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October 26, 2021, 06:29:45 am
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News: Results for Fight Night: Brutality are available here:,11270.msg67758.html#new
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Fight Night: EA Results

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Author Topic: Fight Night: EA Results  (Read 444 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: April 28, 2009, 06:06:48 am »

Fight Night: European Assault
London, England

Dark Match:
The winner of the Dark Match goes to...J KING!  Your first rp this week was much better than your stuff last week.  Nice job.  I will tell you this though; leave real wrestlers out of the e-fed world. Your second, however, was a let down.  I was a bit shocked we went from the stuff you presented in your first, to what I read in the second.  It really felt like you hadn’t thought it out what so ever and pretty much just rambled through it.  If you want to get to bigger matches in UWE, I suggest try and make each rp better as you go, or at least consistent.  Don’t take steps backwards each time after taking one huge step forward.

"For The Love Of Money" by The O'Jays sounds over the PA system as Anderson makes his entrance, moving slowly and purposefully to the ring, stopping on occasion to mess with some fans who are jeering him.

Schumacher: Introducing first, from Tornoto, Canada, weighing in at 263 pounds, Anderson!!!!

"Fortune, fame, mirror vain
Gone insane...

*BOOM!* A huge pyro fires up from the stage as "The memory Remains" continues playing. As the smoke from the pyro clears, Angelus is left standing in the middle of the stage staring straight down at his opponent. There's a sudden chill that sweeps through the crowd as Angelus takes one good, long look around the arena.

"Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor"

Schumacher: Ladies and Gentlemen. From Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 225 pounds! He is UWE's first and only Grand Slam Champion! ANNNNnnnnnNNNNGELLLLLLUSSSSss!

"Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded prima donna"

Angelus makes his way down the ramp, highfiving the occasional fan who holds their arm out desperately to touch him. Some fans can be heard cheering his name at the top of their lungs, others have not forgotten his past deeds and refuse to cheer him. Angelus' eyes say it all though. He's not here for them. Angelus slides in on the apron and pops up, immediately look over to his opponent and pointing to them, telling them tonight they're gonna just another fallen victim. He then turns around and runs to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the top rope and pointing around the arena, then back to himself. Angelus jumps off and turns to his opponent, loosening up a little before the match begins.

Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
But the memory remains

Anderson jumps Angelus without a moment’s notice. Anderson is merciless, throwing a series of rights and lefts that back Angelus up to the ropes, but he fights back with rights and lefts of his own. They are now both on the ropes, Angelus with his back to them, and brawling it out, neither willing to back down lest they end up on the losing end at any point in the match. Angelus changes the pace with a sudden drop toe hold that sends Anderson throat first onto the middle rope. Anderson is caught off guard and it gives Angelus the opening to launch a vicious kick to Anderson’s chest. This only serves to **** Anderson off, though, and he’s back to his feet, towering over Angelus with a look of fury on his face. Angelus is not intimidated and he slaps Anderson across the face. Anderson responds with a punch that misses badly when Angelus ducks out of the way. Anderson is sent stumbling to the other end of the ring, turns around, and raises a boot that catches the charging Angelus across the jaw. Angelus drops, holding his face, before being powered to his feet by the mighty Anderson. Anderson tosses Angelus into a nearby corner before letting loose with more punches to the head and ribs of Angelus. Angelus tries to fight back, but two back elbows to the chops take the fight out of him. Anderson grabs Angelus, hooking his arm underneath that of Angelus, and tosses him high into the air with a big beel, Angelus’s body making contact with the mat in brutal fashion.

Anderson is feeling it now and he picks Angelus up again before hooking his hands behind his head and going to work with knees to the body. The first few miss, as Angelus is active on defense, but the brutal nature with which Anderson is pulling Angelus into those knees is causing his defense to be increasingly in effective. Finally, Anderson lands a series of three knees to the body before going higher, a knee hitting Angelus in the chin. Anderson releases Angelus’ head and he stumbles back, his legs willing to give out but his heart not, as he catches himself on the ropes with his left arm while pushing off of the ground with his right. Anderson rushes forward to strike Angelus, but he side steps out of the way and Anderson must use both arms to catch himself on the ropes. When he turns around, however, Angelus is ready with a shuffle side kick. Sad thing is, Anderson is ready and he catches that foot before throwing it down and rushing forward with a clothesline attempt. Angelus ducks, though, but Anderson remains on turning and launching a boot at Angelus’ face. This time Angelus tumbles on the ground to avoid the kick before launching a kick to the leg of Anderson that buckles him. Anderson drops to one knee and Angelus is remorseless, kicking Anderson square in the face.

Anderson drops to the mat, stunned and in pain, and Angelus is quickly on top of him with a stomp to his ankle. Anderson takes his attention off of his face to sit up and grab at his ankle, and this is when Angelus comes with a sick kick to Anderson’s back. Anderson is confused as to how to react now as he arches his back and searches for Angelus with his eyes. Angelus reacts with more crafty offensive, driving an elbow to the top of Anderson’s skull. Anderson has had enough and tries to find a way out of this predicament, rolling across the ring and trying to get out, but Angelus is after him and does not let him escape when he stomps on Anderson’s knee this time. Anderson seems completely disoriented and Angelus capitalizes when he suddenly leaps over Anderson’s body and locks on an the Deal Breaker. Anderson is quick to react and slides his body out of the ring as they are both close to the ropes, effectively ending any attempt by Angelus to add torque to this move. Angelus lets the arm bar go quickly and leaves Anderson to ponder how to react. Anderson chooses to remain outside of the ring for a while, contemplating just what to do, before he begins walking around the ring and turns his back on Angelus to grab one of the chairs near the announce table. While he does this, Angelus hurries to the top turnbuckle, ready to pounce on Anderson as soon as he turns. And pounce he does.

Angelus flies off the top turnbuckle onto Anderson with an attempt at a cross body, but Anderson shows the vicious nature of this match when he swings the chair like a baseball bat and blasts Angelus across the face with it, producing a sickening *CRACK* from this meeting of skull and steel. Angelus’ body hits the mat with a thud as the crowd goes “oooooh” at the sight of such a brutal shot. ??Anderson is quite obviously not ready to end this match as he picks up Angelus’ lifeless and, surprisingly, blood free body before rolling him into the ring. Anderson suddenly turns when he hears something from a fan that he didn’t quite care for. Anderson walks up to the fan, who gets in Anderson’s face and continues to fire off disrespect. Anderson, though, simply smirks before palming the over zealous fan’s face and thrusting him backwards into his group of friends. Anderson shakes his head with a smile as the fans react with intense boos. Anderson simply picks up the chair and throws it into the ring before walking into it himself. Anderson picks Angelus up again before walking to the and locking in a front face lock as he attempts to drive Angelus’ head into the chair with a DDT. Angelus blocks, though, and is able to squirm out of Anderson’s grasp. Angelus rolls out of the ring, before standing there and looking at Anderson, both with the same skeptical look on their face, though Anderson may be even more confused as to how the hell Angelus is on his feet right now. Anderson is first to move, making a motion like he’s rocking a baby. Angelus does not seem to like this move much at all and he gets into the ring, furious. However, he does not attack, choosing instead to get these fans, now booing Anderson, on his side as he raises his arms to amp them up. They respond in kind, cheering Angelus as he turns and shouts at Anderson “That’s called Charisma!”Anderson nods his head, his smirk turning to a frown, and begins to circle Angelus as he does the same to him. Both are closing in on each other progressively and finally meet in a collar and elbow tie up.

Anderson tries to shove Angelus off, but finds that he doesn’t have the strength advantage he seemed to have before. As Anderson attempts this push, he leaves space between himself and Angelus, so Angelus takes advantage, slipping underneath Anderson’s arm and keeping hold of it with his own before turning to face him and planting him with a pretty clothesline. Anderson is back to his feet fast and responds with a clothesline of his own that knocks Angelus down. Angelus is back to his feet almost as fast as Anderson was and now chops Anderson across the chest. Anderson grimaces, but returns in kind. Angelus throws another and it’s met by a chest chop response from Anderson. They’re now engaged in a who can chop who harder contest and It goes nine rounds before Anderson admits defeat when he throws an elbow to the head of Angelus. The roundhouse kick response from Angelus leaves Anderson out on his feet as he stumbles around the ring his feet finding no solid ground. Angelus walks up behind Anderson and drops him with a German Suplex before bridging for the pin. Only a 1 count, though, as Angelus decides he doesn’t want a pin right before the two count.

Angelus puts Anderson in a front face lock as he brings him back to his feet before twisting and going for a neck breaker… but he doesn’t. Angelus just decides to return to his original position before hitting Anderson in the ribs with a knee, but Anderson catches that leg before Angelus can put it back on the ground. Anderson snaps to a standing position and drops back into a modified version of a Northern Lights Suplex. Anderson rolls to his feet, still holding Angelus' leg, and drops a knee to that leg before wrenching it and trying to pull it apart. Angelus will have none of that and thumbs Anderson in the eye, breaking up the submission. Anderson stands and retreats, trying to clear his vision, while Angelus gets back to his feet as well, though it takes a while as that Suplex took a lot out of him. Angelus finally gets to his feet, but he doesn't notice that Anderson is charging him until it's too late. Angelus is speared right through the ropes to the outside of the ring and into the barricade. Both Angelus and Anderson are feeling the effects of this move, each of them apparently unconscious, Angelus laying against the barricade with his eyes shut while Anderson rolls to the side before laying there on his face. A massive "Holy ****!" chant breaks out while Anderson begins to stir. Anderson gets to his feet and looks around before finding the object of his ire, Angelus. He lifts Angelus to his feet and whips him into the ring steps. Angelus hits the steps in full stride, his legs hitting before he flips over the steps entirely. Angelus scream in pain, holding his back as that is what hit the hardest. Anderson is a man possessed now and continues on the attack, grabbing Angelus and bringing him back to his feet. Now he whips Angelus into the barricade before following him and landing a massive clothesline that sends both of them flipping over the barricade. Anderson rises to his feet now and screams at the top of his lungs as he's feeling it quite a bit and has Angelus on the ropes.

Anderson grabs Angelus by the hair, lifting him to his feet, only to receive a lightning fast punch from Angelus, followed by another. Anderson blocks the next punch from Angelus and follows with his own. They are soon brawling in the middle of the crowd, trading rights and lefts with neither getting the clear advantage. Suddenly, as a fan rises from his chair to watch the brawl, Angelus snaps off The Verdict out of absolutely nowhere onto the chair. Anderson is out cold and Angelus seems to get an idea. Jumping back over the barricade, Angelus searches under the ring before producing a gigantic ladder, appearing 20 feet in height. Struggling with the size of the ladder, Angelus manages to maneuver it into the ring before setting off on the task of setting it up. After a near minute of struggle, the massive ladder stands ominously inside the ring. Angelus picks up the chair that has been resting in the ring and slides out to meet Anderson, who is making his loopy way to the barricade. A vicious smack across the head, and Anderson is down again, the fans cheering and going crazy as Angelus gets back into the ring and begins to ascend the ladder. it's unstable and Angelus nearly falls, but he is fortunate and makes it to the very top rung, managing to maintain his balance. Angelus watches as Anderson slowly makes his way to his feet and, with a deep breath, launches himself through the air from 20 feet high in a Leap of Faith. Anderson is unable to move out of the way and is crushed by Angelus as they go careening into a group of chairs previously occupied by fans who have vacated the area.??"HOLY ****! HOLY ****!" and, "That was awesome *clap clap clap clap clap*" break out throughout the arena and neither Anderson nor Angelus are moving a muscle. These chants persist for what feels like forever but is actually somewhere along the lines of three minutes. A replay is shown on the Tron how dangerously close Angelus was to breaking his neck, and possibly even did, seeing how he's only breathing and nothing else, while Anderson is lucky not to be dead after being crushed under all that weight and momentum. Finally, and with a start, Angelus' entire body twitches and he begins moving, getting on his hands and knees and crawling toward the audience entrance so that he can grab the rail and pull himself up. Anderson has the same idea, crawling G.I. Joe style in the same direction as Angelus.

Angelus gets to his feet, but almost loses his balance on the stairs that lead downward into the backstage area. Anderson pulls himself to his feet as well, just an arms length away from Angelus, and Angelus is the first to attack, holding the rail and kicking Anderson in the chin. Anderson's body stiffens before he crumbles to the ground, his hand still holding the rail. Angelus continues on the attack, holding onto the rail and stomping at Anderson's lifeless body. Angelus let's go of the rail and begins walking toward the seated fans. He asks one of them to move, but not very politely, and takes his chair. The skinny guy wouldn't be willing to put up much of a fight anyway, so he simply complies. Angelus, his legs threatening to give out at any moment, slowly makes his way back to Anderson as he rises to his feet, one hand on either rail now, as he faces Angelus. Angelus brings the chair over his head and attempts to whack Anderson with it, but Anderson moves and he misses, dropping the chair and nearly pitching headlong down the stairs. Angelus now grabs hold of both rails as he holds himself in place and regains his balance. Anderson grabs Angelus and attempts the back suplex, but it's blocked twice by Anj. Angelus fights out of Anderson's grasp with a few elbows to the head before turning around and launching a superkick. Again, though, Anderson moves out of the way and Angelus connects with nothing but air. Anderson quickly steps behind Angelus while grabbing him by the waist at the same time. During this maneuver, Anderson's foot slips on one of the steps and he is unable to throw Angelus back with the German Suplex, instead keeping him in his grasp for a moment while they both tumble down the steps before he releases him mid way, actually launching Angelus further down the concrete steps. Anderson instantly cries in pain at the foot of the stairs, grabbing at him ankle while Angelus writhes on the ground holding his back, which has taken considerable punishment in this match.

The bell sounds and this match is underway. At first, none of the participants make any sudden movements. They all stand in their respective corners of the ring, sizing up their two opponents.

Espio is the first to take the initiative, as he bolts across the ring, leaving his feet, and nailing Jonny Ryan with a flying clothesline, taking his opponent to the outside, as Jonny Ryan flies through the second and third ring ropes.

Before Espio can react, Marc Rocco takes the advantage of a vulnerable Espio, as he has his back turned to Rocco.
Rocco takes advantage, hitting a forearm to the small of the back of Espio, dropping Espio to one knee. Rocco then drills Espio in the side of the head with a well placed right boot. Rocco looks to be going for the pin, but is interrupted as Jonny Ryan springboards from the apron onto the top rope, then hits a missile dropkick on Rocco. This sends Rocco rolling into a corner.

Jonny Ryan then turns his attention to Espio, but is met with a kick to the gut, followed by a DDT. Espio covers Jonny Ryan in the first pinfall attempt of the match...


But Marc Rocco flies into the picture, cracking Espio over the head with a forearm, breaking up the pin. Rocco then tosses Espio over the top rope so he is left alone in the ring with his fallen adversary.

Rocco lifts Ryan to his feet and looks to be setting him up for a powerbomb or a piledriver of sorts, but Jonny Ryan reverses with a double leg takedown, and then catapults Marc Rocco face first into the top turnbuckle! Rocco staggers back and Jonny Ryan rolls him up!

Kick out!

Rocco forcefully kicks out and jumps to his feet very quickly, able to hit a big clothesline on Jonny Ryan before he can do anything about it. Espio now rolls back into the ring, going unnoticed by his two opponents.

Marc Rocco lifts Jonny Ryan to his feet, and hits a german suplex with a bridge, going for a pin attempt, but Espio disrupts the move before a pin can be attempted by Rocco.

Espio tries a standing hurricanrana on Rocco...but he counters with a sit-down powerbomb!


Kick out!

Hugh: Somehow Espio is able to kick out of that HUGE powerbomb!
Rocco stands Espio up, but is hit with a chopblock from behind, courtesy Jonny Ryan. Espio hits a sudden low dropkick to the face of Rocco, who had fallen to his knees.

Jonny Ryan tries to take the opportunity, swinging for Espio's head with a clothesline, but Espio is able to duck, and then hit an enziguri on Jonny Ryan, sending him outside the ring and to the floor, yet again.

Espio turns his attention to Marc Rocco now, hitting a few forearm smashes in rapid succession, all finding their mark on Rocco's face. Rocco stumbles back into the corner, and Espio mounts the second rope and begins hititng right hands on the skull of Rocco, as the fans count along, and as he reaches 9, he raises his fist one last time, but out of the corner of his eye, sees Jonny Ryan on the apron rushing towards him, and leaps off the rope, hititng Ryan with a chop to the skull, whilst staying in the ring. This brief rest for Marc Rocco is enough, as Espio turns around right into the Rollerball Driver II!


Here is your winner...Marc "Rollerball" Rocco!

The lights power down. In the darkness ‘Black Republican’ by Nas begins to play. The lights come back on as Efinn Rox rises from the stage. His eyes remain closed as a pillar of vapor rises up around his body. After several moments pass he opens his eyes and walks down the ramp. He ignores the fan's reaction to him whether good or bad and slides into the ring.

"Dream On" by Aerosmith plays. Keizamoore walks to the ring, anxious about his match. He gets into the ring and holds up the Cruiser Weight title.

The title belt is handed to the ref. He holds it up for the crowd to see. He walks over to the timekeeper and gives him the belt. He signals for the match to begin. The bell rings. Both men lock up center of the ring. They try to out match the other. Neither gives in. Inferno drops down and flips Moore over with an arm drag. Inferno attempts to lock in an armbar but Moore slides out of it. He wrenches Inferno’s arm and hammers away at the shoulder of Inferno. Inferno back flips out of it and lifts Moore into a fireman’s carry. He tosses Moore over his shoulders onto the mat and executes a headlock. Moore gets to his feet and elbows Inferno in the guy until he releases the hold. Moore runs to the ropes. He bounces off of them and charges at Inferno. Inferno attempts a R-15 but Moore catches him. He shoves the foot away and Inferno leaps into a Dragonwhip. Moore ducks that and Inferno continues to spin on one leg. Inferno keeps the momentum going and switches legs. He attempts a Shin Saikyou High Kick. Moore ducks this as well. Inferno drops down and uses his momentum to leg sweep Moore which actually catches him. Moore rolls away from Inferno and both men stand up. The crowd applauds for the effort from both men right at the start of the match.

Inferno charges forward. Moore sidestep it. Inferno bounces off the ropes. Moore catches him with a spinning heel kick. He quickly rolls up Inferno as he stands up but only gets a one count for his attempt. He doesn’t give Inferno a chance to recover as he stands up and begins kicking at the legs of Inferno. He drags Inferno to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Inferno comes back and rolls forward into a handspring. Moore is caught off guard as Inferno wraps his legs around the head of Moore. He twists his body around and performs a head scissors take down. Inferno remains on the attack and goes for the Dragonclutch. Moore fights out of it quickly and grabs the bottom rope. The ref forces Inferno to stop the move. While Moore recovers Inferno runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes, comes back and dropkicks Moore out of the ring. He lands on the floor hard.

Moore begins to stir on the outside. Inferno climbs to the top rope and waits for Moore to get into a standing position. Moore gets up and turns around. Inferno leaps off the top rope into a shooting star press. He 404’s instead not getting enough spin and crashes down on Moore causing his own head to slam into the barricade. Moore gets crushed between Inferno and the barricade and both men collapse. The ref looks confused as there is nothing he can do. He checks on both men. They both start to use the barricade to climb to their feet. Inferno kicks Moore in the gut. He sets him up and executes the valor DDT. Inferno goes for the pin. Moore kicks out at two. Inferno rolls off of him, still holding his head from the botch. Inferno picks up Moore and rolls him into the ring. Inferno slides into the ring as well. He brings Moore to his feet. Moore breaks free and begins sending elbow strikes and quick jabs to the head of Inferno. He whips inferno into the ropes. As he comes back Moore delivers a Superman Punch to the face of Inferno. The sound of the impact echoes throughout the arena to the shock of the crowd. Inferno experiences a critical hit as the force of the punch makes him flip back while moving forward. Inferno lies motionless in the ring. Moore checks on Inferno and makes sure he is out. He leaps onto the top rope. He leaps into a beautiful Moonsault and lands on Inferno. Moore takes some time to recover from the move but eventually makes the cover. He only receives a two count for his efforts. Moore questions the ref.

Moore looks a little frustrated but continues the match. He brings Inferno to his feet. Inferno suddenly makes free from his grasp and hits Moore with the Blue Screen of Death. Moore blinded swings about wildly trying to catch Inferno. Inferno keeps his distance and waits for an opening. Moore loses his balance and falls to one knee. Inferno waits for him to get up again and quickly this a dropsault taking Moore down. Inferno goes over to the corner and begins to climb. He sits down on the top rope and catches his breath. By this time Moore was cleaned a sufficient amount of whatever substance came out of Inferno’s mouth from his eyes. He charges toward the corner and in a flash performs the Single Shot. The crowd is on their feet as Inferno is knocked out cold in a sitting position. Both men remain on the turnbuckle. Moore plans his next move as he looks back into the ring then out into the crowd. With the support of the crowd behind him he locks Inferno in a facelock and signals for a DDT. Inferno somehow recovers enough to punch him several times in the gut. Moore quickly changes tactics and leaps onto Inferno in a hurricanrana. Inferno fights the maneuver and shifts Moore onto his shoulders into a torture rack position. The crowd is already on their feet as Inferno stands up, leaps off and lands a Super Efinn Rocked in the middle of the ring. The crowd is shocked into disbelief as both men lie motionless in the middle of the ring. Efinn rolls over and drapes an arm over Kiezamoore!




The cameras cut to Anderson and Angelus brawling in a hospital in South London. Anderson has Angelus thrown on the receptionists desk and is firing off some serious rights and lefts while Angelus attempts to cover his head and shield himself from the punches. Anderson now holds Angelus by the throat with his left hand and winds back to fire off some vicious rights, most of them finding their target as Angelus' defense becomes less and less effective. Anderson now grabs Angelus by the neck with both hands and removes him from the receptionists desk before throwing him onto an empty set of chairs. Angelus makes impact sharply and rolls onto the ground before slowly getting up on his knees by a large, floor to ceiling window. Anderson charges Angelus, but hops over Anderson before he can spear him. Anderson uses both hands to stop himself from crashing through the window, but cannot avoid when Angelus tackles him from behind and sends both of them through the window, along with the blinds that rip on impact. Anderson definitely takes the worst of this one and his face is bleeding due to the glass. Angelus picks Anderson up, his chest heaving as he struggles for air, and whips him into a caution sign next to the waiting parking lot outside. Anderson hits the sign shoulder first, and turns to complain about the pain, even dropping to one knee while he holds his shoulder. Angelus takes advantage and hits Anderson with a shinning wizard. Angelus attempts the pin, but realizes that the referee hasn't made it to where they are yet. irritated, Angelus stands up and looks around to scope out his surroundings. There are numerous cars in the parking lot, though it's not necessarily busy, and a bus stop across the street with a few skeptical people waiting. There are bikes parked to Angelus' left, closer to the hospital, and an assortment of trees.

Angelus walks up to the nearest tree and jumps before hanging on one of the branches. Angelus swings his body so as to break the branch off and, after a moment of effort, it finally snaps off from the tree. Angelus inspects the sizeable branch before turning to the standing Anderson to swing it at his head. Anderson ducks, somehow, and counters with a punch that he throws with his entire body. Angelus is caught completely by surprise, his head snapping to the side before he stumbles backward and drops the branch. Angelus trips over his own feet as he stumbles, and falls backward. Anderson picks up the tree branch and a menacing look comes over his face. He walks up to Angelus, who is trying to get back to his feet, and whacks him across the back, splintering the branch down the middle in the process. Angelus drops to the ground instantly and holds his back as he rolls around in pain. Anderson looks at the broken half of the branch and a sadistic look comes across his face. Anderson stands over Angelus and attempts to stab him in the face with the broken half of the branch. Angelus grabs Anderson's hands as he pushes against him, trying to keep the jagged branch away from his face. Anderson pushes harder, the tip of the branch now coming inches away from Angelus' face. In a sudden burst of adrenaline, Angelus fights back against Anderson, somehow managing to rise to his feet. Now both are across from each other, legs bent as they push their entire bodies in opposite directions, Angelus trying to protect himself and Anderson trying to inflict the punishment. Angelus twists his weight, trying to throw Anderson off balance, but Anderson somehow maintains his balance and now has Angelus off balance, twisting and taking a step back in order to sling Angelus to the ground. Angelus is to his feet quickly and he backs away before grabbing the other broken end of the branch off the floor and walking forward to meet Anderson, who wipes blood out of his eyes and onto his pants, so as not to have a slippery grip.

Both swing at each other with the branches like they're swords, engaging in a modern day duel while wielding quite crude instruments. Both execute expert swings as well as great defense, each trying to be the first to gain an advantage. A series of maneuvers gets Angelus behind Anderson and he kicks him right behind the joint of his knee, buckling his leg, but Anderson swings behind himself wildly and manages to catch Angelus' leg. Angelus hobbles, but strikes Anderson in the side of the head with his stick, which causes Anderson to drop his and bend forward, holding his head. Angelus sees opportunity and strikes at that same knee that he kicked with his branch, causing Anderson to switch pain focuses and howl about the state of his leg. Angelus now lifts that leg and places his foot on his thigh before stomping down, driving Anderson's knee into the concrete, producing a blood curdling scream from Anderson. Angelus maintains his hold on Anderson's leg before flipping him over and locking his figure four, Shades of Flair. Again, there is no referee to determine whether or not Anderson taps, so he's left there on the concrete in front of the hospital, howling in pain as he slaps at the ground and tries to figure a way out of this. Angelus yells as well, putting all the pressure into this maneuver that he possibly can, trying to render Anderson's legs entirely useless. Anderson seems to start reaching around with his arms after a near two minutes of excruciating pain and, unexpected by Angelus, who's eyes are closed, gets his hands on one half of the broken tree branch. He reaches around again before finding the other, the pain in his legs becoming unbearable and the choice of tapping now pointless. Anderson sits up in the hold, just as Angelus opens his eyes, and swings his arms together, wrapping the two broken halves of the tree branch around either side of Angelus' head. Angelus' body goes entirely limp as he drops to the ground hard, the back of his head bouncing off of the concrete. A crowd has gathered around these two, now, and many of them are booing Anderson. He's such a hated guy and these folks, apparently, know exactly who he is. Anderson struggles to escape the crowd and find a pole or tree with which he can help himself to his feet. Angelus, on the other hand, is being fanned with the sweaters and coats of these fans, all of them trying to revive him. Angelus finally begins to realize where he is and take in his surroundings. A bus is pulling up to the bus stop and a car is entering the driveway. Angelus looks to the other side of the street as the bus pulls up slowly before looking at the driver exiting the car. It's Colin Bale!... and a referee!!! Angelus makes a split second decision and runs across the street, a few cars skidding to stops as he maneuvers around them. The bus is about to take off again, so Angelus runs as fast as he can and grabs onto the back of it before lifting himself up and climbing to the very top of the bus as it continues moving. Colin Bale, meanwhile, grabs Anderson and puts him in the back seat before hurrying the ref back into the car, hopping in the drivers seat, and speeding off in the opposite direction of the bus.

Hugh: Well this next match should be interesting.  Greenbean hired this guy, Ace Borger to take out New Dawn.  Tonight, we’ll see him take on the leader, Adam Deming. 

Bobby: He’s looking to send a message fast, Huey!  And this is how he intends to do it.  But with Adam Deming, man, he may be biting off more than he can chew. 

I’ve traveled many roads and seen many things
In search of fortune and fame.
All my dreams die no matter how hard I try,
So nothing but unhappiness remains.
So now I sit with this pen in my hand,
Itching to produce and perform,
Waiting to rule with absolute power;
I love these calm little moments before the storm.
As the little poem ends, the shot of Deming shows him turning his head – a serious look on his sun-spectacled face – on the second-to-last count. On the last count before the heavy beat of Tech N9ne’s “Absolute Power” kicks in, the name “Deadeye Adam Deming” flashes across the screen in dark blue lettering in front of a red target symbol as the background strobes between black and white quickly. The first verse starts up and pyros placed in a target formation in front of the screen explode as the man himself, “Deadeye” Adam Deming, steps out onto the stage, wearing his custom-made “Deadeye” leather jacket.

Schumacher: “Making his way down the ramp, from Buffalo, New York… standing six-foot-two and weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds… he is the ‘Preeminence of Precision’… he is the self-proclaimed ‘Most Valuable Playa of Professional Wrestling’… he is the man who always hits his mark… he is a seven-time former World Heavyweight Champion… this is ‘Deadeye’ Adam Deming!”

The screen shows shots of Deming hitting opponents with his finishing moves, as the crowd cheers mightily for the “Deadeye.” He walks down the ramp to the beat of his theme music, nodding his head and sneering as he looks out into the throngs of people assembled here tonight. He slides underneath the bottom rope and heads to the nearest set of turnbuckles, timing it so that he raises his interlocked hands into the air right as the chorus of the song sounds in the ears of everyone in the arena. He jumps off and runs to the opposite corner, raising his hands again to the insistent displeasure of the crowd before jumping out of the corner to get in some last-minute stretching.

The opening lines of "Like Light To Flies" by Trivium sound over the PA and the crowd immediately begins a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. As the drums hit and the song goes into full swing, a blast hits the stage and leaves a wall of smoke so think you can't see through it. As the smoke clears, we see Ace Borger standing atop the rampway in his ring attire. His black shorts and black boots shine and reflect the light across the Sniper silhouette on his back. His sleeveless hoodie hangs loosely on his large frame, and the hood hangs down over the upper half of his face. Ace moves toward the ramp amidst the crowd reaction, now more boos than cheers, and hops up onto the ring apron. He whips the hood off of his head, and he stares straight at Deming.  Schumacher announces Ace as he steps inside the ring. 

Hugh: You can feel the tension here, Bobby. 

The two men stare each other down at first.  Ace tosses his jacket off and looks into the eyes of Deming.  The ref looks at both men, and then calls for the bell-THEY LOCK UP!

Hugh: And it’s under way!

Deming takes Ace down with a headlock take down and tries to hold the headlock in, only Ace counters by kicking his feet in the air and scooting out.  The two quickly get back up-Ace lands a stiff upper cut to the jaw that sends Deming staggering back.  Ace charges forward-and Deming catches and flips him over his shoulder!  Ace sits up, holding his back and writhing in pain but Adam Deming shows no signs of slowing down here. He kneels down, applies a chin lock to Ace Borger and begins to turn it up!  Ace screams and shouts in pain.  He reaches back, grabbing the left foot of Deming and pulls his leg out from under him, then quickly shifts position and goes for a leg lock!  Deming however is able to crawl and reach the ropes!  The hold is broken and both men attempt to make it back to their feet as quickly as they can.  Both back up, they turn and lock up a second time but this time Ace drives his right knee into the gut of Deming and connects a superb suplex!  The fans get on their feet for Ace as he takes it to the New Dawn leader.

Bobby: Adam isn’t looking too sharp right now Huey, I wonder what’s wrong. 

Hugh: Maybe he’s more worried about Ace than he let on tonight, Bobby. 

Deming tries getting back to his feet but he’s quickly met with a drop kick fro-NO!  Deming side steps just in time and quickly reaches down to get the legs of Ace Borger!  He raises his legs, he’s going for the sharpshooter!


Ace begins the struggle.  He squirms back and forth, fighting Deming every step of the way.  You can see it in Deming’s eyes. He smells blood in the water!  He begins to turn Borger ov-BORGER ROLLS DEMING!  Some how Borger escapes!  Deming pops back up and turns around, he comes after Borger but Borger grabs him and sends him through the ropes!  Deming hits the outside mat hard and rolls over to the barricade.  He reaches up, grabbing the top of it with his left arm and tries pulling himself up. Borger goes to the outside apron now.  He’s watching Deming close.  Deming stands up and turns around-Borger leaps off and connects a missile dropkick that sends Deming over the barricade!  Deming is shown holding his chest and growling with the pain.  Borger lies on the outside, rolling around and holding his back.  He rolls over on his side and doesn’t see Deming anywhere in sight.  Through the pain comes a half-hearted smile that says it all. Tonight’s not about a ‘wrestling classic’ it’s about beheading New Dawn.  Slowly Ace begins to get back up.  He stands up, some what wobbly and looks over the barricade for Deming-DEMING pops up and pulls in for a ddt! Ace lands on the other side, right on top of his head!  He nearly breaks his neck landing!  Deming stumbles back around and gets to his feet.  He looks to the booing crowd and smiles, pointing to his temple, saying he’s smarter than Borger.  Then it clicks in.  The ref’s in the middle of his count...Deming looks at the fallen Ace and then at the ring.  He hears the ref shout “SEVEN!” Deming quickly flings his legs over the barricade and begins walking back to the ring.  He’s near the apron when the ref calls eight.  Then out of no where, Ace is back up and standing on the barricade.  He makes the leap and crashes into Deming, his knee digs deep into Deming’s spine and as Deming falls forward his skull meets with the edge of the ring.  Ace holds on to the ropes, and manages to roll himself in as the ref calls NINE!  TEN!  The ref calls for the bell, and Ace quickly rolls back out.  He hops around on his left leg, having hurt the right one on Deming.  Ace limps around the ring, to the announcer’s desk and throws the time keeper aside, grabbing his chair.  Ace raises it like it’s some trophy, getting cheers from the crowd.  He begins limping back over to Deming who’s bleeding immensely from his forehead already.  Ace points to the New Dawn leader, and the crowd eats it up.  BUT HERE COMES NEW DAWN!  Allen Marrow and Kenji come running down the ramp, Scylla comes from the left side of the arena, hopping over the barricade.  Ace watches them all and draws the chair back, ready for anyone.  Then X comes out of no where behind Ace and swings the bat-HE MISSES!  Ace ducks in time and the bat cracks into the turnbuckle!  Ace throws the chair at X and quickly turns, retreating to the crowd as New Dawn tend to their fallen leader.  The camera follows Ace through the crowd as he exits up the steps.  But before he disappears into the back, he turns and looks straight at Deming and smiles.  New Dawn...has become obsolete. 

The camera fades in on the two newest interviewers in UWE, Reba and Becky. Reba is wearing a black dress with the tights underneath, and Becky has a sparkly halter top with tight jeans…They look like ho’s for sho’! The way they see it though, they’re paid so little attention that there’s no point in trying to obey a dress code.

“I’m REBA.”

Reba raises the mic to her lips.

“And I’m BECKY.”

Becky follows suit with a mic of her own.

“And we’re here with none other than the current Intercontinental Champion, the one, the only SCYLLA!”

The camera shifts over to where Scylla should be, but instead there’s just an arena wall. The camera turns back to the two interviewers.



“The…The fans wanna know… where the hell you are?”


Another shift of the camera and Scylla quickly jogs to the spot next to the two women. She smiles a moment, and then gets the usual cold expression.

“So Scylla…”


“Something about you is…different…”


“Yeah, you actually LOOK different.”

The wrestler furrows her eyebrows while the shorter girls look up at her… Suddenly it dawns on Becky.



“Holy ****, it’s true! Damn!”

“…Uhm…No I’m not.”

“Yes you are!”

Scylla’s face matches her hair…She coughs a little and then folds her arms in an attempt to shield herself.

   “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“They’re in my face, I can’t remember my questions!”


“It’s like…I’m Becky, and I’m here with BREASTS.”

“I’m…going to go now…”

Scylla starts to creep away…

“Is that your big strategy for your match, with those weapons of mass DISTRACTION??”

“Or was it what Laurent said about you being flat-chested!?”

“No, of course not!”

“Well hey, at least he didn’t, like, sleep with your sister or something!”


Scylla closes her eyes, takes a deep breath…Reba and Becky get the hint, immediately skedaddling away as the camera fades out to commercial.

Bobby: It’s time for the tag match and—
Hugh: I’m sorry Bobby, but I’m receiving word that a fight has broken out backstage by the guerrilla position!

The scene cuts to the backstage area where we see Allen Marrow and Kenji Moori doing a hellacious beat-down on James J. Kenji Moori is swinging a wild chair and clocking James J in the arm as Allen Marrow holds it down with a foot on his wrist! Kenji Moori swings, and swings, and swings! Eventually Kenji grows tired of this and drops the chair, and James rolls away from Allen in pain.

Bobby: What the HELL? New Dawn are taking out Jowers!

Hugh: O RLY? Hadn’t noticed.

Allen Marrow laughs at one half of the UWE Tag Team Champions and pulls a phat-ass blunt out of his back pocket. He sniffs it and offers Kenji some, who looks at it mournfully before declining. Allen Marrow then lights that **** and takes a big African-style toke.

Bobby: Did.. did he just..?

Hugh: I think he just lit a joint live on pay-per-view!

Allen Marrow takes another hit off the blunt and smiles at the camera as Kenji Moori grabs one half of the tag team titles and holds it up for the camera. The scene is about to fade to black when Kiezamoore Washburne leaps into the frame, tackling Kenji Moori and knocking Allen’s blunt from his hand! Allen looks positively crest-fallen as he drops to his knees, trying to piece together the broken blunt.

Hugh: Kiezamoore is hurt, Kiezamoore is banged up, but Kiezamoore is still fighting off Kenji Moori from his tag team partner!

Bobby: AND ALLEN’S JOINT TOOK THE BUMP OF THE NIGHT! Look at him Hugh, he looks like he’s mourning the loss of his mother!

The camera gets a close up of Allen’s eyes, which seem to be watering, his lower lip quivering. Meanwhile, Kiez and Kenji are rolling around on their backs exchanging heavy punches as they do so. Eventually they roll into Allen, who snaps his head and screams “WHAT THE [DJ Scratch]?!”| Allen notices his partner is in trouble and grabs the ankle of Kiezamoore, he begins to yank Kiez off of Kenji, but Kiez turns and boots Allen in the face! Allen falls back into some crates as Kiez is limping to his feet. Kenji is dazed and not far behind. Kiez is on his feet, and Kenji is as well! Kenji shakes his head, slapping it a few times. Kiezamoore and then leaps at Kenji and bulldogs him through the curtain!

Hugh: HOLY! This fight just spilled out into the arena!

Kiezamoore and Kenji Moori spill through the curtain, and the fans erupt! Kiezamoore mounts Kenji and just pounds away at the little nipper.

Bobby: What the hell is going on here?! We’re supposed to be having a tag match!

Kiezamoore dismounts Kenji and gets to his feet, still limping and visibly hurt. He rips the title belt off of his waist and Kenji rolls over onto his back, getting on all fours, trying to get to his feet. Kiezamoore raises the title high and the fans cheer him on. He then whips the title gold-first into Kenji’s back! The sound is a sickening, thick, meaty smack that breaks the skin of Kenji! Kenji drops to the ground and screams in pain, and Kiez winds up for another shot, and delivers! Kenji begins to roll, crawl, and run down the ramp away from Kiez, but Kiez is always one step behind, even on his bad leg.

Kiezamoore makes it down the ramp, as does Kenji. Kenji gets to his feet with the help of the apron, and Kiezamoore winds the belt up again and whips it at Kenji’s head! Kenji ducks and the belt flies into the ring! Kenji stands upright again, and Kiezamoore leaps at Kenji, spearing him into the apron! There is a loud crunch as Kenji bends in half!

Hugh: This is complete pandemonium! Kiezamoore has lost his goddamn mind!

Kiezamoore poses for the fans and soaks in the cheers, getting his adrenaline kicking in full swing, he grabs Kenji by his greasy hair and pulls him to the turnbuckle. However, half-way there, Kenji collapses, but Kiez just continues to drag him. Kiez then dead-lifts Kenji and slams Kenji head-first into the ring-post! Kenji collapses to the floor, his face exploding in a burst of blood as Kiezamoore continues to rile up the fans. Kiezamoore grabs Kenji’s head and pulls him back up. He drags Kenji over to the barricade where he spills into the crowd! A few fans get cheap-shots in on Kenji as he’s desperately trying to get to his feet. Kiez then takes a running leap, steps onto the barricade and dives into the crowd—and is absolutely WAFFLED with a chair shot to the face!


Bobby: WHO the hell was that?

The cameras try to pick up who the assailant was, and a hooded “fan”—the face obscured—drops a steel chair and takes off through the crowd.

Hugh: Seriously! Who the HELL was that?!

Bobby: The Mole? You know New Dawn has been talking up the fact that they’ve got a mole inside UWE, no one said it was necessarily a WRESTLER!

Kiezamoore is down and out, and we switch to the entrance ramp where Allen Marrow is coming down to the ring, blood staining his clothing and drying on his face. He looks like he just committed murder, but the fans boo him anyway. Around his waist is the other half of the UWE Tag Team Championship, also stained with blood.
Hugh: What the hell happened to Allen Marrow?!

Bobby: Whatever it was, can’t be good! And where the HELL is James Jowers?!

Allen Marrow quickly heads down the ramp and to the barricade where Kiez is being dragged by Kenji up to the guard rail. Kenji sees Allen and nods. He shouts something at Allen, who clasps Kiez by the hair and drags him the rest of the way. Kenji Moori falls over the barricade and drops down to the mat, exhausted. Allen checks on him and Kenji gives him a thumbs up. Allen then grabs Kiez by his hair and drags him to the apron, dead-lifting the former cruiserweight champion and rolling him into the ring.


Bobby: What?! The match is JUST starting?!

Hugh: What the hell?! Come on ref! You can’t be serious!

Allen gets into the ring and laughs at the fans. He casually places a foot on the fallen Kiezamoore’s chest and the referee drops down into position!




Allen can’t believe it, and the fans come alive, chanting “KEY-ZA-MOORE” over and over again. Kiez feels it in his blood as he rolls over onto his stomach and begins willing himself up to his feet. Allen shakes his head and moves to a corner. He hunkers down and smiles as Kiez gets to his feet… he turns around…


Kiezamoore is penetrated by the spear, breaking him in half, Kiez crashes to the mat, limp. Allen Marrow smirks and covers Kiez, not even bothering to hook the leg.




The fans shoot to their feet, and Allen Marrow cannot believe it.


Kiezamoore is struggling to get to his feet, the fans are cheering him on, willing Kiez to keep fighting. Kiez gets to a knee, and stands, but is holding himself up by pressing his hands down on the mat, trying to find his balance. Allen screams at Kiez and runs in full tilt, Allen then leaps into the air and double-knees Kiezamoore in the side of the head! Kiezamoore twists and turns and drops to the mat! Allen is quick to get the cover!





Hugh: NO! NO! NO! COME ON! NO!

Bobby: I… I can’t believe…

Hugh: OH FOR F(beep)’s SAKES!

“Fight the Power” booms through the arena as a blood-stained and rather tired looking Allen Marrow takes off his new championship and raises it high into the air.

We return from commercial and head back to the ring as the lights go out. The arena is completely dark except for the big screen which has a large number 5 glowing in the centre... Pulsing with what sounds like a heartbeat through the speakers of the arena... Then, the glowing number turns into an image of Riddick rolling up Wildcard in the Quarter Finals of the King of The Ring Tournament... The image is replaced by a pulsing 4, then a vision of Riddick’s face hitting an exposed turnbuckle and being rolled up for the pin by “MDE” Jamie Stevens in the Semi Finals of the same tournament.

A glowing number 3 is replaced by Riddick hitting the Riddickule on Adam Majors and making the cover to hand Ursa his first ever pinfall loss in UWE. By default, the number 2 is replaced by the image of Adam Deming hitting the Vapour Trail and making the cover for the win. As with the previous loss, the number 1 is replaced with what seems to be Riddick’s favourite, if not most impressive victory to date. Spearing Scylla through the ropes to the outside of the ring where her head hits the guard rail. Watching her climb back into the ring and collapse in the centre of it, pinning her to end her misery.
Finally, with those moments in his career passed, the video clips come thick and fast, the results of every match Riddick has been involved with since joining UWE ending with a video of him standing in the centre of the ring over The X with his hands held high. The lights raise and, much to the astonishment of the fans, Riddick is sat in the centre of the ring on a metal folding chair. Long leather pants, black vest, beanie hat; sat forward on the chair his elbows resting on his thighs; one hand holding a mic, the other holding his head. Finally, after moments he lifts the microphone to his lips.

What you’ve just seen is a summary of my time here in UWE; my previous tenure. Now, I sit before you all without any big entrances or any fanfare. I sit here as what I am, a simple truth.

He lowers the mic from his lips for a moment before running his fingers over the bridge of his nose, his eyes seemingly glazed.

I used to think it mattered who I was fighting; I used to stew over the fact that I was fighting The X or Hammer or fighting in some meaningless Tag Match with people that I thought were going to help propel me to where I needed to go rather than drag me down. I used to blame others for what happened to me. 3 months ago, I knelt in the centre of this ring stripped to nothing more than shorts to show you all the scars on my body, the scars of a lifetimes worth of pain and suffering; to show you all just what it meant to me to be able to be in front of you people week in and week out.

Riddick pauses and leans back in the seat, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him. His hand runs through his much shorter hair, almost the remnants of a buzz cut.

Yet I did that and blamed the failings of Adam Majors and Kris Destiny for the fact that I was what I was... No better off, no better thought of than the day that I walked into UWE for the first time. I’ve come to realise that, whilst they did nothing to help me to advance my standing in UWE it was my own choices that held me back. My choices alone are what guide me through my own existence. No longer can I try and make others take the blame for the things that I fail to do. Before my exile from UWE, I would tell everyone that would listen that I have never been beaten on Showdown. A sufficiently credible plaudit to put against ones name... The problem is, so far I have lost at Wrestlemania, I have lost at King of The Ring, I have lost at Survivor Series and I have lost at Redemption.

Rotating his head, he lets out a sigh of relief as the bones in his neck realign.

I have to question just how good I truly am if, when it comes to it, I fall at the most important hurdle, time in and time out. No-one remembers second place, no-one remembers a Semi-Finalist. Winners are what’s important, and winners are what’s recognised. I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter who I fight, and it doesn’t matter who I beat what matters is the choices that we make and the reasons why we fight. I have reasons; personal and professional. I fight to destroy the New Dawn, I fight to destroy those who I hate and I fight to be the best that there has ever been in UWE.
Stretching his legs and standing to his full height Riddick tosses the chair to the side and walks to the ropes.

The X, Allen Morrow, Kenji Moori, Adam Deming and Evelyn LaRivierre. New Dawn, I’ve not come back here to rid UWE of your presence or your philosophy. It just so happens that I’ll be able to do that on the way to my ultimate goal. I don’t like what you stand for, and as people? I don’t really have any feelings towards most of you... The fact is, it just so happens that running through each and every one of you will go just as far to putting me in line for what I want as it will doing anything else so... Let me make this clear, just because destroying you isn’t the reason I’m back doesn’t mean I’m not planning on doing it. One by one, from the inside out I will take you apart. Whether I have to take your championships, your pride or whether I just have to keep beating you down until you just can’t take it anymore... I will do it. And then?

For the first time, a smile crosses his lips... His tongue rolls over his teeth as if he is imagining something, although what is currently unknown.

Then I focus on the reason we’re all here. Angelus, I know that every single guy that’s ever walked into UWE has aimed for that belt you hold on to. It’s easy for men like me to try to bait you into accepting a challenge, but that isn’t my goal. No, you see, I’ve decided to take a different approach with you... I’m going to impress you, I’m going to make you want to fight me, to need it. By the time I’m through you’ll be craving the moment you can defend your title against me. Eventually, I will stand in front of you while you beg me to challenge you for that championship because, until you defend that belt against me, you will never know how good you are...

He smiles again and leans forward on the ropes.

Man, I’m going to enjoy this; it’s going to be one hell of a-the screen cuts

Angelus is walking to the ring with his eyes to the entrance, and both Anderson and Bale emerge from the entrance as well, each carrying weapons, along with a referee who is ready to call the winner, having been dragged all over London tonight. Angelus knows that he's cornered, his face betrays him. He knows that he doesn't have a way out of this situation, or does he? Suddenly, from behind Anderson and Bale, emerges Angelus' good friend and mentor, Sam Ayers. Anderson doesn't notice this at first, but Angelus smiles as he begins tapping his head. Both Anderson and Colin Bale look at Angelus with confusion, but, in almost that exact same instant, Anderson knows what happened. And he goes **** ballistic. Anderson rushes Angelus and swings at him with the kendo stick in his hand, making contact with Angelus' side. He swings again and whacks Angelus in the back. Again at his legs, again at his head a...


Anderson stops as he hears Sam's voice in the microphone that he is holding. Anderson holds his limp and broken kendo stick and he sees Colin Bale ready to swing at Sam Ayers with a lead pipe. However. Sam is on the edge of the stage with Charisma over his shoulder and threatening to drop her off. Anderson's body language changes to one of concern and he drops the kendo stick, making his way over to Charisma.

"You've got two choices here. Call off your goon and get your girlfriend back, or test my patience and have to visit her in a hospital in a full body cast. The choice is yours, kid, and I suggest you choose wisely." Anderson steps closer before Ayers shakes his head. "Uhn uhn, kid. Tell him to drop the pipe and step back. Then I'll meet you 5 steps from where I'm standing and you can have her. Don't play with me now, kid. I'm not the one for games." Anderson looks at Bale and shouts at him, not out of anger, but out of desperation, pleading with him to drop the pipe and back up. Bale looks at Anderson long and hard before asking him, "Are you sure?" Anderson nods his head and clasps his hands, begging Colin to just comply. Finally, Bale does as he's asked, dropping the pipe and stepping back to a distance that Sam Ayers can appreciate. Sam now lowers Charisma from his shoulder and walks 5 steps forward, meeting Anderson and handing his woman over. Anderson grabs Charisma and asks if she's okay while Sam's words ring his ears. "Still got a lot to learn, kid."

What sounds like a gunshot follows as Angelus wraps a steel chair over Colin Bale's head and drops him to the ground, unconscious. Angelus now rushes to Anderson, who is just now turning around. Unable to react in any other way, Anderson pushes Charisma out of the line of fire before being nearly beheaded by Angelus' patented "One Way Ticket" super kick. Anderson falls to the ground while Angelus' momentum carries him on top of Anderson for the pin.






Angelus is just about immobile as he rolls off of Anderson. The ref comes over to raise his hand as he lays there on the hard steel entrance ramp. Meanwhile, Charisma checks on Anderson, who is hardly moving, his face coated with dry blood. Sam Ayers lifts Angelus to his feet and helps him to the back while Angelus throws a weak thumbs up to Charisma. She shakes her head at him, disgusted, and goes back to tending to Anderson.

Whose gonna teach you how to dance?

Ah snap, they know who it is now.

Whose gonna show you how to fly?
We know they know who it is now, because all the “Stoner” or “Stonage” or “hWo!!!” signs in the arena all begin to go up.

Whose gonna call you on the lame, dope smoking, slacking little sucker you are?

YAY! The Stoned One has emerged from the backstage! He jumps around the ramp from place to place, clapping hands and bumping knuckles like he were in a Wii game of some sort. Stoner rolls in under the bottom rope and moves to the center of the ring, putting two fingers together (like he’s holding a fat one) and throws his arm in the air with force, getting another good pop from the crowd before his music ends and everyone waits for The X.

Stupid champions and they wanting to make things all dramatic like.

The stage lights come on, bright white-lighting up the entrance. The lights suddenly flicker off, and come back on a bright crimson red. And just as the explosion is supposed to go off, a series of bottle rockets flies forth from the stage, flying out randomly and popping in mid air to celebrate the **** Champion in all his glory. And entertaining the hell out of the crowd, not to mention the challenger. "Lifeline" by Papa Roach blasts through the house PA system. The X steps out of the backstage area, all pissed off looking. He begins a power walk to the ring, ready to punish Stoner for messing with his very entrance. Stomping his way down to the ring, he fails to notice the small, almost invisible line of fishing line stretched just above the ramp. Having failed to notice this, its all the more embarrassing for him as he goes face first into the ramp, getting an “Oooooooh” reaction out of the crowd, and more laughter from Stoner.

Bobby: Stoner really managed to **** off his opponent tonight, didn’t he?

Hugh: To say the least Bobby. X is getting into the ring right now and he doesn’t look happy at all.

As the bell rings to begin the match, both Stoner and X have gone down to a straight brawl. Fists fly from both men, neither giving an inch until a swift kick to the midsection of Stoner from The X changes that. X takes his advantage and clotheslines Stoner to the mat. A few stomps on Stoner’s ribs and X begins to yell at Stoner.
Bobby: X seems to be pretty pissed at Stoner.

Hugh: Well, considering the guy came back out of no where after a year of not being here, and then came back and stole a win and now has a- X has grabbed a baseball bat from under the ring!

Bobby: Oh no, this looks bad for-

Hugh: Where is Stoner, wasn’t he in the ring?

X slides into the ring and looks ready to assault Stoner in a very bad way until he realizes he’s missing. Rather than inspire more anger, as one would expect, X begins to laugh.

X: That all you got pot head! Huh! This your big retur-

Stoner slides out from under the ring, with a kendo stick in hand. A total of three jumps later, Stoner has gone from the ground to the apron, the apron to the top rope, and from the top rope to hitting X in the face with a Kendo Stick. As X hit’s the ground, Stoner drops a few elbows hard into his ribs. He kicks X over towards the entrance ramp side of the ring, X is only happy to oblige at this point.

Bobby: So far we’ve seen X and Stoner trading back and forth.

Hugh: I think that running dropkick Stoner just used to force X out of the ring puts Stoner in the lead though.

Stoner, knowing he is probably in the lead, gets another good running start so he can suicide dive X through the middle and top ropes. Sounds like a good idea, right? Turns out X wasn’t quite as bad a shape as one would expect and, as Stoner is too far through the ropes to stop moving now, the forcefull swing of the chair that X is sending in his face knocks him a little loopy.

Bobby and Hugh: OW!

X, again laughing at his adversary, rolls Stoner on his back for a little verbal abuse. Before any words can come out, X looks INFURIATED at the laugh coming from Stoner on the ground. A few rage filled kicks to the ribs though, followed by a decent strength chair shot, and X is covering Stoner.




Stoner gets his shoulder up and X looks angry. Grabbing him by his hair, X drags Stoner up the ramp towards the entrance stage.

Bobby: You know the pot head has to have some kind of idea for this situation.

X hops off of the left side of the ramp and begins to search for something. After a few moments, hhis sickening smile comes back and he sees it-

A big



Oh noes!

X folds the table up and brings it over to the ramp where Stoner is laying. WAS laying, I should say, he disappeared again.

X: What are you, Houdini!?

Almost as if waiting for the cue, Stoner emerges from the other side of the ramp, a table of his own in hand. Both men get their tables on the ramp before climbing up and beginning brawling again. X gets Stoner with a DDT, right onto the cold and riveted steel of the ramp.

Stoner looks out or if.

X gets his table set up, and turns back to the still-downed Stoner. He gets the challenger on his shoulders and starts to carry him towards the table, but Stoner slides off and lands holding X ready for a suplex, or some similar move.

Stoner: Kaaaaameeeeee Haaaaa meeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

With strength was wasn’t sure was still in him, Stoner lifts X up off the ground, twists and attempts to slam him into the table with the Michinoku Slam type manuever, but misses by mere inches.

Bobby: Jesus Christ its only the **** Title guys!

Stoner wipes the sweat and hair out of his face and looks at the still-standing table. He turns back and looks at his own table still lying on the ramp, and an idea begins to form.

Hugh: Why is Stoner grabbing the other table? There’s already one set up!

Bobby: Well, from the looks of it now, he’s setting this one up on top of the other.

Hugh: But the only way to put one of them through a table that high would be-
Bobby: Yeah.

Hugh: Oh.

Stoner looks at his double stack of tables and smiles, his architecture schooling apparently worth it. (He’s never actually been to an architect school, don’t let him fool you.) He lifts X up, who catches him unawares with a low blow and both men hit the ground again.

Bobby: This is nuts.

Hugh: You’ve lost “haning out with Stoner” privileges.

Bobby: What?

Hugh: Oh come on, like you didn’t realize the pun before you did it.

Giving the reader a chance to think on just what the pun was, X and Stoner both begin to stir, both men trying to get to their feet. Both men on their knees, once one realized the other was in arms reach, they both began exchanging punches again. This time a whole lot slower though. X catches Stoner’s arm and slams him down into a reverse arm bar, forcing his face into the steel and wrenching back on the shoulder and elbow, trying to hyper extend it. Stoner, to his credit, refuses to tap out. His arm goes up as it ready to start tapping, but Stoner yells something along the lines of “Get the hell over here” at it and begins biting his own hand, refusing to let go for fear it will tap out and cost him this match.

Hugh and Bobby: Wow!

Hugh: Stop doing that!

Stoner summons an inner strength he didn’t know he still had, and pulls back as hard as he can on his arm, pulling it free from X as he rolls away. X is to his feet in an instant, and picks Stoner up again, ready to plant him to the ground with something as Stoner side steps and kicks X in the gut and taking a few steps back before hitting a Shining Wizard on X, leaving the man standing long enough for a quick Flatliner to the ramp.

Bobby: Oh, the Lionheart! He’s doing it!

Stoner hit’s a dropkick into X’s face while he’s on the ground and begins to lift him up for a suplex but X stops him with a bear hug, lifting him into the air as his only way to defend against this set of moves. Stoner looks distraught, his plan interrupted and a new one not yet formed. He tries to punch X in the head but it doesn’t have the slightest effect as X knows this could be his last chance to put the pot head out of commision. Stoner’s movements begin to slow, to grog down. Stoner’s head begins to lower, and in a few moments he is all but unconscious. The ref, happy he gets to be useful a second time in the match, grabs the hand Stoner didn’t make bleed by biting the hell out of it and raises it up, letting it drop.


He grabs the hand again, holding it for an extended period of time before letting it drop again.


X looks confident as the hand goes up a third time. His smile grows ever wider as Stoner’s elbow meets his neck, hitting a nerve that causes him to drop Stoner. Stoner, in a last ditch effort to buy time, kicks his opponent in the ribs, turns around and grabs his head, and drops down hard.

Bobby: Stoned Cold Stunner!!!!

Hugh: And we’re sure we wont get in trouble for that name.

Both men, again, lie on the ground. Words are exchanged between the two, angry words it would seem, but being that they are in a close proximity they aren’t talking quite loud enough for us to hear. The ref checks on both men constantly, making sure that neither wants to end this brutality. Stoner gives the ref the middle finger signifying, probably, that he isn’t done. It coulda been a reference to someone else, theres no way to know at this point.

Bobby: X is on his feet first!

Indeed, X is up first, but only moments before Stoner who manages to throw a few uppercuts into X to disorient him. He gets X up on his shoulders and drops back, slamming him into the ramp again. Stoner sets X on the bottom table and walks around to the titantron.

Bobby and Hugh: Oh no.

Stoner begins his slow ascent up to the screen. He keeps an eye on X, in case he has to get down early, but he climbs none the less.

Bobby: X isn’t even trying to move it seems, this is gonna be bad for both men…

Stoner sidesteps over to be equal in position to the table. After a couple deep breaths, he turns he back and goes for a moonsault-

A beautiful one I might add-

Through the tables. Rubble and dust are everywhere, the ref is the only one who can see anything as he goes for a count, along with the crowd.



The ref calls for the bell!


The arena lights cut down low, leaving only ambient hues of purple and yellow and many other colours. The arena audience is practically bathed in these hues, and the haunting, powerful vocals of "Death Note" boom throughout the arena. Large floodlights begin to brighten the arena, creating odd spectrum of light and shadow.

The lights dim again, and we see Edward Laurent on the entrance ramp. He is wearing his metal face mask and looking out into the crowd, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship residing snugly around his waist.

Schumacher: "Now coming to the ring, he hails from Sussex, England. He weighed in tonight at 195 pounds, the one and ONLY Lord of professional wrestling, he is Edward... LAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRENT!"

There is a massive allotment of boos as Edward shakes his head and heads toward the ring. He stops just short of the ring, and begins to jog in place. After a few steps, he then leaps onto the apron, showing his agility. He then turns on the apron to look over the crowd, giving them a disapproving look with his eyes. He then leap-frogs over the top rope and into the ring, he then moves to his designated corner and leaps to the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms high and posing with the NWA World Heavyweight Title glistening in the sea of camera flashes.

He then drops down and unhooks the title from around his waist, folding it carefully, he then hands it to the referee as he awaits the entrance of his two opponents for the night. 

The lights all go out simultaneously. Then, within seconds, “One Step Closer” (By Linkin Park) booms through the PA system. The fans erupt in anticipation of Bryan Blaze. The lights are still out, but just seconds later, three red spotlights circle around the stage and top of the ramp area.

1. I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway
With that, Bryan Blaze bursts onto stage. He raises his arms up in the air, drawing a huge ovation from the crowd.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

(Lights are back as well)As Blaze stands on stage, he goes on both knees and raises his arms once again, which triggers pyro to shoot out from the stage on both sides repeatedly. When the pyro stops, Blaze hops to his feet and runs towards the ring, tagging hands with fans along the way, and then slides in under the bottom rope.

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Blaze gets onto the second turnbuckle in each corner, going counter-clockwise around the ring. Getting to all corners.

I’m about to break!

Blaze turns back and glares at Laurent.  He hops down and begins walking right over to Laurent, getting right in his face.  The ref separates the two, and Laurent just smiles...

 The lights flicker frantically before going completely out. It is silent for a moment, until words echo throughout the arena:

"SINNERS....They're all sinners....they're all going to the painful, everlasting, FIREY HELL."

"Them Bones" by Alice in Chains blasts through the speakers, and a shower of sparks fly from underneath the Tron as Scylla walks into view. She turns her head slowly from left to right, waiting patiently for her little sister and manager, Cassy, to come out behind her.

The two then begin their walk down the ramp.  Scylla carries her IC title on her shoulder, looking at her two opponents for this evening.  Before entering the ring she looks at Cassy and hands her the belt.  Cassy turns and raises it for the fans to see, as opposed to bringing it in a letting the ref do it this time.  Scylla slides and stretches, not taking her eyes off either opponent.  The ref looks at all three competitors and once he calls for that bell, it’s on.    Blaze comes out swinging at Laurent, Scylla does as well and before he knows it, there are four hands connecting all over Laurent.  Laurent is quickly driven back against the ropes, being beat down.  The fans are eating it up.  Blaze can be seen smirking as he drives the closed fist straight into Laurent’s skull.  Then something happens.  Scylla connects a neck breaker on Blaze!  Blaze rolls out of the ring holding his head.  Meanwhile Laurent stands up and runs up behind Scylla, clotheslining her from behind!  Scylla falls forward.  Laurent steps around her, smiling and taunting her to get back up.  Scylla gets to her hands and knees and then Laurent viciously grabs her up and drives his elbow down into her back.  She nearly falls, but Scylla’s tough and holds her ground.  Laurent whips her to the ropes, as she comes back he leaps forward with a flying knee!  Scylla slides below him though and Laurent soars right over her!  Scylla’s quick to get back to her feet, Laurent quickly turns around and is met with a flying knee by Scylla!  Laurent immediately falls back against the ropes.  He shakes his head, trying to regain his composure and steps forward, only to trip over!  He looks behind him-IT’S BLAZE!  Blaze grabbed his feet, now Blaze pulls him out.  He begins driving those closed fists back into the skull of Laurent.  Laurent tries fighting back but the fury of Blaze is too much.  HERE COMES SCYLLA!  She slides in with a baseball slide and this time Blaze is out of the way!  She crashes into Laurent and sends him into the barricade.  Blaze turns to Scylla, grabbing her legs and yanking her out, he then drops her with an elbow to the face!

Hugh: Bryan Blaze is really on fire here! 

Bobby: Hence the name Blaze...

Blaze turns back to Laurent, and charges into him, tackling him into the barricade.  He begins punching at the ribs of Laurent, but Laurent gives a knee below the belt that goes unseen by the ref.  Blaze collapses as Laurent looks down at him and smiles, then delivers another knee right into his face.  Scylla attempts to get back in the mix but is stopped by a kick to the mid section.  Laurent then grabs her head, and plants her with a sickening ddt! 

Hugh: The skull of our intercontinental champion was just bounced off the floor outside the ring! 

Laurent seems to be in control.  He sets his sights back on Blaze now and taunts Blaze on.  “Come on Blaze, show me YOU CAN!” he shouts before slapping Blaze across the face several times over.  He grabs Blaze up and walks him over, rolling him into the ring.  Laurent himself gets ready to enter the ring, he hops up on the apron but then Scylla rises up, grabbing his feet and yanks them right out from under him!  Laurent falls, crashing face first into the apron and busts his nose!  The fans explode on to their feet and cheer.  Scylla looks at the damage she has done and smiles before rolling into the ring herself.  She gets up and looks at Blaze, and tells him to bring it.  Blaze charges, locking up with Scylla.  Blaze is obviously the stronger of the two as he shoves her so hard she lands on the flat of her back.  Scylla gets back up though.  They circle, and lock up again.  This time Scylla drops and rolls Blaze over her-ARM BAR!  SCYLLA MAY LOCK IN AN ARM BAR!

Hugh: WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS!  If Scylla can lock it...she may have it! 

Bobby: This is the same move that Scylla tapped to by Angelus!  Blaze as well!  Oh man, never saw this coming! 

Blaze is struggling, fighting, and reaching for the ropes.  Scylla is trying desperately to lock it in.  But meanwhile, the snake, Laurent is peering up over the apron.  His nose is still gushing blood, and you can see the rage in his eyes.  They’re dead set on Scylla.  He slides in, unnoticed and runs toward them.  Scylla looks over only to see the flash that is Edward Laurents foot as he kicks her right in the face!  Scylla’s body goes limp, and Blaze goes free.  Laurent stands over, staring down, wiping the blood from his nose on to her.  He then reaches down and spins her around, throwing her through the ropes to the outside.  Bryan quickly gets up and jumps to the second rope and then spins in mid-air, Laurent turns in timeHEATWAVE!!!!  Laurent’s eyes roll back as he collapses!  Blaze throws his arm over him!

KICKOUT!  Blaze can’t believe it!  The eyes of Edward Laurent come back to life.  Blaze sets up and looks at him.  He steps back, waiting for Laurent to get up.  Slowly but surely, he does.  Blaze comes forward, and connects a devastating roundhouse to the mid section.  He’s going for the Blaze of glory!  BUT LAURENT COUNTERS!  He stops Blaze and turns around then german suplexes Blaze through the middle rope!  Blaze falls to the outside landing right on the back of his head!  Laurent drags himself to the outside as well.  Blaze’s neck may be broken!  But Laurent is merciless.  He grabs Blaze up and throws him into the steel steps!  Then, a light bulb goes off.  Laurent takes Blaze, rests his head up against the steps and begins limping away.  He turns back to Blaze and charges...


Laurent starts to bring that knee forward, aiming right for Blaze’s face when she comes up from out of no where over the steps, the flying elbow of Scylla meets dead on with his skull!  Laurent is rocked hard as he explodes backwards!  Scylla hits the ground and rolls.  When she stops, she looks around trying to find her surroundings.  Blaze rolls over, trying to pick himself up.  He stands up and turns to meet Scylla who manages to raise Blaze up and spinebusters him on the edge of the steps!  Blaze rolls down the steps holding his back while Scylla falls against the apron.  She holds her head which is still throbbing from earlier.  Laurent is trying to get back up as well.  His eyes are still so very glazed over from Scylla’s elbow, but Laurent wants this just as badly as either of the other two.  Scylla pulls herself up on to the apron and begins walking along the apron.  Laurent rolls over and lifts himself up, that’s when Scylla jumps down, landing feet first on his back and crushing Laurent into the ground!  Blaze is now back on his feet, he goes back into the ring from the other side, out of Scylla’s sight.  He makes his way over to her as she’s focused on Laurent and then he reaches through the ropes, grabbing both of her arms.  Blaze lifts Scylla up from the ground and uses those ropes to gain leverage as he places his knees directly into her back and pulls her arms back.  Scylla screams in pain as she hangs in mid air.  The ref orders Blaze to let go but it’s an all out war.  Laurent is now coming back to his senses as well.  He looks up to see Scylla hanging there, and tries to get up even quicker to take advantage of the situation.  He steps away, making sure he’s focused, then runs forward and lunges through the air, taking her by the head for a stunner-ECSTACY OF GOLD!  Scylla’s face bounces up off the ground and her eyes roll back.  Blaze looks on at what just happened.  He reaches to the outside, fish hooking Laurent by the roof of his mouth and pulling him into the ring.  Before Laurent can get up, Blaze hops up and comes back down driving his knee into the collar bone of Laurent!  Laurent lets out a high pitch scream, his collar bone could be broken!  But Blaze stands back, smiling.  He’s calling for it....He’s waiting for Laurent to even TRY and get up.  Laurent rolls over to his stomach and sits up on his knees, Blaze stands him up-THE BURNO!  As Blaze goes to lock Laurent’s head in on his shoulder for the stunner, Laurent gets free and drops down, rolling Blaze up, and uses the ropes to help him!  The ref drops, making the count not seeing the ropes!




Laurent lets go and rolls out holding his collar as he goes for his new title.  He steps over Scylla who now has medical aids at her side.  Schumacher comes over the PA...

Schumacher: Ladies and Gentlemen...your NEEEEEEEWWWWWW Intercontinental champion....EDWARD....LAURENT! 

Laurent looks at the belt and smiles.  Then he looks back at Blaze who’s sitting up in the ring, his face beat red as he his eyes meet with Laurent’s.  Laurent raises the IC title in the air and winks at Blaze as UWE goes off the air.
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