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October 26, 2021, 06:34:34 am
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News: Well done also to Marvin Wood and Haven for stealing the show at Showdown
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Friday Night Blackout - Week One Results

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Author Topic: Friday Night Blackout - Week One Results  (Read 216 times)
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Should've found a better diet

« on: June 12, 2009, 11:41:32 pm »

Blackout opens up to ‘King Nothing’ by Metallica as thousands of die hard UWE fans pack the arena, screaming and cheering.  Fireworks shoot off from the stage and even from the building outside, marking the official beginning of Blackout!  Cameras open up ring side to the Blackout commentating team which consists of Frank Leary and Alex King.

Welcome to UWE: Blackout, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m Frank and goofy looking bastard next to me is Alex.

Is it the hemorrhoids again, Frank?  Hateful old goat. 

Shaddup and let me do the talking! 

...go head, not like I don’t mind sitting on my ass doing nothing and making money while doing so...

First episode of Blackout, and we’re gonna make history right from the start!  But I’m now getting word, Alex, that our general manager Duke Hamilton has a message for everyone tonight so our cameras will catch up to him now....

The camera fades from Frank and Alex and now opens up inside the office of Blackout GM, Duke Hamilton.  He sits behind his desk with a wide, devilish smile.  His pearl white teeth shining as bright as they can as he smiles into the camera.  There’s some kind of music playing softly in the background.  ‘Silent Night’.  You get the feeling he has something up his sleeve tonight, but you don’t know what.  Kinda creepy, huh?

Tha’ Duke:
Helllllooooooo ladies and gentlemen! How’ya doin?  Much betta’ now that you’re witnessing the first ever episode of Blackout, right here on HBO, I bet!  Ladies and gentlemen, incase you’ve missed it, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Duke Hamilton.  The gm of Blackout.  I am the man who is going to revolutionize UWE.  I am the man who will deliver to you, the fans, what you’ve been dying to see.  And unlike that motha fucka in the white house, I’ll deliver to you on a weekly basis. 

Tha’ Duke shrugs a little, and then his smile comes back...

Tha’ Duke:
Pardon my language, I get carried away sometimes.  But the thing is, I’m just like all of you.  I love this business!  I’m a fan.  But UWE as of late just isn’t quenching my thirst for the action, the blood, and the sport itself!  It’s time for a make over boys and girls!  This isn’t gonna be the same family oriented, pg-13, approved-by-big-brother-program yall are use to.  You will notice changes.  You will notice differences.  Like how Blackout is so much better than Showdown.  I mean, hell, Bean’s been keeping his top draw out of action.  I like watching Angelus just as much as anyone else!  It isn’t fair for the people to not see their favorite superstar in action!  It isn’t fair for you not to have a champion you can witness wrestle week after week and prove his magnificence even more!  But don’t worry, because tonight, I’ll give you a champion I won’t keep away from you.  Now...sit back, have a coke and a smile, and enjoy the show. 

Cameras open back up ringside as “Legs like that” plays over the PA, Blackout’s first and only female star, Maria comes walking out all smiles and kisses.  Fans seem to like her, likely due to her appearance.  She walks down the ramp waving to fans and occasionally stopping to hug one or two.  When she approaches the ring, she rolls in and gets up, waiting for her opponents.

There’s one draftee I’m happy Blackout nailed.

There’s one draftee I’d like to nail...

HEY!  Show some respect will ya? 

It’s a compliment!  Maria’s hot!  C’mon, Frank, you tellin’ me you wouldn’t consider popping a couple of those blue pills and working your A-game on that?

I’ve been happily married for 50 years you damn ****-bird.  A man oughta’ have more respect.

The lights dim sharply, and silence covers the air. The crowd begins buzzing as a green heart rate line appears on the screen. A heartbeat is heard slamming over the PA, the lines spiking to match the rhythm. It is slowly joined by the sound of a muffled crowd of people talking...the volume grows louder, as does that of the heartbeat. The lines of the monitor become words, reading: "CAN......YOU.....FEEL.....THIS". The titantron goes blank once more.....


A quick slam of pyro hits, as a green strobe light begins flashing, matching the bass drum of "The Blister Exists" by Slipknot. Spiral walks through the entrance, to a mixture of cheers and boos from the fans. He looks down, unable to see his face with the hood over his head. Spiral takes a couple warm-up punches and kicks, as he looks up quickly, and begins walking down the ramp. He jumps on to the apron, and slowly puts his legs through the ropes, he looks at Maria as he enters and begins laughing.  Maria doesn’t seem to think anything of it though, she just looks back at him and shakes her head.

He doesn’t seem to have any respect either, Frank.  Why don’t you go give your whole spiel to him?

Why don’t you shaddup before I stand up and start kicking both your ass and his! Damn smartass...

Entrance Music kicks in Duane runs out onto the entrance stage. He looks to the fans all around the arena. He runs to each side of the stage gesturing to the fans. He returns to the middle of the stage spreads his feet shoulder width apart, the music slows to a pause, he throws an uppercut with the right, then the left, he then throws rapid fire jabs. With each punch is a pyrotechnic explosion. After the jabs he throws a straight right punch and finishes with a giant explosion. The music kicks back in he continues down the ramp and as he descends he slaps five with fans and walks around the ring interacting with fans at ringside. He jumps onto the apron and jumps over the top rope. Duane Climbs onto the adjacent turnbuckle and flexes and points to the fans.

ooooh, such big guns!  Who does he think he is?

All three wrestlers meet in the center of the ring, the first match of Blackout is moments away. Referee Mark Calloway goes over the rules with them before having them step back, and he calls for the bell.  Spiral immediately goes for a drop kick on Duane, showing off incredible speed.  Duane comes right back though, getting to his feet and plowing Spiral over with a shoulder block.  Meanwhile, Maria just kind of stands back, watching as the two men slug it out.  Duane throws a shot that connects to the jaw of Spiral, and Spiral returns with a shot of his own.  Duane doesn’t stagger at all.  He turns his head back to spiral, fury in his eyes and then grabs Spiral by the throat, and just headbutts him right in the nose!

AW!  Did you see THAT!?!

Kid’s got some fight in him...

DUDE!  He just broke his freakin’ nose with a headbutt!

Duane then tosses Spiral across the ring with ease.  But he forgot about someone; Maria.  Maria charges Duane and runs into a wall, sending her stumbling back.  Duane can’t help but laugh.  Maria looks around as the fans get behind her.  She nods, and walks up to Duane bravely.  She taunts him a little.  He just looks to the fans like “Is she serious?” Then he points over at an incapacitated Spiral.  Maria seems a little scared for a moment, then she looks back at him and shrugs.  TOE STOMP!  It takes Duane by surprise and he holds his left foot, hopping around on one leg.

Those big badass guys...always weak in the foot area.  Achilles, for example.  Historic figure.  Couldn’t be touched...then some prissy fag shot him in the ankle.  He was **** after that. 

Maria takes advantage, and then kicks him in the right knee, causing him to collapse!  She stands over him, arms in the air “WHAT NOW!?!” Then elbow drops him right in the mouth!  Maria certainly takes everyone by surprise here tonight as she shows elite strategy and dominance!  But Spiral is trying to get back up now as well.  Maria looks at Spiral and walks over to him.  He’s rolled over on his back, holding his busted nose.  She seems to be concerned.  She leans down and says something to him, then stands back up and puts her foot down on his nose and pushes down with it.  Spiral kicks and screams in pain!  Maria steps back, fans are marking out for this vicious little thing they’re watching in the ring.  Duane is getting back up, Maria turns to him-SUPERKICK!!

WHOA-OH!  She just kicked him in the freakin’ throat I think! 

The broad’s vicious, Alex. 

Maria looks to the fans and shrugs “oopsie” before turning back to Spiral.  She takes a stance, waiting for him to get his ass up as well.  He gets up on one knee and here she comes!  Not a super kick this time but a CHICK KICK, right to the nose!  Spiral drops, and Maria covers him by placing her foot on his chest.  Ref. Calloway makes the count...1....2.....3!!!  Her music comes over the PA as she celebrates her victory.  Fans jump from the seat with applause but are dying to see what happens next.  That’s when ‘Raise Hell’ by Hed Pe takes over the sound system.  GM Duke Hamilton walks out with a mic in his hand, looking at Maria, smiling.

Tha’ Duke:
Maria...congratulations!  You get to keep your job.  You get to keep your job and, you don’t have to strip!  After the ass whuppin’ you gave them boys, I ain’t about to get your bad side girl. HOWEVER Spiral...GETCHYO ASS OFF MY SHOW!  You’re fired...MOTHA FUCKA!  Duane Anthony...I suggest you find a group of females in this crowd tonight and start strippin’ for them cuz I ain’t about to air your ass strippin’ on this show tonight!  But you do however, get to keep your job.  Now have a nice motha fuckin’ day! 

So sayeth Tha’ Duke!

Duke’s got a filthy mouth...

Heh, that reminds me, this one time me and some buddies were...ya know, never mind. 

Cameras open up backstage now as Duke is walking back, shouting “BAHR!?!”  He looks in every door, looks down every hall.  Then he stops and looks at a door in front of him labeled “Ty Bahr”.

Tha’ Duke:
Yo’ ass better be in there.  We got a show to do. 

He opens the door, and immediately stops.  All the can be seen is Duke’s back as he stands in the door way.


Duke enters the room, filled with empty beer bottles all over the floor and tables.  Bahr lies on a near by couch, passed out, and still holding a half-full bottle of beer.  There’s a smile on Bahr’s face as he starts talking in his sleep.

“Wull ahleast she didn’ pee on it!”

Tha Duke:
The hell?  Bahr, wake your god damn ass up!  You’re suppose to be in the ring, man!  Damn. 

Bahr opens his eyes...kinda.  He looks up at Duke...Kinda.  In utter disgust, Bahr says...

“There’s four black guys in my locker room...I see ya!  I know why you’re here!  But it ain’t happening!  No way!  I don’t have anything against you people!  I’d be pissed too if I was on a show titled Blackout, and I was black.  That’s whitey for ya though want some beer?”

Tha’ Duke:’s Duke, your boss.

There’s four of ya.

Tha’ Duke:
...Get the camera outta here.  Me and this boy gonna talk. 

We come back to the ring where Orion is making his way down to the ring already.  Pyro’s already standing in the ring ready for action.  Orion slides in and tells the ref to start the match.  Ref. Calloway looks at Pyro, making sure he’s ready as well and then orders for the bell.

Match two of Blackout is underway, King.

Pyro and Orion lock up in the center of the ring, Orion takes Pyro with an arm drag.  The two get back to their feet rather quickly and Orion comes at Pyro this time with a big right hand, but Pyro dodges the shot and knees Orion in the stomach instead!  He goes for a ddt, but Orion counters with a dragon suplex!  He’s got the pin!  1...2....KICKOUT!  Pyro escapes by a hair!  Orion gets up, pulling Pyro up with him, but Pyro manages to get free and whips Orion across the ring.  Orion comes back-DROPKICK!  Orion falls to the flat of his back, thumping his head on the mat hard!

Beautiful drop kick by Pyro, let’s see where the kid goes with it. 

Pyro goes to stand Orion upORION ROLLS HIM IN A SCHOOL BOY!  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!  Orion lets Pyro go as Pyro sits up, unable to believe he was just conned into a school boy pin.  Orion rolls out of the ring with his arm raised in the air and smiling back at Pyro as the camera fades from ringside.

We head backstage to find Riddick Andrews walking through the corridor. Any who would have watched his previous UWE appearance would never have recognised this shaven, showered and generally rested looking man as The Exile. Riddick reaches the door of General Manager Duke Hamilton’s office and stops for a moment. Just as he is about to continue his journey, the door swings open as Hamilton walks out. Riddick steps back, affronted by the surprise appearance.

DH: Where you think you’re going?

The question seems to surprise Riddick, as if he never expected to be questioned about wanting to talk to the fans.

RA: To the ring…

DH: Why?

RA: Because, I’m in the Royal Rumble and I wanna talk about it!

DH: Whoa, quit whining… I just like to know if we’re wasting air time on…

Duke is interrupted by raised voices, shouting and the scrambling of security. They seem to be holding someone back, trying to stop them from getting through the halls of the arena. Riddick’s face is a picture as he tries, and then succeeds in seeing just who’s being held back; His former mentor and the uncle of the previously attacked Jamie; Quentin Barnes.

DH: What in the hell is goin’ on here?

He security hold Barnes back for a moment as he seems to give in. They slowly walk him towards Duke holding on tight, his eyes not leaving Riddick, an angry fixed stare that is filled with hatred.

DH: Who do you think you are motha’ fucker? Are you stupid? Do you think I’m goin’ to let you, some random guy off of the streets walk into my arena and attack onf of my wrestlers?

QB: He’s not a wrestler, he’s suspended until the Rumble…

The Duke considers this point for a moment before nodding his head.

DH: Good point, let him go.

Riddick’s face instantly whitens.

RA: Hold on, hold on… Wait.

Duke holds up his hand, security keep hold of Quentin for a moment.

DH: Give me one good reason I shouldn’t let him go after what you did to his niece?
RA: Because… Um… It’s… Erm…

DH: I give you 5 seconds to come up with 1 reason… 5…

RA: …

DH: 4…

Still nothing from Riddick…

DH: 3…

Silence… A smile starts to cross Barnes’ face.

DH: 2…

RA: Because… It would…

DH: 1…


For the second time, Duke considers an argument made as if he’s some kind of mediator.

DH: You make a good point…You make a very, very good point… Mr. Barnes, I appreciate just how much you want to get your hands on Riddick, if I was you I’d be exactly the same. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until the Royal Rumble. Right now, I’m announcing that you 2 will face one another in… Well… I’ll let you decide…

The Duke looks at Barnes, the smile wiped clear off of his face; but only for a moment.

QB: Falls… Count… Anywhere… Street Fight.

Nodding to security without another word, they remove Quentin from the arena. Riddick smiles at the fact he’s evaded injury. Duke, however, slaps Riddick on the shoulder before laughing.

RA: What?

DH: Good luck… You’re gunna need it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some business in the ring.

Cameras open to another backstage location as Bahr is stumbling through the back, until he stops at a locker room.  The locker room has a name on it, “Maria”.  He looks around, then looks closer at the name.

“Yep, I found my room again.”

Bahr strolls on in and walks over to a chair where a black bag is placed.  He throws the bag aside and sits down, looking around as if he doesn’t recognize the room.

“Something’s different...”

Maria comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel just then, and Bahr doesn’t miss it.  He looks over, eyes wide as can be before a smile strikes his face.  Followed by a shoe thrown by Maria as she screams “GET OUT!”  Bahr jumps up, running for the door as he’s bombed by what seems to be an endless supply of shoes!  He makes it to the hall way, turns around to say “Call me” but is cut short as another show wams him in the mouth.  Bahr continues running down the hall screaming and shouting as we come back to the ring.  white canvas has been draped over with a lush, red carpet, and a podium with a glass case displays three separate titles. Two of which we know as the NWA World Heavyweight and UWE Intercontinental. The other title belt, however, no one is sure what to make of. There are also three gentlemen standing at ease, dressed in fine black suits, with Duke Hamilton in the center.[/b]

Frank: So what do you suppose this is?

Alex: Dunno. To be honest, I have no idea what the hell is going to happen on this show. But I do know one thing, Frank.

Frank: What's that?

Alex: Always bet on Duke.

Duke Hamilton raises the microphone up to his lips and he smiles wide for the jam-packed audience.

Duke: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the FIRST EVER addition of Friday Night BLACKOUT! Now we know you've been starved for a real champion, someone with the charisma, the talent, and the pure machismo to get the job done and to be YOUR champion... we know, we know, you're sick of these title changes every other month, we know you're sick of these paper champions walking around, claiming to be the best because they held the UWE World Heavyweight Title for a week or two... but all of that changes tonight.

Duke smiles, and the fans are roped in.

Duke: You see, a lot of people don't know it, but the man I'm about to bring out--the man I am proud to call the CHAMPION of Blackout--he's a man that many of you don't like, but whether or not you like 'em, you HAVE to respect 'em. This is a man who has single-handedly taken the pro-wrestling world by storm, has competed in UWE and non-UWE events, and has proven twice-over that the UWE--and most significantly, Blackout--has the absolute BEST that pro-wrestling has to offer. The reason for this is simple. This man has one THREE Heavyweight titles, all in the span one fifty days. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, the one, the only, UWE INTERCONTINENTAL AND NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... EDWARD LAAAUUREEENT!

Frank: What the hell does he--

Alex: Shhh, it'll all make sense soon, I promise.

"Key to Gramercy Park" hits over the P.A. system and the fans immediately begin to pelt the entrance ramp with debris and whatever else they can find. From out behind the curtain steps the UWE Intercontinental Champion himself, looking worse for wear, with a band-aids and bruises all over his face. He is wearing a BLACKOUT t-shirt and a pair of slick, black slacks. He looks over the arena before making his way down to the ring.

Care to explain why that piece of **** is coming down here? I thought Duke said we'd have a real champion?

After a few moments, Laurent enters the ring, and stands opposite of Duke and the two men to his left. Laurent smirks and then crosses his arms over his chest, seemingly excited. The music fades out and we're left with the fans chanting "HOME WRECKER! HOME WRECKER! HOME WRECKER!" in traditional English Football style.

Ladies and gentlemen--Mister Laurent--I am proud to announce that this man here, this one and only Eddie Laurent, is the face of Blackout. He's the face of professional wrestling. He's the one man who has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to give pro-wrestling a memorable champion, a fighting champion, someone you ALL can be proud of! And that is why it is my distinguished honour to announce that Edward Laurent is YOUR NEW Triple Crown champion!

The fans boo the announcement, but Laurent ignores them and instead smiles at Duke. After a moment, he and Duke shake hands to commemorate this precious occasion. The Duke then continues on with the ceremony.

Now, to make this all nice and official like, I have with me both the Chairman of the NWA, Bob Trobich, and the owner and promoter of WTF--a rival company, yes--Jase Chaos to present certification of authenticity to Edward Laurent, and of course, yours truly. Now bitches, open the case and let's crown our champion!

Eddie Laurent looks on with a slightly giddy look, looking garish in contrast to his banged up shape. The Duke, Jase Chaos, and Bob Trobich all unlock the trophy case and lest it easily on the mat, first up, is Bob Trobich, who grabs a hold of the NWA World Heavyweight Title and a framed certificate that rests beneath it. He then approaches Edward Laurent, and places the championship over his left shoulder. He then hands the certificate to Edward Laurent, and the two men shake hands, with the fans breaking out into a chant of "PAPER CHAMP, PAPER CHAMP, PAPER CHAMP".

Well, it looks like this segment is going over like a fuckin' fart in church.

Alex: Shut up ya old git! This is HISTORY!

Next up is Jase Chaos, WTF president, owner, and founder, where he grabs a hold of the third belt--the WTF Universal Championship, and the certificate beneath--and walks over to Laurent. With what looks like a heavy sigh, Jase then places the championship over Laurent's other shoulder, and hands him the certificate. Begrudgingly, he shakes hands with Laurent, pausing for a photo op as well. He then walks back to his designated position, and the final belt left is the UWE Intercontinental Championship. The Duke's smile is almost as big as his lips.

This is such an unprecedented showing of respect, Frank.

Frank: Yeah yeah, the longer this goes on, the more viewership we lose.

DUKE: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to know that this is an honour for yours truly--Edward Laurent, you are truly a deserving individual, and I am PROUD that you are Blackout's first reigning Triple Crown champion.

The Duke then lifts the UWE Intercontinental Title up--with the certificate--and then walks over to Laurent. Laurent then turns around, and Duke places the title around Laurent's waist, buttoning the strap, Laurent finally turns back around and accepts the certificate from Duke Hamilton, who then shakes Laurent's free hand with much gusto. The two pause for another photo-op, and the fans are damn near about to leave.

ANd there you have it, folks! This is YOUR Triple Crown champion! Edward Laurent, as of this day--six-twelve-oh-nine, Bob Trobich, Jase Chaos, and I Duke Hamilton, hereby certify you as the Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion of BLACKOUT! Congratulations champ!

Laurent then smiles and shakes Duke's hand once more. He is about to go for the microphone when suddenly "Hell" by Disturbed booms throughout the arena, and the fans rise to their feet in a huge pop for James J, who storms out from behind the curtain, dressed in his street clothes and holding a microphone in his hand. His eyes are blazing, and he makes a beeline direct for the ring. Laurent, Duke, Jase Chaos, and Bob Trobich are no longer all-smiles as James J steps between the ropes and his music fades out.

Well it's about damn time!

JAMES J: Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? Are you fuckin' kiddin' me, Duke? Are you seriously saying that this clown--this ****--is our new champion? You're starting the lineage of Blackout--and possibly UWE's--most prestigious title with this serial-raping psychotic?

The fans pop again for James J, who then begin to chant "YOU GOT SERVED" over and over again. James J just shakes his head.

You know what? This is typical. This is typical of a goddamn suit who's never laced up a pair of boots and went the distance in this ring. It's typical because all you and your little minions care about are the numbers--well how about these Goddamn numbers then?

James then holds a fist up to the air, he raises two fingers.

TWO-TIME UWE **** Champion.

James then raises another two fingers.

TWO-TIME UWE World Tag Team Champion.

James J then closes his fist, and raises his middle finger and thumb to Duke Hamilton and Edward Laurent. The fans pop big.

And TWO-TIME UWE Intercontinental Champion! So how do you like them numbers, Duke? Because I and every single other BLACKOUT wrestler in that locker room are not going to stand for crap like this! CRAP LIKE THIS is why we left Showdown! Crap like THIS is why we're no longer being held back by that silly-ass jabroni Greenbean! CRAP LIKE THIS is why we though you, Duke, were the one to lead us and pro-wrestling in a bold new direction! Here on HBO--

The fans break out into a chant of "H-B-O, H-B-O, H-B-O", and James J smiles.

This is where if you want a shot, you earn it, right? Well how about this **** right here takes this opportunity to put those belts on the line. How about he decides to take this opportunity to give someone a deserving shot--because as far as I'm concerned, hell, as far as this entire WORLD is concerned--winning belts in other promotions don't mean ****, Eddie, what you do here--is what counts.

So I'll tell you what, Eddie, when you don't want to be considered a paper champion, when you're ready to defend those titles, when you're ready to give a deserving individual who is hungry and still hasn't gotten their shot--then you come knock on my door. You come to me, and I guaran-damn-tee that it'll be the best--and last--thing you ever do as Triple Crown Champion.

So until you're ready to make your bogus title-reign mean somethin', you can go ahead and stick it up your ass, Laurent.

James J then drops the microphone and exits the ring, walking slowly back up the ramp as "Hell" by Disturbed plays again. We get a nice close-up of Laurent's face, looking rather stern. The faces around the ring tell the entire story, from shock, to amusement, to anger.  We then cut to UWE advertisements.

After the advertisements, we come back with Duke in his office.  He seems to be signing some paper work on his desk.  Still not happy about the way James came out to the ring, there’s no smile on his face at the moment.  He looks up at the camera, stern as can be.

Tha’ Duke:
The **** you want now?  Oh, I know.  I suppose you’re waiting to hear why Blackout’s better than Showdown.  Well, if you take a look back at how the night’s been so far, and then the main event you’re moments away from, you’ll have your answer.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, well, you should probably find the nearest bridge or the tallest and closes building and just hop right off.  Cuz your stupid ass shoulda’ never been born.  Now enjoy the main event!

We open back up ringside with Frank and Alex.

A lot of hate in that man.  A lot of hate...

Well, hate ain’t got nothing to do with wrestling.  We’ve got four men standing in the ring right now and the **** title is about to be put on the line!

Oh yes!  Get ready to have a mind orgasm ladies and gentlemen cuz this match is going to be **** **** awesome!

Stoner stands in the ring looking at his three opponents.  He unstraps the **** title from his waist and proceeds to hand it to the ref.  Until he changes his mind.  Stoner turns and makes a dash for Anderson, swinging the belt around in the air and hits Anderson over the head with it.  Anderson ducks and tries to cover.  The ref wastes no more time and has the bell rung.  Allen Marrow and James lock up and begin battling as Stoner wields the **** belt like some kind of nunchuck.  Eventually Anderson has enough.  He catches the belt and holds it, then stares straight into Stoner’s eyes.  Stoner’s mouth can be seen uttering the words “Oh crappy cakes” as Anderson scoops him up and tosses him head first into the turnbuckle.  The belt falls to the mat and is kicked outside.  Anderson grabs Stoner once again, this time scooping him up and slamming him back down on the mat.

OH!  Damn!  Punishment being dealt out by Anderson!

Meanwhile James is slugging it out with Marrow until Marrow uppercuts James and sends him over the top rope!  Marrow follows James out, waiting for him to get up before Marrow runs and tackles him, landing him back first against the barrier. James tries to fight back, but Marrow’s gangsta as hell!  He knees James below the belt, causing James to crumble over, and then Marrow takes him by the head and starts slamming him face first into the barrier.  James is taking a lot of serious punishment early on, until he manages to elbow Allen in the gut.  James takes Marrow by the head of his hair and drives his knee into Marrow’s face.  Marrow falls back, and James is pissed.  He grabs Marrow, laying him up on the steps then goes and gets on top of the barrier.  The fans chant “DO IT!  DO IT! DO IT!”  James just nods and then leaps at Marrow, connecting a missile drop kick to the face of Marrow and sandwhiching him between the stairs. 

Anderson and Stoner have spilled to the outside, only they’re fighting in the crowd already over by stereo equipment.  Stoner is shown grabbing a broom stick and twirling it around making Bruce Lee ‘waaaa-tahs’.  He smacks Anderson with it a few times, and even breaks it over his head, but the power house keeps coming at him like some kind of machine with a mission.  He grabs Stoner up once again, but Stoner escapes and kicks him in the stomach, going for a ddt but Anderson shoves Stoner away.  Stoner charges back at Anderson and leaps up going for a knee to the face but Anderson side steps and Stoner goes over another barrier, catching his foot on it and crashes into the concrete.  Anderson grabs a near by chair, packing it with him as he climbs over the barrier as well.  A fan tries to intervene, and grab the chair.  Big mistake.  Anderson turns, proceeds to hit the fan and then stops.  He begins turning away only to turn back around, and smacks the fan anyway.


First episode.  First law suit. It had to happen sometime.

...No it didn’t!

Anderson raises the chair above the fallen champion and then drives it down, cracking him over the back!  Stoner falls completely.  He tries to get back up, but Anderson continues the assault.  After so much abuse, he throws the chair aside and picks Stoner up, throwing him BACK OVER the barrier by the stereo equipment.  The camera cuts back to James and Marrow, James still dishing out on Marrow.  He has Marrow in the ring with a trash can, and a table.  James is setting up for the James cutter but Marrow reverses and then ddt’s James!  He drags James, placing his upper body in the trash can now.  Fans all wonder what he’s doing.  He reaches into his pants for something, and pulls out a lighter first.  Then some fire crackers.  He proceeds to light em up, and tosses them in the trash can with James.  James is seen struggling to get out but Marrow is struggling just as hard to keep him in there.  -BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-PUH-POP-POP-POP!  Screams are heard through out the arena.  James comes covering his head.  The eye brows on his face are no more, neither is his facial hair.  He’s burnt here and there some, and bleeding as well.  Marrow steps back and laughs, the proceeds to stomp the hell out of him.

JESUS!  What in God’s name!?

That?  That was nothing.  In CCW they rigged the cages with electric wires and car batteries.  Had a bomb go off under the ring once, too. 

Marrow walks away from James and picks up the table.  He sets it up against the turnbuckle, obviously planning something here.  He grabs James, takes him over to the table and props him against it.  But James pushes himself off of it, and Marrow must react quickly, he springs forward, going for the jiha-JAMES CUTTER!!!  James cutter connects!!!  James quickly gets an arm over Marrow.  The ref makes the count-ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!!  Marrow’s eliminated!  James J is one step closer to becoming UWE **** champion.  Stoner and Anderson suddenly come spilling over the barricade, towards the ring with stoner on top of Anderson, fists flying away.  Both men bloodied and battered as a replay shows Stoner busting Anderson right in the face with a chair.  Stoner manages to get up to his feet some how, he stumbles back, the staggers forward to Anderson, standing him up.  Anderson charges Stoner back against the announce team’s table.  The **** champion looks to be in trouble now.  Anderson delivers a devastating knife chop and then cracks Stoner, and rolls him on the table.  James is now pulling himself up the turnbuckle as well. He see’s the two outside.  Anderson climbs on top of the table, grabs Stoner up and positions him for a power bomb...but all eyes go to James as he’s standing on the turnbuckle.  Stoner’s eyes look up, he can see James and the champ shakes his head no, urgently, and almost pleading to James.  James makes the leap!  He crashes into Stoner and Anderson, causing Stoner to fall over the barrier and into the crowd while James lands ON the barrier, rib cage and all, and Anderson crashes between the table and barrier.  All three men are sprawled out.  They all groan in pain while Frank and Alex stand clear of the wreckage.

This ****’s insane...Our’s ruined.

First episode.  First ruined table. 

James scrapes himself up from the barricade, as Stoner pulls himself up, bobbing around trying to stay on his feet.  He looks at james and stumbles forward, grabbing James-STUNNER!!  Stoner gives the stunner, landing James’ ribs on the barricade and pulling his head awkwardly down as well.  He then drags James off the barricade, makes the pin.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!!!  Stoner uses the barricade to pull himself up again.  But what he doesn’t know is Anderson’s doing the same.  The two meet face to face, Anderson grabs Stoner, and all Stoner can do is-TAIL WHIP!!  He whips his hair right across Anderson’s eyes and then grabs him for a stunner, connecting Anderson’s face with the barricade!  Stoner pulls himself up and over, making the cover on Anderson.  The ref counts...1....2.....3!!!  The bell rings, Stoner is given back his title.  He rolls away from Anderson clinching the belt.  Both Anderson and James still lie a bloody and battered mess as Blackout goes off the air.
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