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October 26, 2021, 06:40:05 am
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Blackout Week 8 Results

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Author Topic: Blackout Week 8 Results  (Read 262 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: August 15, 2009, 06:41:38 am »

OOC: Credit to Manny on James J vs Dumont and Cox vs Pyro.  Thanks to Steph for Baine vs Raide.

Christopher Dumont stands in the ring, awaiting the arrival of his opponent, the keeper of the streak.

The opening of Hell by Disturbed begins to play over the PA.

*ahh ahh*

The song continues to play over the PA as some of the fans rise to their feet.

*Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James then walks out onto the stage and looks around in the crowd, only to be welcomed with cheers from the crowd, most of which are taking a few pictures of him

*Leave me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you
Running from all that you've feared in your life
Soul of the night, will a son mislead paint a horror upon you
Marking the moment, displaying in my ghost of a life
That I can't condone the way you left me out in the open
To leave me to die
So how can I, forget the way you led me through the path into heaven
To leave me behind*

James begins to make his way to the ring, slapping hands of the fans as he goes to the ring

Bo Freeman: Making his way to the ring, from Augusta, Georgia, weighting in tonight at 226 pounds, he is one half of the Dark City Boyz, he is... James "The Krusher" Jowers.

*Now I can't stay behind
Save me, from wreaking my vengeance upon you
Too Killing more than I can tell
Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James stands at the top of the steps, he stops and begins to look around the arena again. After he looks around the arena, he goes up on to the apron and hops to the second rope and bends down, only to rise back up and stick his right arm in the air, and positioning his left foot on the top rope. He jumps down into the ring moments later and begins to walk around, and finally stops in the corner where he awaits the match to start

James J and Christopher Dumont lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Dumont strikes first, getting James J in an arm wrench, but James J retaliates, reaching over Dumont's right arm, freeing his own left arm, and shifting to the other side of Dumont in order to take him down with a hip toss. Dumont is quickly to his feet and tries to hit James J with a punch, but J is resourceful, grabbing his arm and rolling him up for the pin.




King: What!?!?

Leary: Hehehehe! Wow. Did we even get 15 seconds into that one?

James J is stunned, as is Christopher Dumont, who stares in disbelief as James Jowers' hand is raised. James can be seen mouthing “That was all it took?”

Cameras open up backstage as Bahr approaches the UWE Blackout arena.  He approaches the doors, but is cut off by Duke’s security crew.  Bahr looks around in confusion before laughing, thinking it’s just some kind of joke.

Ok har har.  You got me.  Now get the hell out of my way.  Got work to do. 

One of the production members comes on to scene and pulls Bahr aside...

Prod. Manager:
Hey Ty, um, you’re not on for tonight. 

What do you mean?  No match?  Oh that’s right!  I’m suppose to sell beer!  Well hell get it out here I can do that.

Prod. Manager:
No, no.  Duke cancelled it.  You’re not on at all. 

Wha?  Alright, just let em know I want a match next week.  Gimme someone good.

Prod. Manager:
You don’t need to come in next week either.  Or...the week after. 

Well...just what in the hell are you trying to tell me?  I’m fired!?

Prod: Manager:
Sorry Ty...We tried calling.  It’s haven’t been performing well lately.  And your screening results were...

I’m on a prescription, you Hamilton knows that!

Prod. Manager:
Take it up with him then. 

Well let me in!

Prod. Manager:
We can’t.  Go home Ty.  You’re done here. 

The production manager walks away, leaving Bahr standing alone as confused and baffled as ever.

Frank: Well I’ll be...Ty Bahr was just fired!

Alex: Good.  Drunken son of a **** doesn’t deserve to be here!

Frank: Will you shut up!  Ty Bahr was a friend...Can’t believe Duke just canned his ass like that!

Alex: I can.  I wouldn’t have done anything different either!  Good job Duke!  Now let’s focus back on the REAL action of the show!

Freeman: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall…. Introducing first…”

The lights cut out, and there is silence over the arena. A voice is heard over the PA system, talking casually on the philosophy of life.

“Remember, you're a wreck an accident. Forget the freak your just nature. Keep the gun oiled and the temple clean, ****, snort and blaspheme. Let the heads cool and the engine run... because in the end everything we do, is just everything we've done”

The opening riff to “Sympathy for the Devil” seems to fade in through the PA system, leading the fans to a rush of cheers that seem to shake the arena. The drum beat kicks in now, with the lights over the entrance way now flashing in tune with the beat. Streaks of red, green, purple, and even blue flash over the crowd and the arena, threatening an epileptic shock for all. As the first verse is spoken, the Blackout...Tron? lights up with quick flashes, also in time with the beat. They are only seen for a moment, but they are video feeds of John Raide performing various moves on previous opponents. Own3d, Fade to Black '05, and even going back as far back as the Abyss are seen. These scenes are intercut with close-ups of John Raide's face. His eyes, his profile, and finally, his ****-eating grin.
“Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste”

Freeman: “From Portland, Maine… weighing in at 215 pounds… he is John Raide!”

Finally the song kicks into high gear, and the light setup flashes a bright light, blinding everyone temporarily before they see John Raide, standing at the top of the entrance way, decked out in his ring attire and sporting a towel over his shoulders. He takes a moment to scan the arena as the fans begin to chant “FADE-TO-BLACK” ad nauseum, keeping in time with the beat of the song. John Raide is apparently digging this as he begins to nod his head along with the beat as well. He smirks and walks down the entrance ramp, leading to the ring. Along the way he pauses to look at a couple fans sporting “Crimson King” tees. He smirks again before moving onto the ring, where he jumps to the apron and steps through the ropes. He stands now in the middle of the ring, looking around before moving from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, climbing to the middle and raising one arm high in the air, closing his eyes and soaking up the cheers from the crowd. Raide leaves the last turnbuckle and goes to his designated corner. He tosses his towel into the crowd before sitting on his ass in the corner, waiting for the bell to ring.

Freeman: “and his opponent…”

Everything turns pitch black. Five seconds later, Dead and Broken by Godsmack hit’s the PA system. The titan tron explodes of pyro everywhere on stage. When it does, the lights turn into a hell like color lightning the room up. Baine steps up and makes a stand, staring at the fans who cheer for him. Baine raises his arms into the air then brings them does causing another explosion on the titan tron.

Freeman: Making his way down to the ring, from Atlanta Georgia, weighting in a 337lbs, he is the Demon… BAINE!!!

He starts to walk down to the ramp with momentum. He slaps the fans’ hands on the way down. When he gets to the ring, he slides in. He gets on the turn buckle and points at the crowds. He jumps down, gets to the center of the ring, then hits his chest just to build more momentum.

Ding! Ding!

With the bell rung, the referee makes the signal for the two men to have at each other. In a totally heterosexual way. Though wrestling is extremely homoerotic anyway. What? Come on! Be honest, you know it is. Anyway, John Raide and Baine do infact meet in the center of the ring. Baine takes a big swing at Raide, only to have Raide duck under the attempt and give him a hard side kick in the ribs.

King: “And we are underway in this match!”

Leary: “This is how Raide is going to have to fight this entire match. Baine is too much bigger than him for Raide to try to outwrestle him.”

Baine seems unfazed by the side kick and goes for a larait. Raide again avoids contact and gives him another side kick. Baine again appears unfazed, as Raide runs into the ropes, rebounds back and dropkicks Baine directly in the knee. Baine’s knee falls out and he goes down to a kneeling position but he doesn’t go down.

King: “That’s Baine for you, just won’t go down no matter what you throw at him.”

Leary: “Raide can’t give up, he has to use all the skills he’s ever aquired in his life to slowly break this monster down.”

Raide gives Baine a side kick in the side of the head and rushes into the ropes a second time, rebounding back again and rushing toward Baine at great speed. This proves to be a mistake however, as Baine rockets back to his feet and gives Raide a massive punch to the jaw that sends him sprawling.

King: “Oh! And that’s why Baine is just a badass. He can kill ya with a fist!”

Leary: “Every move he has is twice as deadly because of his size.”

Baine gives Raide a hard stomp in the head, followed by several more throughout his body. Finally, after a few moments of this, Baine lifts Raide to his feet and gives him a hard toe kick to the gut. Baine follows this up by giving Raide a european uppercut, followed by a second.

Leary: “Raide needs to find a way to get away from Baine here, get back to his hit and run game.”

King: “Oh no! No one can get away from the Baine!”

Baine then chops Raide across the chest and whips him into the ropes. Raide rebounds back off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Baine, Raide bounces up the opposite ropes and runs right into a massive big boot from Baine. Baine steps on Raide, driving his foot into his chest, making a cover with the referee getting down to make the count.

King: “What a big boot! The cover!”




Leary: “Still to early! Raide slaps the boot away!”

Baine gives Raide a strong kick in the back, causing Raide to arch his in pain. Baine follows this up with a second kick in the back, and a third before lifting Raide to his feet again. Raide grabs Baine and drops down for a jaw breaker. Baine stumbles back as Raide gets to his feet and rushes into the ropes, rebounds back and connects with a running knee to the face, that knocks Baine back into the ropes.

Leary: “Raide needs to capitalize right here right now!”

King: “No! Baine!”

Raide rears back and gives a gigantic punch into the skull of Baine, before backing up and rushing forward at him, intending and leap clostheslining him over the top. Things do not go as he planned however as Baine comes out of the ropes and nearly takes Raide’s head off with a clothesline.

King: “Take that Johnny Boy!”

Leary: “That clothesline nearly decapitated Raide!”

Baine begins stomping on Raide to the extreme, landing one stomp after another before picking him back up and tossing him into the corner. Raide leaps up to the top rope quickly, spinning back around and leaping off attempting a flying forearm… that Baine catches, lifting Raide up onto his shoulders and driving him back down with a massive powerbomb.

Leary: “My god what a powerbomb!”

King: “Raide is dead… he has to be dead…”

Baine doesn’t think this is the case however, as he lifts Raide back to his feet and throws him back down with a powerful spinebuster slam. Baine then grabs Raide’s legs, wraps them up, and turns him over locking in the sharpshooter that he calls Demon’s Pain.

Leary: “Demon’s Pain! It’s locked in tight!”

King: “There is no escape! Just tap now!

Raide would probably be lying if he later said the thought didn’t cross his mind, but in action, he does not do this. Instead, he begins to crawl with all his might. Using every ounce of energy he has left to slowly, painfully get to the ropes. The referee calls for the break, but Baine refuses to release the hold, so the referee begins his count.




Finally, Baine releases the hold before getting disqualified.

Leary: “Raide gets to the ropes!”

King: “The damage has been done though, Raide just can’t possibly have anything left.”

Baine lets Raide slowly pick himself up, using the ropes for added leverage to literally pull himself back up. Once Raide is away and free, Baine goes for a big clothesline that Raide avoids, Raide hits the ropes and connects with a flying forearm that rocks Baine back.

Leary: “Baine’s rocking back!”

King: “He’s still not down though!”

Raide does this a second time, that nearly knocks Baine over. Raide goes up top, coming down with a double axe handle, only to have Baine break him in half with the spear he calls Demon’s Slaughter. Baine then makes the pin on Raide with the referee getting down to make the count.

Leary: “My god! Raide must be broken in half!”

King: “Yep, this one’s done.”




Leary: “Raide kicked out! He kicked out!”

Baine is just as stunned by this turn of events as the rest of everybody. He begins raining down the punches into Raide’s face before giving him a hard kick, and walking over to the turnbuckle. Baine begins his climb, reaches the top and turns around. With a primal scream he leaps off the top rope for his extreme turnbuckle leg drop, only to have Raide move at the last posible second.

Leary: “He missed! Baine Missed the leg drop!”

King: “He wasn’t supposed to move!”

Baine screams out in pain as he rolls back up to a kneeling position. John Raide once again runs into the ropes and rebounds on a woozy Baine… but this time.. oh this time our little Raide strikes gold, in the form of the shining wizard he calls Own3d. Both wrestlers lie on their backs for a moment after impact, before Raide is able to roll over and drape an arm over Baine’s body for the cover, with the referee getting down to make the count.

Leary: “OWN3D!! THE COV3R!”

King: “I don’t believe it…”




King: “Baine kicks out!”

Raide rolls away from Baine and pulls himself into the corner turnbuckle and brings himself back to his feet. Baine gets back up himself, and rushes Raide, only to have Raide duck away from the corner splash attempt at the last moment, causing Baine to stumble out of the corner. Raide positions Baine's face between his legs, grinding all sexy like, he then hooks Baine's arms up behind Baine's back, jumping up and face-planting Baine with a Pedigree. Raide then makes the cover, as the referee makes the count.

Leary: “FADE TO BLACK ’09!”

King: “HOW!?”




Ding! Ding!

Freeman: “Here is your winner… John Raide!”

Leary: “John Raide pulled this one out!”

King: “I don’t believe it…”

John Raide pulls himself back to his feet with his hand on his back, and his other in the air as the referee grabs his wrist and raises it in the air signaling his victory.

Leary: “As powerful as Baine was, John Raide was just thinking two steps ahead of him.”

Fervor Falls is shown backstage, sitting in his locker room, just gazing at the **** title.  Des is in the next room showering.  She tells him he did good last week.  Fervor cocks a smile and nods.  But that smile soon fades...

They still haven’t found him, you know.  No one’s even heard anything out of him...It’s he’s a ghost! 

Oh stop already!  He’s not a ghost.  Prolly just went home and let his mommy baby him for the week!


The shower in the other room suddenly stops.  There’s no other sound at all.  Fervor perks up, listening closely.  He can hear her stepping out of the shower.  The door knob begins to turn as it slowly opens.  Fervor rolls his neck a little, rubbing the back.

Hey woman, think you could help me out and get this knot out of my neck? 

Two hands appear on his shoulders.  They begin massaging him.  Fervor closes his eyes and smiles, leaning back into it.

Damn girl.  You got one hellacious grip!

He begins to notice something though.  These don’t feel like Des’ hands at all.  He opens his eyes and looks and they’re no longer there.  Fervor looks all around the room only to see no one.  He jumps up, calling for Des.  There is no answer.  The lights begin to flicker, and suddenly the radio that’s just randomly there kicks on.  “Live and let die” by Paul McCartney plays.  And then, rising from behind his right shoulder stands the mysterious Effin Rox.  He leans in closely to Fervor’s ear...

“Ever had your...”

Fervor nearly jumps from his skin, jumping and screaming “AHHH **** YOU!”  And then he throws an elbow behind him, connecting with Effin’s mouth.  Ref. Calloway appears in the corner, drinking from an open beer can.  Effin stumbles back but shakes it off.  He comes charging at Fervor and tackles him over the bench.  Effin quickly gets up and pulls Fervor up with him, spinning him around screaming “KAAAAAAA-YAAAAAAA-TAAAAAA!” before letting Fervor go and sending him into a mirror that WAS hanging up on the wall.  The mirror shatters on impact as Fervor crashes into it.  Effin cocks his head as he looks at the damage and says “Hmm.  Could be bad luck!”  Fervor’s bloodied and cut open all over.  He some how manages to crawl away and get back up to his feet.  Effin smells blood in the water though, erm, on the floor!  He charges Fervor who gets up on one foot and a knee.  Fervor acts quickly, drawing his fist back and then swinging it with as much might as he possibly can.  Effin is stopped in his tracks.  Fervor looks up at him, spitting blood out from his mouth.  His eyes burn with intensity as he whispers “...Falcon...punch, ****!” Effin falls, and Fervor covers!  1...2.....3!  Desiree comes stumbling out of the bath room, holding her head as she looks at Fervor.  He slides away from Effin but keeps his eyes on him.  After seeing Des, he gets up, grabbing her and they run out of the locker room.  Fervor and Des both run to the end of the hall, and they stop they’re both breathing heavily.  Fervor looks back toward the locker room.  Side stepping out, Effin Rox stands with a glare of fury!  He points at Fervor, shaking with rage before Fervor runs off.

Pyronus Souria and Ryan Cox stare each other down from across the ring, Ryan with a slightly smug look on his face while Pyronus' eyes are narrowed, his hands gripping the ropes on either side of him. No sooner does the bell ring than Pyronus bolts out of his corner and, before Ryan Cox can even take his second step or raise a hand to defend himself, sends him over the top rope and onto the outside of the apron with an amazing dropkick. Cox is so stunned by the suddenness of the move that he is still not able to stand up. Pyronus takes advantage quickly and jumps over the top rope, turning in mid-air to land a knee to Cox's chest as he descends toward the outside of the ring. With Cox hanging on the outside of the apron and the referee's count now starting, Pyronus continues his blazing, no pun intended, start by striking with rights and lefts, one after the other, to the forehead of Ryan Cox, who seems to be out of this match already. Finally, Pyronus rolls Cox fully into the ring andclimbs to the top of the apron before landing a springboard senton splash. The following pin gets a two count. For this early in the match, that's an accomplishment. Pyronus lifts Ryan Cox back to his feet, which he hasn't been since the beginning of the match, and lands a few forearms to his head before whipping him across the ring. On the return Pyronus tries a back drop, but he telegraphs it, allowing Ryan Cox to jump over him before stopping and waiting. As Pyronus quickly turns around, he is dropped by a nice dropkick from Ryan Cox. It seems both are trying to make their bid at Tony Daniels claim to fame: Best Dropkick in the Business.

Pyronus is slightly stunned by the move, but returns to his feet quickly, as does Cox, who seemed a bit shaken up earlier by Pyronus' match starting onslaught. Ryan Cox swings first, but Pyronus ducks his wild right hook before countering with a knee to the gut before stepping back and following up with an enziguiri. Cox hits the mat again, in a heap, and seems to be unable to mount any offense in this one. Shakily, Cox gets to his feet again, but Pyronus is already returning from the ropes and damn near breaks Ryan Cox in half with, quite possibly, the fastest moving Spear man has ever seen. Upon impact, Ryan Cox damn near hits a full backflip, landing on his head before rolling out of the ring, while Pyronus' momentum carries him all the way to the guard rail as he crashes against it head and shoulder first. Suffice it to say, the most painful maneuver of the night for Ryan Cox just might be his chance to get back in the match as the referee begins his count, seeing that neither competitors are moving much at all.





6... Ryan Cox has crawled to the ring and is clawing his way back to a vertical base while Pyronus, still trying to shake off the pain from smacking into the guard rail, uses said guard rail to return to a vertical base.

Pyronus slides into the ring to beat the count as Ryan Cox has already done so, standing in the corner in order to catch his breath. As Pyronus tries to stand, though, Cox rushes in and lands a boot to Pyronus' face, keeping in tune with the less than stellar attitude he's shown in recent promos. Cox does not stop the assault there, though, as he holds the ropes and lays into Pyronus' chest with a series of stomps. Cox only stops when the referee's count reaches four, giving Pyronus time to crawl toward the corner. However, Cox follows him into the corner with a running knee to the back of his head, causing Pyronus' face to ricochet off the second turnbuckle. Pyronus crumbles to the mat in a heap while Cox, holding onto the ropes, leaps into the air and comes down on Pyronus' back with a vicious knee.

Pyronus grabs at his back while Cox drags him to the middle of the ring before locking in a camel clutch, trying his hardest to tear Pyronus' head right off his shoulders. Pyronus continues to fight the hold, finally getting an arm free and using it to free the second arm as well. Pyronus now fights to his feet, with Cox just pulling back on his chin, before reaching up, grabbing Cox by the head, and dropping straight down, driving his head into Cox's chin. Cox stumbles back and spits red on the mat, seemingly haven bitten his tongue as a result of that modified chin breaker by Pyronus. Pyronus stands up, looking around at the crowd, before wheeling around and snapping off a sensational kick to the body of Ryan Cox. With Cox bent over, gasping for air, Pyronus runs across the ring, bouncing off the ropes before delivering a bulldog to Ryan. Pyronus pops back to his feet almost instantly, continuing running in the same direction he was before springboarding off the middle rope and attempting a beautiful Lionsault. However, Cox is able to move out of the way at the very last second, causing Pyrons to crash and burn chest first. The impact is so intense that he's thrust back onto his feet, both hands holding his chest as he screams in pain. Ryan steps forward, victory in his sights, as he puts his Finger On The... NO! Pyronus spins out of Ryan's grasp. As Ryan turns to face him, Pyronus stomps on Ryan's foot, causing him to look down, before jolting his head back with a jolting knee.

Pyronus watches Ryan fall, wobbly, to the ground, his eyes bobbling around in his head like bees in a honeycomb. Pyronus waits as Ryan Cox struggles to make his way to his feet before running past him and, great show of athleticism here as he turns 180 degrees in the air and lands on the second rope without looking... BACKDRAFT! Pyronus Souria hits his second spear of the night, his trademark Backdraft, and rolls into the pin as this one is in the books.



The lights are dimmed to near blackness. A light fog floats down on the crowd, and a peculiar smell fills the air. "Pet the Destroyer" begins to play and Stoner emerges from the backstage area, pointing a finger to the crowd and waving a kendo stick around like a madman before making his way down to the ring, clapping hands and bumping knuckles with most of the fans as he makes it down.

He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and goes to the top rope lifting his arms in the air and shouting to the crowd to get them excited before hopping down and performing "The Lucky Dance."

Ah great...Stoner. 

Not a fan?

Stoner’s over rated in my opinion.  It’s like “Oh look at me, Im Stoner and Im high.  Im a great face for the company!  Harharhar!”

To each his own.  I don’t approve of his recreational habits, but I respect what the man’s done. 

”Riot Time” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA as Nick Riot comes down, getting some nasty boo’s from the crowd.  They’ve already made their minds up about him.  Nick comes down, sliding in the ring and gets back up, immediately getting in Stoner’s face.  Stoner is calm and chilled though.  But once that bell rings-TAIL WHIP!  Stoner whips his hair into the eyes of Nick Riot and sends Nick stumbling back. Stoner comes forward, throwing a stiff shot into the side of Nick’s head.  Nick falls against the ropes, and when Stoner goes to grab at him, he hurls Stoner over his shoulder.  Only Stoner lands on the apron!  Nick turns around as Stoner vaults himself in, but Nick dives out of the way!  Stoner lands hard on his back, giving Nick time to take advantage.  Nick quickly grabs Stoner up and mocks the crowd a little before going for the ddt-BUT-Stoner reaches down, grabbing his legs and yanks his legs out from under him!  Stoner then rolls forward to bridge the pin.  ONE! TWO!  THRE-KICKOUT!

The veteran almost had it there!

If only almost was enough...

Nick and Stoner both get up, Nick grabs Stoner connecting a hip toss.  Stoner rolls back on to his feet, going for a quick drop kick, knocking Nick back!  Stoner gets up, a frustrated Nick Riot comes charging at him, Stoner kneels down only to be met by a boot from Nick!  After the boot, Nick lands a kick to the mid section and then hits a suplex! He rolls back and covers Stoner!  ONE!  TWO!  THH-KICKOUT!  Nick sits up, shaking his head.  He stands up and yells at the official, Ref. Mark Calloway and insists he counted way too slowly.  Mean while Stoner is getting back to his feet.  He stands behind Nick, rubbing his chin as he waits for Nick to turn around.  Sure enough, Nick turns-STUNNO!  Nick shoves Stoner away in the NICK of time!  Stoner turns around as quick as he can-SUPERKICK!  A SUPER KICK RIGHT TO THE CHOPS!  Stoner falls, and Nick covers again!  ONE!  TWO!  THRE-NOPE!  Stoner kicks out JUST in the NICK of TIME!  Nick stands up, going after the official again.

Some people just can’t get over themselves...

Hey, he has a valid point.  Maybe Calloway is counting a little slowly...


Stoner sits up, shaking the cob webs out as he rubs his jaw.  He begins to get to his feet, and once again see’s Nick arguing with the ref.  Stoner tries the same approach, but Nick’s on to it.  He turns and catches Stoner’s foot this time.  Nick shoves it down and quickly bounces back, leaping forward as he goes for another superkick-STONER DUCKS!!!  Nick turns around, catches a kick to the mid section followed by a STUNNER!!!  Stoner covers as the crowd is cheering and counting with each slap of the mat.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  Stoner sits up with a smile before rolling out of the ring.  He walks up the ramp, high fiving the fans before looking into the camera.  He knows Duke’s watching.  Stoner just smiles and says “I want mah’ belt back Hammie!”

Cameras open up backstage in Duke Hamilton’s office.  Duke is sitting back in his luxurious leather chair, just behind his desk.  He rubs his chin as he ponders to himself.  Then, looking directly into the camera, he leans forward and smiles.  As he addresses the audience, he points his right index finger about, to emphasize certain points.

Tha’ Duke:
So...Wrestlemania is only two weeks away.  It is two weeks, correct?  I believe so.  Anyway, everyone’s talking about the money in the bank match.  They all wanna know who else from Blackout is going to appear.  So along side with Pyro, I’m going to be sending...oh yes, I’m SENDING.  Notice there will be no more “qualifying” matches.  Anyway, I’m going to send Chip Horton...AND EFFIN....ROX!!!  Who better than the King of awesomeness himself and Blackout’, no.  Wrestling’s most STRANGEST...most WACK ASS wrestler around!?  I believe these are the guys to put the stomping on Showdown’s ass that need so much.  And another thing-

The Blackout GM is all of a sudden interrupted as his door is kicked in, and Baine comes marching in.

Tha’ Duke:
...Nigga, THE **** YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?!

THOSE are your choices!?  THOSE are the best you can do!?  What about Baine!?  What the hell are you gonna send me into?  Huh!?  You know I want Chevelle!

Tha’ Duke:
You and Chevelle?  Baine, my nigga, come on now.  You couldn’t even beat Raide tonight.  Now, how the hell you plan on going toe to toe with THAT big ape?  You and Chevelle at Mania....ain’t happening.  Face facts.  But, I’ll have something for you champ.  Don’t worry.  Duke’s gotcha’ back.  Aw, now what!?!

Duke’s attention shifts around Baine, to the production manager standing in the door way.

Prod. Manager:
Um...sir...we have a problem.  There are some showdown guys outside and....well they got into the parking lot and...well sir....


Prod. Manager:
They’re smashing up one of the cars.

Tha’ Duke:
And I care...why?

Prod. Manager:
It’s your car, sir. 

Duke’s eyes become the size of soft balls.

Tha’ Duke:

Prod. Manager:
We did.  They um...they didn’t do any good.  Showdown kind of came outta no where. 

Tha’ Duke:
Them motha’ fuckas!  Baine, getcho’ big ass on out there!  Earn that green Duke spent on your contract!  And bring anyone you find out there with you!  I want these motha fucka’s to learn their lesson!

Baine nods and quickly leaves the gm’s locker room.  He darts down the halls, spreading the word to different blackout stars.  He gets James J, Allen Marrow, Stoner, and Nick Riot to come along with him.  The Blackout superstars spill through the doors and into the parking lot.  Ace Borger stands on top of Duke’s Bentley holding a ball bat.  The doors are banged in, the windows all busted out.  The car’s trashed.  Stepping out from behind the car is Blaze, Masahide, Vladimir and then...Chevelle.  They all stand in lines, staring back at one another.  Almost on command they all charge.  Blackout and Showdown superstars pile into one another like it was some kind of derby.  Ace cracks Nick Riot over the head with the bat and tosses him aside.  But then Baine comes powering through every one, yanking the bat from Ace’s hands.  Ace looks up and before he knows what’s going on Baine scoops him up, pressing him into the air and throws him over everyone.  Everyone’s swinging away at everything.  Blaze and Vlad gang up on James, running him head first into the side of Duke’s car.  Baine runs over, attacking Vlad as he lends a hand to James.  Masa can be seen trying to take on Marrow and Stoner.  Next, Baine is shown tossing Blaze over the car just before turning around and coming face to face with Chevelle.  Chevelle holds James on his shoulders, grinning before he whips him around and slams him down, connecting the Gorilla warfare.  Baine steps forward, Chevelle hops back up and taunts him on.  “Come on!  Come get it!”  The two behemoths charge at one another until security comes spilling out and gets right between them, grabbing them both.  They fight it.  Guards are flying left and right.  The superstars from each brand are all piled on by about five guards each wrestler.  They continue swinging away at each other though.  Even the guards.  The cameras cut as a lot of “**** YOU!” “NO, **** YOU!”  “IM’A **** YOU UP!”  all gets thrown around...

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge begins to play over the PA system as the arena lights go out, instigating instant disdain from the fans, as they boo the man that they know is going to be stepping into the arena in a few short moments. As the intro grows, the booing does, and as the first verse starts, ‘Horton sucks!’ chants begin already. They really hate KoA.

As the chorus begins the Prime Time Champion steps through the curtain; clad in his long, black and red ring pants, and a long black and red trench coat. . He has the Prime Time Championship belt proudly draped over his left shoulder. He hears the reaction from the crowd, and simply smirks before holding the rock handles proudly above his head, then, bring his arms down, he lifts the championship belt from his shoulder, raising it aloft with his left hand and once more holding up a rock handle with his other hand. This posing is met by more hatred. He arrogantly smiles, before begin his walk down to the ring…

Bo Freeman: “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome in to the ring, from Manchester, North Western England, weighing in tonight at 270 pounds…The first ever and reigning UWE Prime Time Champion…‘The King of Awesomeness’….CHIP HORTON!”

Just the mention of his name causes more booing, as Chip Horton now slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and has a look around the crowd, smugly smiling to himself. He enjoys being hated; it is what makes Chip Horton. He then raises the Prime Time Championship once more, to generate more hate from the UWE fans in attendance. With the boos still at past full volume, KoA climbs each turnbuckle in turn, each time proudly showing of his gold. The arena lights then return to normal, as Horton throws his long trenchcoat at the ring hands, before passing out the Prime Time Championship with care. The King then crouches down in the corner, eagerly awaiting the start of his match. “Ties That Bind” then cuts…

Well, here we go...First of two championship matches tonight Alex! 

Oh yes, it’s gonna be sexy!

We’ve been watching this one grow and develop for some time now.  Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Majors’ music hits.  Fans are dead quiet.  He comes out, looking into Horton’s eyes.  Majors walks down the ramp and into the ring.  Ref. Calloway points up to the belt, instructing them both they must climb up to it and pull it down to win. As soon as the bell rings, Horton is vicious as ever, shooting and clipping Majors’ right knee with his shoulder!  Majors drops immediately.  Horton quickly gets up, grabbing both legs, he turns him over, locking in THE THRONE!  This early in the match and Majors is already in trouble!  Horton puts everything he has into it!  Cranking back as hard as he can!  Majors has no where to go!  HE TAPS!! BUT IT ISN’T OVER!  It’s a ladder match!  Horton releases him, turning around as he kneels down in front of him.  “It’s not gonna be over that quickly, Adam.”  Chip now rolls out, grabbing and folding up a ladder.  He slides it into the ring and rolls back in.  Horton scoots it over to Majors and opens the ladder up, placing both of his legs inside.

Oh ****!  This is NOT gonna be good.

Well what was your first clue?  Chip Horton doesn’t have good intentions folks.  This is gonna be a nasty part of the match...

Chip looks around the arena and smiles before all of a sudden jumping up into the air and landing down with all of his weight, on to the ladder!  Adam sits up screaming at the top of his lungs as his knees crack.  He rolls and pounds the mat, then reaches desperately for the ropes to try and pull himself away.  Horton slides down beside him, getting into his face.  “I TOLD YOU!  I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO MAKE SURE I PUT AN END TO YOU!  YOU...ARE....NOTHING!”  Chip stands back up, running his hand through his hair as he wipes it back.  Then he picks the ladder up, standing it up this time.  He begins to make the climb up but stops as he notices Adam is trying to pull himself up as well.  He looks to the crowd and grins, then leaps off of the ladder, landing solidly on the back of Majors’ legs as he’s stretched out from the mat to the ladder.  His legs bend like rubber and the arena falls silent, with the exception of Majors’ painful screams.  The crowd soon begins booing Horton.  Once again, he climbs up the ladder.  This time he doesn’t stop.  He grabs the belt, yanks it down, and looks to the crowd.  “I told you so.” he says. EMT’s come rushing down as the bell rings and Horton’s music hits.

Well...Majors is done.

That was...sickening.  Majors legs may be broken!

I’m pretty sure they are. 

Folks, Majors is not ok...He can’t even walk.  EMT’s are havening to carry him out.  Chip Horton doesn’t even care!  This, this is too much! 

Where the hell you goin!?

I’m outta here.  I can’t do this. 

Horton watches as Frank leaves ring side.  Before walking up the ramp, Frank looks at Horton and shouts “THIS IS WRESTLING! IT’S ABOUT COMPETITION!” Then Frank walks to the back, and Bo slides into his side, smiling next to Alex.

Dude...the hell you doing?

Frank’s done. 

Are...are you drunk? 

Me?  Nah, that was earlier. 

You reak of booze.

Again, that was earlier. 

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The Triple crown championship match...

It’s a match that’s been a long time coming, Alex. 


Because, you see, Tony Daniels has longed for the TC title for so many years.  Tonight, he gets that opportunity. 

I see.  Well, regardless, we’ve been waiting for this one! 

“1977" by Bang! Bang! Hits.  The Blackout fans are on their feet as Tony Daniels walks out.  Tony waves for a few moments, then it’s down to business. His eyes become much more serious as he makes his way down the ramp.  Bo stands up, raising a mic...

Ladies and gentlemen...weighing in at 228 pounds!  From Seattle, Washington!  He is The Depression!  He is...ah...ah...I’m gonna skip the rest of em.  HE IS TONY DANIELS! 

Very professional of you.

Hey, I was a commentator back in the day.  Not an announcer. 

Tony slides into the ring and turns around as he waits for the Triple Crown champion, Quentin Barnes.  “Stronger” by Kanye West hits, the crowd again gives a great reaction.  Barnes walks out with the title over his shoulder.  He stays focused on Daniels the entire time as he walks down the ramp.

And his opponent!  The Triple crown champ himself!  Weighing in at 312 pounds!  From Austin, Texas!  QUENTIN!  BARNES! 

Quentin gets down the ramp and enters the ring.  He gives his title to Ref. Calloway.  Calloway raises the title high before giving it to Bo and calling for the bell.

There’s a definite size difference here, Bo. 

Heh.  You’re a fan of the obvious.  Now I see what Frank means...Tony’s use to bigger men. 

Did you just...

In the ring! 

The bell rings, and all eyes fall upon these two men.  They both wish each other good luck.  Then the circling begins.  Barnes moves in and tries to grab Tony but Tony side steps out of the way and returns with a stiff kick to Barnes’ thigh.  Barnes turns quickly but Tony’s gone.  His speed is unbelievable.  Tony grabs Barnes, turning him around and begins throwing some rather quick punches.  Barnes isn’t phased though.  He grabs Tony up and throws him against the ropes.  Tony rebounds off, Barnes goes for a power slam but Tony turns it into an arm drag!  Barnes rolls up, looking at Tony surprised.  Tony sits up with a smirk before waving Barnes on.  Barnes gets back on both feet and comes forward, he acts like he’s going to try and grab him again but this time he comes forward with a massive boot straight to the ribs!  Tony staggers back, this time Barnes has him.  He raises him up for a suplex-but Tony counters and drops down behind him!  Tony goes for a neck breaker BUT!  Barnes just shrugs him off!  Tony springs up rather quickly, sprinting for the ropes.  He jumps up to them and flies back off but is caught by Barnes!  Barnes raises Tony into the air and brings him back down for a massive rib breaker!  Now Tony’s feeling the pain.  He rolls around, holding his sides.

And now it looks like the challenger may be in some trouble, Bo! 

Tony can take it though.  So far it’s been a pretty decent match though Alex. 

Barnes begins to drag Tony by his left leg.  He then grabs the other leg and begins spinning Daniels around through the air.  Daniels has his arms flailing in the air until all of a sudden Barnes releases him and sends him side ways into the ropes.  Tony sits up, dizzy as hell.  He tries to pull himself up the ropes but Barnes comes running and hits him with the broad side of his right shoulder, sending Tony out of the ring and flying into the barricade!

OH MAN!  Did you hear that!?

I felt that.  Almost made me wanna **** myself. 

Barnes rolls out of the ring and grabs Tony, then rolls him back in the ring.  He covers Tony.  1...2...KICKOUT!  Tony showing he still has plenty of fight left in him.  Barnes nods with respect and then grabs Tony up, he goes for an irish whip-TONY HOPS UP AND GRABS THE ARM-HE’S GOING FOR AN ARM BAR!  Barnes stands, holding Tony up off the mat as Tony sinks an arm bar in!  Barnes grits his teeth, reaches down and grabs Tony with his other arm, then raises him up, Tony knows what’s coming but he’s not about to let go.  BARNES SLAMS TONY DOWN ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!  The hold is broken, but you can see some damage has been done by how Barnes is favoring the left arm.  Tony crawls up and gets on his feet.  He looks at Barnes for a moment before coming out of no where with a drop kick to the knee!  Barnes falls to one knee, and may be in trouble now!  Tony plants him with a ddt! He gets up, eyes set on the turnbuckle.  Tony begins to make the climb, could he be going for a moonsault?  He turns around, smiling to the crowd then flies back into the air, connecting a PERFECT top rope moonsault!  He covers!  This could be it!  ONE!  TWO!  THRENO!  Barnes kicks out!  Tony can’t believe it.  He gets up, all fired up now as he begs Barnes to get up and go one more round!  Barnes begins to roll over, but Tony suddenly turns and connects a standing moonsault!  He hops back up and sprints to the ropes, not worried one bit about getting gassed.  He springs up to the top rope and stands, showing perfect balance, then gracefully turns around, maintaining his balance and connects a shooting star press off the ropes!  He holds for the cover again!  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!? 

Nope.  Not yet!  Barnes kicks out once more.  Daniels gets up, more noticeably wore out.  He thinks what to do next.  Perhaps...the afterimage?  Tony shrugs.  He grabs Barnes up and gets ready for it, but then it all swings south.  Barnes gets a sudden burst of adrenalin.  He shoves Tony back and charges at him, scooping him up and carrying him a ways before slamming him down for a spinebuster!  Tony looks like a smashed bug!  Barnes picks him up once more, this time going for a powerbomb, but Tony tries to reverse it with a hurricarana, but he can’t gain the momentum to flip Barnes over!  Tony is dangling in mid air until Barnes lets him drop and quickly grabs his legs, going for a boston crab!


Tony squirms his way free though.  He begins to crawl away until Barnes grabs him up once again, Tony swings with everything he has, hoping for that one lucky haymaker- but it does no good.  Barnes scoops him, going for a big back drop-TONY REVERSES-THE AFTERIMAGE!!!  HE COVERS!  ONE!  TWO! ....


Tony CAN’T believe it!  How could Barnes kick out!?  Tony’s breathing heavily.  He falls back against the ropes while Barnes gets up, slowly but surely.  Barne’s looks around the arena, dazed as ever.  Here comes Tony, hoping to connect-DROPKINO!  Barnes steps out of the way!  Ton falls to the mat and looks up hopelessly.  He tries to get to his feet, but Barnes hooks both arms and raises him for the piledriver...

Tony escapes!  The Houdini reverses, landing back on his feet.  Both men exhausted as ever, Barnes steps forward and Tony EXPLODES with THE.  BEST.  DROPKICK.  IN THE BUSINESS!  It connects with Barnes’ jaw and Barnes goes down!  COVER!!  HE COVERS!



THREE!!!!  Tony Daniels has just become the NEW Triple Crown Champion!  The ref calls for the bell, and brings Tony his championship.  Tony can’t believe it!  He looks at it, shocked.  A title he’s waited for five years to have a shot at and tonight he joins the list of greats to have held such a title!  Blackout goes off the air with Tony Daniels and Quentin Barnes standing next to each other, Barnes raising Daniels’ hand high as he holds the belt up as well.

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