tired of talking to this camera here, as fat asses sit at home and watch me, berate all of you... Duke Hamilton, and all of you people here, at home, or where ever, have seen the very last of James Jowers get humiliated on national television again. All you people sicken me.. To even think that you all once cared for me.... To hell with it all..

He turns to leave, but stops himself.. He lets out a deep sigh, and then leaves through the door, as the show continues on.

Bo Freeman: “Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the Main Event. Introducing first…”

The lights are dimmed to near blackness.  A light fog floats down on the crowd, and a peculiar smell fills the air.  "Pet the Destroyer" begins to play and Stoner emerges from the backstage area, pointing a finger to the crowd and waving a kendo stick around like a madman before making his way down to the ring, clapping hands and bumping knuckles with most of the fans as he makes it down.

Bo Freeman: “From Texas City, Texas… weighing in at 220 pounds… Stooooooooonnnneeeeeeeeer.”

He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and goes to the top rope lifting his arms in the air and shouting to the crowd to get them excited before hopping down and performing "The Lucky Dance."

Lucky indeed.  He turns, all smiles, and pulls an iPod out of his pocket, setting it in his corner and turning the volume all the way up so he can hear Nathan Wisdom. Then tosses the kendo stick out of the ring.

Bo Freeman: “and his opponent…”

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge begins to play over the PA system as the arena lights go out, instigating instant disdain from the fans, as they boo the man that they know is going to be stepping into the arena in a few short moments. As the intro grows, the booing does, and as the first verse starts, ‘Horton sucks!’ chants begin already. They really hate KoA.

As the chorus begins, KoA steps through the curtain, clad in his long, black and red ring pants, and a long black and red trench coat. He hears the reaction from the crowd, and simply smirks before holding the rock handles proudly above his head. This posing is met by more hatred. He arrogantly smiles, before begin his walk down to the ring…

Bo Freeman: “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome in to the ring, from Manchester, North Western England, weighing in tonight at 270 pounds… The Prime Time Champion… ‘The King of Awesomeness’….CHIP HORTON!”

Just the mention of his name causes more booing, as Chip Horton now slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and has a look around the crowd, smugly smiling to himself. He enjoys being hated; it is what makes Chip Horton. He then raises the rock handles once more, to generate more hate from the UWE fans in attendance. With the boos still at past full volume, KoA removes his trench coat, throwing it at a ring-hand. The arena lights then return to normal, as the King crouches down in the corner, eagerly awaiting the start of his match. “Ties That Bind” then cuts…

Ding! Ding!

The bells rings and the referee calls the two men to the center of the ring, to get the match started. Each of them does as instructed, though Chip Horton does so at a slower, more cautious pace than Stoner. Horton goes for a poke to the eye of Stoner, only to have Stoner grab his arm and hit him in the face with a forearm strike to the face, followed up by a spinning elbow to the side of Chip Horton’s head.

King: “And we are underway, in this Fight For Your Rematch Son match.”

Leary: “Stoner will need to win this match in order to get his rematch for the **** title that he lost to Fervor Falls.”

Stoner follows this up with several rights and lefts all over Chip Horton’s body, driving him back into the ring ropes. Stoner goes for a Irish Whip, only to have Chip Horton reverse the attempt, and fling Stoner into the opposite ropes. Stoner rebounds back across the ring, ducks under a clothesline, bounces against the ropes again and rebounds off them, dives into the air, and connects with a flying forearm smash to the head of Chip Horton, that knocks both men to the mat.

King: “And if Stoner continues on this path he’s started himself on, it’s only a matter of time before he’s getting his rematch.”

Leary: “Don’t be so quick to say that Alex, you never know what that dastardly Chip Horton has up his sleeve.”

Both men get back to their feet pretty quickly and step back into each other. Stoner connects with a massive knife edge chop that sounds like a gunshot went off in the arena. The crowd lets off a loud ‘woooooooo’ as Chip recoils in pain. Stoner whips him into the corner and charges in with a running knee strike to Chip Horton’s stomach. Chip Horton stumbles out of the corner where he gets hit with a drop kick to the face that knocks him to the mat.

King: “They don’t call him the King of Awesomeness for nothing Frank. He’s cooking something up.”

Leary: “Well he’d better start soon, because this match is all Stoner right now.”

Chip Horton rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, only to have Stoner follow him on the way out. Chip Horton runs around the ring before rolling in quickly, followed by Stoner. Chip kicks Stoner in the rib as soon as he brings himself back into the ring. Stoner forces his way back to his feet and hits Chip Horton with a punch to the face, to which Horton reacts with a big rake across the eyes of Stoner.

Leary: “Oh come on! That’s blatant cheating by Chip Horton!”

King: “That’s what I’m talking about right there, that is one intelligent wrestler. That’s why he’s the Prime Time Champion.”

Stoner grabs his eyes in pain as Chip Horton steps forward to take advantage of his short cut by laying Stoner on the mat with a big Haymaker punch to the head. Stoner bounces back up to his feet only to take a second haymaker punch that knocks him back to the mat. Stoner once again gets back up only to get taken down again by a big haymaker punch, this time making Stoner stay down.

King: “Those massive haymakers are another big reason why he’s the Prime Time Champion.”

Leary: “To say nothing of massive usage of any short cut he can think of.”

Chip Horton mounts Stoner and begins laying in one punch to the head after another. The referee grabs the arm of Chip Horton, only to have Chip continue his assault. The referee begins his count, with Chip Horton breaking this position at the count of four. Chip Horton lifts Stoner to his feet and whips him into the ropes, waiting for Stoner to rebound back and levels him with a big boot to the forehead.

King: “Take that you stoned bastard!”

Leary: “I wouldn’t get to happy yet Alex, Stoner has also been extremely difficult to keep down.

Chip Horton gives Stoner five solid kicks to the ribs, before letting Stoner back up in a kneeling position before slapping him in the back of the head, laughing, and slapping him again. Chip Horton lets him back to his feet, kicks him in the gut, and sets him up for a Suplex. Stoner elbows his way out of it, before planting him on his head with a big DDT.

Leary: “Stoner with a big DDT!”

King: “No Chip! Get out of there!”

Stoner is not about to let Chip Horton do that however, as he keeps a hold of the front faceclock of the DDT on Chip Horton as he rolls himself back to his feet, taking Chip up with him. Stoner adjusts his positioning, draping Chip’s free arm over his shoulder and bringing him back down with a snap Suplex.

Leary: “He may be known as a **** icon, but Stoner can in fact wrestle, as we are seeing right now.”

King: “And you called Chip dastardly! Look at Stoner and him keeping Chip down, at least Chip had the decency to allow Stoner back to his feet.”

Stoner again does not allow Chip Horton to get free and keeps a hold of the front facelock, rolling both himself and Chip back to his feet. Stoner holds Chip there for a moment, as he looks out to the crowd and shouts out loud to massive approval “KAME HA ME HA!!” before planting Chip on his head with a Michinoku Driver, holding onto Chip’s leg for the pin, with the referee getting down to get the count.

Leary: “Michinoku Driver! The cover!”




King: “Chip kicks out of that weak ass move!”

Stoner doesn’t seem all that surprised that Chip found his way out of the pinfall attempt, and lifts Chip back to his feet. Chip slaps Stoner’s hands away and stomps on his foot, pokes him in the eye, and drops him on his head with a DDT of his own, before making a cover, as the referee gets down to make the count.

Leary: “That cheating bastard!”




Leary: “Thank god Stoner kicked out of that!”

King: “Slow count! That referee is a bias bastard!”

Horton gets in the face of the referee in a rage, apparently not understanding that no superstar in the history of wrestling has ever, ever won this argument. But alas, Chip Horton persists in this pointless argument. Stoner gets back to his feet, and grabs Chip from behind, only to get a face full of elbow, followed by Chip wrapping his arms around Stoner, and connecting with a belly-to-belly Suplex.

King: “Hell yeah! Die Stoner Die!”

Leary: “Chip is now firmly in control, Stoner is going to need to come up with something big to be able to get his rematch.”

Chip Horton lifts Stoner back to his feet, only to have Stoner connect with three hard elbows to the gut. Stoner follows this up with two European uppercuts and a spinning lariat that knocks Chip down to the mat. Stoner runs into the ropes and rebounds back. Chip gets back to his feet, side steps Stoner, and locks in a sleeper hold on him. Stoner fights it with all he’s got, but Chip has it locked in tight.

King: “Oh hell yes! Only a matter of time now before Stoner passes out from something other than a joint and his rematch is gone.”

Leary: “Stoner is in a bad way here.”

Stoner collapses on the mat, as the crowd begins to come alive for their stoned hero. “Stone-er! Stone-er! Stone-er!” the chant, as Stoner shakes his arm, only to have it slowly fade until it falls limp to the mat. The referee lifts it once, and it falls to the mat. Lifts it twice, and it falls to the mat. The crowd begins rhythmically clapping in hopes that in some way, Stoner will hear it, and awaken. The referee lifts his arm a third time, and lets go… and Stoner’s arm stays up! Stoner shakes his arm, and forces his way back to his feet, elbowing his way free, running into the turnbuckle, up to the top rope, and leaps off backwards for the whisper in the wind, which he hits on Chip Horton, before going for a cover, with the referee getting down to make the count.





King: “Horton with the kick out!”

Chip kicks out, barely, and rolls to the outside of the ring a second time to collect his breath. Stoner gets back to his feet and rushes into the ring ropes, rebounds back and dives through the opposite ropes, landing on Chip Horton with a suicide dive that takes both men down, crashing into the guardrail. The referee looks down on the carnage and begins his count.

Leary: “Stoner with a suicide dive! Look at the carnage!”

King: “Typical garbage wrestler!”




Both wrestlers get to their feet, and exchange a quick series of punches, before Stoner clotheslines Horton over the guardrail down to the floor on the other side.

King: “What did I tell you? He’s taking out into the crowd now!”


Stoner climbs up to the top of the rail and leaps off hitting Chip with a double axe handle to the back, knocking him back down.

King: “He should be ashamed of himself, this isn’t a garbage fest, it’s a match. How is poor Chip Horton to complete like this?”



Stoner lifts Chip back to his feet and tosses him back over the top of the rail, and down to the cover floor below. Stoner follows Chip Horton over the top and hits him with a hard kick to the side before picking him back up and slamming him head first into the ring steps.

King: “Come on Ref! Disqualify that cheater!”

Leary: “Oh like Chip hasn’t been cheating since this match started!”



Stoner grabs Horton and tosses him back into the ring before getting back into the ring himself, beating the count of ten with a full two seconds to spare.

King: “So two wrongs make a right now? Is that what you’re saying Frank?”

Leary: “Um… that’s the wrong way to look at this.”

Stoner gets back to his feet as Chip Horton begins to slink away. Stoner picks him up, and gives him a hard elbow to the face, followed by a second, and a third, and a fourth, before finally taking him down with a fifth. Chip Horton forces himself back up, getting face to face with Stoner. Stoner the uses his fantastic hair and headbanging skills to whip his hair into the face of Chip Horton.

Leary: “Tail whip!”

King: “That disgusting greasy bastard!”

Chip Horton grabs his eyes and staggers into the corner, where he grabs the top turnbuckle and begins untie it. The referee gets in very quickly to stop him, and begins retying it. While his back is turned, however, Horton hits Stoner with a low blow, before curling him up in a school boy pinning combination. The referee finishing retying the turnbuckle, spins around to see this and gets down to make the count.

Leary: “My god! How low will he go to rob Stoner!”




King: “Slow ass ref robbed Horton!”

Horton is not happy, as he looks to the referee with beggy eyes, only to have the referee point at his referee shirt, signaling that he in fact, is in charge not Horton. Chip is not happy with this, and decides to take it out on Stoner. Chip Horton rushes forward and knees Stoner in the rib, before lifting him back to his feet throwing him into the corner. And rushing him with a corner splash. Stoner stumbles out of the corner, and Chip rushes forward, connecting with a high knee to the face, that knocks Stoner down to the mat.

King: “This is the dominating Chip Horton that we all know and love!”

Leary: “Cheating all the way home.”

Chip Horton reaches down and grabs the legs of Stoner, and slowly starts turning him over. Stoner fights it with all he’s got, but Chip Horton will not be denied, as he gets the Sharpshooter locked in.

King: “Sharpshooter! Come on Stoner! Just three taps and you’ll make Blackout a better place!”

Leary: “It’s locked in tight!”

Stoner shouts in pain as he slowly begins to inch his way to the ropes. Chip Horton wraps it on tighter and tighter, hoping, praying that Stoner will just tap and end this. Stoner gets within an inch, before Chip drags him back into the center of the ring. In order to do this however, he must weaken the hold considerably, allowing Stoner to wriggle his way free.

Leary: “Stoner gets free!”

King: “His legs are dead! He’s got nothing left!”

Chip Horton grabs Stoner a tosses him into the corner and give him four hard punches into the face, before lifting him to the top rope, and following him up to the top, clearly setting up for a supersuplex.

Leary: “Chip Horton going high risk here!”

King: “Just hit this and Stoner goes away!”

Stoner however, has other plans, and begins punching his way free. Chip Horton crashes to the mat, and slowly gets to his feet, as Stoner stands up on the top rope. Stoner leaps, connecting with a top rope drop kick into the knee of Chip Horton, knocking his legs out from under him, and planting him face first on the mat.


King: “NO!!!!”

Stoner picks Chip Horton up off the mat by the arms. Stoner then hooks the arms up, places his head between Horton’s legs, lifts both of them up into a back-to-back piledriver position. Stoner then, jumps into the air, pushing Horton back, and landing on his lower back, for the vertabreaker that he calls the Roach Clip. Stoner rolls Chip Horton over, and hooks the leg for the cover, with the referee getting down on the mat to make the count.





King: “Chip Horton gets his foot on the ropes! What a genius! He knew exactly where he was, what ring presence!”

Stoner looks absolutely stunned by this turn of events. He gets back to his feet and lays a couple of boots into the side of Chip Horton. Stoner pulls Chip Horton back to his feet, kicks him in the stomach, and goes for the Stunner, only to have Chip Horton pull him down in a school boy. As the referee gets down to make the count, Chip Horton grabs the middle rope, for leverage in the pin.

Leary: “More blatant cheating from Horton!”




King: “Oh come on ref!”

Leary: “The referee doing the right thing and stopping the count.”

Chip Horton is absolutely enraged by this turn of events, screaming at the referee about his incompetence. While he’s doing this however, he doesn’t see Stoner get to his feet behind him. The moment Chip Horton turns around, Stoner boot him in the gut, and hits the stunner, making the cover. The referee gets down to make the count.

Leary: “Stunner!!”

King: “The ref cheated Chip!”




Ding! Ding!

Bo Freeman: “Here is your winner… Stoooooooooner!”

Leary: “He did it! Stoner has defeated the Prime Time Champion to keep his rematch with Fervor Falls for the **** Championship!”

King: “With all the bias officiating he could get.”

Leary: “Shut the **** up Alex.”

Stoner celebrates his win in the middle of the ring as Chip Horton rolls himself to the outside, defeated. Stoner ignores this of course, choosing instead to reveal in the fact that he fought for his rematch son and won. The final shot of the night is on Stoner as he lifts a single fist to the roaring approval of the crowd.

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