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October 26, 2021, 07:22:47 am
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No Remorse Results

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Author Topic: No Remorse Results  (Read 412 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: May 28, 2009, 09:10:13 pm »

We head backstage to the office of UWE General Manager, Greenbean. Sat at his desk watching the monitor, there’s a knock on his door.

Come in.

The door opens slowly as Riddick Andrews pushes his way into the room. Slowly walking towards the desk, Riddick’s eyes look sunken, dark circles underneath. His demeanour is generally shabby.

Riddick, sit down.

I’m fine standing thanks.

How are you?

He doesn’t answer, merely staring at a spot on the wall behind the man who signs his pay-checks.

Why wasn’t I booked?

I felt you needed some time.

I need to fight.

That’s not my opinion; you need to deal with your loss.

Again, Riddick doesn’t reply, he pulls his top lip between his teeth and appears to be biting hard as if trying to avoid saying something.

You let me fight Laurent.

I wasn’t going to take your chance away from you Riddick. The problem is, you lost your match because you were overzealous. You weren’t in the right frame of mind.

Give me a match. Tonight.

No Riddick, you’re not booked tonight and you wont be booked until I feel you’re ready.

You’re baring me from the arena?

No, not at all. You have friends here, go and use them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only way to get over the tragic events that have occurred in your life can be made better by fighting. They can’t.

Riddick stops again, his hands in his pockets.

And that’s you’re final word?

It is.

Riddick nods, biting his lip again, his face twitching in anger before it slowly subsides into something else, something vacant.

You’re the boss.

Bean watches Riddick carefully as he turns away from the desk and slowly makes his way out of the office.

Ah hey!

{ The Video for Super Villain plays on the titantron as Orion walks out looking over the crowd }

You're dressin all in black
From your front to your back
And all your evil ways
They seem to go on for days
And as a matter of fact
You got one more night before ya

{ Orion goes sprinting down the entrance way slapping the hands of the fans as he dives head first into the ring, the NWA-Hawaii King Kamehameha Royal Heritage Championship slung over his left shoulder }

Smash it up, burn it down
Tearing up the underground
You wanna live like a super villain
Back in the line up
Before your times up
You wanna live like a super villain

{ Orion climbs to the top turn buckle posing for pictures with the belt raised high in the air }

There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to go

No one is savin this town
**** all those pricks and those clowns
I know you'd rather abuse
Condem or slightly confuse
Kick 'em all when their down
And just for fun you're gonna

{ Orion moves to the other side and poses }

Smash it up, burn it down
Tearing up the underground
You wanna live like a super villain
Back in the line up
Before your times up
You wanna live like a super villain

There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to go

{ Orion climbs down and waits for the match to begin }

Schumacher: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall and is your opening contest here at NO REMORSE!  Currently in the ring, Glenn "Orion" McCoy!  And...introducing his opponent...

When you walk through the door
It was clear to me
You're the one they adore
Who they came to see
You're a rockstar
Everybody wants you
Player, Who can really play you.
We're the ones who made you.

Schumacher: Making his way to the ring at this time, Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny!

The music continues, as Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny walks down the ramp usually to a good cheer. He walks down the ramp acknowledging the crowd on his way to the ring. He rolls in, and he points to all of the fans around the ring with a grin on his face.

Both men are content to stay in their corners as Destiny's music fades in the background.  The referee looks both men, checking for the ready signal, and then calls for the bell.


As the bell rings, it's Orion who explodes out of his corner, charging at Destiny and connecting with a huge runnin European uppercut.  He connects with the move just as Destiny had taken a step out of the corner, and the force of the move sends him right back into the corner.  Orion is quick to step up to the middle rope, and begins raining down rights and lefts onto Destiny.  The crowd starts to count along with the punches, and they get as high as 9 before Orion is forced to step down from the ropes, thanks to the referee reaching a four count.  Destiny is dazed from the initial onslaught, and rolls out of the ring to regroup.  Orion steps back to the center of the ring, and raises both arms, appealing to the fans who respond in kind with loud cheers.  The referee has begun to count Destiny out of the ring.  Destiny shakes off the cobwebs caused by Orion's initial outburst, and walks around ringside with his hands on his hips.  Destiny turns and begins to point at a few of the members of the crowd in the front row.  The referee hits the count of 6...and Orion hurls himself over the top rope!  Destiny turned in time to catch a flying cross-body from Orion, and both men spill to the ground.  The referee begins his count over at 1.

Bobby: Well Orion is a house of fire tonight!

Hugh: What a way to kick off Fight Night!

Orion is the first back to his feet, and he grabs Destiny by the back of the head and rolls him into the ring.  Destiny manages to get back up onto one knee in the middle of the ring, as Orion slides back in.  Just as Destiny gets back up to a vertical base, Orion gets a nice running start and connects with a huge bulldog, again sending Destiny down to the mat.  He rolls him over and goes for a quick cover, but Destiny is out at less than 1.  As Orion brings Destiny back to his feet, he connects with a boot to the gut, doubling Destiny over.  He attempts a suplex, but Destiny blocks.  A second attempt is blocked, and now reversed, with Destiny taking Orion up and over with a hard suplex.  Orion's back bows up off the canvas from the force of the blow, and Destiny rolls to a corner to catch his breath from the beating so far.  He pulls himself up to his feet using the corner.  He stays slumped a bit against the turnbuckles, as Orion is back on his feet.  He sees Destiny in the corner and again charges in, but this time it was a trap.  Destiny times a huge roundhouse kick just right, and connects with Orion coming in at full force, the kick connecting on the side of his head.  The blow sends Orion down in a heap, and his momentum causes him to roll right out of the ring. 

Hugh: Oh my god, Orion went to the well one time too many!  Did you see that kick Bobby?

Bobby: Yeah, of course I saw it!  Did you HEAR that kick Hugh?  I think that's it.  It's over!

Destiny rolls out after Orion, the referee beins the 10 count.  Destiny grabs Orion by the back of his hair and with a running start, slams him face first off the steel steps outside the ring.  Orion collapses against the steps, as Destiny again slams him face first.  Still holding him by the back of the head, Destiny picks Orion up and walks him over to the guardrail outside the ring, as the referee reaches 4.  Destiny lifts Orion up into a press slam, but opts to drop Orion throat first on the top of the steel guardrail.  Orion goes down hard, gasping for breath, his mouth open in silent pain, as the wind is driven out of him.  Destiny rolls back in at the count of 8, only to break the count and roll back out.  The referee again starts the count at 1.  Destiny picks Orion up, and quickly grabs him in a reverse-DDT setup.  He hooks the right arm of Orion, and drops down to one knee, driving Destiny's bent knee right into the upper spine/neck area of Orion, and keeping the hold-locked in a form of a suspended dragon sleeper.  The referee has at this point exited the ring and is now screaming at Destiny to break the hold and get back into the ring.  Destiny uses a free arm to shove the referee back, looking to teach young Orion a lesson.  The referee begins to patented pointing at his striped shirt, visually and verbally informing Destiny that he is the referee and he will disqualify him if need be.

Hugh: Destiny better be careful or he's gonna get himself disqualified!

Bobby: Do you think that matters?  Destiny is looking to make an impact and he's using Orion to do it.

Hugh: It may be more of a personal message to Orion's mentor, Adam Majors.  Destiny and Majors have...a history.

Bobby: Yeah, and Orion's chapter in history may be cut down to an honorable mention if Destiny doesn't break this hold!

The referee physically breaks the hold, pulling Destiny off of Orion, who collapses to the floor, out of it.  The referee and Destiny get into a shouting match, that ends with Destiny causing the referee to flinch with a fake punch.  The referee decides he's made his point and slides back into the safety of the ring.  He begins to count again.  Destiny picks up the limp body of Orion, and sends him back into the ring.  He rolls in slowly, rising up on both knees as he is beside Orion.  He gestures to the crowd once more, before making the cover.

3noo!  Only 2!

Orion is out at 2, albeit on instincts alone.  Destiny pulls Orion back up to his feet and slides around behind him, and attempts a german suplex.  The first attempt is blocked, but the second time Orion carries over, but it's reversed!  Orion lands on his feet and has Destiny hooked, and in a swift motion, lifts Destiny over and slams him down with a quick German Suplex!  The move stuns Destiny, but takes all that Orion has left.  He collapses again in the middle of the ring.  Destiny is down, clutching the back of his head, but slowly recovers.  He pulls himself back to his feet and moves in on Orion again, who quickly pulls Destiny down into a small package!


Destiny kicks out, almost stunned by a quick pin.  Orion quickly rolls outside the ring, clutching the ring apron to hold himself up as he attempts to catch his breath.  In the ring, Destiny is back up but only on one knee.  The last two moves catching him off guard.  He shakes loose the cobwebs and then sees Orion, clinging to the apron for dear life.  He stands up all the way and approaches the ropes.  As if from no where, Orion springs up onto apron in time to catch Destiny with a shoulder-thrust to the midsection, causing Destiny to double over.  Orion uses the ropes and springs over Destiny, rolling off his back and landing on his feet behind Destiny.  As Destiny turns and straightens up, Orion lands a huge super kick flush under Destiny's chin.  Both men are down, completely exhausted.  The referee begins to count.  At 8, both men are finally back onto their feet, and Orion charges at Destiny!

Orion charges in, attempting The Prayer, but it's blocked!  Destiny attempts to counter, lifting Orion up for SHOTIME, but Orion reverses!  He holds on and takes Destiny down to the canvas, locking on the VIOLENT FETISH!  He's choking out Destiny!  It's locked in, and Destiny taps!

Schumacher: Here is your winner by submission, Glenn "Orion" McCoy!

The tron cuts to the parking lot, where several staff members stand anxiously, looking around at each other with nervous expressions. Some of them pace back and forth. Some of them watch the lot ahead with a stoney expression. Suddenly, someone gasps. The camera swings around wildly to the other side. There is a figure in the far distance, and, due to the unreadiness of the camera, he cannot be identified. However, faces of confusion are evident in the startled grunts of the staff members.

The figure gets closer. The figure is dressed in all white, with a long white furry robe. His crown of black hair is a dead-giveaway. The staff bumble incoherently. "Mr... Mr. Moori?" One of them says, shakily.

Kenji does not respond. He smiles in an almost piercing way, he stares down the arena with a savage malice in his cold eyes. He walks in a staggering way, as if he had just came back from a tiring pilgramidge. He slowly walks down and through the petrified staff members, who just let him pass as he staggers through them. The camera slowly follows him as he walks down through the cooridoors in the arena. Some of the workers backstage attempt to communicate with him, yelling out "Hey, Kenji!" or "Kenji, you're back? Are you alright?"

Yet he disregards the comments. He walks down the hallways and out towards the arena ramp. He walks through the entrance curtains and out onto the entrance stage to almost complete silence. Whatever the crowd says or yells he disregards. He smiles in a dazed way at the ring. He stumbles to ringside and moves to the steps ringside. He accends the steps until he reaches the top near the ring post. He takes off his robe and folds it neatly across the top of the ring post. He then enters the ring and takes a seat in the ring corner.

  “Black Republican” comes over the PA, fans all turn their attention to the ramp as Effin comes walking out holding the CW title.  He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, staring at Kenji. 

Hugh: Moments away from our cruserweight title match folks!  You can feel it!

Bobby: Any moron could have made that observation...

The ref holds the belt between the two and then backs away.  After handing the belt off, he calls for the bell.  Kenji chops Effin across the chest and then whips him into the ropes.  Effin rebounds and comes back with a big flying elbow, knocking Kenji off his feet!  Kenji quickly rolls back up but is met with a sharp kick across the face by Effin.  Effin takes control lifting Kenji up and delivering a dragon suplex!  Effin covers!  1...2.....KICKOUT! 

Hugh: Almost had em there!

Bobby: And you almost had a girlfriend, but almost is not having, my friend!

Effin gets up, pulling Kenji along with him as he directs him over to the turnbuckle.  Effin springs up to the top rope but his foot slips and he crashes down on his crotch!  The fans all come together in one big chant and scream “404! 404!  404!”  Kenji quickly climbs the turnbuckle with Effin lying on the mat.  CORKSCREW MOO-LANDS ON HIS BELLY!!!!  Every one thought Kenji would have had it!  Effin is slowly trying to get back up, still holding himself from the 404 he experienced earlier.  He grabs Kenji, but Kenji rolls him up in a school boy!  1...2....KICKOUT!!!! 

Effin JUST kicks out.  Kenji sits up, looking at Effin Rox who all of sudden kips up to his feet.  Kenji smirks and lies back down before doing a kip up of his own!  Effin stands back and nods before waving Kenji to “come on”.  Kenjo charges and goes for a clothes line but Effin does the matrix thing, leaning back and dodging the move.  He stands back up, turns around and throws a kick at Kenji’s head but Kenji does the same!  Kenji goes to stand back up but before he can, he’s scooped up-EFFIN ROCKED!  Effin Rox exposes Kenji’s mistake!  He makes the cover!  1...2.....3!!!! Effin stands up, holding his title after the ref hands it to him.  He turns around and then stops.  Noticing something extrememly odd...In the blink of an eye, Kenji has managed to escape the ring. The camera searches around the arena wildly, but finally returns to the ring. The immediate impresion is that Kenji has disappeared into thin air.


Allen Marrow jumps out from behind the curtain as ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy hits the PA. Allen hops off the stage as he brings a cigar to his lips and lights it with a lighter.

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant **** to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Motherfuck him and John Wayne

With the smoke pouring out of his mouth Allen strolls lazily down the ramp on his way to the ring. Allen takes a long inhale, before spinning around and exhaling a cloud of smoke into a random fans face and laughing his ass off about it. Finally, Allen rolls into the ring, making various nonsensical hand gestures as he stands on the middle turnbuckle facing out over the crowd. Allen gets a microphone tossed to him as he brings it up to his mouth.

“I told all of you that James J wasn’t ****. I told all of you that I would still be a tag team champion at the end of the week. Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves! But none of you believed me. I told all of you that the only reason that he was worth anything was because Keizamoore carried his punk ass, and I was right. Once again he got the chance to go one on one with a member of New Dawn, and once again it ended with him getting defeated. Keizamoore walked out on him because he realized the truth. James J was holding him back. And James J really thought that through all of this, that Keiz would just stand by him anyway. Nigga please.”

A loud chorus of boos reigns down on Allen.

“How dense does James Jowers have to be before he realizes this? ****, Keizamoore couldn’t even be bothered to show up to their big goodbye tonight. Doesn’t that tell you something about how much Keiz really respects him? Nigga please.”

Allen shakes his head, and lowers it before continuing on.

“Earlier this week, Keizamoore decided that he would no longer be wrestling for UWE. It upsets me only because didn’t get him one on one, because he would actually be worth fighting in a one on one setting. A win over him would actually mean something to me and for all of New Dawn. Because lets face it, at this point, how many times to we have to beat James J before it just doesn’t mean anything anymore. One on One he’s come at three different member on six occasions, and he’s lost all of them. And somehow, he clings to the title of Mr. UWE… nigga please.”

The boos grow louder as Allen begins to pace.

“Seriously now, James J alone is like a nat that won’t go away. He’s no threat to you, he gets beaten and swatted away every time he gets close to you, but he still tries coming at you, and still tries to convince you that he’s worth anything. Nigga please.”

A stray drink gets tossed into the ring, landing directly in front of Allen Marrow’s feet.

“So at this point, I’m officially done with James J. I’ve had enough of myself and my group beating the same fool over and over and over again. I want something new, something different. I’ve already proven everything I can prove against James J. The man has humiliated himself and UWE as a whole enough, don’t you think?”

Several more pieces of trash fly into the ring, including a few the whiz by Allen’s head.

“Oh what? You really think he’s repped this place well? The man has lost six consecutive one on one matches against an invasion force, and only did well when he begged Keiz to do things for him. You honestly think that’s a good rep for Mr. UWE to hold? Nigga please.”

The crowds displeasure gets louder and louder, and more and more trash begins to fill the ring.

“He’s as bad as Adam Deming is in viewing reality, and trust me… THAT’S bad. This is the guy who thinks just walking in and wrestling makes you a revolutionary. And that making a name for yourself outside of the ring, and making yourself matter in the eyes of the people who’s money drives decision making is the wrong way to go. Nigga please.”

The crowd isn’t sure how to react to this, so they sit in silence.

“Adam Deming has driven out the best PR Woman in the business, because he just flat out refused to do anything other then wrestle in silence, refused to do any of the other work that would be so **** important in driving our cause. James J may have failed miserably in fighting us, but Adam Deming is murdering New Dawn on his own due to his own naiveté and arrogance. Nigga please.”

The crowd begins cheering in a taunting fashion.

“He’s my boy, but I can’t deny the truth of this. When I voiced these truths to Adam, he told me that I would either have to fall in line with his way of thinking or get out of New Dawn. You see, to Adam, if you disagree with him, he thinks your backstabbing him. But, I have my integrity… so I’m announcing it right here tonight. I will never just fall in line with anyone just because some guy who can’t understand the difference between difference of opinion and betrayal orders me to… so, I am hereby DONE with New Dawn.”

The crowd is ecstatic with what they are seeing, New Dawn crumbling from within. Allen doesn’t even bother dropping his new found catchphrase, choosing to instead drop the microphone in the center of the ring. The crowd continues to taunt him as he rolls out of the ring and slowly makes his way back behind the curtain, into the back.

The opening lines of "Like Light To Flies" by Trivium sound over the PA and the crowd immediately begins a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. As the drums hit and the song goes into full swing, a blast hits the stage and leaves a wall of smoke so think you can't see through it. As the smoke clears, we see Ace Borger standing atop the rampway in his ring attire. His black shorts and black boots shine and reflect the light across the Sniper silhouette on his back. His sleeveless hoodie hangs loosely on his large frame, and the hood hangs down over the upper half of his face. Ace moves toward the ramp amidst the crowd reaction, now more boos than cheers, and hops up onto the ring apron. He whips the hood off of his head, then steps into the ring.  Ace turns to the ramp, waiting for Scylla.  The lights begin to flicker... “THEY’RE ALL SINNERS...*SCHMACK!*


Bobby: She just jumped Ace Borger with a chair!  Man that sounded wrong!

Scylla stands over Ace with a chair.  A lifeless Ace Borger lies before her feet.  She just smiles. The fans boo, but Scylla doesn’t seem to be on the same planet as them.  She raises the chair like an executioner would raise his axe.  Then she drives it down on Ace Borger.  One time, two times, three times, and a fourth.  She then throws the chair aside and rolls him over.  The ref looks around, but she is demanding him to make the count.  The ref reluctantly kneels down, slamming his hand on the mat three times.  Scylla’s music comes on, drowning out the boos.  But she isn’t finished.  She looks up the ramp way, then at Ace.  She points to the cameras and shouts “Watch this!”  REDEMPTION LOCK!  SHE HAS IT LOCKED!  Scylla clearly sending a message to someone.  Security come spilling out from the back, running down to the ring as UWE switches to an add for Fight Night 5. 

The arena lights cut down low, leaving only ambient hues of purple and yellow and many other colours. The arena audience is practically bathed in these hues, and the haunting, powerful vocals of "Death Note" boom throughout the arena. Large floodlights begin to brighten the arena, creating odd spectrum of light and shadow.

The lights dim again, and we see Edward Laurent on the entrance ramp. He is looking only at the cell looming before him, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship residing snugly around his waist, with the UWE Intercontinental Championship draped over his right shoulder.

"Now coming to the ring, he hails from Sussex, England. He weighed in tonight at 215 pounds, the one and ONLY Lord of professional wrestling, and YOUR UWE Intercontinental Champion... he is Edward... LAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRENT!"

There is a massive allotment of boos as Edward shakes his head and heads toward the ring. He stops just short of the ring, and stares up again at the demonic structure placed in front of him. He walks in the door, rolls into the ring, moves to his designated corner in a much less cocky fashion than usual.

He both titles off his person and carelessly hands them to the ref, who takes them out of the ring and sets them with the time keeper.

The lights all go out simultaneously. Then, within seconds, “One Step Closer” (By Linkin Park) booms through the PA system. The fans erupt in anticipation of Bryan Blaze. The lights are still out, but just seconds later, three red spotlights circle around the stage and top of the ramp area.
I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway

With that, Bryan Blaze walks out from backstage to a huge ovation from the crowd, a look of pure anger and hatred in his eyes.
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Blaze starts walking straight towards the cage, a twisted smile on his face as he sees Laurent trapped in the cell, nowhere to run.
I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Blaze walks around the cell, his eyes locked on Laurent the whole time. He walks into the cage, and stops to reach back and grab the steel fencing of the door.
I’m about to break!

As the final lyric of his entrance music plays out, he slams the door and slides into the ring, diving straight at Laurent in a frenzy.

“Bryan Blaze is a completely different person than before this whole predicament.”

“Can you really blame him?”

The referee, instead of trying to separate the bloodthirsty Blaze from Laurent, calls for the bell and backs into the corner, trying to keep his distance. Blaze continues his uncontrolled barrage, until Laurent manages to worm his way out of the ring, holding his head. Before he has a chance to recover, however, Blaze comes flying between the ropes, crashing into Laurent who subsequently crashes into the steel wall behind him. Both men are down for a while, until Blale gets to his feet. He picks up Laurent and rolls him in as well, before going back under the ring for something. He drags out a chair and slides it into the ring before sliding in himself. As Blaze stands back up, Laurent is back up and takes a swing at Blaze with the chair, but Blaze catches it in mid swing. He kicks Laurent in the stomach and rips the chair out of his hands, before bringing it down right on Laurent's back. He watches Laurent crawl around for a bit, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Right as he does, Blaze swings the chair right at Laurent's head, but Laurent dives out of the way, and out of the ring, heading for the door. Laurent starts banging on the door, begging to be let out, but the referee just looks at him and laughs. Blaze comes around the ring and runs straight at Laurent, who turns around to be met with 190 lbs of fury, sending both men through the door.

“Bryan Blaze just threw himself and his opponent through a steel door. He must really have a score to settle.”

“I would to, if you raped my wife.”

Both men lay on the ground for a bit, but once again Blaze is up first. Blaze starts making his way up the side of the cell, until he is about a third of the way up. As Laurent stumbles to his feet Blaze kicks off, attempting a modified Third Degree on Laurent, but Laurent stumbles out of the way at the last moment. Laurent, realizing he's losing the fight, heads towards the stage to run away. As he reaches the stage entrance he turns to see Blaze standing back up already, holding his head and staring at Laurent, a huge smile on his face. Laurent, confused, turns around and it met with a 2x4 in the face from one Evelyn LaRivierre, who gets an unlikely huge ovation from the crowd.

“Oh my God! It's Scylla!”

“And she looks pissed off too!”

She takes the 2x4 and breaks it on the back of the now bloodied Laurent, before grabbing him by the arms and dragging him back down towards the ring. Blaze, however, has starter climbing up the cell, not stopping this time until he reaches the top. Scylla hoists Laurent to his feet and starts heading back up the ramp, stopping on the stage to watch, as Blaze launches himself off the top of the cell, this time hitting the Third Degree. Both men lay on the floor, a small pool of blood collecting around Laurent as one of the referees comes to check on them. Ignoring Laurent, the ref checks on Blaze, who tells him that he's fine. The referee lazily goes to check on Laurent, who can barely speak, but manages to respond “Yes” to the ref, who calls out an EMT. Blaze is back his feet now, and starts yelling at the ref to cancel the EMT, but the ref whispers something in Bryan's ear which makes him stop and laugh a bit.

“I wonder what he said to Blaze just there.”

“Must have been really funny to crack up such an angry Bryan Blaze.”

The EMT's pick up Laurent and put him on to the stretcher, before they start wheeling him up the ramp. Halfway up, however, the stretcher guy turns the stretcher straight into the barricade, tipping it right over and spilling Laurent into the crowd, not to mention a particularly large fan's drink. The fan, about six-six and at least 225 pounds, angry at Laurent for spilling his drink, picks up his body and tosses him back over the barricade onto the ramp, much to the enjoyment of Blaze and the crowd. Blaze walks over to the fan and signs him a quick autograph, before turning around to deal with Laurent.

“Wow. When Blaze came out here he was a man possessed, but now we're seeing a lot of the old Blaze back in him again.”

“He's probably released a lot of stress watching all these people beat on Laurent, not to mention doing it himself.”

Blaze picks up the still lifeless Laurent, and taunts to the crowd before punching Laurent across the face hard. He goes to punch Laurent again, but Laurent brings his leg up and punts Blaze right in the crotch, dropping him to the ground. Laurent immediately starts looking for another way out of the arena or just away from Blaze. With Scylla still on the stage and the large, angry fan still watching him, Laurent sees only one option. He starts stumbling his way to the cage, and he goes around to the far side and starts climbing up, doing anything to distance himself from Blaze. Laurent collapses on to of the cage, having exhausted himself getting up to it, and Blaze starts making his way over, having gotten back up. As Blaze starts climbing up, Laurent snaps to attention, getting up and preparing to face Blaze. Laurent walks over to where Blaze is pulling himself up and tries to kick him off, but Bryan grabs Laurent's foot and pushes him backwards, buying him enough time to climb up and get to his feet. Blaze walks towards Laurent, and the two men stare each other down before they start trading fists in the middle of the ceiling of the cage. Blaze quickly gets the advantage and DDTs Laurent into the cell top. Blaze goes over to the door in the cell top and opens it up, before returning to Laurent. He kicks the crawling Laurent to the edge of the gaping hole in the cell ceiling, before propping Laurent up on his knees. He kneels down and grabs Laurent's face, making him lock eyes with him. Laurent starts mumbling something to Blaze through the blood in his mouth, and Blaze just stares him down.
“It looks like Laurent is begging for mercy from Blaze!”

“Yeah, you have fun with that bud.”

Blaze nods in agreement with Laurent and lets go of him, turning around. Laurent, a looks of disbelief in his eyes, starts standing up, only to have Blaze turn around and punt Laurent in the face, sending him crashing to-and through-the canvas.

“Holy hell! He just punted Laurent right through the canvas!”

“And now UWE's gonna have to pay for it too. Damn you, Laurent.”

Blaze slips down into the ring, holding on to the lip of the door as to not break his legs. He reaches into the hole left by Laurent and drags him out of it, before rolling him on to his back and putting a foot down on his face, getting the ref to count the pin.


“One Step Closer” hits the PA System and the Cell begins to ascend back into the rafters, with Bryan Blaze standing over a bloody and beaten Edward Laurent. He looks down at Laurent’s eyes, they’re closed, he’s out. The vicious facial expression that has been on Blaze’s face has now gone. He knows what all this is, it’s the end. He was finally able to give Edward Laurent what he truly deserved.

Blaze looks to the rafters of the arena, and falls to his knees. He isn’t bloody, or even sore, but he is still drained. Drained emotionally, as this ordeal has certainly taken it’s emotional toll on him. Just then, Jessica Blaze, along with her daughter Heather emerge from the crowd. Jessica had a front row seat for the carnage.

Blaze is so caught up in his own emotions, he really doesn’t notice them enter the ring. But, then he feels something. Heather is latched onto his side, hugging him for the first time in a long, long time. He can’t believe it, and some tears begin to flow from his eyes, but they are tears of joy. He turns to Heather, and hugs her, kissing her on the forehead.

Bryan stands up, and locks eyes with Jessica. In this moment he wonders when the last was that he was able to do this. But he does notice something, Jessica doesn’t seem the same person any longer. Her face is bruised, and she looks emotionally hurt, but when Bryan does lay eyes on her, she smiles. For a moment she stares down at Edward Laurent, who is still yet to move, and you can see the vile hatred in her eyes. But her gaze quickly reverts back to her husband, who is now directly in front of her, they hug, and Bryan doesn’t think he’ll ever let go. They both know what this is, it’s all over. Bryan promised Jessica it would end here at No Remorse, and it has.

Bryan takes his family with him, as he walks up the entrance ramp into the back, with the fans cheering as loud as possible the entire time.

"Congratulations, Mr. Blaze!  Now if everyone could look up here..."

The camera focuses in on the titan tron where a man and woman appear on screen.

"I hope you're all enjoying this evening's fine programming!  It's Greenbean and UWE at it's best, I'm sure! it? I'm sure you recognize my collegue, Lucy.  I mean hell, she was Bean's secretary and...interest.  Now me on the other hand, I'm simply...well, I'm UWE's back up plan.  I'm the man of action!  The man of truth!  The man who's gonna get the job done in UWE.  See Lucy and I made a little investment in UWE.  As a matter of fact, we own half it's stock now.  So with that ownership, we went to the board and guess what?  There's gonna be a new product in town.  So jus' keep watchin'.  Cuz we got a whole lot in store for you tonight!  And to the boys in the back...don't hesitate to give The Duke a call.  No one can blame ya for wanting to play on the winning team..."

The video soon fades away as quick as it appeare, leaving everyone to wonder what was going to happen to UWE...

The lights in the arena dim, before going out altogether.  There is a low buzz amongst the fans, as they anticipate the next match, wondering who will be coming through the curtain.  The Tron kicks to life, with two words showing...


The video plays on now, showing a scorpion crawling across the cracked, dry ground somewhere in the desert.  Slowly a giant red X flashes over the screen, and at that moment pyros shoot off from the corners of the stage.  The smoke trails from the pyros cross, forming a smokey 'x' in midair.  "Lifeline" by Papa Roach begins to play, and as the first chorus ends, The X steps out onto the stage from behind the curtain.  He is dressed in his trademarked ring attire, complete with crow-style face paint.  The colors of the paint are different though, now sporting a white base with blue accent lines.  He slings his black baseball bat over his left shoulder as he begins the long walk down the ramp towards the ring.  His face is void of any emotion.  The crowd greets him with a mixed reaction following the sneak attack on Adam Deming from one week ago.  X quickly slides under the bottom rope as he reaches ringside.  He rolls and stands in the middle of the ring, producing a mic from under his trench coat at the same time.  The lights return to normal and the music fades; a steady stream of boos rains down now, no longer mixed.

The X: Not one of you expected to see me, and judging by your reactions, not one of you wanted to see me here tonight.  But that doesn't really matter, because I'm here anyway.

Now, it's pretty safe to say that each and every one of you turned your backs on me at the exact time that I turned my back on UWE to join the New Dawn.  And now, you all despise me.  Well you are not alone.  I despise me for turning my back on UWE.  I dumped this company to run with the New Dawn.  While I don't expect a single person to understand why I did what I did, I still think you need to know.  You see I was lured in by the message, that underlying notion of equality, with an emphasis on recognizing the best of the best; essentially, the elimination of the good ol' boys system.  No longer would buddies promote buddies.  You would earn your spot.  Or so I thought.  You see, that is what enticed me about New Dawn.  It was that message...that sermon that they were preaching.  Foolishly I bought into it.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  And it came back to bite me in the ass.  It bit me in the ass the day that I started listening to the vile sewage that was pouring out of Adam Deming's mouth.  You know something Adam, when I joined I thought I was joining a band of brothers.  I envisioned this close knit group of friends.  Yes, you were the appointed leader and figure head, but never once did I forsee just how big your ego would grow.  No, instead I would buy into the hype.  I would allow myself to be blinded.  But all that would come to a head a few weeks ago; the day that you decided to belittle me in front of everyone.  You had the nerve to tell me how I should run MY company Adam.  NWA-Hawaii is none of your damn concern.  More over, HOW I run NWA-Hawaii is none of your damn concern.  No one tells me what to do Adam.  No one.  And no one talks down to me.  I'm not below you.  And in time you'll come to see that.  But for now, I'll simply leave it at this: I QUIT!  New Dawn can rot in hell.  I don't have time for it any longer.

You know, my time with New Dawn was the worst of my career.  I've lost five matches straight!  That's not who I am.  I am a hell of a lot better than that, and it's time to prove it.  I'm through with New Dawn, and that means that despite what Adam Deming might want, he's not going to get a shot at me any time soon.  I'll let Ace Borger take care of him.  New Dawn is in the past.  My future holds something much brighter.  My future holds gold.  MY gold.  Stoner...I'm talking to you.  You have something that belongs to me.  And very soon, I'm coming to get it back.  That **** title will be back around my waist in the very near future Stoner.  There's nothing you can do to stop me...and there's nothing your little friend Angelus can do to stop me either. 

X IS BACK STONER!  And I'm coming for you, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!

X throws the mic down and slides back out of the ring, heading back towards the back.

The bell rings, cutting through the low roar of the fans and locking their attention on the squared circle.  Master and apprentice, champion and challenger, present and self-proclaimed future: Angelus and Anderson circle the ring, stalking one another before charging forth to meet in the center.  They collide in a hard collar-and-elbow tieup, starting the latest of many struggles between the two.  Anderson shoves for dominance, using brute force and a 40-pound weight advantage to shove Angelus toward a corner.  The veteran Angelus counters, though, switching to a go-behind and shoving Anderson into the turnbuckle.

Fans cheer as a frustrated Anderson punches the turnbuckle, voicing their disdain for Mr. Big Time (if not their love for his opponent).  Anderson shrugs his shoulders, literally shaking off the fans' hatred as he returns to the task at hand.  A confident Angelus smiles, raising an eyebrow and mouthing an inaudible "are you ready?"

The question re-ignites the challenger, sending Anderson surging toward Angelus once again.  The champion tries to counter, but is quickly overwhelmed by a spear from Anderson.  The two crash to the mat, with Anderson barraging Angelus with a hail of punches.  Blow after devastating blow, the Great Impact bludgeons his former mentor about the head and neck.  Angelus covers up, taking a precious split-second to gather his thoughts before countering into an armbar.

For the second time in just as many minutes, Anderson's aggression leads him to a disadvantage as the challenger quickly reaches the ropes to break the hold.  Angelus quickly releases and the two scurry to their feet.  The fans cheer as they face off once again, feeding Angelus' already-beaming confidence.  Anderson lunges toward the champion, who counters with a quick armdrag.  Anderson rolls to his feet, but Angelus quickly steps forward... "One Way Ticket!" Hugh shouts from ringside, but Anderson quickly sidesteps Angelus' superkick.  Angelus' confidence ends up hurting him, as the premature kick lands on the turnbuckle.  With the champion teetering on one foot, Anderson lands a stiff kick to the back of the knee to send Angelus falling to the mat.  Angelus' head and neck slam awkwardly into the canvas, and the crowd stirs with murmurs of concern and gasps of shock.  Angelus clutches his neck as he writhes about the mat, while a proud Anderson stands over him with contempt in his eyes.  A smile spreads across the challenger's face as, finally, Angelus looks up and sees a true threat to his title.

Anderson presses the advantage, dragging Angelus to up by the head, only to drive him back down with a  neckbreaker.  The impact jars Angelus and gets another collective cringe from the concerned UWE crowd.  Angelus tries to stand, but as he rolls to all fours Anderson savagely stomps the back of his neck.  Angelus tries rolling outside of the ring to recover, only for Anderson to stop him at the ring apron.  With a handful of Angelus' hair, Anderson drags the champion to his feet to suplex him back inside.  Angelus counters, though, hooking his leg under the bottom rope and punching Anderson's kidney.  The challenger staggers away to regroup, only to charge at Angelus once again.  With the champion standing precariously on the apron, Anderson lowers his head and spears both men through the announce table!

"Holy cr..." Hugh and Bobby's commentary is cut short as the combatants crash through the audio equipment.  Their voices are inaudible, drowned out by the shouts of an awestruck UWE crowd.  While Angelus and Anderson lay in the wreckage, the referee urges them to come back into the ring.  "One!" he shouts, but his count falls on deaf ears as both combatants lay unconscious.



The crowd seemingly wills the fighters out of their blackout, shouting along with the referee as the count draws closer to ten.  "SEVEN" they scream as Anderson begins to stagger to his feet over a still-motionless Angelus.  "EIGHT" Anderson groggily stumbles to the ring apron, knowing that a meaningless draw would be worse than any loss.  "NINE"  Anderson throws himself into the ring and quickly rolls to the outside, letting his body flop to the concrete.  Anderson breathes a heavy sigh of relief before turning his attention to Angelus, who still lays in the wreckage of the announce table.  A smile spreads across Anderson's face as he approaches the barely-moving champion.  He drags Angelus to his feet and hoists him in a fireman's carry, then throws the champion back into the ring.  A still-groggy Anderson takes his time coming back into the ring, staggering up the stairs and gingerly stepping through the ropes... only to walk into a superkick from Angelus!

The fans erupt with cheers, trembling in their seats as Angelus falls onto Anderson for the cover.  The referee slides into position and pounds the mat once, twice...THREE TIMES!!!  Angelus rolls off as the bell rings and the ref retrives his title for him.  He takes the belt, kisses it and holds it up high.  The champion stands up and then stumbles back against the ropes as he looks over at Anderson.  Anderson sits up, holding his jaw and looks at Angelus.  The two just stare at each other for a moment.  You can see Angelus say something like "We're done, you and's done.  Don't try it again...."  Anderson doesn't nod yes or shake his head no.  Angelus rolls out of the ring, heading to the crowd to his wife and child as they celebrate together, and UWE goes off air.
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