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October 26, 2021, 06:01:01 am
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Fight Night: Brutality Results!

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Author Topic: Fight Night: Brutality Results!  (Read 2130 times)
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« on: October 26, 2010, 03:05:27 pm »

Main Event
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Match Writer: Greenbean

Just before the main event is scheduled to start, we are taken backstage with Jools Kingdom, holding his UWE Championship proudly over his shoulder, ready to conduct a pre-match interview.

Tom Regan: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm standing here with the UWE Champion Jools...

Before he gets a chance to finish what he's saying however, Jools Kingdom gets blasted in the back of his head by a steel chair!!! The camera now pans up to reveal Wildcard standing there, with a menacing grin on his face and the chair in his hands still.

"Time to take you out" says Wildcard in quite an evil tone of voice as he picks up Jools Kingdom, who must be concussed at least from that blind shot to the back of the head. Wildcard now grabs Kingdom and throws him hard through the interview section, causing thousands worth of damage, but more importantly, causing it all to fall onto Jools Kingdom and completely cover him up in a heap of heavy junk! Wildcard picks up the title and looks at the camera.

Wildcard: One down...

He says, as he then walks off from the camera as Numb by Linkin Park hits and the entire arena goes black as the buzz of the fans grows louder. a blue light shines on the crowd and a few flames form a semi circle on the stage around a dark figure whom the fans cant see.

Schumacher: Ladies and Gentlemen I've just been informed this match will now be one-on-one for the UWE Championship. Introducing first, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety five pounds...Wildcard!

As he walks forward for every few steps he takes on each side of the ramp a similar blue flame lights. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp the lights come on all at once revealing Wildcard, with the UWE Championship in his hand! He slides under the bottom rope and goes straight to his corner to await his opponent, giving the ref the title as if it belongs to him.

‘Over’ by Drake begins to play. The lights power down. Once the chorus starts, The lights slowly come back on as Efinn Rox rises from the stage. His eyes remain closed as a pillar of vapor rises up around his body.

Schumacher: And his opponent, from New York City, New York, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds...Efinn Rox!

After several moments pass he opens his eyes and walks down the ramp. He ignores the fan's reaction to him whether good or bad and slides into the ring.

Wildcard is highly confident as soon as Efinn Rox slides into the ring, Wildcard attacks, beating him down frantically as the referee tries to get them seperated, but he can't because Wildcard is going crazy with punches and kicks, his desperation for the UWE Championship is taking to alarming heights here. He then pushes the official out of the way and begins to go to town with stiff kicks on Efinn Rox, trying to bruise him and beat him here.

Wildcard picks him up and puts him in the corner as he starts blasting Efinn with forearm shots, as much as Efinn tries to cover up, he can't manage to and Wildcard is just having shooting practise here as he beats Rox down until he then starts to stomp a mudhole on Rox in the corner.

Hugh Reynolds: You crazy bastard, get off him damn you!

Bobby Moroso: He's TAKING the UWE Championship Hugh, you gotta respect it.

Hugh Reynolds: Man this Wildcard is more rotten than I thought he was.

Shouting his mouth off, the ref is finally able to gain some control here as he forces Wildcard back, but the damage may have already been done here with Efinn Rox lay on the floor in the corner. The ref demands that Wildcard wait in the corner and he checks on Efinn, who really is struggling to get up, but he won't pass up this title opportunity, not now and he tells the referee he's okay to fight.

The ref calls for the bell and this is officially underway. Wildcard comes running at Efinn for a clothesline...BUT EFINN DUCKS AND CATCHES HIM-RANHEI!!!! Efinn got it!!! The referee counts...


Schumacher: Here is your winner...AND NNNEEEEWWWWW UWE CHAMPION-EFINN ROX!

The crowd cannot believe it, they're in shock here as a cheer erupts and Efinn Rox rolls onto his knees, the realization of what's happened is only just sinking in here it seems.

Wildcard hasn't moved and much be heartbroken, but this moment is all about Efinn Rox, who is now handed the UWE Championship as he gets up onto his feet and kisses the title, holding it high in the air as the fireworks help Efinn celebrate his victory. The celebrations will go on into the night and Efinn is now a marked man, but for now-Efinn Rox is the King of the World!
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