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Hacked Results!

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Author Topic: Hacked Results!  (Read 717 times)
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« on: March 31, 2009, 08:28:01 pm »

Match 1: 13 Man Battle Royal: Adam Deming vs Dobby vs Connor Gael vs Pyronus Souria vs Effin Rox vs Kenji Moori vs Lord Edward Laurent vs The “HMF” vs Allen Marrow vs Aftermath vs Devon Thomas vs Trace “The” Wood vs Matt Stevens

Match Writer: Greenbean

The battle royal in now ready to commence as all Superstars in this match-up are in the ring. The bell sounds and the ring just turns into one huge slug fest with everyone inside the ring finding someone to fight with. Matt Stevens is getting pummelled by Trace “The” Wood, The HMF is being introduced to UWE by Allen Marrow who stomps a mudhole on him in the corner, Kenji Moori and Effin Rox go toe-to-toe, exchanging rights with one another and neither man seems to be backing up. In the bottom corner Pyro has his boot stuck in the throat of Devon Thomas, really trying to choke the hell out of him. Dobby is lay down on the floor, choking Connor Gael with his hands, but has Lord Edward Laurent stomping on his back, trying to get a piece of the action. Trace continues working over Matt Stevens, he has him over the top ropes, but a well placed thumb to the eye from Stevens buys himself a little time, which could be precious in a match like this. Trace turns around and just as he begins to get his vision back, he sees Edward Laurent building up a head-a-steam towards him, he throws a clothesline in the direction of Trace…but Trace is able to avoid contact just in the nick of time and Laurent ends up clotheslining Matt Stevens right over the top ropes and to the mat below, causing the first elimination.


Trace does his best to avoid Laurent for now, as Laurent finds himself being beaten on from Aftermath, who’s now showing his strength by hoisting Laurent up into the air, trying his best to get Edward out of this match-up. Meanwhile back in the middle of the ring, The HMF comes charging at Effin Rox, who’s fortunate enough to leapfrog his oncoming attack and before The HMF knows it, he finds that Adam Deming has grabbed him from the back of the head and absolutely launched him over the top ropes and out the match.


Deming turns around and levels Effin Rox with a stiff clothesline, dropping him hard to the mat. Kenji Moori is fighting with Connor Gael in the corner, but Gael begins fighting back and seems to have gained control of this situation as Gael has hold of Moori round the back of his head, pulling him towards the ropes. Gael then goes to throw Moori over the top ropes, but Moori was playing possum all along and at the opportune moment is able to shuffle his feet and reverse the throw, tossing a shocked Connor Gael over the top ropes as Gael has no option but to head back to the locker room.


The ring is slowly starting to empty as there is 10 men left in this match-up that has a lot on the line for the winner. In one corner, you have Devon Thomas beating the living hell out of Trace “The” Wood, another corner, Allen Marrow has Pyronus Souria hoisted up him on the top ropes, but Souria is able to hook an arm through the ring post, he ain’t going anywhere just yet. The middle of the ring is occupied by Lord Edward and Adam Deming trading blows right in the centre of the ring, neither man budging an inch and neither man can gain advantage. Dobby now splits up the fighting that’s going on between Effin Rox and Allen Marrow by hitting both of them, not the wisest of ideas as they now both divert their attention to him…Effin Rox pretended to at least as he then blindsides Allen Marrow with a spinning roundhouse kick which could have Marrow seeing double. Dobby now comes running at Effin Rox, but Effin lowers the shoulder and flicks Dobby over the top of him, unfortunately for him though, Dobby was able to land on the apron, so Effin now bounces off the ropes and as he returns, he dropkicks Dobby right in the knees, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the mat and out of this match…


Edward Laurent and Trace have finally locked horns as they engage in a chopfest in the middle of the ring together, each chop greeted with a patented “Wooo” until Trace hits a knee to the mid-section and starts pummelling away at Laurent in the corner. Poor Aftermath now finds himself the victim of a double team assault from Allen Marrow and Adam Deming, as Aftermath’s finally been able to drop Devon Thomas, Allen Marrow and Adam Deming both grab him and between themselves, their able to bundle him over the top ropes and despite the constant struggling from Aftermath, he finds himself the next person eliminated in this Battle Royal.


The camera now goes to a close-up of Allen Marrow absolutely choking the hell out of Effin Rox, who’s struggling to breathe in the corner, especially with Marrow’s boot there. Adam Deming heads over and starts to stomp away at Rox too, but Pyro comes to make the say, at least for now as he spins Deming around and starts hitting him with rights, showing zero intimidation. Trace sees that Devon Thomas is recuperating in the corner and decides he ain’t entitled to a breather, so he charges in on Devon, only to run into a face full of boot in the process, Devon then turns his back on Trace “The” Wood and shows his athletic ability by pulling himself up onto the top ropes with ease, but this proves to be his downfall as Trace is okay again now and Trace pushes Devon as hard as he can, pushing him all the way to the floor after quite the big fall.


Seven men remain, one of these guys will be the Number One Contender for the coveted Intercontinental Championship and in one corner, both members of The New Dawn, Marrow and Deming, have Lord Edward Laurent perched up high on the turnbuckle, but Edward ain’t gonna go out this easily, he’s clinging on for all he can and, with the assistance of Pyronus is able to break free of them. Allen Marrow is not happy with Pyro for poking his nose in their business and like a Rhino comes charging at Pyronus, who had this move scouted way in advance and is able to lower the shoulder and toss Allen Marrow over the top ropes, but, unbeknownst to him, Allen Marrow has landed on the apron and therefore has not been eliminated. By the time Pyro notices Marrow, he feels a right hand in the face from Marrow, this spins Pyronus right round into a dropkick from Adam Deming who’s standing right behind him, the dropkick sends Pyronus backwards and Allen Marrow uses his smarts and is able to lower the top ropes, causing Pyro to just fall backwards over the top and to the floor, much to the dislike of these fans, many who are big Pyronus fans, but he’s outta there.


As soon as Pyro goes over the top, Effin Rox comes charging over, taking down Adam Deming with a big shoulder tackle and then Trace “The” Wood starts to lay some beats into Deming. Rox now sets his sights on Allen Marrow, who they’ve been set on most of this match and just as Marrow climbs back into the ring, Rox starts beating him with kicks and punches, getting himself the upper hand. Meanwhile, Lord Edward is having a difficult time trying to get rid of Kenji Moori, but he’s persistent and will keep on trying. Effin Rox is now close to having Allen Marrow eliminated, but a back kick to the manhood slows even the toughest of guys down, and Rox is no exception. The tables are now turned and Effin Rox is the one fighting for his life on the apron, he’s got one hand over the top and the other on a rope with Marrow pushing and pushing to get him out…There both eliminated!! Lord Edward Laurent saw what was going on and at the perfect moment comes dashing over to them, one arm for Marrow and one arm for Rox he’s able to dump both men out of the ring and out of this match.


Four more athletes are left, we have: Adam Deming, Trace “The” Wood, Lord Edward Laurent and Kenji Moori. No person is showing any kind of alliance, so Trace goes to fight with Adam Deming, then Edward Laurent goes to fight Kenji Moori in a separate corner. Adam Deming is now able to beat down Trace “The” Wood into a corner and as he turns around, he sees Kenji attempting a hurricanrana on Edward Laurent, but Laurent catches him and holds him up in position, thinking of a powerbomb at first but then the idea to just bomb him out of the ring over the top occurs so Laurent starts to move towards the ropes with him: Laurent tries dumping Kenji over, but Kenji shows his quickness and slides back in under the bottom ropes, but before Laurent can do a thing Adam Deming comes up behind him, trying to eliminate him but it actually backfires as Laurent is able to hang on also, but Kenji Moori, who’s just got back to his feet, grabs both legs of Adam Deming and flings him right over the top ropes to the floor, much to the astonishment of Deming, who tries to get back into the ring but is blocked off by the officials and ordered to the backstage area.


Lord Edward Laurent then turns his attention to Trace “The” Wood, who’s starting to get back to his feet and Kenji Moori walks up beside him and also starts to stomp on Trace…but then Laurent grabs Kenji and tosses him over the top to the floor!


It’s now down to two men; Trace is back on his feet as he and Lord Laurent lock eyes, both with a confident smile on their faces they believe this match is theirs for the taking. They begin to circle each other as the anticipation in the building grows and grows until it reaches a fever pitch; neither man considered a fan favourite but this match just has you wrapped up in it. Laurent comes charging at Trace, hitting him with a hard right, to which Trace responds with a right just as lethal, the two trade blows for a couple of moments until its Trace who gets the better of the exchange, kicking away at the stomach of Laurent. Trace then scoops Laurent onto his shoulders and charges towards the ropes with him in an effort to dump him out, but Laurent uses his feet to protect himself from being eliminated, no matter how much Trace tries. This obviously isn’t working for Trace so he comes to the middle of the ring with Laurent and drops him with a version of a spinebuster. Trace now grabs Laurent by the legs and attempts to slingshot him over the top ropes…Laurent hits the ropes but is just hanging dangerously on the top, the slightly nudge could send him out of this, Trace now comes running at him for a clothesline, but Laurent scoops him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry type position, now Laurent is trying to dispose of Trace and Trace is the one fighting for all he can, holding onto the top ropes as tightly as he can. Trace is now able to fight out of this and after a couple of clubbing blows, he’s back in control and grabs Laurent, throwing him right over the top ropes…but Laurent holds on to the top ropes and eventually pulls himself back into the ring, “skinning the cat” but Trace can see all along what he’s doing, as soon as Laurent turns back around he’s clotheslined right back over the top ropes but Trace, this time Laurent is hanging onto the top rope with one hand, his feet dangerously dangling inches from the ground which would obviously be an elimination. Trace thought for sure he had him that time as he now comes towards Laurent again, this time Laurent is able to pull Trace over the top ropes with him, so both men are now lying on the apron on the outside, a single slip and its over for them. The ref’s are there to check just incase and now Trace starts to hammer away at the mid-section of Laurent, who’s fighting back with all he can. Both men are finally able to make it to their feet, but their still on the apron and now they are exchanging shots on the apron, both guys are teetering! Trace then jumps at Laurent, who falls back and flips Trace up with his feet…but Trace uses this to his advantage by flipping over the ropes again, back into the ring and as he is about to land, he manages to turn and dropkick Laurent, right to the mat!


Trace wins, Trace wins! Trace cannot quite believe it, the biggest win of his career to date as he will now face the Intercontinental Champion. The celebrations for Trace only just start as he’s so happy with his victory.

 Elimination Summary:

Elimination #1:Matt Stevens - Eliminated by Lord Edward Laurent.
Elimination #2: The HMF – Eliminated by Adam Deming.
Elimination #3: Connor Gael – Eliminated by Kenji Moori.
Elimination #4: Dobby – Eliminated by Effin Rox.
Elimination #5: Aftermath – Eliminated by Adam Deming and Allen Marrow.
Elimination #6: Devon Thomas – Eliminated by Trace “The” Wood.
Elimination #7: Pyronus Souria – Eliminated by Adam Deming and Allen Marrow.
Elimination’s #8 & 9: Effin Rox & Allen Marrow – Eliminated Simultaneously by Lord Edward Laurent.
Elimination #10: Adam Deming – Eliminated by Kenji Moori.
Elimination #11: Kenji Moori – Eliminated by Lord Edward Laurent.
Elimination #12: Lord Edward Laurent – Eliminated by Trace “The” Wood.
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 08:28:43 pm »

Match 2: Kris Destiny vs The Masked Man – I Quit Match

Match Writer: Greenbean

The Masked Man looks at Destiny, who is looking back, Destiny climbs out of the ring and charges at The Masked Man, who charges at him and The Masked Man smashes Destiny to the ground with a huge clothesline. Then Masked Man lifts Destiny into a bearhug position and rams his back into the ringposts. He walks backwards and looks to ram Destiny into the post again, but before he gets chance to Destiny rakes at the eyes of The Masked Man and starts to bite at his head. Destiny holds his back but has gained a valuable few moments for himself, he backs off The Masked Man slightly, but as soon as The Masked Man has recovered he charges at Kris Destiny, but Destiny ducked and The Masked Man hit a shoulder block on the ringpost which sent him right to the floor, holding his shoulder. Destiny then rolls inside the ring and takes off one of the turnbuckle pads, as The Masked Man struggles to make it back into the ring, he finally gets in and Destiny grabs the head of The Masked Man and bounces it off the exposed steel turnbuckle, The Masked Man is bleeding through his mask right away and falls back to the floor. Destiny then goes outside the ring and takes a kendo stick and proceeds to beat the back of The Masked Man, who is in pain. Destiny looks at The Masked Man and tries to pick him up from the floor. Destiny is struggling though and he climbs out of the ring and looks underneath it, he pulls out a wheelbarrow! He stands it up outside the ring and rolls The Masked Man outside and into the wheelbarrow, he starts to push The Masked Man towards the entrance set but half way up the ramp, The Masked Man fights his way out of the wheelbarrow and throws Destiny into the barriers. Destiny then charges at The Masked Man, who hits a big spinebuster, on the rampway! Destiny rolls over in pain as The Masked Man stomps away at Destiny, who is grounded. The Masked Man goes back to the ring and looks under it, pulling out a steel chair, he waits for Destiny to make it to his feet and then smashes him right over the skull, returning the favour in busting Destiny open!

Hugh Reynolds: My Lord! This match is brutal already!

Bobby Moroso: Don’t worry about it Hugh ma man, its gonna get worse before it gets better!

The Masked Man is then handed a microphone, which he sticks in Destiny’s face, “get that damn thing away” replies Destiny, which causes The Masked Man to drop the mic and continue stomping away at his foe. The Masked Man then clocks Destiny in the skull with the mic as he reaffirms his dominance at the moment. Destiny is trying to get up to his feet, The Masked Man sees this and comes walking with a purpose towards him…Superkick! The Masked Man walked right into that one and now this is anyone’s ball game. Eventually, Destiny is the first one to his feet, as he now puts The Masked Man inside this wheelbarrow that’s mysteriously around the ringside and continues to push him up the entrance ramp, as they get to the top, Destiny looks like he’s gonna try and throw The Masked Man off the stage whilst still in the wheelbarrow. He teases throwing him off, but The Masked Man is able to fight out of that predicament just in the nick of time as he’s able to hit a few stiff rights that send Destiny back a little whilst The Masked Man gets himself out of the wheelbarrow. The Masked Man now pushes the wheelbarrow into the gut of Destiny, who’s teetering dangerously on the edge of the stage, should he fall he wouldn’t even be able to submit, he’d be unconscious. The Masked Man takes a couple of seconds before winding up to charge at Destiny…but Destiny shows amazing quickness and athleticism rolled into one by leaping over this wheelbarrow and hoisting The Masked Man up…Shotime! Into the WHEELBARROW!! Destiny just damn near broke The Masked Man’s back as the Mas-wait, the wheelbarrow’s moving, it’s heading towards the edge of the stage, even Destiny doesn’t intend for that to happen, he leaps up with everything he’s got to stop it…but he can’t! The Masked Man, inside of a wheelbarrow, goes crashing off the stage and is nowhere to be seen. The Masked Man’s career could be done, he may not get chance to reveal! Destiny looks shocked for a moment, but the jumps down off the stage, with the mic in the face of The Masked Man, who just completely doesn’t respond, he’s out of it. Destiny tries slapping him across the face, but to no avail so he decides to place The Masked Man back inside the wheelbarrow and start wheeling him back towards the ring. Finally he gets to the announcer’s table, where he takes a jug of water and pours it over his face, but this doesn’t revive him as Destiny picks up the dead weight of The Masked Man and rolls him into the ring. Destiny rolls in after him…but walks into a bone shattering spinebuster from the man who was unconscious seconds ago, the fans are in shock and Destiny is out of it himself now. Destiny is baffled as he fights and claws his way to his feet: Pedigree! Destiny is down and The Masked Man simply holds the mic to his lips: “ Get that outta my face!” is his response as The Masked Man maliciously attacks him with the mic, not stopping until he’s busted Destiny wide, and I mean wide, open. The Masked Man now goes underneath the ring apron and takes out a biker’s chain, he wraps it around the neck of Destiny and begins to choke the life out of him, Destiny’s feet aren’t even on the floor that’s how gruesome it is, the ref has the mic at his lips at all times, but all’s that can be heard is Destiny choking. The Masked Man then gets the chain and wraps it around his fists; he gets in a mount position and starts to unleash hell on Destiny, until his eyes roll into the back of his head! He has drool coming out of his mouth, but he damn sure will not quit this one, he’s taken one hell of a beating, this Masked Man must really hate him. The Masked Man shakes his head at Destiny, who he now brings to his feet after a struggle and ties him up in the ropes; he’s defenceless and can’t move even if he wanted to. The Masked Man now takes his shots at will on Destiny with the chain still around his hand, shots to the ribs and face until Destiny’s eyes close and he physically isn’t there anymore. The Masked Man now takes the mic and begins to speak in quite the monotonous tone of voice:

Masked Man: This was never about the win or loss, it was about destroying Kris Destiny and as you can see I’ve done that. Here, I’ll end your suffering…”I Quit”.

The Masked Man just said he quits! Destiny wins the match but he sure doesn’t look like a winner as he’s been on the receiving end of one of the worse beating we’ve ever seen in UWE.

Schumacher: Here is your winner…Kris Destiny!

Named the winner, but in truth he looks far from it. The Masked Man then points to the titantron, as a replay begins to air and it shows The Masked Man coming tumbling off the stage…but what people did not see what that there was another Masked Man who switched places with the original one.

Reynolds- The match is done, he must be revealing who he is.

Moroso- He is in the ring....But wait look here comes two other masked Men, one obviously the guy who took the tumble off the stage, and he’s being helped by another one. What the hell is going on?

Reynolds- Could there have been this many the whole time and we just never knew. All the attacks all the matches? What if they where wrestled by more then one?

Moroso- Well they have a mic lets see what they have to say.

Masked Man- Earlier tonight I fought Kris Destiny for the last time in my career....I said I would unmask at the end of it and reveal who I am. Well the dust has settled and a lot of people have made there guess.

Masked Man #2- { Taking the Mic } But before we unmask I want to make it clear that we do this cause we have a new mission and we want them to look into our eyes.

Masked Man #3- Guys like James J and Angelus are not alone in there fight against New Dawn. You see we have always considered the UWE our home. And now it is time to prove it.

Masked Man- There have been several mistakes made the last couple of months and one of them was forgetting me. Scylla you claimed you didn’t care who I was cause I wasn’t coming for you? Well guess what love....I am coming for you.

Masked Man #2- And he isn’t alone by any mean....

{ The second Masked Man removes his mask and reveal non other then the returning Raven Arkaos }

Raven- This is my home and I have been waiting for a good reason to come back. Well the prodical son has returned and the time is about to set on New Dawn.

Masked Man- But like I said he isn’t alone...He is coming back with a Former Tag Team Champion...and a Former UWE WORLD CHAMPION.

{ The remaining Masked Man remove there mask revealing former world Champion Adam “Ursa” Majors and some unknown newer kid. )

Majors- So here it is chummers....Majors is back in the UWE and I got a lot of things that I am going to address in the coming weeks. As for my little friend here. He is my apprentice you can call him ORION......Scylla, X....You know I am going to be coming soon. And old friend don’t think I don’t want a shot at you too....See you all on the flip chummers.
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« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2009, 08:29:21 pm »

Match 3: Mystery Opponent vs Anderson

Match Writer: Angelus

Bobby: Well folks, we’ve got a real special treat for you up next.  At least I hope we do.  Anderson will be taking on a very special opponent tonight.  Back for night only I hear! 

Hugh: Right you are, Bobby.  And soon that person will be making their way down the ramp. 

The lights slowly fade as “For the love of money” comes over the PA.  Fans begin booing and jeering as Anderson walks out looking extremely pumped up and ready to go for tonight.  He stops on stage and looks around at the booing fans and mocks them a little before continuing down the ramp.

Schumacher: Weighing in at 279 pounds!  From Toronto, Canada!  AnnnnNNNNNNDERRRRRSONNNNnnnn! 

Anderson continues walking down the ramp and hops up to the apron will all of a sudden the air raid siren comes over his music.  Anderson turns and faces the stage as “Reise Reise” by Ramstein begins to play.  Then, out from the back walks the monster himself.  Fans are amazed.  Fynn Trockenfaule now stands on stage, glaring down at Anderson.

Hugh: OH MY!  Fynn and Anderson II!  These two men have faced before, and it wasn’t pretty! 

Fynn begins moving down the ramp, moving at a quicker pace every second.  Anderson hops down off of the apron and begins charging at Fynn as well.  They meet each other half way and the fists begin to fly!  Thousands of camera flashes suddenly go off!  Fynn drills Anderson, and Anderson drills him back!  It’s like two old bulls locking horns again!  But Fynn seems to be using his size advantage to get the upper hand.  He grabs the 279 pound Anderson, and just shucks him up against the railing, making the railing slide back several inches.  The power of Fynn is unbelievable!

Bobby: Fynn is a monster!  I don’t know if Anderson will be able to match him again here tonight. 
Anderson comes up off the railing and is then whipped toward the ring.  He rolls in, but Fynn is hot on his heels.  Fynn slides in and the match officially begins.  He grabs Anderson up and drives his massive elbow in Anderson’s face!  Anderson stumbles back and comes back, this time swinging a big right hand but Fynn deflects it.  He grabs Anderson by the throat, Anderson punches the monster in HIS throat!  Fynn lets go and backs off, holding his throat and allows Anderson time.  Anderson comes up behind him, clubbing him over the back.  Fynn gets an elbow off to the rib cage of Anderson and comes back with a big upper cut!  He then runs and tackles Anderson into the ground!  Anderson appears to once again be in trouble!  Fynn stands up and doesn’t allow his opponent any time to get back on his feet.  He kicks Anderson in the ribs and stomps his head with extreme aggression!  Then he grabs Anderson up and whips him into the ropes.  Anderson comes back and it’s a big booNO!  Anderson manages to duck the boot!  Fynn turns around, and Anderson grabs the 315 pound monster for an over head belly to belly suplex!  The fans are amazed by Anderson’s strength!

Hugh: I have NEVER witnessed ANYONE man handle Fynn like that!  This is truly something else!

Bobby: Well Anderson’s a bad dude, Huey! 

Anderson stands up and smiles down at Fynn who is sprawled out on the mat.  He looks around at the fans, pointing down and mocking Fynn.  But Anderson never expects to see what happens next.  Fynn sits right up and looks directly at Anderson!  Anderson’s surprised!  He quickly rushes Fynn and knees him in the face!  He grabs Fynn and sets him up on his shoulders, fire man carry style, but Fynn slides off!  He headbutts Anderson in the back of the head, sending Anderson against the ropes!  Anderson comes back off the ropes swinging, but Fynn dodges it and flips Anderson over his head!

Hugh Reynolds: Looks like Anderson might be in trouble here, Trockenfäule is working him over pretty good!

Bobby Morso: What are you talking about? He’s got Fynn exactly where he wants him!

Hugh shakes his head at Morso’s comment, but then his attention turns to the ring.

Hugh Reynolds: Wait, what is this; who is this?

A man, dressed in a black suit and white shirt, has jumped over the reeling and has got inside the ring. He gets up behind Fynn and the man is almost as tall as the monster. Fynn looks puzzled at the man, like he tries to figure out what to do, and at the same time Charisma has climbed up on the apron to get the referees attention. As the referee goes over to get the manager down on the floor, the man delivers a kick that land on the more sensitive parts of the male anatomy.

Hugh Reynolds: What the hell is this! Where’s the ref, call for the bell! This should be a disqualification!

Fynn folds over from the pain and as he does the man grabs him for a DDT, but grabs Fynn’s wrestling tights and lifts him up and then plants him on his head.

Bobby Morso: Wow, Fynn just got laid out with a lifting DDT!

Hugh Reynolds: Yes, from someone that doesn’t have anything to do in the ring and thanks to Charisma this match can continue!

In the ring the man signals to Anderson to finish it and Anderson, who at the moment is catching his breath in the corner. He looks up at the man with a confused look on his face, then at Fynn lying on the mat and back at the man motioning to Anderson to finish Fynn.

Bobby Morso: Look at this Hugh, Anderson doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this. The referee would have wrongfully disqualified Anderson if he’d seen it.

Hugh Reynolds: Are you even listening to yourself Bobby?!
In the ring Anderson seems to have regained his focus, as the man rolls out of the ring and at the same time Charisma jumps down from the ring apron. Anderson looks over at her and sees the same motion from her to finish it. Still confused he walks up to Fynn, slowly trying to get up, picks him up and hits a stiff kick in the midsection. As the monster once again bends forward, Anderson quickly grabs Fynn and quickly delivers the Money Maker.

Bobby Morso: He hits the money maker! This has to be it Hugh!

Anderson covers and the referee starts the count.


Andrew Schumacher: Here is your winner…Andersoooon!!!

Anderson slowly gets up on his feet and Charisma enters the ring and raises his arm, as Anderson’s music starts to play. The man in the suit climbs up on the apron, after taking hiding from the referee on the floor at ringside, climbs up on the ring apron and starts to applaud Anderson, who looks at Charisma and says something while pointing at the man. Charisma starts to say something back as they leave the ring at the same time and discussing something moving up the ramp, Anderson still pointing towards the man; the man who is following them up the ramp with a cocky smile on his lips.

Hugh Reynolds: I smell something fishy here! This happened all too convenient!

Bobby Morso: Oh come on! You saw the look on Anderson’s face, he is just as clueless to what happened here as you and I! Just let it go and admit that the right guy won this match! Stop whining and let’s move on with the show!
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« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2009, 08:30:04 pm »

Match 4: Greenbean vs Bryan Blaze

Match Writer: The Masked Man

Moroso: The next match is going to be one hell of a fight between Green Bean and Bryan Blaze...

Reynolds: Anyway, it's a grudge match of sorts between these two fine competitors, with the only way to win is get your opponent into the ambulance at the top of the ramp.

Moroso: All I can say is that I want to see carnage!

Before Bean gets in the ring, he kneels before the ring and looks under the apron. Blaze cocks his head and looks on in confusion, as Bean brings a garbage can filled with various weapons out from under the ring, and tosses it over the top rope. He bends down to the ring apron and continues to look for weapons Blaze the can and grabs a Leather strap from the can with his right hand.

Moroso: Bean off to a bad start. Why give your opponent weapons before you're even in the ring?

Reynolds: I thought that was what you wanted?

Blaze slides under the bottom rope as Bean stands up. Blaze punches Bean with this left hand twice, and slaps Bean across the chest with the belt. Bean takes a step back, holding his chest, as Blaze slaps him again.

Reynolds: That leather strap cannot feel good against the skin!

Moroso: It looks like it hurts, and I love it!

Bean hits the ground, but is back up fast. He charges Blaze and hits him hard with a clothesline. As Blaze falls, he stomps him, then grabs the belt Blaze has dropped. He throws the belt into the crowd, and the crowd responds with a mixed reaction.

Reynolds: Can you believe that this crowd wanted Bean to punish Blaze with that strap?

Moroso: I wanted to see that! BOOO!

Bean reaches under the apron and grabs a chair. As he turns around, Blaze is standing up. Bean brings the chair over his head to have it come crashing down on Blaze's skull, but Blaze performs a text-book drop kick to the midsection of Bean. Bean drops the chair and bends over, just as Blaze picks Bean up and does a tilt-o-whirl powerslam to him on the steel chair, outside the ring!

Moroso:YES YES YES! That counter by Blaze made the match so much better!

Reynolds: I have a feeling that is only a small taste of what we will see here tonight.

Blaze looks up at the ambulance

Moroso: He has to Drag him up to it.
Blaze is slowly getting up when Bean kicks Blaze's leg. Blaze stumbles as Bean continues to kick his leg, and he falls to one knee. Bean then kicks Blaze in the chest, knocking him over. Bean gets up and Blaze is slowly getting up. Bean walks over to Blaze and knees him in the face. Blaze falls again to the ground, and Bean follows up with a leg drop. Bean stands up, and rolls into the ring.

Reynolds: Finally, some sense! Take this match to the ring, where it belongs.

Moroso: You Idiot in belongs in that ambulance not in the ring Bean is trying to torture Blaze.

Bean picks up the garbage can, and empties it contents that hadn't spilled to the ring floor before. As Blaze is getting up, Bean throws the can out of the ring, and tries to connect with Blaze's head! Blaze catches the can, and rolls into the ring clutching it. Bean punches him in the head a few times, but Blaze still drives the garbage can into the midsection of Bean.

Moroso: It looks like Blaze has this match all wrapped up! He knows what to do, when to do it. Now, shed some blood!

Reynolds: You can't really be advocating the use of these weapons right now, can you?

Moroso: It's an Ambulance match. Yes, I do!

Bean stumbles back a little bit, before Blaze smashes the can over his head! Bean hits the mat, and Blaze throws the dented garbage can aside.

Moroso: What a shot!

Blaze picks up the next weapon he find, a frying pan. As Bean is slowly getting up, Blaze slams Bean in the head with the frying pan, and Bean's forehead starts to bleed.

Reynolds: Oh my! There it is, the crimson mask.

Moroso There it is, the only reason I watch this match!

Blaze smugly tosses the object aside, and attempts a fake pin. After several seconds Bean kicks out of reflex......

Moroso: Get him to the Ambulance....

Reynolds: It looks like Bean is getting his grip on reality.

Bean rolls out of the ring, and takes a second to rest. Blaze sees this opportunity and drives through the ropes and collides with Bean! Both men are down on the ground, as Blaze stands up slowly.

Reynolds: A high risk maneuver that has paid off for Blaze.
Blaze grabs the dented garbage can and places it on the ground. He then faces Bean, who has rolled over on his stomach in an attempt to get up. He grabs him by the waist and tries the wheelbarrow suplex, but Bean wraps his legs around Blaze's waist to block the move. Blaze tries again, but can't get Bean up and over. As Blaze lets go, Bean drops one leg to balance himself as he throws some elbows into the head of Blaze. Blaze staggers backwards as Bean finds his footing.

Moroso: We almost saw that garbage can be used again, but this time with Bean driven through it.

Bean turns around and starts to pound away at Blaze and they make their way up the ramp.

Reynolds: Where are they going?!

Moroso: Towards the ambulance finally.

As they get to the stage, Blaze finally starts to fight back, and lands a few punches of his own. He then throws a hard chop into Bean's chest, the spins Bean around.

Reynolds: What a chop!

Blaze gets Bean into the Belly to Back Lifting Mat Slam, landing it hard on the stage. Bean grabs at his face, and Blaze slowly gets up.

Moroso: That steel stage is unforgiving, and Bean wishes he wasn't up there, I bet!

Reynolds: You're right about that! I hope he's OK.

Blaze walks to the back, behind the curtain. As Bean slowly starts to get up, Blaze comes back out with a pipe. Bean is on his feet now, and Blaze swings the pipe at his head. Bean ducks, and drives his shoulder into Blaze's midsection. Blaze drops the pipe, and Bean knees him in the midsection. He gets Blaze in position to perform the Fisherman's Suplex.

Reynolds: That pipe could have caused some major damage!

Moroso: Yeah, I wish I could have seen it!

As he lifts Blaze up, he holds the move for a minute. Then, drops Blaze on the stage, hard. Blaze writhes in pain, grabbing his back and yelling. Bean gets up, a little quicker than expected, and walk to the edge of the stage to show off to the crowd. He throws his arms up, and the crowd reacts loudly with Boos. He turns his attention to the still down Blaze, who is actually trying to get up. Bean stomps on his stomach, and Blaze falls to his back again. Bean grabs Blaze's leg, and drags him across the stage.

Moroso: Genius! That rough steel stage is going to make Blaze's back bleed, and cause so much pain!

Reynolds: Yeah, unfortunately. And Blaze has no where else to go.
Bean continues to drag him across the stage, working his bare back against the rough steel. He stops, and taunts the crowd again to get a reaction. The crowd starts chanting “ You have LOST IT!”.

Moroso: The crowd loves it!

Reynolds: I don’t know it they love it but they are into it.

Bean then grabs Blaze by the hair and picks him up. He whips him into the large scaffolds that are holding the Adrenalyn backdrop, and jumbotron, above the stage. Blaze crashes into the steel scaffold, and falls to his knees holding his head.

Reynolds: That isn't what that scaffolding is meant for!

Moroso: That's OK Reynolds! I think they can use it however they want.

Bean walks to Blaze, and grabs him by the back of the head. Blaze throws an elbow backwards, and connects with the testicles of Bean.

Moroso: What a shot!

Reynolds: I don't think it was on purpose, but what a shot regardless.

Bean grabs his groin and falls to the ground in pain. Blaze stands upright and faces Bean, and we can see that Blaze is bleeding as well. Blaze picks Bean up to his feet, and does the reverse hip toss. Bean lands face first on the stage.

Moroso: Vicious! I think I just became a Blaze fan!

Reynolds: What would Angelus think of that?

Moroso: I was kidding. Jeesh!

Blaze grabs Bean by the hair and drags him behind the curtain, backstage, The camera follows.

Reynolds: Get a camera back there. What's going on?

As the crowd is cheering, the crowd noise is cut of by the new barrier between the wrestlers and the crowd. Blaze stops dragging Bean, and looks around. He finds a stack of metal boxes holding camera equipment, and pushes them over, and they all land on Bean.

Moroso: Those shipping boxes are about ten pounds each, without equipment in them! And you know they have some stuff in them, so that's close to thirty pounds a box, crushing Bean!

Reynolds: Ridiculous. Someone should stop this match!

Blaze starts clearing the boxes away, as Bean puts his leg straight in the air with a powerful kick, connecting with Blaze's face. Blaze falls hard, back first, onto the concrete floor. Both men are down.

Reynolds: This match has taken so much out of both men. How can they even continue?

Slowly, Bean starts to get up after about 45 seconds. Blaze is getting to his feet as well, but Bean makes it on his feet first. Bean walks over to Blaze and slaps him in the back of the head. He does this three more times, then searches for a weapon.

Moroso: What's he looking for? Hopefully, it will cause massive blood loss! After all, didn't Bean say "There will be blood?"

He finds a floor broom, and takes the broom part of to leave just the handle. As he turns around to hit Blaze with the handle, Blaze is on his feet holding a fire extinguisher! He discharges the extinguisher into Bean's face. Blindly, Bean swings the broom handle, and he hits the cameraman. As the camera hits the ground, a loud static pop is heard, and the tron goes to static. The crowd boos.

Reynolds: The cameraman was hit with that broom handle! Get the EMT's there quickly to help him!

Moroso: This is complete chaos....God this is Great.

Blaze stops stomping on Bean, and grabs him by the leg. As he goes to do a maneuver, Bean kicks him away, and Blaze falls from behind the curtain and onto the stage.

Moroso: There back out by the Ambulance Maybe Bean is going to end it.

Reynolds: Call the match!

Shortly after, Bean walks out from behind the curtain, with a ladder.

Reynolds: A ladder! This doesn't fare well for Blaze.

Moroso: This is an Ambulance match not a Ladder match he really has lost it.

He drives the ladder down onto the midsection of Blaze twice. He sets the ladder up, and goes to work on Blaze with stomps and elbow drops.

Moroso: What the hell is he thinking

Reynolds: I'm ignoring you the rest of the match. Bean going to work on Blaze with that ladder.

Moroso: Don’t ignore me answer me jack ass...

Making sure Blaze isn't getting up, Bean climbs the ladder. But it appears Blaze was playing possum! Blaze hops to his feet and pushes the ladder against the scaffolding!

Reynolds: The tricky Blaze gets one up on Bean!
Moroso: Holy ****....What are these men doing?

Reynolds scowls at Moroso. As the ladder crashes into the scaffolding, Bean grabs on and holds on for dear life and the ladder crashes to the stage. Bean pulls himself up and finds secure footing on the scaffold, as Blaze finds the pipe and throws it at Bean. He misses, as the pipe hits the scaffolding not far from Bean's head.

Reynolds: Blaze is just trying to hurt Bean by now. He just threw that pipe at his head!

Moroso: This is gone to far even I cant take all of this....

Reynolds: That's a stretch there.....

Bean secures his footing more, and lets go of the scaffold as he finds he is standing safely. He then clenches his hands together above his head. He looks hesitant, but then jumps!

Reynolds: What's he doing?! This is gonna get dangerous!

Moroso: Just how I like it, dangerous! This match has caught my interest again!

He hits Blaze with a double axe handle from about fifteen feet up! Both men crash to the ground, Bean holding his left leg as Blaze crumbles to the mat, motionless.

Reynolds: Both men are down! Bean and Blaze are down!

Moroso: I think we need paramedics.

Reynolds: Even with our differences I agree....This has gone to far.

Bean crawls over to Blaze to make a pin not having his bearings, but Blaze pushes Bean away in what seems to be an attempt to stand up. Both men slowly get to their feet, as the crowd roars in applause and cheering.

Reynolds: The crowd appreciating this noble attempt to entertain by both men. They love the UWE for this reason alone!

The men lock up for the first time in the match, and Blaze gets Bean in a headlock. He then starts running for the edge of the stage.

Reynolds: What's going on here? Why is Blaze- no no no!

At the very last second, Blaze leaves his feet as he is attempting to bulldog Bean onto whatever lies on the floor off the stage, but Bean pushes him away! Blaze falls ten feet off the stage, and since it is just out of the camera's view, you can't see where. But, you can hear a loud crash, followed by pyrotechnics going off from the ringposts.
Moroso: Did he just crash through....

The camera looks over the edge to show that Blaze has been thrown through the pyrotechnicians table, and when he landed, he set some fireworks off. Bean sees this, and grabs the ladder.

Moroso.... The pyrotechnical table. This is bad, Reynolds. Someone should stop this match-

Reynolds: I'm glad we agree-

Moroso: They no longer are thinking straight....

Reynolds: I hate that Bean has that ladder. What's he plan on doing here?

He sets the ladder up near the edge of the stage, and climbs to the top.

Moroso: Oh yes yes YES!

Reynolds: Oh no no no!

He signals he is going to drop onto Blaze....This is not safe.

Moroso: He won't do it.

Reynolds: I hope not!

He hesitates.

Moroso: Told you.

He hesitates again.

Moroso: Some one needs to come and stop this....

Then, he jumps. The ladder falls backwards, crashing onto the stage Bean as he performs the frog splash onto Blaze. He connects with Blaze, and fireworks from above the jumbotron discharge, creating a loud boom.

Moroso: HE DID IT!

Reynolds: Oh my GOD! The carnage is devastating! Both men are dead, no WAY they are still alive. No way.

The ref races over to the men to see if they are alright. Both men are bleeding profusely, but Bean is yelling.

Bean: Get out of the Way where not Done yet....Move.
Reynolds: Can you believe it!?

Moroso: Bean just wants to win! He put is body and life on the line to win. What an amazing man!

The ref looks unbelievingly at Bean and moves out of the way. Bean Drags Blaze back out the ramp and towards the Ambulance. As he makes his way there he tosses Blaze into the side of it. Blaze falls to the ground

Reynolds: Bean has opened the doors and is ready to toss Blaze in, but he pauses, looking at the ambulance for some reason....

Moroso: Did you see that, from no where Blaze just nailed Bean with a lead pipe in the back of the head sending him into the ambulance.....and Blaze shuts the doors!

Blaze has done it; he’s defeated Greenbean this time fair and square after Greenbean hesitated for just one moment, perhaps showing a little bit of mercy to his opponent. Blaze celebrates his victory, although he has a look of confusion on his face as to why Greenbean didn’t finish him off, UWE heads to a commercial with Blaze slapping hands with the fans.
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Tag Team Championships Match
Match 5: The X and Scylla vs Kiezamoore and James J

Match Writer: Angelus

The lights flicker frantically before going completely out. It is silent for a moment, until words echo throughout the arena:

"SINNERS....They're all sinners....they're all going to the painful, everlasting, FIREY HELL."

"Them Bones" by Alice in Chains blasts through the speakers, and a shower of sparks fly from underneath the Tron as Scylla walks into view. She turns her head slowly from left to right, waiting patiently for her little sister and manager, Cassy, to come out behind her.

Schumacher: Ladies and gentlemen, weighing in at 160 pounds, from New Orleans, Louisiana!  She is one half of the World tag team champions!  Evelyn “Scylla” LaRivierre! 

Both women make their way down the ramp, Cassy smiling innocently, and Scylla staring intently at ring. The redhead doesn't bother using the stairs; she climbs underneath the bottom rope and then onto the mat. Her little sister stays out of the ring and walks next to the bell holder. Scylla stands in the center of the ring, arms folded, waiting.

The stage lights come on, bright white-lighting up the entrance. The lights suddenly flicker off, and come back on a bright crimson red. There's an explosion, as "X IS COMING FOR YOU" by DMX blasts through the house PA system. The smoke lingers from the pyro, and out steps the man known simply as The X. He glances around from the top of the stage and a grin creases his painted-face. He slings his trusty black baseball bat over his shoulder and begins to meander down the ramp towards the ring.

Schumacher: And her partner, weighing in at 237 pounds!  He is the second half of the World tag team champions!  The X! 

“Superstar” by Saliva, UWE’s Showdown theme comes playing over the PA!  Fans all turns their heads to stage as Kiezamoore and James J come walking out sporting UWE shirts.  They look down the ramp at Scylla and X who stand waiting, and then they pull the shirts off over their heads and begin sprinting down to the ring.  K and J slide in and pounce up, and the fists start to fly!  James goes right for Scylla!  K goes for X!  It’s UWE vs New Dawn here tonight and the fans are pumped!  The ref urges them to get to their corners and break the mess up.  Finally, K clotheslines X over the ropes!  X spills out to the floor and gets back to his feet, hitting the mat before he notices K running towards the ropes.  K comes hurling himself over the top rope, landing on X and taking him out!  Leaving only Scylla and J in the ring.  Scylla and J are tied up, but Scylla impressively gets J in a headlock.  She’s working him over quite well until J shoves her forward, into the ropes.  Scylla comes back and then she ducks James’ spinning heel kick!  James turns around-DROP KICK!  Scylla drop kicks James J, knocking him to the flat of his back!  James looks up with surprise as Scylla grabs his left leg and tries rolling him over to lock in a boston crab.  But J kicks her back! He then back rolls up on to his feet and comes at Scylla with a kick to the mid section.  He takes her by the head-THE DDT CONNECTS!  J covers quickly! 

THRENOOOO!!!  X comes charging in a drops an elbow right to the back of James’ head!  K now rushes in, but X ducks down and flips K right over his head!  And K lands back first across the opposite turnbuckle!  He spills back on to the mat holding his back, seemingly badly hurt.  X goes back to his corner, smiling at the damage done.  Meanwhile, Scylla is up and back in control of the match.  She has James in a hammer lock but he’s fighting her every step of the way!  James begins reaching into the air, gesturing for the crowd’s support.  They quickly get behind him, and Scylla and X can do nothing but look around and yell at them to shut up. 

Bobby: Looks like the UWE crowd is getting behind the UWE stars!

Hugh: And it may pay off!  Let’s hope it does because right now New Dawn has control of the match! 

James gets up to a knee!  He’s still reaching but Scylla has that hold in tight.  He begins to move to the inside!  He throws an elbow!  Scylla doesn’t release though!  But James throws another elbow! And another!  FINALLY!  The hold is broken and a beat red James J stands up and enzi guri’s the hell out of Scylla!  X hits the turnbuckle with frustration as Scylla falls back.  He extends his arm out for her to tag but there’s no way she can reach him.  James looks to the crowd, and then at K who’s standing by at their turnbuckle.  He points to K and shouts to the crowd, they all cheer with support.  Then James begins to head over, while Scylla is crawling over to X.  James tags K who seems ready.  And Scylla JUST tags X as she crawls out, still shaken up from earlier.  K and X come running full speed at each other.  Kiezamoore comes flying forward with the elbow which connects dead on!  He hops back up, and quickly grabs X, standing him up and laying into him with a hard right hand!  X stumbles back, and back even further with another shot.  Then Kiezamoore turns and hops back connecting a moonsault kick!  The fans all spring from their seats with excitement, but the injured back is beginning to take effect again.  K stands up, holding his back, but he tries not to let it slow him down.  He turns to Scylla and taunts her on.  “New Dawn can suck on this!”  And then he turns back to X, grabbing him up-X KNEES HIM TO THE GUT! X quickly grabs K up for a power bomb and carries him over to the ropes-POWER BOMB TO THE ROPES!  K is sling shot from the ropes and into the air where he once again lands awkwardly on his back! 

Hugh: OH MY LAND!  The back of Kiezamoore Washburne HAS to be hurting now!  He may be seriously hurt! 

Bobby: Well he was showing signs of it hurting earlier after X dropped him on the turnbuckle.  You know X can smell the blood in the water now though.  This may be over for UWE Huey. 

James stands with his arm stretched out.  But X won’t let the tag happen.   He drags K over to Scylla and makes a tag.  Scylla gladly steps in and the two begin assaulting K’s back.  They stomp him, kick him, club him.  X jumps up and drops a huge knee straight into his back.  The ref yells at X to get out of the ring, leaving K to Scylla.  Scylla grabs K and begins to set him up in the surfboard stretch!  You can see the pain in his eyes as she locks it in!  His arms begin waving all over the place, trying to find the ropes.  James yells to his partner to hold on.  Then James does the unthinkable!  He hops up on the turnbuckle and balances himself as he runs along the ropes.  X quickly shoots in the ring and Scylla, seeing James coming releases the hold.  James comes flying off the ropes and dives straight into the X!  He gets up and faces Scylla, she kicks him in the stomach and pulls him in-PEDIGREE!  But then out of no where, Scylla turns and Kiezamoore is flying off the ropes-LAMBADA!  Some how, some way, K pulled it off!  Now all four participants are sprawled out in the ring!  K tries to pick himself back up, X rolls out of the ring-as does James.  Kiezamoore begins crawling over and covers Scylla. 

THREE-NO!  Scylla JUST gets the shoulder up!  K can’t believe it.  He stands up, and grabs Scylla up as well and whips her over to the turnbuckle by James.  K comes limping over, and tags James in.  The two then send Scylla forward into the ropes and as she comes back James goes for the James Cutt-NO!  Scylla counters and connects a modified bulldog instead!  She covers! 


X is standing over in the corner, pounding the turnbuckle.  Scylla looks at him and nods.  She gets up, dragging James with her and makes the tag.  X comes in on all cylinders, scooping James up and slamming him back into the mat!  James is in pain.  He tries rolling away to escape, but X is all over him.  X leans down to grab him-HARD KICK TO THE FACE!  X stumbles back holding his face as James stands up, James sprints right at him and SPEARS X to the mat! He starts drilling X with everything he has.  The fans are pumped as James seems to have new life breathed into him.  He hops back up to his feet and screams with nothing but pure adrenalin fueled passion!  Scylla tries coming in from behind him, but Kiez see’s it coming and cuts her off with a spinning wheel kick!  James stands X up and raises him for the GTS-BUT X GETS FREE!  X then begins setting James up for the X Marks the spot, K is charging for the save but then James reverses-JAMES CUTTER!  James covers! 
THREE!  The ref calls for the bell!  James is helped up by his partner as the ref brings the belts in.  Scylla sets up, furious as she see’s X on the mat.  James and Kiezamoore hold their newly won titles up high as the crowd cheers them on.
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Hugh Reynolds: We interrupt proceedings now to bring you an important security update, we have received information that moments ago the following footage was taken on a CCTV camera in the western security staffroom of the arena...

“Guys and gals, this is Martin Freeshaw and your joining me for the Swinging Sixties Super-hour on radio right here on San Francisco FM. We’re kicking things off tonight with a motown classic courtesy of the legend himself, Sam Cooke…”

♪ I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh and just like the river I've been running ever since
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will ♪

The footage finally appears on the scene after several moments of blackness with just the crackling sound of the ancient transistor radio which can now be seen atop an old wooden desk that stands in the centre of a room with cracked white paint plastered across its walls. Behind this desk a grey-haired man lies sprawled in a green plastic chair – a sight which would not be uncommon in many a school classroom. He is dressed in a navy blue uniform, the official emblem of the arena security stitched onto the chest, and his head lays drooped to one side; eyes closed in a dazed stupor. A bottle of Jack Daniels stands on the desktop, only a tiny splash left of whiskey left at the bottom, clearly indicating that this sleep is alcohol-induced.

♪ It's been too hard living but I'm afraid to die
Cause I don't know what's up there beyond the sky
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will ♪

A thunderous crash comes from somewhere out of view of the camera, the deafening sound of it brings the security guard wide awake with a start. Cursing and grumbling he places a hand on the desk and pushes himself his feet, groaning as his back clicks loudly. He stumbles across the room, clearly the effects of his little Tennessee tipple have not quite warn out yet, and a look of horrified realization spreads across his facial features as another loud bang is heard… this time quite obviously from within the room. He stares at some unseen monstrosity, hidden from the camera’s line of view, and staggers backwards hastily.

♪ I go to the movie and I go downtown
Somebody keep telling me don't hang around
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will ♪

Finally, the cause of the man’s fear steps into the picture… slowly, cautiously, with painstakingly meticulous paces a hooded figure strides into sight. The security guard backs into the desk with a yelp and panics, desperately he attempts to scramble backwards over it but the cloaked character extends a hand and seizes him by the neck with vicelike grip. The guard raises his hands but in his drunken haze he is no match for the clearly powerful attacker and is unable to wrench the assailant’s hands from his throat. A minute later and his eyes begin to bulge; the colour rapidly drains from his pain-contorted face and a nauseating gurgling noise emits from his mouth which is open in a silent scream.

♪ Then I go to my brother
And I say brother help me please
But he winds up knocking me
Back down on my knees ♪

Suddenly the camera flickers, the image of the room and the unfolding attack become warped and distorted until it abruptly cuts to static. Seconds pass with the same static until a subtle change twists the image on the screen, slowly dark red figures fade in over the cracking black and white to form a simple combination… – 843.738876.

♪ There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will ♪

The scene switches back to Hugh Reynolds and Bobby Moroso at the announce table, each wears a nigh identical expression of baffled confusion upon their faces and it takes a few seconds before Reynolds snaps out of his daze and raises a hand to his earpiece before relating what is being told to him in his familiar deep undertone.

Reynolds: As I understand it, that final part of the footage was not on the original security tape. I for one am wondering just what those numbers mean and I’ll be looking over my shoulder often from now on as I’ve just been informed that an arena-wide security sweep has yielded no results and the enigmatic assailant is yet to be found. We'll keep you updated on any new updates should they occur.

*fades to commercials*
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UWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Main Event: Angelus vs E.E. Faulk

Match Writer: Greenbean

"Fortune, fame, mirror vain
Gone insane...

*BOOM!* A huge pyro fires up from the stage as "The memory Remains" continues playing.  As the smoke from the pyro clears, Angelus is left standing in the middle of the stage staring straight down at his opponent.  There's a sudden chill that sweeps through the crowd as Angelus takes one good, long look around the arena. 

"Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor"

Schumacher: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the UWE World Heavyweight Championship!  From Las Vegas, Nevada!  Weighing in at 225 pounds!  He is UWE's first and only Grand Slam Champion and the current UWE World Heavyweight Champion!  ANNNNnnnnnNNNNGELLLLLLUSSSSss! 

"Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded prima donna"

Angelus makes his way down the ramp, highfiving the occasional fan who holds their arm out desperately to touch him.  Some fans can be heard cheering his name at the top of their lungs, others have not forgotten his past deeds and refuse to cheer him.  Angelus' eyes say it all though.  He's not here for them.  Angelus slides in on the apron and pops up, immediately look over to his opponent and pointing to them, telling them tonight they're gonna just another fallen victim.  He then turns around and runs to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the top rope and pointing around the arena, then back to himself.  Angelus jumps off and turns to his opponent, loosening up a little before the match begins.

Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
But the memory remains

A lit fuse appears on the Titantron, with its hiss being the only sound in the arena. The fuse runs out at the bottom of the screen and BOOM! The stage erupts with fiery, explosive pyro.

Schumacher: And from New York City, New York, weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds…E.E. Faulk!

Through the smoke arrives E. E. Faulk, as the song "Path" by Apocalyptica plays him to the ring.

The referee holds the World Heavyweight Championship up for all to see, the richest prize in the game is on the line here tonight and will be contested by arguable the two best in UWE today. The Championship is handed to the timekeeper and the bell sounds as the two men inside the ring walk up to one another, 1 foot between themselves as they stare into each other’s eyes, talking a little trash to one another. Both men then take a couple of steps back into a corner as the anticipation in the arena builds more and more. They both start to walk clockwise around the ring until they are at the opposite sides of the ring from where they both started as they continue to look at each other. The body language of the two suggests they are about to go in for a collar-and-elbow tie-up as they both come together, they lock up with the collar-and-elbow, Faulk proves to be no match to Angelus in the strength department as Angelus is able to overpower Faulk into one of the corners, but Faulk shows his intelligence by spinning it around and now it’s Angelus who’s against the turnbuckle. Faulk throws a right hand at Angelus, who’s able to duck underneath it and quickly grip Faulk around the waist, hoisting him up in the air for a belly-to-back suplex, but Faulk is able to reverse it by going over the top of Angelus and landing on his feet behind his foe. Angelus turns around: and gets lit up by a huge knife-edge chop, that echoes throughout the arena, Angelus staggers back slightly so this gives Faulk the option to go for another knife-edge chop, which he takes and chops the hell out of Angelus again, one more chop from Faulk now has Angelus leaning back on the ropes, so Faulk decides to Irish whip Angelus into the ropes, Angelus returns and Faulk lowers his head, but he does so a second to early and this gives Angelus the opportunity to shuffle his feet and take Faulk down hard with a swinging neckbreaker. Faulk is lay flat on his back and Angelus is knelt down, breathing heavily as the chops have obviously taken their toll on him.

Hugh Reynolds: I say it all the time but you gotta give the devil his due, Faulk lowered his head just a second too early and the Champ capitalised.

Angelus is back to his feet and brings Faulk up, pushing him into the turnbuckle and now Angelus is working over the stomach of Faulk with repeated shoulder thrusts on the number one contender inside the corner, the ref can do nothing but watch as its all legal, Angelus is really doing a number though here on Faulk’s abdominal section! He finally lets up and grabs Faulk by the wrist, Irish whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle with such velocity that as soon as Faulk’s back hits the turnbuckle pad, it takes his legs from under him and Faulk drops to the floor, accompanied with a scream of pain. Faulk is lay, face down on the mat as Angelus takes a moment to walk around the ring a little; he sees Faulk is trying to get up so heads back towards him. On his knees Faulk is grabbing for Angelus, grabbing for anything including the knee pads of the Champ, but Angelus just pulls him to his feet again then once more Irish whips him into the turnbuckle, again he whips him hard, this time Faulk hits the turnbuckle and comes staggering back from it, right into Angelus who, in one swift movement grabs the left leg of Faulk and throws him over, hitting The Chadinator, a modified Fisherman’s Suplex! As Faulk rolls around the canvas clutching his back a replay is show of the fantastic Fisherman’s Suplex which gained the approval of at least a few fans here. Faulk is still fighting to get up, and with the help of Angelus he is up to his feet, only to receive a hard right hand to the skull from Angelus, which knocks Faulk right back to the mat. Angelus stands over Faulk for a moment or two, until he bends over to pick Faulk right back up to his feet again, Angelus this time picks up Faulk by the waist, but the ever so resilient “Double E” is able to flip right over and land on his feet, attempting an instant Superkick on Angelus, but “The Arch Angel” is just one step ahead of Faulk as he’s able to duck the boot and start unloading on Faulk with right, after right, after right until Faulk collapses to the floor again. Faulk is back up almost right away however, but finds himself on the receiving end of another Irish whip from Angelus, this time into the ropes and this time Angelus swings a clothesline at Faulk, which is ducked and as Angelus turns around, Faulk goes for the boot to the gut, which is countered by Angelus who’s able to catch the foot…but the standing foot of Faulk comes up and clocks Angelus right in the side of the head for a massive, momentum shifting enziguri! With Angelus grounded, Faulk figures he’d like to make it as difficult as possible for Angelus to stand and applies an Ankle Lock to Angelus, twisting and tearing away at the ankle, he’ll snap it if he has the chance. Angelus is in so much pain; he can’t stay still for a second and bits his knuckles because the pain is just too much, the match cannot be won on submission, but this hold is damn sure painful and could hurt Angelus just to put pressure on it. The fans begin to get loud for the challenger, cheering him on as Angelus makes it to the bottom ropes, he’s begging for the hold to be broken but the referee just holds his arms out asking what he’s expected to do, it’s all legal! Faulk now pulls Angelus back into the middle of the ring; he could have a broken ankle here for all we know as Angelus continues to scream in pain. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity at least to Angelus, Faulk decides to break the hold as he backs up, leaving Angelus lay on the floor, holding his ankle tightly. Not showing any signs of movement the referee begins the first count of the match against Angelus as Faulk, aided by the ring ropes, gets to his feet:

3…Angelus, also with the aid of the ropes, is back to his feet and breaks the count. Testing out his ankle, Angelus has absolutely no idea that Faulk is charging towards him and as soon as he sees Faulk it’s to late as Faulk swings a boot at the ankle of Angelus as if he was punting a ball, which drops Angelus back to the mat as he rolls into the middle of the ring holding his ankle, that’s definitely hurting him here. Faulk gets up to his feet, the slightest of grins forms on his face momentarily as he waits for Angelus to get up to his feet before issuing anymore punishment on his foe. Faulk, from the opposite side of the ring, comes charging at Angelus as quickly as he can, looking to clean him out: but Angelus shows why he’s renowned as the smartest man in Professional Wrestling by lowering the top ropes and sending Faulk almost into orbit as he literally flies over the top and crashes into the announce table down below, the fans are extremely vocal and quite worried about the well being of Faulk after that huge bump. The camera gets a close up shot of Faulk, whose eyes are squinting and his body now moving, he went all or nothing and on that one, he got nothing and this has given Angelus the breather he so desperately needed. Lay on the outside is Faulk; not moving at all and inside the ring is Angelus, who hasn’t taken his hand of his ankle since he hit the mat. The referee debates counting, but thinks better of it and eventually Angelus is able to roll under the bottom ropes and out of the ring, putting pressure onto that ankle that seems to be just badly hurt. Angelus heads directly to the Spanish announcer’s table and takes off the cover, throwing it away from him; it almost took out a camera man as a matter of fact. Next to go off the table are the two television monitors, leaving an empty table and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what The Arch Angel’s intentions are here. The ref tries to reason with him but we all know that’s like trying to get blood out of a stone, infact it just encourages Angelus to do the same thing to the other announce table, causing Reynolds and Moroso to vacate their seats as Angelus takes their table apart. As Angelus turns around he sees Faulk is up on his feet, although Faulk seems a little dazed right now and that matter doesn’t get helped when Angelus drives him head first into the steel ring steps as Faulk fall back down. Angelus makes sure both tables are completely cleared before grabbing Faulk and lying him down on the English announce table, before attempting to put him threw it, Angelus makes sure to incapacitate him as much as possible by unleashing a barrage of right hands, all closed to the unprotected skull of Faulk, who can do nothing but take the beating. Angelus finally decides that’s enough of the pummelling and joins Faulk on top of the table, the anticipation grows in the arena as various noises can be heard and fans start to rise to their feet. Faulk is desperately trying to get to his feet, although if he knew what was good for him, he’d probably stay down as Angelus now gets him in a front Facelock position, looking to Suplex him from one table all the way threw the other. Angelus lifts Faulk right up in the air: but at the last second Faulk is able to wriggle back down to his feet and break free of the grip and now Faulk starts fighting for his life, unloading with right hands of his own as Angelus is teetering dangerously. One more solid right hand maybe be enough to send Angelus crashing backwards through the table behind him as Faulk starts chopping away at the Champ, Faulk hits another right hand which knocks Angelus right smack bang to the edge of the table he’s standing on, he seems to be losing his balance, Faulk steps back a couple steps and heads towards Angelus with another right, which connects but Angelus shows his intelligence by adjusting his body to fall off the table to the side of it, rather than backwards. The fans don’t sound too happy about that, but Angelus doesn’t give a damn, he turns to face Faulk, who dives off the table at Angelus, taking him down with a flying clothesline. Taking a moment, Faulk leans on the apron before getting up to his feet, as Angelus starts crawling towards him, not able to gather the strength just yet to get to a vertical basis. Faulk helps Angelus to his feet and rolls him back into the ring under the bottom ropes, then staggering towards the turnbuckle, Faulk gets onto the ring apron and begins to climb to the top ropes, but Angelus is desperately trying to get up, he wants to prevent an aerial attack at all costs…Faulk comes off the top, but Angelus is able to get up just in time to greet him with a boot to the mid-section, Angelus now sets Faulk up in a suplex position, he’s then makes noise “C-2” he’s going for it…but Faulk is able to reverse it whilst Angelus is showboating and Faulk delivers a suplex on Angelus, suplexing him all the way over the top ropes and out of the ring.

Bobby Moroso: Oh my what a ride!

Hugh Reynolds: I’m sure it wasn’t as pleasant as your making out to be, Faulk countered the C-2 brilliantly and Angelus goes inside and out.

Both men are struggling to get up, but get up they force themselves to do as their up around the same time as one another, but it’s Faulk who goes on the offensive, he running to the opposite ropes then comes charging back, leaping onto the top ropes, showing amazingly perfect balance as he then aims a crossbody at Angelus…who’s able to duck out of the way just in time, causing Faulk to crash and burn right through the Spanish announce table!! “Holy Sh*t, Holy Sh*t” is the general consensus of the live audience and there’s not to many people who’d debate that as Faulk seems wounded on the floor, with broken pieces of table scattered all over. Angelus grabs the ref by his shirt and demands that he counts Faulk, who is now revealed to be bleeding from the forehead, the ref argues with Angelus, demanding he takes his hands off him before he starts any kind of count. Angelus finally bends to the officials wishes and rolls back into the ring, smirk on his face as if this one’s academic now as the ref stands above Faulk, with no option but to begin counting.

7…On spaghetti legs, Faulk is finally able to bring himself up to his feet, although he doesn’t really seem to know where he is and a hard right hand from Angelus isn’t gonna do him any favours as it sends Faulk staggering backwards towards the barricades and eventually to the floor. Angelus now pulls Faulk up to his feet and rolls him into the ring under the bottom ropes, as he quickly follows. Angelus now jumps onto Faulk in a mount position and he just whales away on him with a load of rights, one after the other until his own fist actually hurts so he gets off Faulk to shake his hand off, blood stains his knuckles, the blood of Faulk who’s now close to wearing the crimson mask. Angelus now walks around the ring with Faulk flat out; you can’t see his eyes for the blood covering them. The ref now begins to count again…

5…Faulk is back up again, despite Angelus yelling at him to “stay down”. Angelus gets a little pissed off as he comes at Faulk with another hard right, which has Faulk staggering, then another right almost sends him to the canvas as he’s wobbling, Angelus now lines Faulk up, re-bounds off the ropes towards him and takes him down with a big clothesline, which puts Faulk flat on his back again. Faulk just refuses to stay down however and with the assistance of the ropes once more he’s up to his feet. With blood streaming down his face and his body riding with pain he encourages Angelus to bring the fight on and he don’t have to ask twice as Angelus almost decapitates him with a Yakuza Kick, Faulk couldn’t even get his hands up to defend himself and the sheer impact sent him down and maybe this time out as the ref has to begin counting Faulk out once more…

7…Faulk somehow, someway is back up, although his mind might not be here, his body certainly is to take the punishment. Faulk is struggling in the corner of the ring, with Angelus crouched towards him, yelling in his face, he believes he has this one in the bag as Angelus gets right into Faulk’s face, telling him to stay down, to which Faulk responds the only way he knows how…putting his guard up and continuing the fight. The fans go crazy and Angelus looks out at the fans, then look at Faulk “you stupid son of a ****” he says to Faulk as he wraps another punch around the head of his adversary, Faulk leans far back…and retaliates with a right hand of his own! The fans greet this with tremendous applause, but Angelus then hits another right on Faulk, again however, Faulk responds with another right of his own, which could’ve just found the mark as he has Angelus staggering back slightly so Faulk hits another right, and another and one more for good measure which has Angelus stumbling towards the ropes, so Faulk uses this to Irish whip Angelus into the opposite ropes, Faulk just can barely stand as he drops to one knee and the returning Angelus sees this as he uses the knee to springboard up towards Faulk’s head, hitting a shining wizard that found the mark! The fans let out a gasp of disappointment, what little hope they had of Faulk winning seems to have drained away after that manoeuvre as Angelus slowly gets to his feet and walks off to a corner to let the ref count against Faulk again…

7…Again Faulk is up on seven and Angelus now cannot believe it, he wraps his fingers around the back of his head, possibly wondering what exactly he has to do, Angelus even argues with the ref, but there’s nothing to ref can do as Angelus goes back to hitting Faulk with the heavy right and knocking him right back down. It seems as though Angelus has finally had enough as he climbs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper, folds it up and brings it into the ring with him. Faulk is almost up, but Angelus sees him bent over so wastes no time in walking up to him and blasting the steel chair right over that back of his, yet again sending Faulk to the floor, face into the canvas.

Hugh Reynolds: And the problem is its all legal, theirs nothing wrong with that as sad as it is to say.

Angelus now lies the chair down in the middle of the ring before dragging Faulk towards it, he signals that this is the end, it’s gonna be the C-2 onto the steel chair to call an end to Faulk’s title ambitions. Angelus wraps the arm around Faulk again, but this time Faulk blocks the attempt with his legs and battles out before dropping to his knees…and hitting a low blow! It’s all legal!! Faulk then pulls the legs of Angelus from under him so he falls neck first onto the steel chair, then Faulk catapults him into the steel ring post, which he hits forehead first and also falls to the mat, both men are lay down on the mat now. Faulk is no beginning to come around and sees that steel chair right infront of him, which he doesn’t think twice about grabbing, he’s finally made it to his feet and now turns around to see Angelus has too, Faulk swings the chair…and connects with the skull of Angelus, knocking him down to the floor and maybe even out of this match, the echo was heard throughout the arena as the fans embrace the shot with an “ohhh” as Angelus is flat out on the mat and Faulk is keeping himself propped up but the turnbuckle pads as he drops the chair to the side of him. A replay airs of the chair shot as Angelus is now the one who faces the challenge of having to answer the ten count, as the ref starts counting…

8…But Angelus is back up, left eye bloodied up to boot and the first thing he sees as he gets up is the fist of Faulk connecting with his left eye, it’s the Arch Angel’s turn now to be on spaghetti legs as he’s struggling to stands whilst Faulk is throwing as many rights as he can possibly muster up at Angelus, they do a full circle in the ring as Faulk picks his shots at Angelus, firing away at will, but they aren’t quite able to knock Angelus down, Faulk winds back for one big shot now, but Angelus has just enough time to prevent the right hand by kneeing Faulk in the gut and Irish whipping him into the ropes, as Faulk gets back Angelus lowers his head, so Faulk capitalises with a big DDT, almost separating the head from the shoulders but Faulk ain’t done there, he’s gonna nail and second DDT, and does! He keeps his grip on Angelus though, as both men get up to their feet sluggish Faulk then nails his third DDT on Angelus, the Repercussion and that sends the fans into raptures! Faulk struggles to get to his feet, but he is able to make it and he signals to the fans by raising his fists to them, Faulk then attempts and lands the Imploding Star on Angelus, who seems to be struggling here now. Angelus is finally up to his feet, but little does he know he’s playing right into Faulk’s hands here as Faulk grabs Angelus and pulls him in, looking for the E2Kutter! But Angelus is able to spin out of it, before he can do anything else however, he is pushed in the chest by Faulk, who now reaches down for the chair underneath him, Angelus uses this push to gather momentum and bounce off the ropes, coming back at Faulk, who’s bent down with the chair…Call of the Fallen One! Driving the chair into Faulk’s face!!! Faulk’s down. Angelus is down. The ref is the only one stood here and begins his count to ten…

8…Angelus is up! He’s willed himself up to his feet and collapses into the ropes, but the ropes are able to hold him up nonetheless as the count continues
10! Faulk is unable to answer the count, he’s not moved since that hellacious move that might have just caused Faulk to lose consciousness. Angelus is leaning against the ropes, it appears that he doesn’t even know he’s won and he’s definitely got that little bit of luck it takes to be a Champion here, but a Champion he is.

Schumacher: Here is your winner, and STTIIILLLL UWE World Heavyweight Champion…Angelus!

The referee hands Angelus his Championship, as he snatches it and holds it as close to him as physically possible, the title means everything to both these men but only one man can have it and that man, for now its Angelus as UWE fades to black with both men receiving medical attention.
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