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March 22, 2023, 08:08:05 pm
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Blackout Week IX Results

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Author Topic: Blackout Week IX Results  (Read 1255 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: August 23, 2009, 09:19:21 am »

UWE Friday Night Blackout opens up life as Blackout’s GM, Duke Hamilton is standing in the ring holding a microphone.  The Friday night crowd is a wild one.   They chant for their favorite stars, boo Duke, and rave about anything they possibly can.  The show has barely even started!  Duke raises his left hand, lowering it as he asks the crowd to quiet down.  It has the reverse effect instead.  He becomes noticeably irritated, as only Duke can look.  He tries it again, but still the same result.  Finally...

Tha Duke:
SHUT THE **** UP!  DAMN!  Now then...incase ya’ll be wondering why I’m out here, it’s because that no showin’ motha fucka TONY DANIELS still ain’t here.  Besides, I have an important announcement.  So cram some popcorn in ya face, slurp some of that Mr. Hamilton cola and PUH-LEASE...SHUT.  THE ****.  UP!  Now Wrestlemania isn’t far folks.  Matter of fact, it’s just a little over a week away.  And everyone’s wondering...just what does Duke have in store?  So, I’ll tell you.  I’ll tell you all right here tonight.  Thunderdome. 


Oh christ.  Not that god awful ****...

Tha Duke:
Four men.  One big ass steel chamber.  There’s no escaping, no.  You’re locked in.  But you can not win this by pinning or submitting your opponent.  It’s an elimination style last man standing.  Basically, if your ass ain’t up by the time the ref calls ten, you get eliminated.  And, the last man left wins.  Oh, and yes there will be titles on the line. 


Tha Duke:
The **** and Triple crown will both be on the line.  So, two of your competitors have been named.  Tony Daniels and Fervor Falls.  But who else?  Well, why not the previous champion; Quentin Barnes?  And for the final opponent...I was thinking.....that no good, dirty, motha fuckin STONER! 

The crowd cheers with the news of the match and the competitors.  Duke steps back, nodding and smiling as big as he can before he continues...

tha Duke:
I thought you might like that.  But-

“I got the key-key to Gramercy Park....”

WHAT!?!  No....

It can’t be, can it!?!

Duke looks toward the entrance ramp, even he appears confused.  The fans all wait, hoping it’s just some gag.  Then sure enough, EDWARD LAURENT walks out from the back!  The fans can’t believe it.  The arena becomes filled with boos and even Duke seems disappointed. Laurent just smirks.  Just when everyone had forgotten and let their guards down, he came back.  Laurent stops on stage with a mic at hand, and just grins...

Edward Laurent:
I notice you’re having a title match at Mania.  Guess my timing couldn’t be any better, eh Duke?

Tha Duke:

Edward Laurent:
SHUT UP!  I’ve done nothing but sit at home and watch as that belt I worked so damn hard for gets hot potatoed around!  I’m sick of it!  Duke, I want in!  I never got my rematch, and I want in this match!

Laurent lowers his mic, and for a few moments, silence falls over the arena.  Duke stands in the ring rubbing his chin, thinking long and hard about Laurent’s demands.  Then, he seemingly gives in with a nod.

Tha Duke:
Alright Eddy.  You want a title match at got it. 

Oh ****...

What the hell’s that **** done!? He just comes back on in and is automatically thrown in the Thunderdome match!? 

Way to go, Captain obvious. 

Duke’s music hits.  He leaves the ring in front of a baffled and shocked crowd.  As he walks up the ramp, he shows no sign of emotion or any expression.  But before he walks into the back he stops and turns back towards the ring.  The camera zooms in long enough to catch it, but he winks.  After that, he walks behind the curtain and is no longer seen. 

Cameras open up in the back as James is getting ready for his match.  He stands inside his locker room, stretching out, when a knock is heard at his door.  James looks up as the door opens, and UWE staff member, Roger King comes walking in.  James looks at Roger some what confused.  Roger doesn’t really say or do anything at first, then he suddenly glances up and looks at James.

You know James, you did decent last week.  Now if you’re smart, you’ll quit trying to reinvent yourself, and just do what ever the hell you did last week again this week.  Maybe, just MAYBE you’ll win again.

The camera fades out and then re-opens in the ring...

Ryan Cox who is already in the ring, waits for his opponent to come out to the arena.

The opening of Hell by Disturbed begins to play over the PA.

*ahh ahh*

The song continues to play over the PA as some of the fans rise to their feet.

*Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James then walks out onto the stage and looks around in the crowd, only to be welcomed with cheers from the crowd, most of which are taking a few pictures of him

*Leave me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you
Running from all that you've feared in your life
Soul of the night, will a son mislead paint a horror upon you
Marking the moment, displaying in my ghost of a life
That I can't condone the way you left me out in the open
To leave me to die
So how can I, forget the way you led me through the path into heaven
To leave me behind*

James begins to make his way to the ring, slapping hands of the fans as he goes to the ring

Bo Freeman: Making his way to the ring, from Augusta, Georgia, weighting in tonight at 226 pounds, he is one half of the Dark City Boyz, he is... James "The Krusher" Jowers.

*Now I can't stay behind
Save me, from wreaking my vengeance upon you
Too Killing more than I can tell
Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James stands at the top of the steps, he stops and begins to look around the arena again. After he looks around the arena, he goes up on to the apron and hops to the second rope and bends down, only to rise back up and stick his right arm in the air, and positioning his left foot on the top rope. He jumps down into the ring moments later and begins to walk around, and finally stops in the corner where he awaits the match to get started.

The ref rings the bell.


Cox and James J start off with a grapple. James J whiplashes Cox to the ropes. Cox comes back from the ropes and his hit hard with a clothesline, knocking him down really hard. Cox quickly gets back up showing no signs of weakness. James J taunts Cox “come on.” Cox and James J grapple again. Cox is whip lashed to the ropes again. James J tries to go for the clothesline but Cox dodges it, hit’s the other side of the ropes and comes back with a flying clothesline.

Alex King: That was niiiiiiiice!!
Bo Freeman: I couldn’t say it any better!

Cox goes for the pin without wasting any precious time.



Cox doesn’t waist too much time so he decides to climb the turnbuckle. He decides to go for a 450 splash. When he does James J moves out of the way and Cox’s stomach hit’s the mat really hard!

Alex King: Ohh hoooo! Dam that’s gotta hurt!
Bo Freeman: This match is over…

James J looks left and right and he sees his opportunity to get this win. He makes the pin and hopes to win in this short match ever! He pins and ref counts…




Alex King: What?!?!?!?
Bo Freeman: I swear this match was already over! Cox still have some juice in that tank.
Alex King: Yea but, the impact should have knocked him out!
Bo Freeman: This kid’s got potential man. He’s got it.

With the shock of the pin being broken, James J underestimates Ryan Cox and now feels that he is going to have to really take this more seriously. James J grabs Cox’s hair. The ref demands that James lets go. James does when Cox is back on his feet. James drags Cox to the turnbuckle. He leans Cox onto it. James then decides to climb the turnbuckle and starts doing the 10 punch count. James J kisses his fist and starts hitting Cox in the face.




The fans start to count after the third one.






James tries to make this punch hit real good. Cox pushes James J off the turnbuckle and James J hits his head on the mat. Cox quickly climbs the turnbuckle and attempts for a second 450 splash. James J sees the opportunity to hurt Cox so he tries to ignore the head injury and quickly climbs the same turnbuckle that Cox’s in. James J decides to try to go for the superplex but is in a struggle as Cox doesn’t allow James J to perform that maneuver. Cox hits James J on the side section and James J falls again. Cox finally is able to stand on the turnbuckle and as he is positioning himself to his James directly, James J finds the time to quickly make Cox’s plan backfire. James J dropkicks the top rope that is being used to balance Cox. The rope moves and Cox slips and loses his balance getting hit real hard on the privates. The fans make an “OHHHHH” sound. James J makes an ouch face and the ref just stands there. The ref checks on Cox to see if he’s okay and ask if he can still go on. Cox tells the ref that James J did that on purpose and that he should be DQ’ed. The ref tells Cox that it was an accident and that the match is still going unless he just couldn’t continue. Cox gets angry and says that the match WILL go on. James J shrugs his shoulders and continues anyway. The ref puts his hand out to James’ side and tells him to wait for a sec. Cox gets up and his okay to continue.

Alex King: I cant believe that James J! I mean he’s been racked a few times before but what the hell?! He decides to do that to another human being?
Bo Freeman: What are you talking about Alex? What I just saw was a total accident.
Alex King: Accident my ass. If that James J DID that to me, I’d own his ass within an instant.
Bo Freeman: …
Alex King: What?
Bo Freeman: Still an accident.
Alex King: Dumb ****.. Shut your face!

James goes to tie up with Cox when all of a sudden, Cox slides to the left a little and then knees him in the gut!  Cox gets then grabs for James, hitting an underarm snap ddt!  “FINGER ON THE TRIGGER!”  Out of no where!  He covers James and the official slides down to make the count.  1!  2!  3!  Cox stands up with his arm raised and all smiles as James rolls up holding his head.

The camera cuts backstage to the parking lot as a limo rolls up.  The driver gets out and comes around, opening the door for none other than TONY DANIELS!  A small pop can be heard from the crowd as Tony stands up, holding his Triple Crown title high, and smile on his face.

Static is shown, cutting the Daniels arrival short. Then out of nowhere, the static starts to come in more and more clearly. The video started with the words HCHF followed by “I feel like a monster” Bye Skillett. The **** High Flyer walks out to a crowd full of boo’s. They all hate him for his past antics. He grins and enjoys it as he walks to the ring. Inside, Roger King is standing there. He has a microphone. The music stops but the crowd doesn’t. Roger King finally lifts the mic to his mouth and begins to talk.

King: “Well Flyer, only a week into your UWE and you have already made an impact, what do you have to say about your actions?”

Flyer: Well I feel great! I wanted to make a name for myself and if I can do that before my first match, then mission accomplished. “

King: “Yes well what are your goals here in the UWE?”

Flyer: “WOW, yeah, you just asked a very dumb question. I’m here to be a jobber, you know, “pin me pay me” kinda deal.”

King is just standing there shaking his head.

Flyer: “ You idiot, Im here to win the UWE world title. I want to be the very best. As I said before, I’ll knock anyone down who gets in my way!

Just then an angry fan throws a cup of beer at **** High Flyer. The beer hits his face and pours all over his shirt. Dazed and stun Flyer reaches for his mic.

Flyer:” See Mr. King, this guy is in my way.”

King:” Come on now, he’s a UWE fan and not a wrestler. Please Flyer, lets not have a temper tantrum.”

Flyer: “Don’t worry, you wont.”

Flyer sits the mic down and goes out to the crowd.  Then all of a sudden, “Raise Hell” comes over the PA.  GM Duke Hamilton comes walking out immediately, mic at hand...

Tha Duke:
WHOA WHOA!  Nuh-Uh motha fucka!  Don’t even.  DON’T.  EVEN!  I will come down there and wedge my foot so far up your ass they’ll see my Nike logo in the x-ray!  The **** you think you’re doin!?  Getch’yo ass outta my arena!  I got a show to run here.  Not this bullshit with you beating up my paying customers!  Crazy ass pecker!  Oh, enjoy the show folks!

Duke quickly walks into the back once again as **** High flyer is swarmed by security and removed.

Well, that’ll teach em.


god I miss the old fart...

Bo: Welp, next up we got Allen Marrow and Star.  This should be interesting, doncha think Al? 


That’s not cool, dude.  Their people have been-

OH SHUT THE **** UP!  Jesus, you kill me, you know!  Here, go smoke a joint or something.  I’ll call the match. 

The tron lights up with the silhouetted image of a woman, which soon switches to images of a bronze skinned beauty with a face recognized by the world. The scenes melt into a montage of white sand beaches of Haiti and the inner city streets of Philadelphia. It finally pauses on the Swann Fountain of Philly. The crowd marvels at the spectacular sight as it closes in on an elaborate night display of water and lights. It then zooms to the center and focuses in on the beautiful Star at the center of it all in a flowing white dress and dripping with sparkling diamonds, walking on the water but completely dry from head to toe.

The sounds of her footsteps on the water echo through the arena as if she were in an empty hallway. A strobe light flashes as the scene on the screen continues and a show of white laser lights darts across the stage. We see the camera quickly zoom away from the screen until it is high above the entire state of Pennsylvania, then zooms even farther out above earth’s atmosphere. A hand accentuated by an impressive diamond ring closes around the planet from the bottom and as we head farther out, the Glittering Goddess is literally standing with the world in the palm of her hand.

The opening sounds of “Flashing Lights ” by Kanye West featuring Dwele' blast throughout the arena as a thick fog begins to creep onto the stage. The strobe light continues to flash rapidly as the laser lights continue to decorate the area. The beautiful Star soon emerges through the fog, dressed in her very revealing attire of a black triangle bikini top, bikini bottoms and black chaps. She stands on the stage for a moment, soaking up the adoration of the fans before making her way down the ramp. Star struts to the ring with an amazing air of confidence and heads up the steel steps, where she flips over the top rope and into the ring.


Allen Marrow jumps out from behind the curtain as ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy hits the PA. Allen hops off the stage as he brings a cigar to his lips and lights it with a lighter.

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant **** to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Motherfuck him and John Wayne

With the smoke pouring out of his mouth Allen strolls lazily down the ramp on his way to the ring. Allen takes a long inhale, before spinning around and exhaling a cloud of smoke into a random fans face and laughing his ass off about it. Finally, Allen rolls into the ring, making various nonsensical hand gestures as he stands on the middle turnbuckle facing out over the crowd.

Well, this should be interesting.  Rumor has it neither one of them had a nice thing to say about the other.

Well, I mean, it’s not like they’re opponents or anything, right Al? 

Oh you’re cool.  Fag. 

Great show. 

Ref. Calloway lets both stars know he wants a good clean fight, then he steps back and calls for the bell.  Marrow grabs Star and immediately lands a big right hand to her forehead!  Star falls to the mat hard but recovers.  She gets back up to her feet and comes back at Marrow, swinging away.  Marrow deflects and blocks each shot, then swings himself but Star ducks.  She springs back up like a friggen hobbit from a hole in the ground and round house kicks Marrow!  Part hobbit.  Part ninja, whole lot of badass!


Marrow staggers back a little, but shakes it off rather quickly.  He looks at Star and comes forward, grabbing and raising her off the mat, then slamming her back down with a spine buster!  He then quickly grabs her once more and stands her up, holding her up by the head of her hair, he pulls back and cracks her in the face!  Star is knocked off her feet and sent back a ways.  She sits up seeing cartoon birds for a minute as Marrow approaches her once again.  He reaches down, this time she kicks him right square in the throat!  He goes staggering back as he chokes and she pulls herself up on the ropes.  She begins charging forward at Marrow, leaping forward and connecting a devastating ddt!  Star covers!  ONE!  TWO!  THKICKOUT!

Marrow isn’t out yet Al!  Looks like this match is gonna keep on rollin on!  YEAH!

...Is that all you say?  “YEAH!”  Look at me, Im a rockstar, YEAH!  Give me a break!

Star sits up, as Marrow tries to as well, only Star hops up and then drops back down with an elbow to his head.  She then gets back up, and grabs him, pulling him up as well.  Star whips Marrow to the ropes-he comes back-and leaps up, jumping right over her head!


Star turns around, but Marrow sends her into the corner and then charges after her!  HE’S GOING FOR THE JIHAD!  BUT SHE LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Marrow crashes shoulder first into the steel post!!!!  He comes out of the corner holding his shoulder in severe pain and right when he turns around-SUPER KICK TO THE CHOPS!  “Shut up, ****!” as she calls it!  Marrow falls out cold, and Star covers!  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!  The bell rings, Star gets up as Ref. Calloway raises her hand.  She stares down at Marrow for a moment, nothing but smiles as Blackout cuts to an add for Mania.

We return from commercial as Stronger by Kanye West hits. The crowd pop as the former Triple Crown Champion, Quentin Barnes, makes his way out onto the rampway decked out in a full suit, his eyes are covered with sunglasses as he stops atop the ramp and looks around. Slowly, he makes his way down to the ring soaking up the applause from the fans. Climbing into the ring, Barnes takes the mic from the ring announcer and steadies himself. The crowd continue to cheer until he holds his hand up.

Thank you, thank you.

Barnes stands for a moment allowing the crowd to settle.

When I originally came to UWE I had but one intention. Destroy Riddick Andrews and leave...
The crowd pop for the destruction of Riddick Andrews.

I came, I ended his career and, just as I was about to leave the arena and the Wrestling world forever, Duke Hamilton interjected himself. He offered me an opportunity, a chance to prove to the world that I wasn’t a washed up, over-the-hill former wrestler who had 1 last match left in him before going off to graze in the pastures. Week after week, I proved that I still had what it took. I beat Scott Reave, I beat Allen Marrow on 3 separate occasions and I became the UWE Triple Crown Champion.

The crowd get to their feet in applause of Barnes’ title victory.

Last week, I walked into that arena more confident than I had been about any match I’ve ever fought in during my career. I walked into that arena knowing that could beat Tony Daniels and, despite the result, I still to this moment know that I could beat him. Just turns out that on that night he was destined to beat me. That’s how destiny works, things happen as they’re meant to happen. I was meant to hold the Triple Crown Championship, and I was meant to lose it. I’ve proven what I came here to prove.

The former champion shifts on his feet, his eyes facing down to the mat.

In every man’s life there comes a point where opportunity becomes stigma. The opportunity I was offered by Duke Hamilton became a stigma of success. I wanted to prove something, and I proved it. Now? Now I’m expected to keep on proving it. What’s left for me? Where do I go from here? That’s what I’m out here tonight for right? To tell all of you people, all of you fans where I go from here. Well, I have my business’, I have new ventures to pursue based on my new found popularity gained from UWE.

Popping once again, the crowd loves the recognition.

In UWE? I don’t know, honestly I have no idea. I’ve already won the biggest Championship on this brand. Maybe I could go to Showdown... Maybe I could go over to Showdown and prove just how good I am over there and win the World Championship...

Booing proves the dislike of the prospect.

Or maybe, just maybe... I could walk into Wrestlemania and take my Championship back; maybe I could take the stigma and make it mean something again. Perhaps I should go to Wrestlemania, in my home State of Texas and beat every single person I have to beat to once again be the UWE Triple Crown Champion.

This announcement, however, is much more satisfactory to the attending fans.

My destiny and the destiny of UWE are now entwined. One will not survive without the other, my career and everything I am depends on this place, on you fans. No matter what I choose to do next, I will ensure that UWE and Quentin Barnes will be tied together in annals of wrestling history...Forever. Where do I go from here? You have no idea...

Barnes smiles and drops the mic as Stronger by Kanye West hits one more time.

As Barnes is walking up the ramp, Frank Leary comes walking down.  The crowd cheers to see the veteran commentator making his appearance tonight.  He walks around the ring and asks Bo to move, Bo obliges.  Frank slides his head set on, and Alex couldn’t be happier.

Thank God!

Oh don’t give me that crap!  I couldn’t stand listening to you two squabble anymore.  There’s a match to call you know! 

What about later when Chip’s match is on?

You know what?  Chip Horton is nothing but a no good, rotten, bastard.  And one of these days, someone, not me, but someone is gonna give him the ass kicking of a life time!  Now if this were 40 years ago, I’d gladly stomp a mud hole in his ass and walk it dry.  But Im an old man, and I belong behind this desk. 

The lights cut out, and there is silence over the arena. A voice is heard over the PA system, talking casually on the philosophy of life.

“Remember, you're a wreck an accident. Forget the freak your just nature. Keep the gun oiled and the temple clean, ****, snort and blaspheme. Let the heads cool and the engine run... because in the end everything we do, is just everything we've done”

The opening riff to “Sympathy for the Devil” seems to fade in through the PA system, leading the fans to a rush of cheers that seem to shake the arena. The drum beat kicks in now, with the lights over the entrance way now flashing in tune with the beat. Streaks of red, green, purple, and even blue flash over the crowd and the arena, threatening an epileptic shock for all. As the first verse is spoken, the Blackout...Tron? lights up with quick flashes, also in time with the beat. They are only seen for a moment, but they are video feeds of John Raide performing various moves on previous opponents. Own3d, Fade to Black '05, and even going back as far back as the Abyss are seen. These scenes are intercut with close-ups of John Raide's face. His eyes, his profile, and finally, his ****-eating grin.

“Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste”

Finally the song kicks into high gear, and the light setup flashes a bright light, blinding everyone temporarily before they see John Raide, standing at the top of the entrance way, decked out in his ring attire and sporting a towel over his shoulders. He takes a moment to scan the arena as the fans begin to chant “FADE-TO-BLACK” ad nauseum, keeping in time with the beat of the song. John Raide is apparently digging this as he begins to nod his head along with the beat as well. He smirks and walks down the entrance ramp, leading to the ring. Along the way he pauses to look at a couple fans sporting “Crimson King” tees. He smirks again before moving onto the ring, where he jumps to the apron and steps through the ropes. He stands now in the middle of the ring, looking around before moving from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, climbing to the middle and raising one arm high in the air, closing his eyes and soaking up the cheers from the crowd. Raide leaves the last turnbuckle and goes to his designated corner. He tosses his towel into the crowd before sitting on his ass in the corner.

Smoke pours out onto the entrance ramp and stage as the opening riffs to Hurricane Jane play over the PA system, followed shortly by two quick, successive blasts of gold and orange pyro on the stage.

Jane, I've made it plain,
although I'm faded as a ghost:
I want you here inside me.
Say the word.
Oh, you've been playing nice,
but I can see it in your eyes,
you're thinking, "Christ.
He's everybody's girl."

Out runs “The Desire” Fervor Falls, emerging through the smoke holding his title belt and shouting at the top of his lungs a variety of “ass kicking” and “CHAMPION, BITCHES” type statements. He is followed by Ms. Dawson, who makes a beeline for the ring while Fervor flips the **** out at the top of the ramp. Fervor continues his tirade before noticing someone in the audience. Fervor's facial expression turns indignant and he removes his glasses before walking up to the nearest child along the entrance aisle and getting in his face before shouting a stream of obscenities at the poor, unsuspecting youngster. Fervor backs up his vicious assault by thrusting his title belt in the kids face. An adult tries to stand up for the kid but Fervor reacts instantly, raising a backhand and causing the attempted hero to falter and back down. Fervor nods before backing away, title belt held high in the air, and continuing down the entrance ramp, dropping his glasses and removing his gold chain before rushing toward the ring and slipping out of his vest.

It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody.
Oh, what's the use of making a bed?
I took something and it feels like karate;
it's kicked me down and left me for dead.It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody,
so what's the use of pulling a shape?
I put what I want, when I want, in my body.
I'm never gonna give what I take.

Fervor slides into the ring before popping up to his feet and kicking the ropes furiously. Fervor turns a full 360 with his belt held in presentation to the fans, accepting their boos with a smile. Again, Fervor persists in singing his own praises, as well as shouting at fans who've done absolutely nothing to him while pointing to his belt for backup.

Alright boys and girls, this one’s gonna knock the spit right outta your mouthes!

The bell rings, and the two men just stand across from each other.  Des screams to Fervor “COME ON!”  But he doesn’t budge.  Not because he’s intimidated.  But the young star is waiting to see what the veteran does first.  He wants to prove that he’s better.  So he’ll wait, and anticipate his opponent’s moves before doing anything himself.

They don’t seem all too eager...

Strategy, jackass.  Look it up. 

Finally, they lock up.  But Fervor slips a thumb to the eye, temporarily blinding Raide. Fervor prances around Raide, grinning before he dives down and clips Raide’s left knee!  Raide falls hard as the young rookie springs back up and continues dancing around him, making attempting to make a mockery out of him.  He gets in front of Raide, and that’s when he messes up.  Raide kicks Fervor in the right knee and then boots him in the face.  Now it’s Fervor who’s down.  Raide begins getting back up, he goes over to Fervor and grabs him by his head before he begins to just punch him over and over!  Des screams for Fervor to do something, but Raide is hammering down on him!  Finally Raide stops and backs up.  Fervor begins rolling over and raising himself using his hands and knees.  Here comes Raide, and he kicks him right in the ribs!  The fans love it as Fervor shows his pain and agony.  He rolls around on the mat, holding his ribs while Raide stalks his prey.

Fervor ain’t lookin’ so good...

Fervor looks like a bear turd rolled up in fish hooks...

....the hell?

Raide approaches Fervor and grabs him, pulling him up to his feet.  Fervor suddenly cracks Raide in the jaw, knocking him back a little.  From there Fervor attacks, going back to the left knee as he kicks the knee and wraps his arms around Raide’s neck, hitting a spiked ddt!  But Fervor keeps his grip, turning it into a choke hold!  Raide begins reaching and feeling all around the ring, trying to find the ropes.  Fervor just continues squeezing harder and harder, like he’s trying to pop his head off.  Raide is inching his way over to the ropes, but it stops there.  Fervor squeezes even tighter and uses dead weight to stop Raide.  Now it’s a fight!  Raide begins punching and kneeing Fervor any where he can.  Fervor’s trying to hold on, but each shot stings a little more after the other!  Finally, he lets go, and Raide rolls away.  His face cranberry colored.  The **** champion quickly gets back on his feet and runs at Raide, kicking him in the side of the head before he can get back up!  Raide is seeing stars now, and not his girlfriend.

VICIOUS KICK!  That damned Fervor! 

Fervor reaches down, grabbing Raide up and then just face plants him on the mat.  He does this three more times before he just flat out loses it.  Fervor starts yet another unholy fit of rage, stomping on the back of Raide’s head and anywhere else he can.  He drags the old veteran up and head butts him, screaming “YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” just before doing so.

...Dude’s lost his mind. 

Raide’s nose is busted all to hell, his blood is smeared over Fervor’s face now, but Fervor doesn’t care.  Des cheers him on as he knocks Raide back on his ass.  Raide rolls over, almost like he’s looking into the camera when he spits out some blood.  Then he looks back at Fervor “**** this guy.”  Raide stands up, and the whole momentum shifts.  He throws an elbow into Fervor’s face, then grabs him and head butts him.  Fervor’s busted up now as well, then Raide knees him in the gut and sends him head first into the turnbuckle post.  Raide goes over, standing over Fervor as he drills away.  Finally he finishes off his beat down with a knee to the face.  The crowd eats it up.  His knuckles and face are covered in crimson, but it doesn’t matter to him.  Through that crimson mask there’s a devil’s smile.  He grabs Fervor up, and out of no where Fervor latches on to Raide’s arm and drops down!  Raide quickly reaches and grabs the ropes but Fervor is wiggling out of the ring, and is soon dangling from Raide’s arm outside the ring!  The ref yells at Fervor to let go but Fervor isn’t having it.  A count starts.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  FOUR!  FIV-and he releases!  Fervor stands up outside the ring, ranting and raving about how the rules are unfair.  He slides in, standing across from Raide and begins nodding his head.  “ wanna fight old man?  Let’s fight.  **** wrasslin!  We gonna fight!”  He begins walking up to Raide, and then breaks into a sprint-SPEAR-and Raide steps out of the way!  Fervor almost goes flying through the ropes when he stops himself!  He turns around, kick to the gut-FADE TO BLACK 09!  Raide covers, spitting out a little more blood as the ref counts.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  Raide stands over Fervor with his arm raised high before he pulls away and rolls out of the ring.  The show once again cuts to a Mania ad....

*After a very impressive match between Fervor Falls and John Raide in a non-title match, we pan over to Nick Riot ,wrestling gear on , standing in front of a few lockers. The crowd is mystified that he would even show up, after it appears all of his claims may have been…fake. They boo, however, as Riot goes…

RIOT: So…So let me get this straight…I, Nick Riot, AM NOT ON THE CARD THIS WEEK…for UWE Blackout?…Let me tell you something, in case the Upper Management idiots have been ill-informed…I SHOWED HEART…Unlike my opponent last week, Stoner…

*The Crowd cheers…

RIOT: Oh yeah, how typical, how predictable…How predictable of the fans of this crappy organization too…

*Crowd boos, as the camera that Nick Riot is staring into can pick up the voices pretty heavily

*A smile arises onto Riot’s face…

RIOT: Haha…To cheer for a WORTHLESS…

*Crowd Starts the “What?” Chant…



RIOT: Spineless…Coward…Like Stoner. Stoner, I hope that in all honesty…DUKE DOESN’T PUT YOU IN MANIA…Or else, these fakes er-I’m sorry…These fans…

*Heavy Boos…

RIOT: Will see how you choke on the grandest stage…Just like every other stage. Consider last week, a lucky win. But, being lucky won’t make you a champion…There's a few things that do, make you a champion…HEART…AND DETERMINATION. You only had one, AND YOUR LUCKY YOU GOT AWAY WITH IT…..So, if there is a next time for Riot and Stoner…The end result might…..No, Will be different.

*A smile arises to the face of Nick Riot, as you can once again hear the boos filling the UWE Arena, as Riot looks down at the ground, and towards the camera…

RIOT: I may be out of action this week…But, come next Friday? Oh…I’ll have a match…

*Riot Shrugs…

RIOT: Even if it means if I have to…Persuade…Duke….Either way, Nick Riot will be BACK….back on UWE next week…And…BY EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY ON THIS PLANET….IT WONT BE PRETTY…

*The echoing, screaming words of Nick Riot fills the UWE Arena, as you can hear them from all four sides. The fans, some in awe, some in shock, and some, in disbelief. Disbelief that a man potentially threatened Duke Hamilton if he is not in a match next week.

RIOT: Sometimes…You Lose…Sometimes…You Win…But, All the time…YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO START A RIOT!

*Riot leaves the locker room area, as you can see the words “Start A Riot” spray painted in green all over the lockers.

*Camera Fades

”Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony!”

Frank: Do you hear these fans Al!? Unbelievable, I swear they’re getting louder every minute Tony D. doesn’t make his entrance.

Alex: Folks if you’ve just joined us, I want you to listen to these fans… This is all we’ve heard tonight.

Frank: A daydream four years in the making has finally come true last week. The Depressed Daydreamer has become the fourth man to capture The Triple Crown Championship in The UWE.

Alex: That’s not all, the boy is living the dream; remember, he’s also our Cruiserweight Champion, which makes him Blackout’s first Double Champion… Hell technically he’s also UWE’s second Grand Slam Champion.

Frank: The only man to hold four titles at the same time in The UWE, that’s… Kinda true… But let’s remember the more important feature of this: two weeks away from The Big One – Wrestlemania IV – Tony Daniels managed to find his one way ticket into The Main Event on The Grandest Stage of them all.

Alex: Hell if that’s not enough, he plans to do what former UWE World Heavyweight Champion; E.E. Faulk couldn’t, leave Wrestlemania with both The Cruiserweight Championship and A Headlining Title.

Frank: Since winning; Tony Daniels has promised to be the one to bring meaning to The Triple Crown Championship, a title that to the roster still haven’t been given that reason to fight for. But when you enter Wrestlemania with what the media is hyping as “The Curse of the Bam-BEAN-No”, you can’t help but wonder – and I really hate to say this - if Tony Daniels really has what it takes to retain the title.

Alex: Four Champions in two months Frank… This whole curse kinda speaks for itself. If that didn’t put enough pressure on Tony’s shoulder’s, let’s just remember that Blackout General Manager; Duke Hamilton hasn’t announced Daniels’ opponent – or opponents even – just yet. As we speak the entire roster has their eyes on being in the other corner next Sunday; from former Champions like Allen Marrow and Quentin Barnes to guys like Baine or even James Jowers – the boy’s making a come back y’know. Hell, Duke could have it arranged that Tony Daniels will be facing whoever wins The Money in the Bank… We honestly don’t know. All we know is that Tony D. is officially a marked target in The UWE. Everyone tonight will be showing Duke and Daniels why they belong in the main event one way or another.

We cut backstage where the Canadian fans just riot – and I mean RIOT – at the slouched back of their Champion, Tony Daniels. Dressed so proper for his first addressing as Triple Crown Champion with a black jacket, a maroon buttoned shirt, a pair of blue jeans and black and white chucks his eyes stare through glassed frames at his prize, his trophy, his belt. His thumbs roll across his name engraved into the golden title – to this date it’s still hard to believe it. Five years into this, he can finally say he’s achieved all he wanted in his career.

A set of knocks interrupt The Dropkick Messiah’s moment, through the door he hears a backstage worker inform him that he’s on in two. He let’s out a heavy sigh and rises from his chair, placing the Championship over his left shoulder, it’s weight feels good on it, the burden of being the barer of this belt doesn’t seem as bad when it’s The Triple Crown. He opens the door and can only pause right as he’s about to exit the room. Filling the entire corridor is the entire Blackout Roster; from new comers like Nick Riot and Star to veterans such as John Raide and Stoner, hell even Champions like Fervor Falls and Chip Horton stood amongst the list all staring at The Depressed Daydreamer.

Reluctantly, he walks past each one, his eyes meets each one of theirs, trying to tell them that he’s not afraid of them. As of today, he is their only opponent, he alone stands atop of the podium willing to put his life on the line in order to protect, to defend that which he’s worked so hard for. Daniels’ lips don’t move, but his glare says enough; If you think you’re worth this belt? Make sure you’re willing to put everything on the line – Just like he did. The lines of wrestlers comes to an end and Daniels can only stare back at his co-workers one more time. “Seeya in the ring.” He says.

The challenge made, but who would be the first to answer. All we know is that for the first time in a long while, Tony Daniels refused to run away.

“Listen To My Evolution,
Listen To My Evolution,
Listen To My Evolution,
Listen To My Evolution…”

Bo: Calgary!! Allow me to be the first to introduce to you, your NEW Triple Crown Champion!! Born in Seattle and raised in The CCW; This Is Your Cruiserweight Champion – and my personal friend – The Depressed Daydreamer! Tony… DANIELS!!

The fans fly out of their seats, their arms swinging franticly about. Signs notifying the occasion fills the stadium as Tony Daniels comes out to the ring with his Cruiserweight title wrapped around his waist and his Triple Crown Championship placed on his strapping shoulder. He can only stare in awe at the centre of the ramp, drowning in the audience’s praise. Flicking his nose with the tip of his thumb before raising the his belt high for everyone to see as streams of water jet into the sky with an explosive boom.

Boom! BOOM!! BOOM!!!


Alex: The theme song is Evolution by Girugagamesh and I really don’t think there is anyone more suited for it. Tony Daniels came to the UWE a broken man, a punch line in the record books, since his return to The UWE he has in fact redeemed himself, Tony Daniels is Blackout’s Headlining Champion!

Frank: Four years in the making folks, I’ve seen this boy grow from day one and I – more than anyone – am proud to see this man achieve his dream!

The water falls hard like a rainstorm, Tony D. can only stand there and soak it all in. He marches down to the ring, going out of his way to high five the occasional fan and even smile for a photo with a huge smirk on his face. Today was their day as much as it was his; he may not always like the fans, he may never fight for them, but these guys at times believed in him more than he did… This was his thanks to them. Gracefully, The Man of a Thousand Names slides under the ring, bringing himself to his feet with his trademarked rolling Kip-Up.

Boom! BOOM!! BOOM!!!

The building went alight as the turnbuckles, the entrance ramp and even the roof was set ablaze as fireworks bursted out of every crack and corner all to the fans delight. Confetti gently fell to the floor like bright coloured drops of snow, The Houdini of Professional Wrestling could only gaze as they floated down embracing this moment for all it’s worth.

He turned around and there before him was Bo Freeman – the original colour commentator of The CCW – a little teary eyed, trying so hard to hold back his emotions for the man he can actually call “D.”. The two hug – with closed fists (you know, cause that’s manly) – both so proud to see Tony D. finally getting the chance to stand in this ring before the people as A Triple Crown Champion.

Daniels releases the hold and raises Bo’s arm high, demanding that these fans recognize this man who’s stood by him all these years. Together, they point at Frank Leary, a man that has prepared Tony Daniels for so many matches, a mentor, a trainer, a legend and a friend; Frank only gives a modest nod, askin’ the boys to leave him out of this man love moment. Freeman goes for one more hug, lifting Tony off his feet before handing him his microphone and graveling his way out of the ring.

Alex: Wow… What an introduction… Hell, the kid is even making me believe that belt is worth fighting for.

Frank: It’s like I said, if anyone can do it… It’s that stupid sonovabitch….

Bo: Getting choked up there Franky?

Frank: Ah shuddap you gawddamn ya oversized mop…

Bo: You do care! Come on Frank, share the love…

Frank: Imma hit you one if you don’t go back to the ring announcer chair…

Daniels looks at his audience, all ages, genders and beliefs chanting his name in this very moment.  I tries to raise the microphone to his mouth, but before he can speak they only get louder and louder. He tries a second time and these people will not silence themselves, this is how The Triple Crown should be treated! It’s almost leaving him breathless how these people chant his name so proudly…

“Ah screw it,” he thinks, “ if they’re gonna chant my name I may as well give them a reason to.”


The stadium roars in agreement stomping and cheering away, while Tony Daniels can only stand there smiling away at his comment. Hell even Alex and Frank are havin’ a go at what was just said, finally he has control of the fans.

Daniels: Y’know, I was at the point in my career where I accepted the fact that holding The Cruiserweight Championship was the best I was ever going to do in The UWE. I came into this business with low expectations; I remember saying to myself “I’d be happy if I could amount to an Intercontinental Championship match.”. I never expected to be here with this… Let alone this attached to me…

The fans give a modest applause to a baffled Depressed Daydreamer. All happy to see that he’s achieved such a feat.

Daniels: I remember last week, Quentin Barnes told me to stay in the cruiserweight division, that I wasn’t fit to square off with the “big boys”. He told me that he was the one who would break the cycle, that he would be the man with his arms raised at the end of the night… That when the bell rang and the match was over my title as number one contender… Would be revoked…

… It’s hard to believe that he was right about the last bit…!

A gloomy moment raised high again, much like the Triple Crown Championship, which has been casually slipped into the hand of Tony D. and raised for his people to admire.

Frank: Not bad for a guy who told me that he would’ve been happy if he only achieved The Intercontinental Championship in The UWE.

Alex: Heh, even then Frank…

Frank: Hey! That’s right!

Daniels: For years I’ve been trying to redeem my good name. Throwing myself into every business trying to prove that I wasn’t a joke; TAWF, WRW, WEF, UFN every time I left a company I was only more tarnished than when I started… I may not be proud of how into that match last week, but lemme tell you something: I will do proud by those who have held it in the past. Edward Laurent, Allen Marrow, Quentin Barnes; don’t feel as if you won’t be remembered, recognized even for what you have achieved…
Last week Quentin Barnes showed me the heart of a Champion, I threw everything I had at him; three finishers I’ve held in the past weren’t enough to bring him down. It finally took a stiff Dropkick to the face to topple this giant… For that alone he’s earned my respect. That won’t die attitude, that unbreakable will… I want that… I’m tired of running away, I’m ready to show that I belong here! I’m ready to be a Triple Crown Champion!
So this message goes backstage; not just to the members of Blackout, but to the entire UWE. I’ve fought long and hard to be where I stand in the moment. To win this title means you have to earn it. Last week I proved that anyone is capable of winning this belt, but come Wrestlemania I will prove that it’s going to take a real athlete to rip this away from my hands.
I don’t know who I’m facing, I don’t know if Barnes will throw his rematch or if my opponent is a surprise just waiting to happen. All I know is that who ever you are, you will not be walking out of Texas with my belt… Be you Stoner, Fervor, Effin, Horton, Marrow, Jowers, Hamilton, Raide, Chevelle, Leary Ghandi, Miyagi, Obama, Lennon or even Jesus Vivian Christ himself… This is my time to shine, you’re just the guy in the stupid tree costume.

Red Eye! Daniels only glares at the camera, his ego showing as his emotions are let lose. The fans hanging on to everything he says.

I don’t care if this gold is cursed, I will be leaving Houston the same way I entered… With both titles placed on either shoulder… And if you don’t believe me then hey…

PROVE ME WRONG!!the audience shouts, proudly saying The Double Platinum’s signature quote while he raises the microphone high in the air. He casually pauses for a second before bringing the microphone back to his moist lips.

“What they said…”

The camera slowly moves backwards, Tony D. stands unmoved. Evolution plays once again and the fans return to chanting The Depressed Daydreamer’s name. He drops the microphone and begins to make his way out of the ring, toying with the fans as he holds his title up high for one last time.

Frank: Big moves from The Triple Crown Champion but whether he can live up to the hype… That’s another story…

Alex: Only time will tell Frank, can The Man of a Thousand Finisher-

Frank: A Thousand Names…

Alex: Be the first man to keep his belt the night of his first defence? Only one way to find out folks…

Bo Freeman: “Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the main event! Introducing first…”

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge begins to play over the PA system as the arena lights go out, instigating instant disdain from the fans, as they boo the man that they know is going to be stepping into the arena in a few short moments. As the intro grows, the booing does, and as the first verse starts, ‘Horton sucks!’ chants begin already. They really hate KoA.

As the chorus begins the Prime Time Champion steps through the curtain; clad in his long, black and red ring pants, and a long black and red trench coat. . He has the Prime Time Championship belt proudly draped over his left shoulder. He hears the reaction from the crowd, and simply smirks before holding the rock handles proudly above his head, then, bring his arms down, he lifts the championship belt from his shoulder, raising it aloft with his left hand and once more holding up a rock handle with his other hand. This posing is met by more hatred. He arrogantly smiles, before begin his walk down to the ring…

Bo Freeman: “From Manchester, North Western England, weighing in tonight at 270 pounds…The first ever and reigning UWE Prime Time Champion…‘The King of Awesomeness’….CHIP HORTON!”

Just the mention of his name causes more booing, as Chip Horton now slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and has a look around the crowd, smugly smiling to himself. He enjoys being hated; it is what makes Chip Horton. He then raises the Prime Time Championship once more, to generate more hate from the UWE fans in attendance. With the boos still at past full volume, KoA climbs each turnbuckle in turn, each time proudly showing of his gold. The arena lights then return to normal, as Horton throws his long trenchcoat at the ring hands, before passing out the Prime Time Championship with care. The King then crouches down in the corner, eagerly awaiting the start of his match. “Ties That Bind” then cuts…

Bo Freeman: “And his opponent…”

Everything turns pitch black. Five seconds later, Dead and Broken by Godsmack hit’s the PA system. The titan tron explodes of pyro everywhere on stage. When it does, the lights turn into a hell like color lightning the room up. Baine steps up and makes a stand, staring at the fans who cheer for him. Baine raises his arms into the air then brings them does causing another explosion.

Freeman: Making his way down to the ring, from Atlanta Georgia, weighting in a 337lbs, he is the Demon… BAINE!!! 

He starts to walk down to the ramp with momentum. He slaps the fans’ hands on the way down. When he gets to the ring, he slides in. He gets on the turn buckle and points at the crowds. He jumps down, gets to the center of the ring, then hits his chest just to build more momentum.

Ding! Ding!

Leary: “And we are underway here in this main event. Baine is coming off a disapointing loss to John Raide last week, and now seeks to correct that against the Prime Time Champion.”

King: “We we all know that he is full of fail and will fall again.”

The two wrestlers meet in the center of the ring as the referee steps between them, quickly checking them over for any weapons they might be carrying. Suddenly, this usually poorly done search that comes up with nothing finds something. The referee reaches down into Chip Horton’s tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Chip Horton acts stunned and shocked at this turn of events but the referee simply rolls his eyes and hands the weapon off the time keeper.

King: “Can you believe that referee sexually assaulting poor Chip like that?”

Leary: “He was doing his job!”

Chip goes for a quick haymaker punch only to have the move blocked by Baine, who returns the attempt with a straight punch to the jaw that drives Chip backwards but doesn’t knock him down to the mat.

Leary: “While Baine still has the size advantage, Chip is a much bigger man than John Raide is, so Baine will not be able to dominate the way he was with him.”

King: “Yeah, the big bully is getting closer and closer to meeting his match. Not that John Raide didn’t whoop his ass last week anyway.”

Baine steps forward and forearms Chip in the face driving him further back before giving him two European uppercuts and a toe kick to the stomach, before giving Chip a third European uppercut and a hard shove into the corner. Baine sizes him up and gives him a hard elbow in the side of the head.

Leary: “Baine is so powerful, those moves have got to be sending Chip to another place.”

King: “Powerful, but still a loser.”

Baine chops across the chest of Chip Horton, getting a load “woooooooo” from the crowd, before getting a second, a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth. Baine drives a few knees into the stomach of Chip before grabbing him by the hair and dragging him out of the corner, giving him a kick along the way as he does.

Leary: “I don’t know how you can call him a loser.”

King: “He hasn’t won since coming back. That makes him a loser by definition.”

Baine shoves Chip back into the ring ropes giving him a hard punch in the jaw, followed up by and hard slap to the chest. Baine whips Chip across the ring and into the opposite ropes. Chip rebounds back right into the waiting big boot of Baine. Chip is able to duck down at the final moment however, pulling him into a school boy pin. As the referee gets down to make the count, Chip pulls back on the tights with all his might.

Leary: “Blatant cheating by Chip!”




King: “What a slow count to let Baine escape Chip Horton’s iron clad pin!”

Chip thinks this as well, giving an argument, and telling the referee to next time, pick up the pace on that counting, or else! Baine gets back to his feet, clearly upset by the turn of events, as he shoves Chip Horton back. Chip comes back and grabs Baine, raking down across his eyes.

King: “See how good Chip is, he’s having a nice civil discussion with the official.”

Leary: “Bullshit, he’s threatening him.”

Chip gives a chuckle to himself more than anything, as he steps back into Baine who elbows him away. Baine goes to capitalize on this move, but walks right into an eye poke, followed by a foot stomp, and a quick snap DDT. The crowd boos loudly at the dastardly actions of the hated Chip Horton, who simply laps all the deafening boos in with joy.

King: “Chip Horton giving the fans what they want even in the middle of the match. Now there’s a guy who cares.”

Leary: “He blatantly cheated and is now rubbing the fans face in it.”

Chip lifts Bain back to his feet and hits him with a chop across the face, followed up by a cocky slap in the back of the head. Baine gets angry, he gets so angry that he explodes up out of his kneeling position, swinging his right arm wildly about, connecting with Chip Horton for a mega clothesline that knocks Chip down to the mat.

Leary: “There’s the power of Baine!”

King: “No! Poor Chip!”

Baine leaps to the Prime Time Champion’s side and jumps high in the air, landing across his chest and neck with a leg drop. Baine grabs Chip before he can roll out of the ring and lifts him high into the air before slamming him back down to the ground with a viscous spinebuster slam that has the fans out of their seats.

Leary: “Listen to this crowd come to life!”

King: “Ok! Yeah! Baine’s dangerous when he’s allowed to do all this slammy crap. Dick.”

Baine smiles a sick and knowing smile, before lifting Chip back up, having never released the hold he had on him from the spinebuster slam. Baine readjusts his grip on Chip Horton, and rushes across the ring, hitting a big running powerslam that shakes the ring to its foundation. Baine quickly goes for the cover, with the referee getting down with him to make the count.

Leary: “What an incredible move!”




King: “YES! Chip kicks out of the weak ass move.”

Chip had barely kicked out of the amazing power move, but managed to do so nonetheless. Chip begins crawling away, only to have Baine grab him by the head, and move to set up a powerbomb, only to have Chip pull off a sneaky headbutt low blow as Baine pulls him in.

Leary: “I don’t believe what I just saw!”

King: “Yeah, Baine should be more careful. A man’s balls are nothing to be messed with, not that you’d know anything about that Frank.”

Chip Horton quickly grabs Baine, knees him in the gut, and slides behind him. Chip quickly grabs Baine’s forehead from behind and pulls back hard, hitting the edge-o-matic on him, grabbing and holding the leg as the referee gets down to make the pinfall count.

King: “Over here!”




Leary: “Baine powers out!”

Chip is pissed. He immediately gets back to his feet and screams loudly at the official. He moves to punch the referee, but thinks better of it and turns back around, laying in several boots into the side and head of Baine.

Leary: “I cannot believe what we are witnessing from Chip Horton here tonight.”

King: “I know, what restraint he’s been showing in the face of that evil referee trying to bait him into getting himself disqualified.”

Chip Horton picks Baine up off the mat and whips him into the ropes. Baine rebounds back, and Chip Horton goes low, letting Baine run over the top of him, and hit the opposite ropes and rebound back from them. Chip goes for a leap frog, only to have Baine jump in the air with him and take him down with an incredible heavy spear, before making the cover near the ropes as the crowd screams in ecstasy, counting along with the referee.





King: “Chip gets his foot on the ropes! What a crafty veteran he is!”

Baine rips the Prim Time Champion’s leg away from the bottom rope and drags him back to his feet and over to the ring ropes. Baine gives him a hard punch in the jaw, followed up by and hard slap to the chest. Baine whips Chip across the ring and into the opposite ropes. Chip rebounds back right into the waiting big boot of Baine. Chip leaps at the last moment, colliding into Baine’s head with a high knee, as both competitors are knocked to the mat.

King: “Just like that! Crafty veteran!”

Leary: “No one ever accused him of being stupid.”

Both men get back to their feet. And Baine boots Chip in the gut setting him up for his DemonBomb. The crowd can feel it as he lifts Chip high into the air. But then… Chip Horton slips his legs away and locks Baine in a front face lock and lands on his feet on the mat. Chip quickly jumps and rolls over Baine’s back, still holding the DDT position, and twisting will on top of Baine hitting a kind of spinning neckbracker. Chip quickly goes for the cover.

King: “Mark of Awesomeness!”




Ding! Ding!

Bo Freeman: “Here is your winner… The Prime Time Champion… CHIP HORTON!”

King: “Chip pulled it off against a bigger and string guy, using his brains. Twice in two weeks that’s happened to Baine. Tough break.”

Leary: “Horton cheated this entire match, which has become his calling card.”

King: “Sounds like someone’s got a sore loser thing going for him.

The fans boo this happening mercilessly as Baine rolls to the outside, feeling dejected for the second week in a row, as Chip Horton soaks in the hate (and the several pieces of garbage that are being thrown at him) from the fans.

Leary: “I’m sorry folks, but this sickening display is what we will leave you with. We’re out of time.”

King: “See you next week!”

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