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October 26, 2021, 07:01:19 am
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News: Finally, congratulations to Efinn Rox for becoming UWE Champion
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Author Topic: WRESTLEMANIA IV Results  (Read 698 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: September 01, 2009, 07:59:35 am »

It’s that time of the year again.  The biggest night in UWE history.  It’s the night that anyone can make a name for themselves.  It’s a night mortals become immortals.  Tonight, the warriors of UWE will rise up.  Tonight some will taste victory, and others defeat.  Icons will be born.  Legends will be made and honored.  Tonight is Wrestlemania IV

Fireworks shoot off from the stage as the cameras buzz around over 73, 000 screaming fans at Reliant Stadium.  Tonight’s the one they’ve waited all year for.  Signs are held up all over the place, everyone’s got their favorite merchandise on or at hand.  The camera slowly pans to Andrew Schumacher who’s standing in the center of the ring with a million dollar smile for tonight.

Ladies and Gentlemen...To perform this year’s theme song for Wrestlemania....please welcome: METALLICA!

After the band’s performance, James Hetfield goes back to the mic. He stands before 73, 000 screaming, pumped up wrestling fans and he’s loving every minute of it.  He looks around for a moment, nodding.

YEAH!  How does it feel...HOUSTON!! Because I tell you what man, it’s feelin’ pretty good from up here!  It’s only going to get better too.  You guys are great, now give a round of applause to your NEW Hall of Fame inductees! 

The class of 2009 which consists of Stoner, Angelus, Baine, and Jonny ‘Sexxy’ come walking out to ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’.  They all stand on stage for a moment smiling.  Camera flashes go off all over the place.  Stoner and Angelus look over at each other sharing a couple laughs before Stoner slaps Anj on the back.  Baine waves around the arena before pumping his fists a few times, and Jonny just claps for his fellow classmates. There’s a podium in front of them.  Stoner is the first to approach it.  He taps on the mic and blows into it a couple times before cracking a smile and looking around the arena.

Hall of Fame huh?  I dig it.  It’s been great being part of UWE over the years.  It’s really been a ton of smurfing fun, I gotta say.  And I’m proud as can be to be entering the class of 2009 with my fellow Iconic, Angelus.  Here’s to us Hall of Famers going into 2010!

Angelus approaches the podium now, high fiving Stoner as they pass each other.

I’ve got one thing to say.  Thank you.  Tonight is a very special night for me, and this just makes it all the more special. 

Angelus takes a bow to the fans as he turns back and joins his class mates.  Jonny approaches the podium with Baine next...

I’d like to thank Greenbean and the fans for all the support.  It was a blast man.  Feels like it was all just yesterday, and now I look around and see all these new faces and it’s 

Hard to believe how quick the years pass, eh Jonny? 


Either way, thanks to you guys for making us who we are.  And thanks to UWE for this honor.  I couldn’t think of a better class to go in with. 

They all four get together again and bow before leaving the stage.  Fans are all on their feet cheering and clapping.  Now, Mania has officially begun and the first match of the night is on it’s way.

All of the competitors stand around the ring, looking at each other, preparing for a battle of attrition as the bell rings, getting the match underway. And hastily it does so when a kick to Christine Valentine’s face by Star sends her flying over the top rope and into the crowd, where the excited fans do whatever it is that they want to do with her. Back in the ring, a massive brawl has started with the brothers, Nick Riot and **** High Flyer going after each other, while Chris Vaughn and Travis Thompson try to lift the big man, Nate Stiger, over the top rope. Madison stands in the middle of the ring, looking at the Reaper. Slowly they inch closer to each other, the two dark superstars seemingly in a trance by the eyes of the other, each displaying pure lust. Now mere inches away from each other, Reaper grabs Madison in his arms and locks her in a passionate kiss. For all her pleasure, Madison closes her eyes and inhales Reaper’s tongue. Suddenly, though, Reaper’s expression changes, fury blazing over his face before Madison spontaneously catches fire. Screaming in shock and pain, Madison runs and jumps over the top rope while Reaper simply looks at her and smiles. That smile is wiped off when a Nate Stiger boot nearly takes his damn head off.


Nate turns and nails Kris Destiny with a boot right in the chin, taking the UWE veteran right straight to the mat. He now sees Jools Kingdom running at him and dishes out a similar boot. Then a clothesline to **** High Flyer, Nick Riot, Chris Vaughn, even the big man Vladimir Dostoevsky. Holy Hell, Nate Stiger is red hot. Nate spins around, having left everybody in the match on the mat, and releases a guttural shout, “I Have A Weird Name!!!!” Star seems not to agree nor disagree as she’s the only person who didn’t get knocked down by Big Nate. As he turns, surveying the damage, Nate is assaulted by Star with an amazing and, possibly, never before seen Front Somersault Missile Dropkick. How does it look? Well, just the way it sounds. Jumps off the top turnbuckle, completes a front flip, and dropkicks opponent before landing. How does it feel? It hurts like CNV’s ass probably does right about now.

Nate stumbles into the corner and is followed with a moonsault kick. Now Nate stumbles out of the corner, wobbly as all hell, and Star’s elimination is stolen by Kris Destiny, who runs in out of nowhere and pushes Nate over the top ropes. Kris turns around, arms in the air, feeling accomplished, before being slugged right in his smug little jaw. Star just shrugs her shoulders and finds somebody else to fight.


The camera shifts to Ryan Cox as he jumps over Vladimir’s head and lands on the top rope, using it to springboard and land a DDT on an unsuspecting Jools Kingdom without his feet ever touching the floor. **** High Flyer kicks Nick Riot in the knee and breaks him down before landing a step up enziguiri. As **** High Flyer stands, he’s steamrolled by a Vladimir shoulder block. Vladimir, a human wrecking ball at this point, continues across the ring before coming back and running straight through Reaper with his forearm. To add insult to injury, Vladimir steps all over the chest of the face painted superstar in order to make his way to the ropes again. Vladimir takes this opportunity to show amazing athleticism, hurdling Travis Thompson and causing him to miss a spear entirely, instead flying underneath the ropes. Upon Landing, Vladimir gets up again, this time with a thoroughly unexpected spinning wheel kick to the chops of Jools Kingdom. Jools hit’s the ground, stunned, and is taken advantage of by Star, who lays in with the stomps to the chest. Nick Riot gets up from the ground just as Dostoevsky does and spins him around before lifting him onto his shoulders. As he turns, though, showing off his power, both Nick Riot and the man on his shoulder, The Russian Tank, Vladimir Dostoevsky, are taken down hard thanks to a springboard cross body from Chris Vaughn. No time for celebration, though. Reaper kick’s Vaughn square in the testicles, dropping him to the mat. **** High Flyer attempts the same tactic on Reaper, only to find that this 80 year old man’s nuts really are non existent by now. Standing there looking like a confused jackass, **** High Flyer meets the same fate as Vaughn before crumbling to the mat himself, shrieking in pain.

Back in the ring, Travis Thompson gets told by Star to “Shut up, ****!” with a vicious super kick to the mouth which knocks him right back out of the ring, over the top rope.


Chris Vaughn has recovered from the nut shot and is brawling with Jools Kingdom while Vladimir and Star have Reaper pinned in the corner, taking turns landing some absolutely devastating shots. Now, at this point, I’m sure you’re all wondering where Kris Destiny went, right? Well, if you’re like me, you forgot to add him to the action and, thus, he’s still recovering from being knocked the **** out by Star. Kris sits in the corner, trying to shake off the cobwebs, and notices that **** High Flyer is trying to hit him with the Bronco Buster. He leaps, legs spread, ready for some face to crotch action, when Destiny simply stick his foot out, making **** High Flyer the first wrestler in recent years to e kicked in the nuts twice in two minutes. **** High Flyer rolls around on the ring, his natural soprano range really shining through here as he scream like the **** he is. Wait… what? Manny, stop being an ****. The kid is not a ****. Anyhoo, he’s sure screaming like a ****, as any grown man would upon taking a nut shot like that. Destiny gets to his feet and dances a little tap dancing jig reminiscent of his not too well hidden days as Mr. Broadway. In the meantime, Chris Vaughn is kicking the crap out of Nick Riot with an innovative and confusing array of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees that don’t have the power to put Riot down but sure leave him **** disoriented. Jools Kingdom finishes Riot off with a German Suplex, but gets kicked in the chest as his thanks from H-Bomb. Jools stumbles back and gets the crap clotheslined out of him by Kris Destiny, knocking him over the top rope.


Elsewhere, Star and Vladimir continue their tandem obliteration of Reaper, which really shows Vladimir’s tag team prowress. He can make a teammate out of anybody, even the Blackout superStar who can hardly understand a word he’s saying. Nick Riot and **** High Flyer are back at it again, this sibling rivalry being taken right back to middle school, back when Nick’s feelings of inadequacy due to his small ****, body odor, and acne led to his bullying of **** High Flyer, his younger brother. Okay, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it’s much more interesting than some typical ass “He always bea me in sports” bullshit. For the sake of argument, let’s also say **** **** Nick’s ex, his current girlfriend, and his future girlfriend, all on the same day, all at the same time, and videotaped it back when Nick was a junior in high school, and Nick didn’t find out til his senior year when, after breaking up with his future girlfriend and needing some **** for comfort, he dropped the baby oil all over his carpet upon seeing that video on the top ten for the year.

(Manny… seriously, listening to songs like “****” by NHB while writing a match is probably not the best thing to do. People might be offended.)

(Well, ya know what, Manny? If they can’t take a fuckin joke then… hehe. Did ya get that one? “Fuckin joke”… a joke about fuckin… okay. That was stupid. Get back to the match, dipshit.)

Anyhoo, Flyer manages to dropkick his brother over the top rope and eliminate him. Flyer is not satisfied, however, and runs across the ring before vaulting over the top rope and headbutting Nick Riot. That was a pretty **** stupid decision, though as, not only did e eliminate himself, but his neck twists in a particularly gross angle. Both brother’s lie side by side, both knocked the hell out.


Ryan Cox emerges out of absolutely nowhere now that he’s one of 6 remaining competitors. He and Chris Vaughn turn to look at each other very awesomely, like two samurai having bumped shoulders. It’s some pretty epic ****, man. I wish you all could see it. The resulting brawl is pretty epic as well, punch after punch after punch after kick after neck chop, every single possible strike that could be thrown is thrown, in the most rapidly moving, sexy action one could possibly imagine. A Playgirl camera woman suddenly materializes in the center of the ring, snaps a picture of the orgasmic fisticuffs action, and fades away like Efinn Rox after petting people in OOC comments. Kris Destiny decides that he’s going to be an **** and runs up on Vladimir, throwing him out of the ring to end his and Star’s tandem murder of, well, Death. Star looks at Destiny, a purturbed expression on her face, and swings at Destiny… but he ducks! Destiny pops up, ready for action, and gets molly whopped by a spinning back elbow from Star. Picking the lifeless Reaper, Star bundles him out over the top rope before doing the same to Kris Destiny. Neither even tries to resist, as they’re probably off picking lilies in the fields or some ****.


Only three people left in this one now and Chris Vaughn has begun to take the advantage. He has Ryan Cox reeling now, leaning on the ropes as he tries to stay in this one. After three punches to the face without an answer, Vaughn figures that Cox is unable to react. Meanwhile, Star seems to be retrieving something from one of the corners. Vaughn takes two steps back, releases a primal scream and charges with a kick, which he misses. Vaughn has now crotched himself on the top rope. Cox takes advantage and springboards off the second rope before drop kicking Vaughn over the top rope.


Cox points at Vaughn, pointing out his mistakes and laughing at him, before being approached by a very deliberate Star, who drags a thick linked chain behind her. With a slave master swing, Star smacks Cox across the back with the heavy ass chain, leaving him squealing like a pig. Allen Marrow would be proud. Cox turns around, grabbing at his back, and is chain linked in the face by Star. Cox immediately flies backward, grabbing at his face as he topples over the top ropes and crashes hard on the outside.



Star, contrary to the enormity of coming out the victor in this ridiculous ass match, seems incredibly bored. The Blackout represented simply shrugs before dropping the chain in the middle of the ring and exiting.

= = = = = = = = = =

Jamal walks in slowly like an animal and turns around and points with his gigantic fingers on his big tatoo which says : "BEAST FROM THE EAST" that covers his entire back. He turns around again, smiles, and approaches the ring.

Allen Marrow jumps out from behind the curtain as ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy hits the PA. Allen hops off the stage as he brings a cigar to his lips and lights it with a lighter.

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant **** to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Motherfuck him and John Wayne

With the smoke pouring out of his mouth Allen strolls lazily down the ramp on his way to the ring. Allen takes a long inhale, before spinning around and exhaling a cloud of smoke into a random fans face and laughing his ass off about it. Finally, Allen rolls into the ring, making various nonsensical hand gestures as he stands on the middle turnbuckle facing out over the crowd.

Jamal Alvandi looks across the ring over at Allen Marrow who seems, for all intents and purposes, absolutely out of it tonight. He’s drunk, reeks of that wonderful purple urple scent, and doesn’t seem to be much concerned over anything going on in the world right now. How a man who was once such a bright star could fall so far from grace one can only wonder. However, his conviction cannot be argued, come hell or high water, Marrow is here tonight with the intention of, at the very least, serving the rest of his contract.

As the bell rings, Jamal Alvandi strides to the middle with purpose while Marrow strolls lazily, seemingly hoping to just get this match over with as soon as possible. Jamal seems to have the same intent as he abandons a test of strength for a boot to the gut. Marrow cringes as his breath all escapes in one huff. Jamal lifts Marrows chin before power slamming him to the ground. Swiftly, Jamal is back to his feet before landing elbow drop after elbow drop after elbow drop to Marrow’s throat. Those three elbows definitely do their job and Marrow is held down for a short 2 count on the pin attempt from The Slumdog. Jamal transitions into a headlock on Allen Marrow, who struggles to get his head out of this precarious position. Marrow rolls to his knees and begins powering to his feet. Moments later, he’s driving elbows into the gut of Jamal. Getting out of Jamal’s grasp, Marrow begins to run toward the ropes, but is grabbed by his hair by Jamal and slammed back to the ground, his head whip lashing off of the mat. Again, Jamal attempts a pin and gets a 2 count.

Marrow tries to sit up, holding his neck, and Jamal, upon noticing this, capitalizes, pressing his knee into Marrow’s back and pulling back on his head. Marrow, again, struggles against the hold, but the struggle is not too convincing. Marrow just doesn’t seem in it and Jamal Alvandi is more than willing to pick up the win after the excellent showing his tag team partner, Vladimir Dostoevsky, made during in the Cross Brad Battle Royal the match before. After much effort, Marrow finally makes his way to his feet and, this time, instead of just throwing some elbows, Marrow quickly spins til he’s facing Jamal, grabs him by the head, and drops down to his knees for a chin breaker. Jamal seems stunned and Marrow goes on the attack with those trademark right and left hands, backing Jamal into the ropes while Vladimir yells for him to fight back. He cannot, though, as Marrow’s punching power still remains a huge factor in his game.
Marrow throws Jamal across the ring and ducks his head, telegraphing a back drop. Jamal simply kicks him in the ches, causing Marrow to stand up, stunned, before hitting a beautiful swinging neckbreaker. Marrow’s hands instantly go to grab at his neck while Alvandi’s pin attempt, again, only gets two. Jamal seems visibly frustrated with the ref now that he can’t seem to put Marrow away, despite his obvious distraction in the match. Clapping his hands, The Slumdog gets in the referee’s face, demanding that he count faster. His demands get him nowhere, though, as the ref’s decision remains final. Returning to Marrow, Jamal picks him up and lands a few punches. Marrow tries, unsuccessfully, to fight back, as one of his punches is blocked before he’s nailed with a DDT. Jamal immediately goes for the pin and, again, only gets 2. Furious, but trying to keep his emotions in check, Jamal simply gets up, backs up to the ropes, and rushes forward, landing a front flip leg drop on Allen Marrow. Jamal is quick to the fall and, still, can only manage to get a 2 count.

Jamal grows furious, now, turning to the referee and accusing him of discrimination. He brings race into the mix, he brings class into the mix, he brings show affiliation into the mix, and he even brings hair style into it. Sadly, none of those work in his favor. Pissed off, Jamal turns back to Allen Marrow, who is using the ropes to stand up. Jamal goes to grab him but is absolutely LEVELED by a full bodied right hand from Allen Marrow. The Slumdog drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes, dead weight as he’s, no doubt, seeing tweety bird and all his 27 clones. Marrow, having thrown himself to the ground with the punch, rises on his hands and knees, trying to make sense of the situation. The fans are cheering now, imploring Marrow to get up and fight on. So he does. Marrow rises to his feet, feeling the energy of the crowd rushing through him.

Marrow walks over to Jamal and brings him to his feet. A punch later and Jamal is back on the ground. The momentum of the punch brings him back to a standing position and Marrow swings again, this one sending Jamal stepping back on wobbly legs. Marrow charges Jamal and pushes him into the ropes before whipping him across the ring and landing a ring shaking spine buster. Allen sees his moment, now. The chance to rectify all the wrongs of the weeks previous. The chance to put a mother fucker out. He waits, damn near charging at a downed Jamal Alvandi, instincts taking over as he postures, savoring what is to come. Jamal, slowly, rises to his feet, Vladimir shouting for him to watch out. But Allen’s already coming, breakneck speed, ready to tear through Jamal Alvandi… but today is not the day. The Slumdog is too quick today, and he steps out of the way without a centimeter to spare. Marrow turns around, pain in his eyes, knowing what comes next. The kick to the gut and… Persiabuster!!! Marrow flops to the ground like a fresh cod as Jamal, sure of his victory, rolls Marrow over, drowning out the boos of the fans and hearing only the cheers of Vladimir Dostoevsky and the count of the referee.



= = = = = = = = = =

The opening of Hell by Disturbed begins to play over the PA.
*ahh ahh*

The song continues to play over the PA as some of the fans rise to their feet.

*Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James then walks out onto the stage and looks around in the crowd, only to be welcomed with cheers from the crowd, most of which are taking a few pictures of him

*Leave me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you
Running from all that you've feared in your life
Soul of the night, will a son mislead paint a horror upon you
Marking the moment, displaying in my ghost of a life
That I can't condone the way you left me out in the open
To leave me to die
So how can I, forget the way you led me through the path into heaven
To leave me behind*

James begins to make his way to the ring, slapping hands of the fans as he goes to the ring

Bo Freeman: Making his way to the ring, from Augusta, Georgia, weighting in tonight at 226 pounds, he is one half of the Dark City Boyz, he is... James "The Krusher" Jowers.

*Now I can't stay behind
Save me, from wreaking my vengeance upon you
Too Killing more than I can tell
Burning now I bring you hell
Oh, burning now I bring you hell*

James stands at the top of the steps, he stops and begins to look around the arena again. After he looks around the arena, he goes up on to the apron and hops to the second rope and bends down, only to rise back up and stick his right arm in the air, and positioning his left foot on the top rope. He jumps down into the ring moments later and begins to walk around, and finally stops in the corner where he awaits the match to start.

Leary: This Kid’s got it all made out! He’s been several champions before but if he wins this match tonight, James will finally have the prime time title for the first time in his position.

Alex King: Yeah but you know the King will retain his title! No one can beat Chip Horton!

Leary: You could be wrong about that Alex! Looking at James Jowers, it seems that he’s ready more then ever tonight!
Alex King: Yea well he lost to Ryan Cox last week. And that normally means that it’s a bad sign.

Bo Freeman: And his opponent…

“Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge begins to play over the PA system as the arena lights go out, instigating instant disdain from the fans, as they boo the man that they know is going to be stepping into the arena in a few short moments. As the intro grows, the booing does, and as the first verse starts, ‘Horton sucks!’ chants begin already. They really hate KoA.

Bo Freeman: “He is the reigning UWE Prime Time Champion, from Manchester, North Western England, weighing in tonight at 270 pound…‘The King of Awesomeness’….CHIP HORTON!”

As the chorus begins the Prime Time Champion steps through the curtain; clad in his long, black and red ring pants, and a long black and red trench coat. . He has the Prime Time Championship belt proudly draped over his left shoulder. He hears the reaction from the crowd, and simply smirks before holding the rock handles proudly above his head, then, bring his arms down, he lifts the championship belt from his shoulder, raising it aloft with his left hand and once more holding up a rock handle with his other hand. This posing is met by more hatred. He arrogantly smiles, before begin his walk down to the ring…

Just the mention of his name causes more booing, as Chip Horton now slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and has a look around the crowd, smugly smiling to himself. He enjoys being hated; it is what makes Chip Horton. He then raises the Prime Time Championship once more, to generate more hate from the UWE fans in attendance. With the boos still at past full volume, KoA climbs each turnbuckle in turn, each time proudly showing of his gold. The arena lights then return to normal, as Horton throws his long trenchcoat at the ring hands, before passing out the Prime Time Championship with care. The King then crouches down in the corner, eagerly awaiting the start of his match. “Ties That Bind” then cuts… James J and Chip Horton start down at one another. Their eyes connect not letting their sight go elsewhere. The referee puts the Prime Time title in the air to show that it‘s on the line. The ref hands it down to one of the officials and rings the bell.


The fans start roaring into a big chant for James J. James smiles a bit and shrugs his shoulders over to Chip. Chip Horton has a serious face and keeps focus on James J because his title is on the line and doesn’t plan on losing it. Both men take a step forward and start the match. Chip’s face turns into a grin after James gets a confused look on his face. Chip thumbs James in the eye. James J rubs his eye real quick as Chip quickly clotheslines James down hard. The ref already gets on Chip’s back for thumbing James in the eye. The fans boo at Chip for the cheap shot. Chip smirks at the crowd. Chip then starts to kick James on the side while he is still down.

Alex: I told you. Chip isn’t playing tonight. When his title is on the line, he does his best.

Leary: The man was thumbed in the eye for god’s sake! How do you start the match like that? That sounds like desperation to me!

Alex: Well Leary, even at the end… a win is a win.

James J gets up after being kicked several times on the side. Chip can only smirk at James J. James J moves back and bounces off the ropes to gain some speed and tries to do a clothesline to Horton but Horton reverses it with a powerslam. Already he goes for the count.




Leary: This is fuckin WrestleMania! There’s no way the match could have ended. I know these both men have a lot of momentum tonight and it’ll be hard for one of them to fall so easily!

Horton starts to beat James J in the face. James eventually reverses it using his head literally. He headbutts Chip on the head. James quickly gets up while behind Chip Horton and quickly does a reversed DDT! Chip is down! It’s James’ turn to make the pin! Ref gets down and counts!!


King: There’s no way in hell that was going to be the final move of this match! There’s way to much at stake!

James J brushes his hair back with his hand. He goes to the turnbuckle and gets ready to climb it. Chip surprises James from behind, turns him around and does a knife edge chop towards James. You can hear the impact of the chop. Chip does another around of chops. Chip does one more chop across the chest. James’ chest is ready. Chip sets up James J towards the turnbuckle. He does this so he can spear James J. After setting him up, Chip goes to the opposite end of the turnbuckle. He charges towards James J and James quickly moves out of the way as Chip’s shoulder and the steel post connect. The fans make an “ohhhh” sound. Chip seems to be in dear pain. James J tries to recover from those knife edge chops. Chip falls and tries to recuperate. James J goes towards Chip but chip has enough energy to quickly do a drop kick towards James’ beat chest. Both men are now down and the referee looks at the both as they are not getting up. The referee starts to count.



Leary: Both men are down! It seems they are really giving it all they’ve got.

Alex: James’ chest is hurting from those crazy chops and Chip’s shoulder is pretty much banged up from hitting it on the steel post!


Alex: But you gotta remember! Chip CAN pull through on this. He defeated Maria, Adam Majors, and not to mention, James J back before. And I clearly remember that Chip broke Majors’ legs in that ladder match and caused him the career ending of his life! If James J doesn’t win the title tonight, he’ll be even lucky to walk out of the arena because Chip is a dangerous man.

Leary: It doesn’t matter! All that you said does not matter. James J is a **** legend and there’s no way that James can go down so easily.




You can finally see movement. Chip slowly starts to get up.


James J moves up as well. Chip uses the ropes to pull himself up. James is about half ways getting up.


Both men are up and the match will now continue. James and Chip run towards each other. Chip goes for a clothesline and James dodges. James calf kick Chip. You can tell on the look on Chip, he is starting to get frustrated. James J grapples Chip and tries to irish whip Chip to the ropes but Chip reverses it and whips James to the ropes. James comes back to Chip at full speed and Chip does a big boot to the face. Without wasting any time, Chip picks up James by the hair and throws him out of the ring. The ref gets on Chip for doing another illegal maneuver. Chip slides out of the ring and picks James J up again. He drags him to the commentator’s table and starts slamming his head to the table. He repeats this about 6 times. He tosses down James J like a rag doll and starts to take everything off the table such as the cover for the table, the monitors, etc.

Leary: This man has lost it! He’s gone absolutely insane! He wants to finish off James J once and for all!

Alex: I don’t like it when the action comes close to me.

Chip picks up James J and spears him to the edge of the table causing himself and James pain. Chip takes James and sets him up on the table. He goes up the ring and finds a steel chair.

Leary: What in God blazes is he going to do with that…?

Chip puts the chair flat onto James’ chest where it was previously hurting. Now Chip goes towards the ring, gets back in it and climbs the turnbuckle.

Leary: Good God!!! He’s going to get himself hurt and make James J get injured badly if he succeeds this maneuver!!

James J throws the chair off and stumbles but quickly gets off the table. Chip gets off the turnbuckle and gets out of the ring. James J starts holding his head in place. Chip follows James from behind and turns him around. He does an uppercut to James followed by a spear. James J is down! Chip takes both his heads and brushes his hair back and makes a psychopathic face. You can see all sorts of veins run down Chip’s face. Chip gets on top of James and starts to beat a unconscious man. Chip stops and drags James back to the ring. Chip goes towards the announcers and say to them that this is why he is the prime time champion. He is the king and no one can stop him. No one! Leary and Alex look at each other and try to level with Chip. Chip turns around to get back to the match but finds out that James J is in the air!

Leary: What the hell!? Just a minute ago, James J was knocked out and now out of no where he became airborne!

King: This match is exciting!!

James J makes a comeback and starts to beat down Chip Horton. James J goes for an armbar grab. He lets go about 10 seconds later. James J wants to finish this fight. He takes Chip by the head and drags him to the steel stairs. He slams his head into the steps several times. James decides to irish whip Chip to the steel post but Chip reverses it and James is smacked with the steel post. Chip quickly runs towards James J and does a clothesline and it connects!!!

Leary: OH MY GOD!! What a decapitating maneuver that was!! I think James J is done for!!

Alex: I told you. James might not be so lucky to walk out of this arena tonight. I think Chip will end James’ career tonight if James can’t comeback with anything. And from the looks of it, it seems like this match is over. I mean, damn.
Chip starts to make a crazy smirk on his face. He picks up James and puts him back into the ring. This time he doesn’t take his eye off of him. Chip slides back to the ring to finally finish this match and walk out as the current champion. He makes the pin and the ref drops and starts his count…


Leary: It seems its all over folks. James J gave it his best but now the end is here.



Alex: What the?! He kicked out!

Leary: I don’t believe it! What Chip did, it could have taken anyone out!!

The crowd is amazed and surprised, the ref is stunned, Leary and Alex don’t believe it and as for Chip… he is the most frustrated person at the very moment. Chip pulls his hair making that a sign as to… “I don’t believe this!!!” He blames the referee for the slow count. The ref told chip that he’s just doing his job. Right as soon as Chip turn around, he finds James J right behind him. James goes for the GTS but unfortunately for James, Chip slips out and performs the Mark of Awesomeness! It’s over!! It’s over!! Chip falls in pins James J.




Chip rolls off of James and sits up with his hand raised high as the ref brings him the Prime time championship!  He stands up, holding his title before 73, 000 fans!  Chip looks down and kisses the belt, but now he must go prepare for the Money in the Bank match!  Chip rolls out of the ring, leaving behind a very upset James J who later leaves the ring as well.


Cameras open up backstage as Cory Chevelle is shown sitting back in the locker room with his face buried deeply into his lunch box like hands.  There’s a reason though.  That reason being Christine’s nagging.  She goes on and on as she’s been doing every since she lost her match.  You can see Chevelle’s starting to boil.  Then finally she stops.  He looks up, nope, there she goes again.

Are you even listening to me!?

Not really...

UGH!  You’re useless!

Yeah?  Because I didn’t help you win?  Boo friggen hoo. 

Whoa!  What makes you think that you can talk to me like THAT!?  You’re nothing more than a washed up has been! 

His hands drop.  He rolls his eyes as he stands up and walks off, leaving Christine alone.  She looks into the camera, irate as ever.  She swings her blonde hair back behind her shoulders and begins viciously pointing her finger at the camera, making her statement.

Let me tell you all something!  I’m Christine Nicole Valentine and tonight was nothing more than a fluke!  I’ll be back, and when I do, I’ll get the respect and credit I deserve!  I was robbed!  That match was unfair and Greenbean knows it!  I’ve put up with this long enAAHH!

Out of no where there’s a flash of Cory Chevelle running in from the side and connecting the ‘Blood Lust’!  A sickening thud can be heard as the two hit the ground.  When the camera turns around, Chevelle is standing over Christine just shaking his head.

Washed up?  Has been?  ****, I’m Cory...FRICKEN....CHEVELLE!  Silverback.  FOUR-TIME Hall of Famer!  The American Muscle, Godfather of pro-wrestling.  I’m the man who dislocated your jaw via caw-...-he notices the camera- You know the rest. 

He turns away from her and looks into the camera now, seemingly much more relaxed now that she’s shut her suck hole.

UWE, Wrestlemania!  No match for me tonight I’m afraid but there is someone I can’t wait to step into the ring with.  Baine...I’ve noticed you running your mouth.  I’ve noticed you been lookin’ for me.  So I’ll tell you what, you want a match?  Fine.  You got it.  Me and you, first confirmed match for UWE’s next pay-per-view!  After I’m done making you my new ring mop, I’m coming for some gold.  Play time’s over kiddies.  You’re in the Silverback’s house now. 

He shoves his way past the camera man and walks out, leaving a badly hurt Christine Valentine lying in the floor.  Her shoes kicked off every where, and a puddle of something under her.  Could be urine.  Hell, maybe Chevelle caused an abortion.  Who needs to go in for an abortion when you just got hit by a mack truck like Chevelle?


We cut back to UWE Wrestlemania IV and the camera is on the ring with a ladder to every side of the ring. There are five wrestlers in the ring and announcer Bo Freeman in his tuxedo. Efinn Rox, Masahide, Bryan Blaze, Kenji Moori and Pyronus Souria are in the ring, but we notice the absence of one Chip Horton. Freeman begins to speak.

Bo: Ladies and gentlemen. Due to Chip Horton's Prime Time Championship defense earlier on in the night, doctors and UWE officials have examined Chip's medical health and deemed him not fit to participate in tonights event.

The crowd give out a massive cheer, as the most heartless man in UWE, KoA has been ruled out of tonights action.

Frank: What the hell, I mean, as much as I hate Chip Horton, this match seems to have gotten a little less competitive.

Bobby: I totally agree Frank, Chip's not the type of guy you'd want to win a match, but it is ashame he isn't in the match, he is a superb wrestler.

The bells sounds and the match is underway. All men look at each other and hesitate for a while, waiting for one to make a move. After a few faints, Kenji makes the first move, hitting Bryan Blaze with a right hand, but Masahide pounces on Moori as he and Blaze begin to double team Moori. Blaze Irish whips Moori across the ring as Masahide closelines him. Moori rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile Rox and Pyronus are trading blows, but Rox ducks from a right hand of Pyronus and gets behind him to deliver a backdrop.

Masahide and Blaze now begin to grapple by the turnbuckle, Blaze comes out on top and throws Masahide into the turnbuckle, followed by a dropkick to the jaw, Masahide drops to his knees and eventually ends up on his back...SMASH!

Frank: Oh my god, Kenji Moori just crushed Bryan's face with that ladder.

Bobby: And them things aren't made out of sponge let me tell you that!
As the crowd boo's Kenji Moori, Moori turns round to see Rox, and Pyronus who just got back to his feet. Moori takes a wild swing with the ladder but both men duck and Moori drops the ladder as Pyronus and Rox go on the offensive and toss him out of the ring. Pyronus notices the ladder has landed onto the top rope, facing the direction on Moori, Pyronus pumps his fists to the crowd as they let out wild screams. Moori makes it to his feet, Pyronus runs up the ladder and elevates himself over the top rope and through the air, followed by delivering an inch perfect missile dropkick. The crowd give Pyronus a standing ovation.

Frank: Wow, this match is turning into some spectacle, these fans don't realise how lucky they are.

Bobby: Oh yes they do, look at them, they're all on the feet.

The crowd lets out a few 'Holy ****' chants as Rox notices an opportunity, with everyone down and out, he picks up the ladder from the ropes and lines it up underneath the briefcase and begins to climb. He gets to the middle step before Masahide has made it back into the ring. Rox smartly jumps down and delivers a toe-kick to Masahide and tries to quiet him down with a neckbreaker, but Masahide counters and turns it into a DDT of his own. Masahide gets to his feet and notices the ladder arranged for him. He makes his way up the ladder and gets to the top step, but Pyronus leaps onto the top rope from the apron and springboards himself to the ladder, the crowd go silent as Pyronus perfects the jump and lands onto the ladder, he climbs to the top step and Masahide delivers a blow to the top of his head, but Pyronus shakes it off and delivers a shot of his own. As they trade blows, Pyronus knocks Masahide off balance, and gets Masahides head under his arm and hits a bulldog from the ladder!

Frank: Do these guys ever stop, what do they run on?!??!

Bobby: Frankie my friend, I have no idea, but here again look! Blaze is making his way up to his feet, as is Efinn Rox!

As Bryan Blaze gets to his feet we see blood streaming from the top of his forehead, into his eyes and down his chest. Rox lets out a sick smile and kicks him in the sternum and gets Blaze to his shoulder setting up for a Efinn Rocked, but Blaze topples off Rox and delivers an inverted DDT. Blaze the climb to the top rope and waits on Rox to stand, as Rox does stand Blaze flies through mid-air and delivers HEATWAVE!

Frank: What an immense finisher that is! How does he perfect that move?!?!?

Bobby: It is really scary how agile he is...lucky bastard...

But from behind Kenji has returned to the ring and Irish whips Blaze into the turnbuckle. Moori sprints towards Blaze like a steam train, but Blaze moves out of the way and Kenji bounces off the turnbuckle. Blaze then closelines Kenji over the top rope. Blaze sees an opportunity. He picks up the previously uses ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins to climb, however, Masahide has also found his way to his feet and begins to make his way up the opposite side of the ladder. They both reach the top and begin to assault each other with blows to the face, Blaze kicks Masahide in the back of the leg which makes him stumble, Blaze reaches for the case, but gets Masahides fist in his face...

Frank: NO **** WAY!

UNIMAGINABLE! Chip Horton is making his way down the ramp! He comes down while Masa and Blaze look on in disbelief, but then some how Kenji comes out no where and connects an enzi guri on Chip!  Chip is kicked so hard he goes off into the crowd!  Then...

What the hell!?!

Something’s going on with the cameras...wait, what’s Efinn doing!?!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!!  (Catch 22)

The cameras go nuts, no one knows what just happened, but all jaws hit the floor.  Blaze is shown lying on the mat, as is Masahide.  Kenji is laid out across the stairs...and Efinn....Efinn is at the top of the ladder.  Holding the MITB briefcase. 

HOLY HELL!  HE just....what the.....THE HELL WAS THAT!?! 

That...was something from beyond our realm. 

Your winner, Efinn ROX!  Jesus....


The camera now cuts backstage to Baine, who appears in the corridors.  He looks into the camera with a grin, raising a mic up.

Baine: You know. Today is WrestleMania and all I get to do is sit here and talk about me and my future. Actually. Im fine with that. Im mentioned in Mania and also have some news for you guys. First off, I just wanted to say to the Hall of Fame guys, congratulations on making it guys. You guys definitely deserve it. Im really happy for you all. I know. I don’t have much to say. Okay. Im not gonna lie. I’ll be honest with you all. I really thought that I’d be in it there year but you know what? There’s always the next one I guess. But hey! The hall of fame… it’s not for me to really talk about. I don’t wanna make anyone feel that I should have been in it or whatever. You know? It’s all good. I’ve wrestled here in UWE since 2006 and today im still wrestling. The thought of being in the hall of fame while still wrestling, that sounds pretty good but it’s whatever. Anyway guys, congrats on making it to above legend stats. Very well earned.

Now with that out of the way, I just wanted to mention tonight about one very special person in mind. You all may know him as the gorilla enforcer, but I know him as the big ass idiot that im’a **** over soon. You see, I did the research on this guy and well again. Im not gonna lie. He faced my very first rival back in the days. My rival who STILL my rival today… his name… Jimmy Rave. That’s right Jimmy Rave. He and Cory Chevelle, they fought back then and at the end, it turns out that Rave came up short and when I found out about it, I was stunned to learn that the guy I could never beat, Jimmy Rave, was defeated by Cory Chevelle; A guy that I now have to face pretty soon enough. But that was back then just so ya’ll know. Im better, much stronger, faster then before. I’m pretty sure I can take him on. Im more experienced. Chevelle, I just want you to know that you may be pretty much strong or Mr. Superman, whatever you’d like to call yourself but times have changed. You know, whatever floats you boat. You defeated my rival who I could never beat. Now that he’s retired from wrestling, you’ll be the next guy I’ll target. I’m always looking for strong competitors to take on. Basically the “unstoppable” bitches. And right now, you’re on my list. You should feel lucky that im even thinking of you.

Cory Chevelle, it may not have happened tonight, but next time, you’re on!


The camera open back up ring side as the steel dome structure is lowered over the ring and locked down...

Here we are folks, the Blackout main event.  They’re callin’ this one the Thunderdome match!

Where’s Mel Gibson when you need him...


Nothing, you’re too old. 

”Stronger” by Kanye hits the PA as the first contestant, Quentin Barnes comes walking out on stage.  Quentin walks down the ramp, entering the steel structure with much hesitation.  He enters though, regardless.  After Barnes enters, Stoner’s music hits and Stoner makes his way down the ramp and into the Thunderdome.  Then, Tony Daniels comes out...and after Tony Daniels, a special surprise is revealed....

The camera shot rests on the makeshift stage as the mighty men of metal, Megadeth, enter the arena to a showering of cheers from these rauckus fans, followed by a 100 member choir dressed in black robes with blood red sashes. They enter silently, dorwned by the noise of the crowd, as the Megadeth members take their places, Dave Mustaine at the mic, guitar in hand, as they begin to hammer out the opening riffs of Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates”.

The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes
It's nothing new for him to see
I didn't ask him why
I will remember
The love our souls had
Sworn to make
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see
Now is your (face)

The choir joins in on the chorus while, at the same time, a glass box begins ascending from the floor directly to the right of Mustaine.

Well I guess You took my youth
I gave it all away
Like the birth of a New-found joy
This love would end in rage

The glass box fully ascends to reveal Fervor Falls, eyes downcast, and **** Championship held loosely in his right hand. He is dressed in unison with the amazing choir, his black and red shorts matching his black and red Vans and, even, his black and red Mohawk, a style he chose specifically for tonight. A smirk can be seen on Fervor’s face as he begins to get antsy, shuffling his feet inside the glass box, a sort of cage containing this passionate star. Though the fans want to boo, they cannot. With Megadeth hammering out an amazing tribute to Pantera and the late Dimebag Darrell, one can only watch in awe.

And when she died
I couldn't cry
The pride within my soul
You left me incomplete
All alone as the
Memories now unfold.

Fervor suddenly steps back and kicks straight through the glass in front of him, shattering the entire box and releasing him, in all his firey nature, onto these Houston Texas fans. Fervor, taking two steps forward, flexes each and every well toned muscle on his ripped frame while shouting aloud, a primal war cry, eyes squinted and heinous. Furious. Ready to unleash hell. In the midst of this insanity of action, the choir simply steps along with the beat, rhythmic, as if in a Baptist church.

Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the
Cemetery gates

Fervor Falls exit’s the stage as he now steps onto the entrance ramp, right fist clenched upon his **** Championship while his left fist clenches upon itself. Again Fervor shouts, calling to all his opponents “Let’s go, ****!!”, as he struts down the entrance ramp like a man possessed, intent on tearing a hole in the very fabric of existence.

Sometimes when I'm alone
I wonder aloud
If you're watching over me
Some place far abound
I must reverse my life
I can't live in the past
Then set my soul free
Belong to me at last

Fervor now stands mere inches away from the Thunderdome Cage. He stands there, hopping in place, primed to get his hands on somebody.

Through all those
Complex years
I thought I was alone
I didn't care to look around
And make this world my own
And when she died
I should've cried and spared myself some pain
You left me incomplete
All alone as the memories still remain

The way we were
The chance to save my soul
And my concern is now in vain
Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the cemetery gates

It is now that Fervor Ttruly loses it, spazzing out and smashing his head into the metal surrounding of the Thuderdome. “What now mother fuckers? No more talk now, mother fuckers! Let’s fuckin go!” Fervor punches the cage twice with each hand before slamming his **** Championship to the ground and finally stepping into the cage, allowing himself to be locked away like a caged dog. And that’s precisely what he looks like. A rabid dog, confined to a corner, eyes narrowed and vicious. It’s this moment, this moment he’s been waiting for since first being signed. Now it’s here. **** the bullshit. Let’s fight.

The way we were
The chance to save my soul
And my concern is now in vain
Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the cemetery gates

Officials on the outside lock the Thunderdome’s door up.  Blackout’s official, Mark Calloway stands inside the ring with two other refs.  They call for the bell.  At first all four competitors stand in each corner, looking around at each other as 73, 000 people chant their names.

Frank: Wrestlemania folks!

Welp, at least we know the altzeimers hasn’t hit you yet.

Slowly, each man inch their way toward the center of the ring.  Then the camera cuts to Fervor who steps back and shouts “Ah, **** it!” Fervor comes charging at Stoner, but Stoner acts quickly, leaning over and flipping Fervor over his shoulder.  Barnes charges Daniels and takes him out with a clothesline!  Tony looks like he just got hit by a truck!  Barnes turns around and grabs Tony up, lifting him high into the air and turning for all to see.

I think Barney’s got a message for Daniels and the rest of the world!

Barnes chucks Tony over the ropes to the outside of the ring and follows him out.  Meanwhile, Stoner has Fervor in the corner of the ring, drilling away with a ten punch.  After the big ten, Stoner hops down and backs up before going into a run, he hops up high into the air and slams his elbow into Fervor’s chest!  Fervor comes stumbling out and falls to the mat while Stoner continues to impress the crowd.  He goes up to the top rope and goes diving off-WHISPER IN THE WIND!!!  Stoner’s pulling out all the stops early in the match.  Suddenly the camera turns over to Barnes who’s driving Tony’s now bloodied face into the steel bars of the Thunderdome!  Tony Daniels is being beaten SENSELESS!  Barnes picks up Tony’s mangled body and sets him on his shoulders, then carries him over and tosses him back first on top of the steps!  Tony screams in pain Barnes makes his message loud and clear.  BUT HERE COMES STONER!!!  Stoner comes diving through the ropes and crashes right into Barnes!  But Ref. Calloway has started a count on Daniels.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  FOUR!  FIVE!  SIX!  SEVEN!  EIGHT!  Tony starts to get up!  FERVOR FALLS COMES JUMPING OFF THE OUTSIDE APRON, STOMPING ON TONY’S HEAD!  NINE!  TEN!!!!  Tony Daniels is eliminated right off the bat!

Well...I guess the title is definitely going to change hands tonight. 

The rise and fall of Tony Daniels...God dammit. 

The tony Daniels we saw tonight was the same Tony Daniels we became use to seeing for a while until he recently turned his career around.  Looks like it’s over for Daniels. 

Fervor walks right into a drop kick by Stoner.  By now it’s shaping up to be two on one as both Barnes and Fervor stand on each side of Stoner.  Stoner looks from side to side, and Barnes is the first to move.  Stoner ducks quickly and the huge right hand of Barnes goes right into Fervor Falls’ mouth!  Fervor stumbles back against the ring.  Stoner gets behind Barnes and runs up behind him, going for a bulldog but in the same move he connects a missile dropkick to Fervor!  The crowd is going wild for Stoner tonight!

Wow!  Impressive maneuver by Stoner ladies and gentlemen! 

Stoner looks up at the ceiling dazed.  He can see the refs making their count and that’s when the gears shift.  Fervor hits the ground and pulls himself up, this time when Stoner comes around, Fervor catches him off guard with a kick to the knee.  After that, he rams Stoner head first into the steps.  Now stoner’s in trouble.  Fervor walks up to him, kicking him around in the ribs until he has Stoner by the steel wall.  He props Stoner’s head up against it and then grabs the bars.  He jumps up and flods his legs, then swinging back down and drives his knees into Stoner’s face!  The crowd shudders.  But here comes Barnes.  Barnes grabs the top half of the stairs and chucks them like they’re nothing.  Fervor turns around-BOONO!  Fervor ducks JUST in time, in fact, in the replay you can see the steps brush some of his hair back!  He jumps up, mad as a hornet and goes right after Barnes.  He swings, but Barnes blocks.  He swings again, and Barnes blocks.  Barnes grabs him up and throws him back first against the turnbuckle post outside.  HERE COMES STONER WITH THE STEPS!!!  He PLOWS Barnes over.  The steel steps make a sickening thud against Barnes’ skull!  Stoner drops the steps down and looks over at Fervor.  He looks to the crowd next, and smiles.  Stoner makes his way to Fervor, grabbing him up and walking him over.  He scoops Fervor up and slams him down on top of the stairs.  Then Stoner goes to the apron.  He hops up and walks to the nearest turnbuckle.  The fans gasp.  He can’t be serious.

NO Stoner!  NO! 

He’s about to get high! 

Stoner looks around at the fans in his serious face.  He then stands perfectly still, and makes the leap!  Yet another, but much bigger, Whisper in the Wind!  The fans get up from their seats as they watch gravity take control and gracefully bring Stoner down-FERVOR MOVES!!!  Stoner crashes on top of the steps and instantly screams out in pain.  Barnes is up, Fervor turns around only to be lifted up by Barnes going for the spine buster, but Fervor grabs the steel wall and hangs on!  Barnes lets go-Fervor wraps his legs around the neck of Barnes!  Where to from here!?  He uses his momentum off the steel wall and spins Barnes around, hitting a one in a million hurricarana!  Not something you see out of Fervor Falls often.  Stoner’s getting up to break his count now.  And Fervor’s like a shark who smells blood in the water.  He stands Stoner up and begins backing up.  He starts his charge; here comes the fist!  BUT STONER CATCHES IT!!!  Stoner grabs Fervor’s fist and stares straight into his eyes!  “I HAVE THE POWER!!”  The crowd goes wild!  Stoner swings Fervor’s fist down and then TAIL WHIP!  Fervor has been blinded!  Fervor is spinning around blindly until Stoner stops him and connects the Stunner!!!!  The fans jump up, they know there’s no way Fervor can come back now!  He falls, the refs begin their count, and Stoner starts to celebra-DESPERATE TIMES!!!  BARNES HITS THE DESPERATE TIMES!!!  The powerful running STO, perfected by the wolf himself!  Stoner lies out cold and now Barnes seems to be the one celebrating.

Barnes may become our new champion!

Then Fervor rolls over.  He drags his body over to the steel bars along the wall and pulls himself up ever so slowly until he can answer Ref. Calloway’s call.  Stoner on the other hand seems down and out as the other official shouts “SEVEN!”  EIGHT!  NINE! 

TEN!  Stoner is out!  Now it’s down to Barnes and Fervor!  Barnes grins and shakes his head.  He comes after Fervor who can barely stand at this point.  Fervor’s eyes squint open as he falls back against the cage.  He see’s Barnes open his arms up, getting ready to scoop him right up and finish the job.  Then it happens, right out of no where!  Fervor comes forward and hits the fever pitch!  You can see his fist crunch right into the face of Barnes and Barnes falls!  Fervor turns to the booing crowd and smiles before stumbling and falling back against the ring.  The refs count it.  And right at five, Barnes rolls over and begins getting up.  Fervor can’t believe it.  He shakes his head no and comes forward, stomping him back down.  But Barnes won’t quit.  Finally, Barnes catches Fervor’s foot and gets up to one knee.  He then lifts Fervor up off the ground and drops him right over his knee!  Fervor rolls around on the ground holding his ribs, his face as white as a ghost.  The powerful Quentin Barnes stands over Fervor with a smile.  Now it’s time for the real finish.  He grabs Fervor up, rolls him into the ring.  Barnes picks him up and underhooks both arms, but Fervor still has fight!  He begins to raise Barnes up, over his back and hits some kind of emerald fusion!!!  Fervor gets up, stumbling around a bit.  He looks at Barnes, and Barnes is STILL getting back up to his feet.  It’s all or nothing!  Fervor runs for it, he dives-BIG TIME SPEAR TAKING THE MONSTER SIZED MAN DOWN!!!  Fervor and Barnes spill out through the ropes and crash into the floor.  Calloway begins the count!  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  FOUR!  FIVE!!!  There is life!  Both men roll around....SIX!  SEVEN!  Fervor is pulling on the steel dome walls.  Barnes is right behind him.  EIGHT!  Fervor’s on one leg!  Barnes is on his knees!  NINE!  Fervor’s stumbling...he’s stumbling.....he FALNO! NO!  Fervor does NOT fall!  He’s on both feet! is Barnes.  Barnes swings, Fervor reluctantly ducks!  He turns around-SPIKE DDT by Fervor Falls!  Fervor looks at his downed opponent.  He knows better this time.  He goes back over to the stairs and picks them up, hardly able to lift them due to exhaustion.  He stops by Barnes and raises the steps up...a sick smile on his face-HE LETS THE STEPS FALL ON BARNES’ HEAD!!!!  The crowd can’t believe what they just witnessed.  Barnes lays in the ring lifeless now.  The refs count once more...1....2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9....10!!!  Fervor Falls jumps into the air, he’s done it!!!  He’s won Wrestlemania!  The refs bring him both belts as he celebrates in the ring.  A battered and badly wounded Barnes is removed by paramedics.  The fans don’t seem happy about the outcome though.  But Fervor, has gone the distance tonight.


Cameras open backstage as Duke steps into Greenbean’s office.  He looks around, smiling.  Greenbean turns around from his desk and looks up at Duke, unsure what to make of the visit.  Duke just stares back at Bean and smiles, then nods.

Tha’ Duke:
All personal differences aside...I’m gonna miss ya.  But don’t worry, I’ll run a tight ship...

I know you will.

They shake hands, and the torch is passed.  Now...the main event.


The lights flicker frantically before going completely out. It is silent for a moment, until words echo throughout the arena:

"SINNERS....They're all sinners....they're all going to the painful, everlasting, FIREY HELL."

"Wicked Garden" by STP blasts through the speakers, and a shower of sparks fly from underneath the Tron as Scylla walks into view. She turns her head slowly from left to right, waiting patiently for her foster son and manager, Kevin, to come out behind her.

Schumacher: The following contest scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from New Orleans, weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds...Evelyn LaRivierre!

Both make their way down the ramp, Kevin smiling innocently, and Scylla staring intently at ring. The redhead doesn't bother using the stairs; she climbs underneath the bottom rope and then onto the mat. Her son stays out of the ring and walks next to the bell holder. Scylla stands in the center of the ring, arms folded, waiting.[/i]

James Hetfield:
HOUSTON!  Are you READY!?  I give to you, the REAL Master of Puppets!  My good friend and your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION....ANGELUS-AHH! HERE WE GO!


A row of fireworks shoots up from the stage as Metallica continues playing.  Smoke surrounds the entrance way for a moment and begins clearing, and as it does so, Angelus can be seen standing on stage with the World Heavyweight championship around his waist.  The crowd goes nuts for him.  He stares straight down at Scylla and shakes his finger, letting her know this belt isn’t going anywhere tonight.

“Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor”

Ladies and Gentlemen...weighing in at 225 pounds!  From Las Vegas Nevada.  He is the current reigning World Heavyweight Champion of the world!  AnnnNNNNNGELLLLUUUUSSSssss! 

"Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded prima donna"

Angelus makes his way down the ramp, high fiving each fan as he passes by. Tonight’s the night for him.  What will likely be his final Wrestlemania.  Losing isn’t an option.  Tonight he walks out with the same belt he walked in with.  Angelus hops up on to the apron and enters the ring, just staring across as Scylla.  He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and takes off his belt before raising it into the air.  The cheers seem to become even louder.  He smiles for a second, then realizes it’s go time.  He drops down and turns back to Scylla, handing the belt off to the ref.

“Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
But the memory remains”

As his entrance music finally begins to fade, Angelus hears the fans chanting his name so decides to flow with it, pointing out into the crowd, encouraging them to continue their chants and this hyped up crowd duly oblige. With a big smile on his face, Angelus soaks up this big match moment, he's so happy to be here, headlining Wrestlemania. Scylla, meanwhile looks a lot less impressed. This was suppose to her big day, her big moment, her shot at redemption against the man who made her tap so visciously not too long ago, that memory still eating away at her as she looks at Angelus, behind those georgous eyes lies the brain of a psychotic women, who believes the spotlight she so deservedly earned has faded on her to focus on Angelus.

She'll let Angelus play to the crowd, she'll give him his moment in the spotlight because as far as she's concerned, Scylla will be the person in the spotlight when the match is over and that's the most important part. Finally the excited crowd settle into their seats and a rude and disrespectful Angelus, at least that will be the opinion of Evelyn, turns to focus on his opponent for the first time since entering the ring. Looking at Evelyn, Angelus sees her posture hasn't changed a bit, her feet remain planted to the spot and she's barely even blinked as her eyes follow every single movement Angelus makes.

Shaking her head, Scylla seems less than impressed as Angelus simply shrugs his shoulders, the bell now sounds and this Wrestlemania main event is officially underway! Scylla and Angelus gravitate together, like two magnets attracted to one another until they eventually begin this one the old fashion way-a collar and elbow tie up! As they lock up Scylla gives it her best in trying to overpower the champ, but Angelus is equal to her, so Evelyn thinks wisely and breaks away, taking a few steps back from Angelus who stays where he is, looking into the eyes of Evelyn, trying to figure out her next move.

Scylla mutters a couple of choice words to Angelus, nothing the champ wouldn't have heard before as Scylla tries to get underneath his skin, realising it isn't working she cautiously walks back to Angelus again, trying for the collar and elbow one more time as the two come together in the middle of the ring once more. This time Angelus baits her into the collar and elbow, quickly showing his wrestling ability by turning it into a side headlock which he applies which quite some pressure before scooping Scylla to the mat with a side headlock takeover, the second Scylla's back hits the mat however, she tries wrapping her legs around the neck of Angelus to gain an advantage, but Angelus quickly manages to wriggle out of it, at the expense of the side headlock he had applied as the two wrestler rise to their feet instantly, a big smile appears on the face of Evelyn as she's growing in confidence, Anj does nothing but raises his eyebrows.

Bobby Moroso: Never make a redhead mad, never EVER make a redhead made she may just hurt ya for it.

Now they both pull their hair back outta their faces and begin to circle one another clockwise around the ring, the feeling out period is over, the tempo rises ever so slightly and the antiscipation amongst these thousands of fans builds to a fever pitch. Two of the companies top athletes, competing for the richest prize in the game in the main event of the year's biggest show: they both stop walking and turn back to face one another, almost as if they're two gunslingers about to throw down and their both of the opinion that "this town ain't big enough for the both of them".

Angelus in one corner, Evelyn in the opposite one and now they come walking towards each other again, both with a purpose and both seemingly determined to win this collar and elbow as they both go to lock-no! Evelyn double bluffed and just at the right moment was able to grab the left arm of Angelus and toss him over her shoulder with an arm drag, again Evelyn showing great strength and technique but this time it's Angelus who wraps the legs around Scylla's neck, again forcing her to relenquish the arm to get her neck free and again, both wrestlers are up to their feet immediately as the crowd begin to lightly applaud the exchanges of wrestling holds.

Angelus now backs up into the corner a little, eggaggerating one big yawn, arms stretched and all as he takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, suggesting he's just a little tired with Scylla's approach to this match, once again taking the attention from her which must just be eating Evelyn up inside. Trying not to let her frustration's boil over, Evelyn simply runs her right hand through her hair and takes one deep breathe as Angelus begins to circle the ring again, causing Scylla to do as such. Once she has an idea in her head, Scylla has to stick with it and this is evident in her determination to defeat Angelus in a collar-and-elbow tie up, which again just allows Angelus to real her in and quickly turn this into another side headlock, applying pressure again Angelus now smoothly goes behind Evelyn, now getting her in a hammerlock as the Champ seems firmly in control here, that is at least, until Evelyn shows her chain wrestling skills by ducking underneath the arm of Angelus and getting behind him, giving Anj a taste of his own medicine by using the hammerlock on him.

Hugh Reynolds: Not how I expected this one to begin, but it's a nice, refreshing change to see a wrestling match begin with wrestling.

Bobby Moroso: Well, I'd have been slappin' the taste outta bitches mouths by now, but that's just me.

Hugh Reynolds: And that's why you sit on your fat ass eating pizza while these actually wrestle?

Angelus looks to his left, then looks to his right, hoping to find a way that he can battle out of his hold until he sees Scylla outstretched jaw, Angelus doesn't need to think twice about cracking it with a hard back elbow, then one more for good measure, both finding the mark on Evelyn who holds her jaw in some discomfort now, giving Angelus time to hit the ropes, Scylla tries to hip toss an oncoming Angelus, but he wisely jumps through and executes a hip toss of his own, driving Scylla hard onto her back. He tries to capitalise, but as soon as he lowers his head, Evelyn kicks both feet up, connecting with the Champ's face and causing him to hit the mat now. Both are right back up and Angelus rushes at Scylla, this time Scylla thinks tactically and sweeps the legs of Angelus from underneath him, giving herself the chance to gain the advantage but as she does, Angelus drives his boots up into the face of Scylla, just as she did to him and dropping her to the floor. Both are back up right away and engage in another stand-off as Angelus hops on the spot while Scylla stands facing him, looking frustrated and mouthing the words "come on" to the champ.

Angelus simply then blows Scylla a kiss, which seems to really get under her skin as she now rushes at Angelus, the champ knows what he’s doing though and manages to shuffle his feet to the side, wrapping an arm round the head of Scylla and taking her back to the floor with another headlock takeover. Again Scylla tries to wrap her legs around the neck of Angelus to gain an advantage again, but this time Anj is wise to it and is able to block the attempt numerous times, now Scylla’s shoulders settle onto the mat…


Kickout! Scylla has her shoulders up and remains on her side, not giving the ref another chance to count her shoulders down again. Angelus now starts pulling back as hard as he can, in a desperate attempt to relieve the pressure Scylla grabs a handful of hair trying to pull the champ back, but before she can utilize it to her advantage the ref makes her release the hair.

Scylla now begins the struggle to get back to her feet, able to get up to a vertical basis, but Angelus still has the side headlock applied until Scylla hits him in the gut with a couple of stiff elbows, breaking the grip of Angelus and then Scylla hits him with one more sharp elbow, right into the jaw this time which has Angelus rocking so Scylla now decides to hit the ropes and as she returns, she drops Angelus with a shoulder block, surprisingly knocking Anj onto his backside. Taking a second to look out into the crowd, Scylla attracts a whole lot of boos, but quite a few cheers too, as a lot of people rise out of their seats to say their piece. Evelyn now hits into the ropes, as she comes back Anj lies flat on his stomach, letting Scylla hop over the top of him, as Evelyn returns, Angelus is up to his feet quickly and goes to leapfrog Scylla, but Evelyn stops running right infront of Angelus, as he lands on his feet she then slaps the spit right outta the mouth of Angelus!

Scylla looks at Angelus, with a smile on her face until Angelus turns back around towards her and drops her with a hard right hand! Scylla’s not down for long, feeling embarrassed more than anything as she comes charging at Angelus, but again the champ side steps Scylla, grabbing her by the head and tossing her over the top ropes, sending her crashing to the mat. With a smile on his face, Angelus walks towards the ropes then uses the top ropes to throw him over the top towards Scylla, at the last moment Angelus sees Scylla drop to the floor, so Angelus shows great athletisicm by manovering his body and keeping hold of the top ropes, so he lands on his feet, on the outside apron.

Not seeing Angelus on the apron, Scylla taps her head, smart thinking on her part, or so she thinks! Meanwhile Angelus holds the middle ropes and pulls himself back into the ring under the bottom rope as he’s back up and running into the ropes, as Scylla turns back around to get in the ring, see she’s two boots of Angelus flying towards her and before she has the chance to do anything about it, she’s hit with a baseball slide, sending her all the way back as her head cracks into the announce table.

Taking his time, Angelus now gets out of the ring too, if only to roll Scylla back into the ring. Angelus is now on the top rope, waiting for Scylla to turn around and the second she does, Angelus dives off the top, aiming and hitting a crossbody on Scylla…but Evelyn manages to roll through, it’s Scylla pinning Angelus here, the Champ’s in trouble…


Kickout! With a deep brethe, Angelus is back up, but Scylla is up a little quicker as she kicks Angelus hard in the gut, following it up with a stiff forearm shot to the face. Scylla now Irish whips Angelus, as he comes back she leaps up into the air, extending both feet into the face of Angelus, knocking him down with a hard dropkick. Lying on his back, Angelus touches his lips to check for blood, nothing’s there but he’s still hurting. Scylla now stands over Angelus, grabbing him by the head and just going crazy with right hand after right hand, letting her anger get the better of her at the moment until the ref finally has Scylla break it up. After a brief exchange of words with the ref, Scylla turns her attention back to Angelus, who’s crawling back towards the ropes to get back vertical. Scylla helps Angelus back up by his head, before driving him face first into the turnbuckle pad, maintaining control in this one. With Angelus leaning against the turnbuckle, Scylla blasts him with two hard knife-edge chops, lighting up his chest before she Irish whips Anj to the opposite turnbuckle, putting as much power into it as she possibly can.

Scylla now shows tremendous athletic ability by extending her leg up into the throat of Angelus, really trying to choke the life out of him here and again, the ref has to demand that Scylla release the hold or else run the risk of being disqualified. Scylla Irish whips Angelus once again into the turnbuckle pad, this time Anj comes staggering out from the corner as Scylla hits the ropes, attempting to bulldog Angelus-but Anj counters by pushing Scylla forward, causing her to land hard on her neck, which gives the champ time to regain his breathe.

Angelus is up a split-second before Scylla is, and this split-second helps the champ to hit a double leg takedown on Scylla, he then locks in the Sharpshooter! Scylla’s in excruciating pain as she screams really loud. Pushing herself up, Evelyn is desperate to break out of the hold as quickly as possible, but Angelus is determined to keep the hold in, until Scylla slowly begins her crawl to the ropes. Fortunately for Scylla, she’s near the ropes and it isn’t long before she’s able to grab the bottom ropes, causing the hold to be broken.

Although she managed to get the hold broken, it’s definitely taken it’s toll as Scylla struggles up to her feet, until her legs get taken from her by a Ric Flair-inspired Angelus, who takes Scylla back to the mat with a chop block to the left knee. Angelus holds the leg of Scylla: “Shades of Flair” can be heard from the mouth of Angelus, as he attempts to lock the figure four on Scylla, Angelus steps round, but Scylla smartly pushes the ass of Angelus with her boot, causing him to go shoulder first inbetween the ropes and right into the turnbuckle post! The fans let out a simultaneous ‘ohhhh’ as they hear the shoulder of Angelus crack into the post. Getting up to her feet, Scylla shakes her leg off, trying to get some feeling back into it while Angelus remains motionless inside the ropes still. Scylla now pulls Angelus out by his pants and levels him with a hard forearm shot to the face, which has Angelus being propped up by the ropes so Scylla Irish whips him and attempts a clothesline as Anj returns, only for Angelus to duck it, this time Anj returns as quickly as possible, ready to take Scylla down but this time it’s Evelyn who side-steps Angelus, sending him over the top ropes-but Angelus doesn’t hit the floor, he holds onto the top ropes and pulls himself back over the top, SKINNING THE CAT!

With the fans going nuts, Angelus turns himself back around, but Scylla is wise to him and clotheslines him back over the top ropes-this time though, Angelus is able to hook his right arm over the top rope, which allows Angelus to land on the apron! Scylla sees Anj standing on the apron and walks aggressively towards him, only for Angelus to slide back into the ring again, this time between the legs of Scylla, Evelyn turns around-Superkick! Angelus just superkicked Scylla right over the top rope and all the way down to the floor. The fans begin to get louder again and as Scylla seems to be getting up, Angelus flings himself over the top ropes, this time hitting Scylla with the plancha as both superstars crash to the mat.

Hugh Reynolds: What an athlete, what a superstar, what a champion! This man richly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, he's the greatest ever in my opinion.

Bobby Moroso: Well, that's your opinion you prick.

Hugh Reynolds: You just call me a prick? I guess you think a pepperoni topping is the greatest ever don't ya?

Chants for Angelus breakout amongst the fans, as the World Champion is on his knees, holding his lower back, Scylla tries desperately to create some separation between the two, after sensing that Angelus has gained the advantage here. Believing she’s quite a distance away from Angelus, Evelyn turns around-only to get another stiff right from the champ, who stalked her all the way around the ring. Angelus then hits Scylla with another hard right hand which sends her backpedalling into the barricades as the ref confronts Angelus, demanding he bring the match back into the ring, but Anj isn’t interested as he even threatens to hit the official, making him duck for cover.

Scylla drops to one knee now, causing Angelus to propel himself up on that knee and attempt a shining wizard on Scylla-but his little altercation with the official gives Evelyn just a bit more time to recover, letting her duck the swinging leg and then with Angelus grounded, she locks in the Redemption Lock!! On the floor outside!!!! Angelus literally screams in agony, in serious need for this hold to be broken as the ref is yelling into the ear of Scylla, who completely ignores everything he has to say, it’s fair game as far as she’s concerned. Showing zero sign of releasing the hold, the ref has no choice but to head back to the ring and begin counting to ten, knowing this is the only way Scylla will heed his warnings.

As the official’s count makes it to five, Scylla exerts as much pressure as she possibly can before having to break the hold and rush back to the ring in order to stop the count. She gets right up into the ref’s face, demanding that he stop the count as she then just climbs back out of the ring, breaking the count by herself Evelyn now heads back towards Angelus, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him up onto his feet. Contemplating just rolling him back into the ring, Scylla decides to do just a little more damage on the outside first as she picks Angelus up in a scoop slam position and drives him back first into the turnbuckle post, almost shattering his back as she drops him down to the floor again like he’s a ragdoll. The camera zooms in on the grounded Angelus, cringing in pain as he desperately tries to get up to his feet, his body just won’t allow it at the moment.

Evelyn rolls back into the ring, “who’s smiling now?” yells Scylla as she holds both arms wide open, feeling moderately confident as she soaks in the atmosphere of this sixty thousand-plus seater stadium. Looking out into the crowd she sees some people cursing the hell outta her and some people showing their appreciation by clapping, the one constant is that she has almost everyone in the arena on their feet and showing their alliance in some form or another. On the outside Angelus is doing everything he can to get back in the ring, pulling himself up via the ring apron as he’s finally able to climb up onto the apron.

Groggy and in some degree of pain, Angelus doesn’t notice that Scylla’s just measuring him, the second he’s in the ideal position for her, Evelyn springboards off the ropes next to Angelus, jumping right over the ropes infact and grabbing Angelus in a headlock, dragging him off the ring apron and driving him face first into the mats again!!

Hugh Reynolds: A MODIFIED ATONEMENT! Oh My Lord that was amazing, what creativity, gotta hand it to the lady for that!!!

Although that move took some out of her, seeing Angelus’ face squash into the mat made it more than worth it and the only problem now is dragging a dead weight Angelus up onto his feet and rolling him into the ring. Though it takes a great deal of strength, Scylla, red-faced and all, is able to get the Champ back into the ring. A dazed look is in the eye of Angelus as he reaches out for the ropes, he’s too far away now and Scylla shows her similarities to a vulture as she stalks Angelus like her prey, just ready to pounce as she pulls Angelus back to his feet again, picking him right up off his feet and slamming him back down hard onto the mat with a bone-shattering Spinebuster!

Angelus arches his back right away, he certainly felt that one as Scylla stands over him, making possibly her first mistake of the match as she talks trash to him, rather than pinning him. So determined to out-stage Angelus, she now begins to slap him repeatedly around the forehead before pulling her back to a standing position again, this time only to execute a snap suplex on him, determined to leave Angelus with permanent back damage after this one. Finally Evelyn opts to go for a cover…


Kickout! The right shoulder leaves the canvas and Scylla will have to do a lot more than that to end the longest World Championship reign in UWE’s history. Her attention really is fixed on the back of Angelus as she now sits him up and drives the knee into his back, using his hair to pull him back just that little bit more, obviously it’s breaking the rules and the ref starts to count towards 5, Scylla’s running the risk of disqualification again but releases the hair on four seconds, inflicting as much damage on “The Arch Angel” as possible.

Evelyn is persistent now, no more one-upmanship she’s gonna make sure Angelus incurs her full wrath. Grabbing him by the throat, Scylla now shows more strength again as she lifts Angelus up and chokeslam’s him with venom into the mat again. Pulling her hair back, Scylla walks around in a large circle, keeping the match at a slow and deliberate pace as she thinks about what to do next. The official checks that Angelus wants to carry one, he mustn’t know Angelus that well or else he wouldn’t of asked that question.

Scylla sits him up again, putting her knee into his lower back again and this time applied a rear headlock, a smart move that focuses on both the neck and back area of Angelus, and it’s perfectly legal. Again the ref asks Angelus if he wants to give in, only to get a finger shake as his reply. The fans do what they can to bring Angelus back into this thing: they chant his name, stomp their feet, clap their hands, anything they can think of and this seems like it might, just might help rejuvenate Angelus, who’s arms begin to shake as he starts climbing up to his feet once more. Scylla’s struggling to keep him down, this is evident on her face but besides keeping the hold locked in, there’s really not much else she can do. Up to both knees, then finally both feet Angelus feels his legs shaking, the adrenaline is pumping as he now feels himself unloading with a flurry of right hands into the gut of Scylla until he’s out of her grip and face to face with her, he continues to hit more rights to the stomach, followed by one to the face which has Scylla rocking-but Evelyn hits a knee to the gut of Angelus to silence his fans and more importantly, stop any potential momentum he might have been building.

Evelyn now Irish whips Angelus, hoping to back bodydrop him as he hoists him up into the air-but Angelus is able to hold onto the head of Scylla, as he comes back down to the floor he brings her down with him, planting her face first with a huge high-sprung DDT!

Hugh Reynolds: Angelus is struggling here, that was a DDT outta desperation, nothing else. Were getting into Wrestlemania terretory here, just the fact that these guys are at Wrestlemania, that's all is keeping em' going.

Kicking her legs into the canvas whilst holding her face, Scylla is gonna be down for a while but fortunately for her, Angelus has shown no movement at all since hitting the mat, flat on his back with his arms wide spread. The ref checks on both athletes before starting the standard count to ten whilst both are down. As he reaches three, Scylla begins crawling towards the ropes, the ref won’t make it to ten but he carries on counting anyway until he sees a vertical Scylla, so ends his ten count. Staggering back and forth as if she’s been hitting the Jack Daniels, Evelyn notices Angelus back on his feet also, so comes walking towards him, fists clenched-but Angelus is the one to hit the first punch as he’s just a little quicker off the mark. Evelyn takes a few steps backwards then comes back towards Angelus, swinging another right hand his way, but again Angelus is just a little quicker to the punch, connecting with another hard right hand, two more right hands later and Angelus is beginning to seize control here and now he throws Scylla into the ropes…but as Scylla returns, she leaps into the air and straight out extends her fist right into the face of Angelus, dropping him with the Leap of Faith, one of Angelus’ favorite moves!

Bobby Moroso: Yes! She's stealing his moves too, imagine what this girl's like in-

Hugh Reynolds: Don't!

Bobby Moroso: What?

Hugh Reynolds: If the next word outta your mouth is 'bed' I'm requesting a new partner.

Bobby Moroso: I was actually gonna say a nightclub, but now you mention it...oh and request a new partner, if anything you'll be fired. Everyone knows I'm the brain to your pinky.

Down goes Angelus and now Scylla backwards rolls up onto her face, the smuggest of all smug grins on her face as she just can’t contain her pride in that move. Scylla now stands up tall and gestures a championship strap around her waist, which sends this jam-packed arena in uproar! Behind her though and Angelus does exactly that same backwards roll that Scylla did, rising to his feet and flicking his hair back, standing behind Scylla just waiting for her to turn around. As if the fans needed anymore encouragement to get as vocal as they can, this is it. Every single pair of eyes are fixated on the ring as goosebumps run down the spines of both wrestlers, although for two completely different reasons as Evelyn turns around-BAM! Angelus decked her with one hellacious right which knocks Scylla down, but to her credit, she’s right back up, only to be greeted with another three hard rights all in a row, followed by Angelus Irish whipping Scylla, only for Scylla to reverse it, as Angelus returns he wallops Scylla with the Leap of Faith, showing her how it’s really done! Both are right up to their feet, albeit Scylla on spaghetti legs and Angelus takes her down again with a clothesline this time. Helping her up, he throws Scylla into the ropes, but as before Scylla reverses it, trying to position herself for a move, Scylla wastes too much time as Angelus leaves his feet, taking Evelyn down with a big flying lariat!

This time Scylla stays grounded for a moment as Angelus walks around the ring, shaking his arms and feeding off the fans who encourage Angelus to inflict more pain on her. Seeing Scylla getting up, Angelus then hits her with another hard right, sending her back into the turnbuckle pads. Angelus throws her towards the opposite turnbuckle pad, but finds himself going into the corner instead as Scylla comes running in towards him, only to eat the boots of Angelus as he rises his feet up into her face. Scylla drops to one knee and Angelus quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, ready to go airborne on Scylla, he dives off towards Scylla, both arms extended at his side as his body looks like a cross, taking Scylla down to the mat and remaining on top of her as the official begins to count…


Kickout! Ohhh some fans thought it might have been over then but Scylla’s worked to hard to let it all go to pot now. Angelus now comes running at Scylla, who throws a clothesline that misses his way, after Angelus ducks the clothesline he goes behind Scylla, from her left side to the right, jumping up in the air as he somehow manages to roll down Evelyn’s back, pulling her down by the legs into a unique roll up, again some believe this could be it…


Kickout! Scylla rolls through and is amazingly able to grab the legs of Angelus, trying to apply the Redemption Lock…but Angelus shows great leg strength and manages to fight out of the attempted hold. Scylla now comes at Angelus swinging a right hand at him, which is ducked and now Anj wraps his arms around the waist of Scylla, thinking of hitting a German suplex, but Scylla now hits a reverse elbow and spins around, getting Angelus into exactly the same position so Angelus tries to swing the elbow at Scylla, only Scylla had it well scouted and manages to duck, then executing a Northern Light’s Suplex, holding it for the cover…


Kickout! ANGELUS MANAGES TO POWER OUT!!! He brings himself to his feet, with Scylla still on top of him, showing unbelievable strength attracting extremely loud cheers and screams as Angelus now spins through and has Evelyn in a backslide position, but does he have enough strength left to pull Evelyn down? Both wrestlers struggle until Scylla breaks her arms free, spins around and greats Angelus with another knee to the stomach, she then hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline that puts Angelus back onto his ass and Scylla collapses over the top ropes, which hold her up. The noise, the atmosphere is something else and just as Angelus gets up, he gets a straight kick to the chest, sending him hard into the turnbuckle, possibly feeling a whiplash-like effect. The fans know what’s coming now as Scylla heads to that corner, climbs to the top turnbuckle with Anj’s head in her hand…Atonement!!! Scylla nailed Angelus with her finishing move!!

Hugh Reynolds: Oh My..

Bobby Moroso: She got it, she got it!

Crawling, dragging herself towards the body of Angelus, Scylla can taste the victory, more importantly she knows the World Championship is within her grasp as she makes the cover…



Kickout! “No? NO!” Scylla yells, unsure just how he managed to get the shoulder up Scylla questions the ref, who confirms it was just two. Some expected a new champion to be crowned right now, which is a relief to some, but not for others. Evelyn runs her hands through her hair before trying for one more cover…


Kickout! Angelus gets the shoulder up again as Scylla shoots back up, getting into the ref’s face “that’s three!” she says, trying to convince herself more than anyone as Evelyn leans against the ropes, eyes closed as she wonders what to do next. Seeing Angelus back on his feet, Scylla walks back towards him and lights him up again with a hard knife-edge before throwing him into the ropes again, she lowers her head-but Angelus knew what was coming and drives his foot up into the chest of Evelyn, she lowered her head to early. Spinning around 360 degrees on the spot, Evelyn is a little groggy as Angelus goes for the One Way Ticket!! But it’s ducked and at the same time of Angelus attempting the superkick, Evelyn sweeps the legs of Angelus, immediately locking him in the Redemption Lock!! She has it applied in the middle of the ring here!!

Bobby Moroso: I see someone tapping out soon..

The noise is deafening, “tap” and “no” are amongst various words heard from the crowd as they believe this could truly be it, this could be the time when Evelyn gets her revenge and Angelus is in agony, he’s hitting the mat, hitting himself, doing anything to numb the pain and he knows his title reign could be in serious jeopardy here. Desperate to get to the ropes, Angelus knows he’s too far away, he raises an arm……..but thinks better of it! Sitting up onto his ass Angelus now proceeds to DRAG both himself and Evelyn to the ropes, but does he have enough strength left in him to do so? Can he make it to the ropes before tapping out? The answer is, it’s: YES! Angelus gets both hands on the bottom ropes and clenches them for dear life as this traumatic experience finally comes to an end for now for the Champ. Evelyn pulls Angelus to the middle of the ring again, grabbing his legs hoping to apply the Atonement Lock again-inside cradle! Angelus might catch her out with the inside cradle here…

Kickout! It’s another close one yet again but still the fight goes on and both wrestler, exhausted, almost running on empties but just with enough fight left to continue. As they both manage to turn to one another again, Scylla gets a sharp kick in on Angelus, buying herself enough time to set Angelus up for, and execute an amazing Powerbomb!

Hugh Reynolds: What an amazing display of strength for so late in the match, I think anyone who doubted Evelyn's credentials leading up to this match sure won't anymore.

Breathing heavily Scylla decides not to pin Angelus, although he's barely stirring on the ground. Instead, out of the ring she climbs and slowly, but steadily she begins to venture up to the top ropes, this must feel like climbing Mount Everest for her right now, but if it'll bring her one step closer to her ultimate dream, she's damn sure gonna do it. As Scylla finally gets onto the top rope, she stands up high, perfect balance as Angelus is up too, she's just waiting for him to turn around now. Holding her arms out wide, Scylla does her very best impression of "The Arch Angel" perched high she now flies, symbolising a cross of her very own as she comes crashing down on Angelus, getting all of that move as Angelus sinks into the mat, just like his dreams of holding onto the title might be sinking too. Again Scylla rests into the corner a moment, what will it take to get the victory? She's hit Angelus with her best shots and still no luck.

Scylla then makes her next move known to the entire World by one single stomp of the right foot. If she's not getting the job done with her moves, why not try one of her opponents? Most fans boo, how dare she even consider this? They're thinking, whilst some fans cheers, has she really got the balls to attempt this? They're thinking. A couple more stomps later and Scylla extends the boot right into the face of Angelus!! One Way Ticket!!!! A hush falls over the crowd for a slight second, the people are in disbelief over what's just happened and within seconds they seem to break out into a controlled frenzy, the commentators go nuts too as Evelyn drops to her knees, sweat dripping from her forehead, eyes barely open as the fatigue is taking over, but still she manages to find the strength to crawl to Angelus, hooking his leg and putting her all into the cover, the camera's flash, the fans are on their feet and the referee is counting...

Kickout! Well, that's if you can call it that. Angelus barely got the right shoulder up and that's absolutely all it was, a right shoulder, nothing else. A replay of the Superkick airs as Scylla looks dejectedly up at the official, who motions him getting the shoulder up. Looking at Angelus, he's crawling towards the corner, so Scylla begins to crawl on after him, determined to keep the beating flowing as she knows Angelus mustn't have much left. Evelyn uses the ropes to get up as does Angelus and Scylla now hits Angelus with a forearm strike, a pretty lazy strike, which is to be expected, but it found the mark nonetheless. She hits one more and Irish whips Angelus into the opposite corner, only for Angelus to put the breaks on just in time, stopping himself by putting his foot on the second turnbuckle pad and as he turns around, her rushes at Scylla, before she even has a chance to react he's taken her to the mat with a double leg takedown and immediately begins to pummel away with a lot of closed fisted right hands, one after the other.

Angelus now pulls Scylla up and hits another hard right hand, to which she responds with a right of her own as the two now begin to exchange shot-for-shot. Angelus hits another right, followed by a low kick and another double leg takedown to gain control as he holds onto the legs of Scylla and catapults her, face first right over the turnbuckle pads all the way to the turnbuckle post, as she staggers backwards, Anj rolls her up with a school boy...

Kickout! These athletes really are giving their all and now are both on all fours, Angelus smartly uses her body to push himself back to his feet at her expense. Then, quite uncharacteristically of Angelus he takes a wild swing at Evelyn, allowing her to duck and drive a forearm right into that lower back of Anj again. Now Scylla picks Angelus up and although she struggles, she sits him up on the top turnbuckle following him right on up there. Grabbing him around the waist, she looks for a back suplex, picking him up and jumping backwards-but Angelus reversed it in mid-air and lands on top of her!

Hugh Reynolds: What a reversal! Anj turns the tide again, that's the mark of a great Champion.

After what seems like Centuries, Angelus is able to drape just one arm over Scylla, but that's all he needs for the ref to start counting...

Kickout! Now it's Scylla's turn to just shoot one shoulder up as we see a replay of the tremendous counter from Angelus now. Anj now begins to climb the ropes, time for an all or nothing move here as he gets on the second rope, the finally up to the top-but he's taken too long and Scylla is back up, hitting him with another forearm strike! Now she's able to knock the legs of Angelus, causing him to fall on his crotch on the turnbuckle. Climbing up to join him, Evelyn is thinking Superplex...blocked! She tries again but it's blocked once more and Angelus manages to do a front suplex of his own, more or less dropping her on her head back inside the ring. With a far away look in his eyes, Angelus is not put off from going up top as he stands-Shooting Star Press!!! Angelus just got all of it on Evelyn and more than likely took the wind right out of her. Holding her stomach, Evelyn looks done but Angelus doesn't cover, matter fact he shoots right up to his feet, getting his second wind as he looks to end this his way, the Angelus way!

Standing in the corner, Angelus now is the one to stomp his foot, time for the original and the best. He continues to stomp, the sound of which gets lost in this thunderous atmosphere and which explains why Scylla is still struggling to get up, despite what's happening behind her. The second Scylla turns around Angelus comes for the One Way Tick-No! Evelyn ducked and again sweeped the legs of Anj, locking him in the Redemption Lock yet again!! Angelus begins to bite his fingers, anything to not tap out. Again he raises his hand-but doesn't tap! This time he's closer to the ropes, thank God from his point of view as he's able to stretch out and grab the bottom one, breaking the hold once again as the fans are able to calm down for a moment again, this rollercoaster ride seems to be reaching an awesome climax as the hold is broken and for just a moment, both of them just lay on their backs.

Arguing with the ref Scylla finds herself clutching at straws more than anything and as she's wasting time, she's giving Angelus time to re-group, she turns back towards him-One Way Ticket!!! He got it this time and he damn near took Scylla's head off with a shot that echoed throughout the arena! Again Angelus is only able to get one arm across, but that's enough to regain his title as the fans count along with the ref to end this thrilling Wrestlemania Main Event...

Kickout! NO! This one's not over, it's Wrestlemania and these two are pulling out all the stops! Scylla got the arm up in the nick of time and only just allowed this one to continue, but continue it will. We see a replay of the kick and you damn right it connected, other's would be out cold from that! Ready to come charging at Evelyn, Angelus runs at her, probably thinking spear but a droptoe hold from her, causing Angelus to go face first onto the turnbuckle pad probably changed his ideas. Time for The Atonement again perhaps as Scylla gets onto the second rope, pulling Angelus up by the hair-pele kick! Angelus just clocked Evelyn right across the head with that pele kick which causes her to fall back onto the turnbuckle pad, she damn near fell off it only for Angelus catching her. He didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart though, infact he climbs to the second turnbuckle, with Scylla on the top rope he picks her up in a suplex position, but doesn't drop her back! Instead, showing great balance and strength, he holds her in the air for a couple of seconds, still on the second rope as fans instantly are up to their feet, they know it's something big, something more than a superplex as he DROPS Evelyn on her head!! C-2!!!! ANGELUS JUST HIT THE C-2 FROM THE SECOND ROPE!! "You sick ****" some fan says as Anj gets an arm over, some can't bare to watch and some count along as Angelus covers...


Schumacher: Here is your winner, and SSTTTIIIILLLLL UWE World Heavyweight Champion...Angelus!

Champion! That's the one word that can constantly be used to describe Angelus who, come hell or high water reigns supreme once more tonight, the night that mattered most to him. Being handed the Championship Angelus drops to his knees, so much going through his mind: personal and professional life. He glances at Scylla, knowing she came so damn close on numerous occasions tonight to dethroning the King but tonight simply wasn't her night, it was the night of The Arch Angel it was the night of Angelus!

Rising up to his feet a single tear rolls down his cheek, knowing his World could crumble at anytime this is his sanctuary. Fireworks accompany the man who sybolises wrestling and symbolises passion: he climbs the turnbuckle, holding the title way up high still King of the World!!
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