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October 25, 2021, 12:16:16 pm
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News: Finally, congratulations to Efinn Rox for becoming UWE Champion
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Royal Rumble Results!

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Author Topic: Royal Rumble Results!  (Read 644 times)
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« on: June 30, 2009, 06:02:09 am »

Match 1: Riddick Andrews vs Quentin Barnes

Match Writer: Riddick Andrews

MS: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for 1 fall and is a Falls Count Anywhere Street fight.

Exile by SoilWork hits and the crowds stir... As the song hits crescendo, Riddick Andrews walks out through the Curtain. His eyes are fixed on the ring and strides towards it muttering under his breath.

MS: Making his way to the ring, from New York City, weighing in at 265lbs, “The Exile” Riddick Andrews!

He climbs up onto the apron and lifts the symbol hanging from a chain around his neck to his mouth and kisses it. He steps through the ropes and drops to his knees, he closes his eyes and says a short prayer before getting back to his feet... He rotates his head slightly before pulling The Right Hand of God from his pocket and extending it. Bouncing on his toes he looks ready, waiting for his opponent.

MS: And his opponent…

The words; “Work it, Make it, Do it, makes us, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” hit as the song builds up, as Kanye West sings “Cause I can’t wait much longer” the crowd pop as Quentin Barnes makes his way onto the ramp, jeans, no shirt and tapped up fists are the order of the day as he stands atop the ramp looking down at Andrews.

MS: And his opponent, weighing in at 312lbs, from Austin, Texas… “The Wolf” Quentin Barnes!

He begins to run down the ramp, sliding into the ring, Andrews advances as Barnes gets to his feet. He ducks the swinging baton and turns around on the spot nailing 3 consecutive right hands, the third knocking Andrews to the mat. Barnes intensity takes over as he wails away with boots to stomach and spine of his fallen enemy, stiff shots causing Riddick to call out in pain.

AK: Frank this match started off so quickly, we didn’t even have time to build it up.

FL: It needs no build up Alex, this has been built up over the past few months, possibly even years!

AK: Barnes has started off like a house on fire here!

Backing off for a second, he allows Riddick to get to his feet before sprinting at him, shoulder in the gut, lifting him into the air and smashing him into the corner of the ring. Right hand after right hand rains down on Andrews who looks dazed and confused. Finally, Barnes breaks away walking to the middle of the ring and screaming with intensity.

AK: My god, I do my research before a show Frank, and this looks like the old Quentin Barnes.

FL: That’s because he is old…

AK: No, no… I mean that this is the Quentin Barnes of old.

FL: He just needs to careful he doesn’t burn himself out.

Riddick stumbles out of the corner as Barnes hits the ropes before nailing a big boot to the side of the head. Riddick falls to the mat and rolls to the outside hitting the ground hard. Barnes takes a moment to catch his breath before he climbs out of the ring. He slowly makes his way around, his high impact start now catching up with him. As he reaches Riddick and lifts him up, a sharp blast of white powered hits him in the face. Riddick backs up, fire extinguisher in hand and watches Barnes flail his arms. Riddick takes the eqtinguisher and slams it into Quentin’s midriff, before dropping it to the ground and rolling his opponent up.

1… No!

FL: It’ll take more than a fire extinguisher to the gut.

AK: Riddick still trying to get this one over quickly.

Barnes rubs his eyes as Riddick goes fishing under the ring again, this time he pulls out street sign and leans it against the guardrail… He takes Barnes and Irish whips him away from the sign before holding on and pulling Barnes back in. He lifts the larger Barnes into the air and turns hitting a Double A Spine buster through the sign. He makes the cover again.

1… 2… NO! Barnes kicks out.

Riddick slaps the floor looking frustrated before pulling his former mentor up and rolling him into the ring. He begins to drop boots into the back and upper thighs of the fallen Barnes, wearing him down slowly but surely. Riddick then lifts his opponent up and whips him into the ropes and hitting a Samoan drop. Barnes coughs and splutters as the wind is knocked out of him before Riddick picks up the Baton from the floor… He stalks Barnes who slowly begins to get to his feet. He turns around as Riddick slams him in the stomach with the baton. Riddick hits the ropes as Barnes leans bent double before hitting a Spear!

1… 2… 3! It’s over!

AK: NO! Barnes got his foot on the ropes.

FL: So close! SO CLOSE!

Riddick gets to his feet and drags Barnes to the middle of the ring and makes another cover.

1… 2… NO! Barnes kicks out this time.

Looking frustrtated, he rolls to the outside of the ring and picks up a steel chair. Slowly climbing the steps, he enters the ring. Barnes gets to his knees, eyes fixed on Riddick who re-enters. Riddick walks towards the kneeling Barnes, slowly building up to a chair shot to the head. He lifts the chair high, when the crowd suddenly pop. Barnes had lurched forward lifting his arm into Riddick’s crotch. The Exile drops the chair and turns around, Barnes lines up again and hits a second low blow. Riddick this time drops to his knees as Barnes climbs to his feet bounces off the ropes and nails a shining wizard!

1… 2… NO! Riddick kicks out…

AK: That’s Barnes’ first near fall of the evening.

FL: Looks like the veteran is trying to end this match quickly now.

Barnes climbs to the outside of the ring and from underneath, pulls out a table. He sets it up on the outside, preparing for something. Rolling back into the ring, Barnes Irish whips Riddick to the far side before lowering his head for a back body drop. Riddick holds on to the rope and drops on his feet on the apron. Barnes turns around and blocks a right hand from Riddick who staggers, almost falling through the table, Barnes hits another right hand, and a third. Riddick’s finger tips almost let go when he manages to jam his finger into Barnes’ eye.

FL: Great move!


FL: All’s fair in Street Fight matches!

Barnes staggers backwards as Riddick shakily pulls himself into the ring. He turns around in time to be met with a Spear from Barnes!

1… 2… NO! So close!

Barnes gets to his feet and rubs his eye, Riddick lying in the foetal position holding his stomach. The Wolf pulls the Exile to his feet and pushes him back into the corner of the ring, 3 loud, hard chops later and Riddick is back on his knees. This time, however, it’s Barnes’ turn to pick up the chair.

AK: What’s Barnes got planned for Riddick?

FL: Pain, Alex, Pain…

Reeling back the chair, Barnes brings it down between his opponent’s shoulder blades, the loud thud eminates through the whole of the arena as Riddick wails with pain. He falls on his front his fists pressed into the ground as Barnes places his boot in the centre of Riddick’s spine before bringing the chair down like a dart into the back of his neck.

AK: He’s trying to break Andrews’ neck!

FL: This is horrible!


FL: Calm down King! You’re gunna drop a lung.

Barnes lifts the chair for a second time before dropping it on Riddick’s neck, and then a third before letting him move. Riddick rolls around on the ground, clearly indicating that while he is in pain, his neck is not broken. Barnes draws his fingers across his throat signalling the end. He lifts Riddick up and places his head between his legs. Barnes then double under hooks Riddick’s arms in preparation for the Double Under hook Pile driver, he calls the Barnes Storm. As Barnes lifts, Riddick struggles and uses all of his energy to hold his place before standing up and flipping Barnes over onto his back.

AK: Great reversal, but Barnes is back up…

FL: Riddick watch out!

Andrews turns, expecting to be in control as he is met with a running STO!


1… 2… NO! Riddick kicks out…

Barnes rolls onto his stomach and pushes upwards, lifting himself up onto his knees… Riddick lies motionless for a moment, his body twitching from the impact to his neck. Slowly, he begins to move as Barnes gets to his feet. For the second time, he hooks Riddick for the Barnes Storm. This time he gets Riddick up, this time he nails the move.

1… 2… NO!

AK: I can’t believe it!

FL: I always knew Riddick was special.

Barnes looks flummoxed, almost demented by Riddick’s inability to stay down. He crawls to the outside of the ring and spots the Right Hand of God on the ground, cast aside by Riddick earlier. Picking it up, he climbs back into the ring as Riddick gets to his feet. Barnes inaudibly begins to taunt his opponent, who now is on his knees his left hand held up pleading for leniency, his other on the back of his neck. Barnes steps forward and screams the words “I TOLD YOU YOU WOULD PAY!” Swinging the baton, Riddick lifts his left arm to block the blow, as he does so, the expected shattering of bone is replaced by the baton breaking in half.

AK: What the hell?!

FL: What happened.

Like a flash, Riddick’s hand moves from the back of his head and with a flick of his wrist, he extends the baton in his hand and smashes Barnes in the knee.

AK: Another Baton?

The announcers realise as do the fans that the baton cast aside by Riddick earlier had been a decoy, not the real thing. He had stowed that back into his pocket and now, that was his weapon of choice against the falling Barnes. Riddick smiles as he slams the baton into Barnes’ stomach. Doubling the Wolf over he slams it on the back of  Quentin’s neck.

1… 2… NO!

Quentin gets a shoulder up. The angered Riddick gets to his feet and hits 3 hard shots to the back and neck of Barnes.

1… 2… No!

AK: Barnes kicked out again!

FL: That’s heart right there.

Riddick scoops Barnes up onto his feet. He’s almost out on his feet as The Exile lifts him up into a fireman’s carry… Riddickule!

1… 2… NO!

Barnes AGAIN gets a shoulder up. Riddick slaps the mat looking somewhat frustrated… He sets up a chair in the centre of the ring and pushes Barnes back into the corner. He places the baton in his back pocket as he hoists Barnes to the top rope. Climbing to the middle rope, he tries to put Barnes over his shoulder again… He struggles for a moment, as the weight of Barnes is almost too much. Just as he’s about to get Barnes locked in, The Wolf pulls the baton from Riddick’s back pocket and jams it into the Exile’s neck.

AK: Barnes stopped the Top Rope Riddickule!

FL: But where does he go from here?

Barnes uses Riddick to steady himself and climbs so his feet are on the second rope, hanging on the outside of the ring. He quickly pulls the semi-conscious Riddick’s head over the top rope and between his legs. He double under hooks Riddick’s arms and places his right foot on the top rope. Using all of his remaining strength he pushes up, with his foot, bringing his left foot to the top rope too and falls backwards pulling Riddick into a pile driver position! Both men crash through the table set up on the outside with the pile driver spiking on the floor outside.

Crowd: Holy ****! Holy ****! Holy ****!


FL: …

The referee pulls the table debris out of the way to find Riddick on his back, out cold with Quentin’s hand draped over his chest. Quickly he drops to the ground…

1… 2… 3!

AK: Barnes did it! Barnes beat Riddick!


AK: You’re damn right!

The referee lifts Barnes’ arm in victory, although he doesn’t look like a winner. He is beaten and bruised, yet slowly moving as EMT’s rush to ringside to check on Andrews. He climbs to his feet and looks down at Riddick, a smile etched across his face, embracing the first cheers he’s heard from fans in over 2 years. He raises his arms in victory, a tear dripping down his face. Victorious, and gaining the revenge he wanted. Stronger by Kanye West plays, the words even more poignant now. The victorious Quentin Barnes celebrates as we fade to black.
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The Kingpin
UWE Great

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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2009, 06:02:45 am »

Non-Title Match
Match 2: Angelus vs Bryan Blaze

Match Writer: Greenbean

"Fortune, fame, mirror vain
Gone insane...

*BOOM!* A huge pyro fires up from the stage as "The memory Remains" continues playing. As the smoke from the pyro clears, Angelus is left standing in the middle of the stage staring straight down at his opponent. There's a sudden chill that sweeps through the crowd as Angelus takes one good, long look around the arena.

"Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor"

Schumacher: Ladies and Gentlemen. From Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 225 pounds! He is UWE's first and only Grand Slam Champion! ANNNNnnnnnNNNNGELLLLLLUSSSSss!

"Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded prima donna"

Angelus makes his way down the ramp, highfiving the occasional fan who holds their arm out desperately to touch him. Some fans can be heard cheering his name at the top of their lungs, others have not forgotten his past deeds and refuse to cheer him. Angelus' eyes say it all though. He's not here for them. Angelus slides in on the apron and pops up, immediately look over to his opponent and pointing to them, telling them tonight they're gonna just another fallen victim. He then turns around and runs to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the top rope and pointing around the arena, then back to himself. Angelus jumps off and turns to his opponent, loosening up a little before the match begins.

Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
But the memory remains

The lights all go out simultaneously. Then, within seconds, "One Step Closer" By Linkin Park booms through the PA system. The fans erupt in anticipation of Bryan Blaze. The lights are still out, but just seconds later, three red spotlights circle around the stage and top of the ramp area.

I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway

With that, Bryan Blaze bursts onto stage. He raises his arms up in the air, drawing a huge ovation from the crowd.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Lights are back on, as Blaze stands on stage, he goes on both knees and raises his arms once again, which triggers pyro to shoot out from the stage on both sides repeatedly. When the pyro stops, Blaze hops to his feet and runs towards the ring, tagging hands with fans along the way, and then slides in under the bottom rope.

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Blaze gets onto the second turnbuckle in each corner, going counter-clockwise around the ring. Getting to all corners.

I’m about to break!

With that lyric playing, Blaze flips backward into the center of the ring and as he does, red pyro shoot from all corners of the ring, this only lasts for a couple seconds, and now Blaze stares at his opponent…

Schumacher: And his opponent, from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds...Bryan Blaze!

The bell sounds and this match is officially underway. Blaze and Angelus step in towards each other, touch hands and step back to opposite corners as they prepare to do battle. Both guys now begin to circle each other in the ring, some chants start up for Angelus, some start up for Bryan Blaze, both men clearly have quite the fan following. The two men edge together and in the middle of the ring hook up for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, realising he's probably not gonna be able to out-strength Angelus, Blaze quickly ducks underneath his opponent and gets behind Angelus, wrapping his arms around his waist and Blaze is able to take Angelus down to the mat. In an ideal position, Blaze is on top of Angelus on the floor, he rolls over the back of Angelus as quickly as he can, with Angelus struggling to keep up with the pace and Blaze ends up at the head of Angelus, both men are up to their feet right away and Blaze attempts a standing dropkick on Angelus, who sidesteps it just in time, Blaze is up to his feet instantly and the two guys assume their fighting stances, preparing to block any oncoming attack from their opponent. Blaze and Angelus look at one another and straighten up, backing up a couple of paces each as the fans applaud the aesthetically pleasing exchange between two of the entire UWE's biggest stars. Giving it another couple of seconds, Blaze and Angelus come back to the middle of the ring and again they're both thinking collar-and-elbow tie-up, this time the lock up last's longer, but again, before Angelus can start using his strength to his advantage, Blaze is able to spin out of the tie-up, grabbing the left arm of Angelus in the process and twisting it right around to gain control of Angelus, Blaze spins through the arm of Angelus again, applying an extreme amount of pressure to it right now, a much different gameplan here from Blaze than people expected, not least Angelus. Blaze continues his 'wrestling' based attack on Angelus by moving behind the World Champ, still very much in control via the arm and eventually pushing down on the shoulder of "The Arch Angel", putting Angelus down to one knee. Angelus now has his turn to show his speed as he first of all does a forward roll so he's on his back, then Angelus kips up and in one movement is able to spin underneath the arm of Blaze, a nice reversal which now gives Angelus control of the arm of Blaze here. Angelus now starts to apply pressure to the arm of Blaze, who can't find a reversal and Angelus now springs up off the mat with one foot and kicks Blaze under the armpit with the other foot, trying to work over the arm of Blaze here.

Hugh Reynolds: Nicely done from the champ, that’s the reason why he’s held the belt for so long, he’s so damn good at reversing other people.

Bobby Moroso: Adaptation Hugh. Angelus is the master at being able to adapt to any situation he’s in, that’s what makes him unique.

Unable to power his way out of the hold, Blaze realises his best chance is his speed so he charges towards the ropes, shows tremendous athleticism by leaping up high, almost right over the top ropes infact, but he lands on the top with the underside of his legs, he springboards off the ropes and in one swift movement, Blaze is able to catapult backwards, landing on his feet and pulling the arm of Angelus in the process, turning it into quite the arm drag, sending Angelus rolling to the other side of the ring. Again, both athletes are up to their feet quickly and again they are both reluctant to come right at each other, instead they look across the ring at each other, both with a smile etched on their face, they both know to win this match, they'll have to come through a war. Angelus nods his head, acknowledging the talent of Blaze while Blaze bends forwards, gesturing for Angelus to 'bring it on'. As they come towards each other again, Angelus holds one hand up in the air towards Blaze, challenging him to a test of strength and although Blaze knows he probably doesn't stand a chance of winning, he also puts his hand up, accepting the challenge from Anj but before the two can interlock fingers, Angelus decides to pull away opting against the decision and again the two continue trying to suss each other, which draws them both in towards each other, but before Angelus can even contemplate a move, Blaze takes the first real advantage by hitting a hard knee to the gut of Angelus, which causes Anj to lower his head and now again, choosing to go the 'real wrestling' route, Blaze applies a side standing headlock on Angelus, trying to slowly weaken his opponent down as he continues to apply as much pressure as he possibly can. Angelus now grabs Blaze around the waist and heads backwards to the ropes with him, using his own momentum to push him against the ropes and into the opposite ones, Blaze comes running back off the ropes and with the speed he's running at he stuns Angelus with how much natural strength he actually possesses by knocking him to the mat with a shoulder block. Surprised by the strength of Blaze, Angelus remains on the canvas for a moment, until Blaze now runs into the ropes, this has Angelus quickly turn over onto his stomach so Blaze jumps over him and then hits the opposite ropes, this time Angelus is up onto his feet and as Blaze returns, he leapfrogs over the head of Bryan, instead of carrying on into the ropes Blaze attempts to catch Angelus off guard, but as he turns around Angelus is just a little bit quicker to the punch as he wraps his legs around the waist of Blaze, taking him down in an unorthodox way and managing to execute quick a unique pinfall...

Kickout! Blaze kicks out, preventing an early finish here, Angelus is up a split second quicker than Blaze, Blaze rushes at Angelus, only to receive an arm drag from Angelus, again both men are up and again Angelus takes Blaze over with an arm drag, this time Angelus is up to his feet a considerable amount of time before Blaze and attempts a Roundhouse Kick as Blaze gets up, but Blaze's reactions help him out now as he narrowly avoids his head being taken off by the boot of Angelus as he drops back down to his ass, a matrix-like move from Blaze! Bryan is seated in the corner breathing heavily, he knows he dodged a bullet there as Angelus holds his finger and thumb an inch apart "this close" he says to Blaze as he steps back a bit, giving Bryan the chance to get back to his feet. Up Blaze gets to his feet and he walks back towards the middle of the ring, where Angelus is standing ready to greet him. The two edge in closer together again, both assuming their usual fighting stance as again they collide with a third collar-and-elbow tie-up, this time both men are focused on winning this battle as they both push as much as they physically can, eventually it's Angelus who assumes control and starts to force Blaze into the corner, but just before the back of Bryan hits the turnbuckle, he flips the hips and spins round, putting Angelus into the turnbuckle, a sound move from Blaze as the ref now decides to come into break both guys up in the corner, on his two count they release their grips and both guys hold their hands up high in the air, about to break but then, quite uncharacteristically again for Blaze, he takes quite the cheap shot at Angelus, hitting a kick to the stomach of him, quite a hard kick infact which drops Angelus to his knees. Blaze then shrugs his shoulders, as if to suggest he's gonna win this one by any means necessary, such is the magnitude of the match for him. Blaze brings Angelus up to his feet then clocks him with a hard right hand, right to the jaw, a right which has Angelus spin a 180 and bounce off the second ropes, coming back up to his feet. Blaze now Irish whips Angelus, but it's reversed by Anj, who again goes for the Roundhouse Kick, this time it finds its mark beautifully on Bryan Blaze, dropping him down to the mat. Blaze now wisely stops any potential momentum Angelus is about to build by wisely rolling out of the ring, that Roundhouse Kick caught him good and Blaze tries to get a few seconds to himself in order to shake any cobwebs as Blaze walks around the ring for a moment, holding his head before he climbs back up onto the ring apron and through the ropes, into the ring. Edging closer and closer to Angelus, who hasn't moved from the middle of the ring, Blaze is thinking what he can do next and just as it looks as though they're both about to go for another collar-and-elbow tie-up, Blaze tries to kick Angelus in the gut again, but this time Angelus catches the foot of Blaze, only for Blaze to counter the counter by jumping up and clocking Angelus right around the side of his head with an enziguri, scrambling the brains of the World Champ who falls to the mat. Blaze now seizes control of Angelus, as he now connects with a European Uppercut on Anj just as he was getting back to his feet. Being propped up by the ropes, Angelus now prepares to be sent into the ropes by Blaze, who Irish whips him but now as Angelus returns, Blaze lowers his head slightly, but he does it too early and Angelus does a backflip, rolling over Blaze and landing on his feet, Blaze spins around and instantly goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but this time Angelus shows his reflexes as he side steps the kick then just boots Blaze clean in the back of the head.

Bobby Moroso: Down goes Blaze, that hadda knock the wind outta his sails!

Hugh Reynolds: Don’t count your chickens Bobby boy, look how determined Bryan is.

Much to the credit of Blaze however, he's up to his feet quickly, but he feels a clothesline from Angelus which knocks him right back down again, determined not to give up, Blaze wills himself back up, only to receive yet another clothesline from Angelus, knocking him down once again and now before Blaze can get back up to his feet, Angelus reads him well and gets over to him quickly, scoop slamming him back to the mat and this time, at least for now, Blaze remains grounded as Angelus looks around the arena, planning his next move. He leaps up to the top ropes, but again Bryan Blaze shows his smarts as he rolls right out of the ring under the bottom ropes. Angelus allows no restbite for Blaze though, as he gets off the top ropes, then with the assistance of the ropes, sends himself flying over the top, throwing caution to the wind and taking Blaze down to the floor with a crossbody, which has both men down momentarily. Naturally, Angelus is first to his feet, the less harmed of the two and he seeks the crowds encouragement, some give it him, some boo, if you ever wanted a crowd split right down the middle then look no further than this match as Angelus picks Blaze up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring under the bottom ropes, whilst a replay airs of the high-flying Angelus. The Champ gets back onto the ring apron now, but as he does, Blaze is back to his feet and Blaze comes walking at Angelus, determined not to let him back in the ring easily, unfortunately for Blaze however, he receives a shoulder to the gut from Angelus, Anj goes for another shoulder to the gut, but he goes to the well once to often here as Bryan Blaze drives the knee right into the shoulder of Angelus, leaving "The Arch Angel" hanging precariously on the second ropes. Blaze takes a couple of steps backwards, just taking a couple deep breathes then he turns around to see Angelus still hanging there, so Blaze shows that speed he's renowned for and dashes at Angelus, jumping right over the top ropes, clutching the legs of Angelus before he lands and executing on hellacious powerbomb onto the mat!! Blaze fan or Angelus fan, it doesn't matter, every single ass in the arena came outta their seats for that move as Bryan Blaze hits the first real big move of this match, leaving Angelus flat on his back, the pain is shown all over his face and after a moment, Blaze is back up to his feet, although staggering from side to side as another replay airs, this time of Bryan Blaze doing what he does best: Flying! The only downside here for Blaze is that it's gonna be a struggle to get Angelus up and inside the ring, seeing as the body of Angelus has practically gone limp for the time being. He struggles, and with the ref counting towards ten, Blaze decides to pull Angelus by the neck, then underneath the arms until he finally has Angelus lying on the ring apron, Blaze now pushes hard and rolls Angelus right back into the ring, he slides in and now Blaze attempts his first cover of the match...

Kickout! Angelus rolls over onto his side as Blaze sits up, quite surprised he didn’t have a victory there. Angelus now tries using the ropes to get up and is now leaning across the second rope, but before he can pull himself back up, Blaze drives his knee across the back of Angelus, one more knee to the same place has Angelus grimace in pain. Blaze now runs into the opposite ropes and as he runs he jumps at Angelus, landing on his lower back again as Blaze steps back a couple steps, watching as Angelus falls from the ropes onto the mat. Lying on his back, Blaze now stands above Angelus, looking down at him and now he decides to cover…


Kickout! Blaze wasted too much time and was never gonna get the pin, but he continues to surprise people, especially Angelus, as Blaze now sits Angelus up, he locks his fingers around the chin of Angelus, placing his knee into the back of the Champ, Blaze has him now in an extremely painful submission hold, Angelus knows he can’t stand to be in this move for long so at first, he tries to break the grip of Blaze, but can’t seem to break his grip so Angelus knows the only way out is by getting up to his feet and he’s able to do so quite quickly infact, now Anj starts to hit stiff back elbows to the gut of Blaze and three elbows later, the grip of Bryan is broken. Angelus turns his back on his opponent and looks to charge into the ropes, but this proves to be a mistake as Blaze now grabs the shoulders of Angelus and forcefully slams him back down onto the mat, causing Anj to land hard on the back of his neck. Not moving much at all and lay on his back, Angelus seems ripe for the picking as Blaze now simply gets in a mount position on Angelus and starts throwing a couple of rights and elbow strikes to Angelus until he’s told to break, which he does right away and now Blaze gets up to his feet with a smile on his face, thinking of what he’s gonna go for next Blaze climbs out of the ring, holding onto the top ropes as he waits for Angelus to get up, Blaze then springboards off the top ropes and executes a dropkick from there, hitting Angelus right in the chest, knocking him back down and this time Blaze rushes into the cover…


Kickout! Blaze places his hands on his hips, looking up at the official, who mimics the shoulder coming up off the canvas and again Angelus sits up onto his ass, trying to do whatever he can to prevent his shoulders being on the canvas. As Angelus tries getting back up, Blaze clocks him round the head, which has Angelus lower his head and then Blaze hits Angelus with a European Uppercut on Anj, dropping him back down to the mat. Blaze continues his assault and now he applies a single leg Boston crab on Angelus, keeping him grounded. Angelus is near the ropes, he stretches his arm out, trying to reach for the bottom ropes, but just can’t get there, the ref asks Anj if he quits, obviously he’s not gonna give it in to a single leg, but that doesn’t deny the pain he’s in. With a forward crawl, Angelus then manages to stretch out and finally reach the bottom ropes, causing the ref to demand a break to the hold. Again Blaze gives that clean break and now he grabs Anj by the head and pulls him up to his feet, hitting him with a scoop slam which puts him in position if Blaze were to climb the ropes. Blaze opts against heading up to the ropes, instead he brings Angelus up to his feet again, now he Irish whips Angelus, kicking him in the stomach and attempting The Burn…but Angelus pushes him off and into the ropes, now as Blaze returns from the ropes he gets dropped with a back elbow from Angelus, catching Blaze right on the jaw as Angelus holds his back for a moment, then Blaze is right back up to his feet, he swings a right at Anj, who ducks it and attempts a German on Blaze, Blaze shows great athleticism as Angelus throws him, but Blaze is able to land on his feet and then hit Angelus with a Pele Kick! Down goes Angelus and Blaze drops on top of his for another cover, some fans raise from their seats believing the match is over as they count along with the ref…



Kickout! Some fans are happy, some aren’t so but the bottom line is that this match continues. Both men are breathing heavily now, Angelus is the worse for ware, a great showing so far by Blaze who is now on his feet and lining up Angelus for some kind of running attack. Angelus is alot slower at getting to his feet now and Blaze comes charging at Anj...but Angelus shows he still has juice left by getting up quickly and timing it just right to drill Blaze with a massive Samoan Drop, which has both men lying on their backs on the ground. Angelus is the first to make any sign of movement, with sweat dripping from his forehead he's able to will himself up to his feet and seeing Blaze still on the ground, the Champ now believes he has enough time to venture up to the top ropes, he sluggishly climbs to the top ropes, taking far to much time but its as fast as he can go, by the time he gets into a position to fly, he looks up to see a somewhat rejuvenated Bryan Blaze charging at him and before Angelus can do anything about it, Blaze leaps off the canvas all the way up to the top ropes, holding onto the head of Angelus for balance and then almost at the speed of light, Blaze jumps again, wrapping his legs around the head of Angelus and taking him off the top ropes with a hellacious hurricanrana which almost snaps Angelus in half as he lands right back onto the canvas, he flew damn near all the way across the ring!! Angelus curls up into a ball almost as the referee checks on him, he ain't gonna give it up though and he looks across the ring, seeing Blaze flat on his back too. Blaze now turns onto his stomach and reaches out to Angelus, getting on top of him and hooking the leg as the ref begins to count...

Kickout! Blaze thought for sure he had it then, but the ref shoots up, holding two fingers up, letting everyone know the match isn't over yet. "Come on" mutters Blaze, as he sighs with disbelief. Up to his feet he gets again, although after hitting that must he must have thought he wouldn't have to continue the attack, but he's up and walking back and forth, albeit with a slight limp as he now helps Angelus to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes, Blaze thinks its time for another dropkick as he leaves his feet once more, but this time it fails him as Angelus hooks both arms around the top ropes and prevents himself from coming back into the middle, saving himself from eating a dropkick in the process as Blaze now feels his head smack off the canvas and his back sting from the contact with the mat. Shuffling towards the ropes for assistance, Angelus is finally able to pull himself up to his feet, as well does Blaze too though and now Blaze grabs the head of Angelus, looking to smash it into the turnbuckle but as he tries to, Angelus puts his foot on the second buckle, blocks it, then responds by smashing Blaze's face into the top pad putting Blaze into a spin and Blaze turns around right into a Yakuza Kick from Angelus, again causing both men to go down. This time Angelus isn't down for long as he leans against the turnbuckle, just shaking his head off as he tries to find a way back into this, but as he looks up he sees Blaze comes charging towards him, going for a stinger splash...only this time Blaze misses as Angelus uses his speed to get outta the way in the nick of time, that's gotta hurt the ribs of Blaze who now walks into a hard clothesline from Angelus, knocking him to the deck, if only for a second until Blaze charges at Angelus, just to receive another hard clothesline and now the momentum is beginning to shift the way of Angelus, who now drops Blaze with a cartwheel kick, this time keeping Blaze on the ground. Holding his lower back and limping, Angelus encourages the crowd to get behind him, which some do but obviously alot boo also as Angelus shifts his attention back to Blaze as he attempts to Irish whip Blaze into the opposite turnbuckle, only for Blaze to counter it, sending Angelus in and Blaze doesn't wait around, he charges at Angelus, only to eat a back elbow which sends him backing up into the middle of the ring. Angelus pulls himself to the top ropes and this time is able to jump off them, decking Bryan Blaze with the Leap of Faith as he nails him with his fist, opting against the cover Angelus hits the ropes and by the time he returns, Blaze is back to his feet, but not for long as Angelus hits him with a spinning heel kick, knocking Blaze right back down again. Now it's Angelus who's bringing Blaze up to his feet, he sends Blaze into the ropes and as Blaze returns hit makes the ring shake with a Rock-like Spinebuster, Angelus quickly attempts the pin...

Kickout! The right shoulder of Blaze springs from the mat and now Blaze tries getting up again, he'll do anything to avoid his shoulder being on the mat but unfortunately Angelus is up and Anj goes to grab Blaze, but Blaze breaks his grip and goes for a scoop slam, which Angelus reverses as he rolls off the shoulder of Blaze, then Angelus shows his strength by lifting Blaze high up into the air and dropping him with a press slam! Blaze is lying a couple of inches from the turnbuckle and Angelus cannot resist the temptation to go aerial once more as he heads to the top ropes, then jumps backwards right away, throwing caution to the wind as he attempts, and successfully lands a moonsault on Blaze, remaining on top of him for yet another cover...

Kickout! Now it's Bryan who's struggling to stay in this one, there's no rest for the wicked here as when Blaze gets to his feet, Angelus drives a shoulder right into his gut in the corner of the ring, Angelus then holds onto the ropes and jumps off his feet as he drives his shoulder into the gut of Blaze for a second time and Angelus now jumps up, putting his feet on the thighs of Blaze and monkey flipping him...but Blaze lands on his feet! Bryan actually seems as shocked as anyone that he pulled off this stunt and stands there for a second, admiring his work as the fans applaud until Blaze realises Angelus is standing right behind him and Blaze turns around, right into The Verdict!! Angelus just dropped Blaze but opts against the cover, instead he wants to seal the deal as he goes up to the top ropes, time for an all or nothing move! Angelus jumps for the skies, going for a Shooting Star Press...but Blaze MOVES!! Blaze got out of the way just in time as Angelus kicks his feet holding his stomach in agony but forces himself back to his feet, Blaze now springboards off the ropes at Angelus...HEATWAVE!!! Blaze connected big time with that move and Angelus looks to have had his lights turned out and with what seems to be the last bit of energy Blaze has left, he finally makes the cover on Angelus, as the referee, along with thousands of fans, begin to count...


Angelus has his foot on the ropes and the referee notices this just in time, he tells Blaze this, who just looks at the ropes in disbelief, the fans realise what's going on as the arena quietens down, they was ready to explode when the ref's hand hit the mat for the third time. The fatigue is seen in the eyes of Blaze, who drags Angelus into the middle of the ring to make the cover again...

Kickout! The Champ shoots the right shoulder off the canvas JUST in time, he's still fighting, his heart is still beating so he's not gonna quit and Blaze's frustration finally appears to boil over as he beats the mat in anger. A replay airs, showing Angelus going for his Shooting Star Press as Angelus rolls to the outside, trying to catch a breather while Blaze has quite the heated discussion with the ref, who stands firm on his decision. Realising he's not gonna change the ref's mind, Blaze gets out of the ring himself, to stop Angelus recovering at all and now he comes running, perhaps a little over-zealously towards Angelus, who uses the momentum of Blaze to drop toehold him face first, into the barricades which buys him some much needed recovery time. Angelus now rolls into the ring and as he's onto his feet, he sees Blaze about to get back in the ring and charges at him, attempting a baseball slide, but Blaze sidesteps it, causing Angelus to slide right out of the ring and catch a big, stiff kick to the skull from Blaze in the process, causing Angelus just to sprawl out against the ring apron. Blaze rolls him back into the ring and right away heads to the top ropes, preparing to fly as he remains stood on the top, just waiting for Angelus to turn around and as he does, Blaze jumps at him with a high crossbody, he connects with it but Angelus smartly rolls though, making it his cover as the ref counts...

Kickout! Both guys are up pretty sharpish and Blaze swings a clothesline, which is ducked by Angelus and now Blaze attempts a kick to the gut, which is blocked by Angelus who spins Blaze around and as the two are again face-to-face Angelus jumps up, taking Blaze down with a hurricanrana. Now it's Bryan's turn to use the corner to pull himself up to a vertical basis, before he can do as such though, Angelus is right behind him, but Blaze notices this and throws a wild elbow, catching Angelus right in the face who, in turn, staggers backwards and catches the referee right in the eyes with his eyes, tainting the view of the official, who spins around, lowering his head as he holds his eyes, being just a little over dramatic as most ref’s are. Blaze now comes walking at Angelus, but before he can do a thing he gets a kick to the gut by Anj, who now gets Blaze in a suplex position, he calls for the C-2!!! Angelus is ready to finish this one…but Blaze drops to his knees, then brings the forearm up vertically LOW BLOW! Blaze hits Angelus hard, dirty tactics from Bryan which is completely unexpected from the fans, who actually react negatively to this and boos begin to fill the arena as the ref turns back to the action, just in time to see Blaze springboard from the ropes again…HEATWAVE!!! Blaze hits him with the move again, this time in the middle of the ring as Blaze makes a cover on the downed Angelus, a stunned crowd watches on in silence as the ref counts…




Schumacher: Here is your winner…Bryan Blaze!

A pin drop can be heard inside the arena, Blaze is the last person people expected to steal a victory like he did. The emotions on his face appear to show, anger and frustration can be seen in the eyes of Blaze as everyone looks on in shock, Bryan gets to his feet slowly, proud of his victory. Out of the ring he gets, grabbing the World Championship from ringside as he slides back into the ring, holding the title down by his side, preparing to give the championship to Angelus once he gets up. Finally up to his feet, sweat dripping from the forehead, breathing heavily as he’s looking down at the mat Angelus slowly raises his head, knowing that Blaze is standing in front if him…BOOM!! Blaze just clocks Angelus right in the skull with the title belt, damn near taking his head off!!!

Hugh Reynolds: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?

Bobby Moroso: Bryan Blaze just became a man Hugh, that’s what the hell!!

Blaze takes one glance at the Championship before dropping it on the mat, focusing his attention on Angelus again as he’s not quite through. Angelus is dragged up to his feet, despite pleas from the official to stop Blaze ignores him and then throws Angelus outside the ring, he really plans to punish Angelus here. Blaze follows him out of the ring, looking at the family of Angelus who are seated in the front row as a sinister smile slowly forms onto his face, he’s planning to slowly dissect the champion. Blaze grabs Angelus and rams him face first into the announce table, causing the announcers to stand from their seats, getting out of the way of anything possibly coming there way. Angelus now tries to get to his feet again, but after getting his face driven into the turnbuckle post, he now hit’s the deck again, now with some blood trickling down his forehead. Again Blaze looks at the family of Angelus, who attempt to jump the barrier, only to be stopped by the security guards that prevent them. Blaze knows this and deliberately takes his time with Angelus, who’s guard is completely down. Seeing the blood, Blaze now throws a few stiff kicks at the gash, trying to bust him open more so. Bryan now starts to strip down the table, definitely with the intentions of sending Angelus right through it. Blaze throws Angelus on top of the bare table, then into the ring he climbs, the sense that something big is about to happen arises and the arena rises to its feet, just to watch what transpires. Holding onto the top ropes, Blaze looks ready to catapult himself towards Angelus. The champ starts to climb up to his feet on the table, his head is lowered and he seems in some pain, Blaze jumps to the top ropes and springboards towards Angelus, hooking his head in mid-air and driving him into the table, drilling him through the table! THIRD DEGREE THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Hugh Reynolds: Good God almighty! Somewhere between this rubble lies two bodies I promise you!!

Pushing the bits of table off him, Blaze gets up stiffly but Angelus isn’t moving, his eyes are closed as he’s lay on his back, wearing the crimson mask that has now covered his face. Holding his lower back, Blaze is up to his feet as he staggers over to the family of Angelus “you think that’s bad? Watch this!” screams Blaze, they grab for him but cannot reach, desperate to help the champion, nobody can get over the barricade and now Blaze grabs some cables from one of the television monitors, he then double-layers it and lashes Angelus hard across the back, arching his back as he just tries to bear the pain, Angelus rolls around as his back is stinging, its not helped by Blaze giving him two more lashes with the cables, both of which make a sickening noise and the after effect is the back of Angelus looking like Ric Flair’s chopped him a couple hundred times. Grabbing Angelus by the hair, Blaze drags him across to his family, as he lies on his belly looking up at them, he knows there’s nothing they can do and now Angelus feeling a ripping ’sensation’ on his throat as Blaze wraps the cable around it, standing behind Angelus, Blaze begins to pull back on the rope, choking the life out of Angelus who’s just struggling for air. Kids are crying at this disgusting sight, multiple officials rush down to try and pull Blaze off and Angelus’ back and neck are pull backwards in such an awkward position, with blood flowing freely down his face Angelus must have so much going through his mind right now, he makes one last attempt to free himself, but it fails and eventually Angelus passes out, he can’t take this anymore and finally, FINALLY Blaze releases his grip on Anj, dropping the unconscious champion face first into the mat, which generates boos that engulf the arena. The noise hasn’t been this loud in a long time and a changed, two-faced man in Bryan Blaze just soaks in the boos, staring at Angelus: mission accomplished. Job done for the evening, Bryan now simply turns back, no remorse whatsoever as he slowly walks back, having obscenities yelled at him Bryan doesn’t take any notice, he looks straight ahead as he leaves. UWE fades to a commercial of Wrestlemania with Angelus in a bad, bad way as the EMT’s rush to him, stretcher in tow.
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We head backstage to see the previously victorious Quentin Barnes, bags packed and jacket on heading towards the back door of the arena. He stops and looks back, surveying the scene of a job well done. Smiling to himself, he limps to the door of the arena and pushes his hand against it.

Voice: And where do you think you’re goin’?

Barnes turns to face Duke Hamilton walking towards him with intent in his eyes.

QB: I’ve done what I came here to do. I’m going home to be with my family.

DH: Oh I know what you’ve done, you’ve left me a superstar light in the Royal Rumble match. You’ve left me with one less chance to rub Greenbean’s face how good Showdown is.

Barnes smiles and dips his head, before looking up into Hamilton’s eyes.

QB: Duke, don’t worry. I’ll ensure you’re suitably compensated.

DH: Great, then it’s settled.

He looks at Hamilton, his face filled with confusion.

QB: Sorry, what’s settled?

DH: You’ll compensate me. Suitabley.

QB: Sure… Wouldn’t want you to be out of pocket.

DH: Great, then go get ready.

The confusion floods back.

QB: I think I’ve missed something here…

DH: The only suitable compensation I would accept is a reasonable replacement for Riddick in the Royal Rumble match and on the Blackout roster. Seeing as you showed the world you were more than a reasonable replacement.

Smiling once again, Barnes looks flattered but nonplussed.

QB: Listen, Mr. Hamilton… Duke. I’m retired, this is a one time only thing tonight. I didn’t come here looking for a job, I didn’t need a job.

DH: But you want one Barnes. I watched you out there, I watched the fans touch you with their reception, I saw you thrive from their support. You’ve missed it, you know you have.

QB: Of course, but wresting is in my past. I can’t do this anymore…

Duke rubs his jaw and slaps Barnes on the arm.

DH: No problem, I go tell Riddick to get ready.

QB: What? His career is over…

DH: Tomorrow… His career is over tomorrow. Today he’s still contracted to UWE and I need a superstar in the Rumble. My main problem is, if he wins? I can’t fire him, not at least until after Wrestlemania. So this…

Duke waves his hand up and down Barnes full height, pointing out the obviously hurting spots.

DH: … Could well have been all for nothing.

QB: You can’t…

DH: Oh, I can… And I will, that is, unless you wish to take Riddick’s spot on Showdown?

Barnes closes his eyes, unsure as to why Duke would go to these lengths to keep him. He drops his bag to his side, and takes his hand off the door.

DH: Good choice…

Barnes looks away, as if considering the consequences of his actions; Duke slaps him on the shoulder once more.

DH: Oh and good luck.

Hamilton grips Quentin’s hand and places a slip of paper with a Royal Rumble entry number on before he turns and walks away, leaving a confused and clearly dazed Barnes considering the night he has left in front of him.
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The Royal Rumble Match
Match 3: 30 Superstar Royal Rumble

Match Writers: Angelus/Greenbean

And now, the match we’ve all been waiting for.  The winner, will headline Wrestlemania in the main event on the show of his or her choosing for the title of his or her choosing.  It’s one of the most highly antici-

Ah shut up already, will ya!  Christ.  Everyone knows it’s one of the biggest matches in UWE.  They don’t need you to spend ten minutes telling them what they already know.  Arrogant pampas ass...

Frank, I’d like to think it’s been a pleasure and an honor tonight...

You would, wouldn’t you?  Ass. 

Whoa!  He always like this?

A grouchy old goat?  Yep...

You two ****-birds be quiet.

Hugh: can’t say that on here.

The hell I can’t, mooley.  Now if you ladies are done with your chit-chattin’ I’d like to call a match.  The right way.  Like Alex and I do on Blackout.

Blackout!  Now there’s a show...NOT.

You got something you wanna say, fatso?  The next strudel the gets crammed down your mouth is gonna be your own...Pasta gobbling mother fuh-

WHOA!  Okay then, so it looks like our first entrant is about to come out-

“SINNERS!  THEY’RE ALL GOING TO A FIERY HELL!” ‘Them bones’ starts to play over the PA, declaring Scylla as the number one entrant in the Rumble.  Scylla makes her way out on stage and down the ramp, sliding into the ring.  She turns, looking confident as ever as she waits for the second entry...

‘Power trippin’ begins over the speakers now, and the fans go nuts as they see Stoner come walking out on stage, eyes just as blood-shot as ever with the dumbest grin to match.  He walks down the ramp, pointing and laughing with some fans “Yeah...the rumble, man!  I’m in this biscuit eater!”  Stoner stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks into the ring at Scylla.  Time for the serious face!  But...there’s no change.  Stoner slides into the ring and stands up, looking at Scylla with his ‘serious face’.  Scylla seems a little sickened by him.  She just shakes her head, then points to the ramp and shouts something.  Stoner looks, taking the bait, and Scylla strikes!  She comes at him with a fore arm that sends him wobbling back!  Stoner looks at Scylla taken by surprise, and then comes back on his own!  He rushes Scylla grabbing her and spinning her around as he directs her into the ropes!

Blackout vs Showdown!

Maybe we’ll see which show really reigns supreme here. 

Well, recent polls have shown the fans prefer Blackout to showdown.  And in the end, who’s opinion matters more?  The people who pay to see our wrestlers perform, or fat shitty mobster wannabe? 

Scylla comes back to Stoner who quickly leaps up and catches her in a swinging neck breaker!  Scylla hits the mat hard, but the camera quickly directs to the ramp as Raven is seen running down the ramp.  Fans throw some boos as they see him, even shouting at him “YOU SUCK!”  He slides in, clothesli-NOPE!  Stoner ducks and as Raven turns around Stoner hops up and drop kicks him!  Raven goes stumbling back against the ropes, but is quick to bounce off and come back at Stoner.  He swings again, but Stoner ducks AGAIN!  This time Scylla’s up.  It’s showdown star and showdown star against Blackout-SHE WHIPS RAVEN INTO THE ROPES AND LANDS A DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!!!  Raven falls against the ropes, Scylla’s on her hands and knees attempting to get back up when Stoner runs and uses her body to step up into the air as he leaps and kicks Raven, sending Raven over the top rope! RAVEN IS ELIMINATED!

OH!  TERRIBLE NEWS FOR SHOWDOWN!  Stoner just used Scylla as a stepping stool and eliminated Raven!

I think she might be pissed Stoner stole her elimination from her. 

A woman’s wrath gentlemen.  I’ve been married 50 years...I know the last thing you do is make a dame mad...

Scylla glares at Stoner who appears all happy until he turns around see’s the fiery eyes of Scylla.  However, the moment is quickly shattered as Masahide appears in the ring.  He grabs Stoner, placing him in a hammer lock and then snaps back for a suplex!  Stoner is rocked!  Masa quickly gets up and turns to Scylla who comes out swinging at him.  HERE COMES THE ALMIGHTY ACE KILLER!!!  Masa kicks Scylla in the stomach and sends her head first into the turnbuckle as Ace Killer jumps on to the apron and goes to the opposite turnbuckle, he climbs up, but Masa’s on to him.  Masa comes running and leaps up, using her arms like some battering ram as he rams right into Ace Killer and sends him flying back out of the ring! ACE KILLER IS ELIMINATED! Masa turns around Scylla kicks him in the groin!  AND PLANTS HIM WITH A DDT!!!

Well...dame’s got some fight.

And you can catch more of Scylla on Monday night Sho-

I’m not above kickin’ your ass...

That’s the sound of Hugh’s foot getting stuck in his own mouth, boys and girls. 

Scylla stands over Masa now, looking satisfied.  Then she turns around to see Stoner pulling himself up on the ropes.  Scylla looks to take advantage, grabbing his legs and trying to tilt him over the top rope.  But stoner fights it.  He kicks his legs as much as he can and squirms.  SHE GETS HIM OVER!!!  But his feet never touch!  Stoner rolls back inside the ring from the outside apron, Scylla’s furious.  She starts stomping him all over all meanwhile Stoner is shouting “AH-OW!  WATCH THE FINGERS BISCUIT EATER!”  Finally he grabs her leg, and trips her.  Stoner gets up and hops to the middle rope, bouncing off and turning in mid-air to connect a legBUSAIKU KNEE KICK BY MASAHIDE!  Masa comes outta NO WHERE!  Stoner is sprawled out on the mat staring up at the ceiling now as Masa stands up, the crowd is BOOING!  Masa now turns to Scylla, and the buzzer goes off.  X comes running down the ramp, with Masa standing by, keeping both an eye on Scylla and now X.

Okay, Masa’s kick thing was impressive.  Frank, I’m starting to worry for Blackout here.  Stoner’s in there with a buncha Showdown people. 

He’s still in there though, that’s all that matters. 

X goes right for Masa, unleashing a flurry of punches but Masa is delivering just as many.  Meanwhile Scylla is getting back to her feet.  She looks at the two men who are fighting toe to toe and charges at them, Scylla goes into the air for a cross body, crashing into both men!  The countdown starts again.  5...4....3.....2....1......JAKE DANIELS!!!  Jake comes hauling ass down the ramp and is to the ring in no time.  He slides in, hops up, targeting Scylla right off the bat.  Scylla stands by the ropes, and see’s Jake coming...Scylla quickly drops down, pulling the top rope with her and Jake goes over the top rope!  But he lands on the apron!  Scylla stands up and headbutts him, sending him off the apron! JAKE DANIELS IS ELIMINATED! But Masa knees Scylla in the gut, and then knees her viciously in the face!  Scylla falls to the mat, X clubs Masa from behind and then picks him up for a back body drop!

And Masa goes down!  What a rumble!

hey...what’s Stoner doing?

Stoner comes up behind X, taps him on the shoulder, X spins around ready to defend himself and swings but misses.  Stoner retaliates with his trademark TAIL WHIP!  X is BLINDED!  BLINDED HE IS!  He holds his eyes and turns all around.  Stoner then comes up behind him, grabs him, and flips him over the ropes! X IS ELIMINATED!

Bye-Bye for X!

The clock is counting down once again though.  The crowd all watch and count along with it...5...4...3...2....1.....BUZZZZZZZZ!  ACE BORGER!!!


Ace charges down the ramp and slides in, Stoner comes at him but Ace quickly tackles him down and then hops back up, Scylla catches Ace with a closed fist right to the face!  She then lands a swift kick to the knee and Ace stumbles down a little.  She grabs him, and goes for a ddt but Ace reverses and picks Scylla up, going for a running powerSCYLLA REVERSES IT INTO THE DDT ANYWAY!!! Scylla is going the distance, showing how badly she wants this match.  Masa tries to come up behind her but she reverses and gets around him, then bulldogs him in the middle of the ring!!!!  Scylla is standing tall above everyone else now!  And then Ace is back up.  He charges into Scylla, kneeing her first and then lifts her on his back, Ace is possibly going for the move he likes to call “dying tired”

Dying tired coming up!  This could be it for Scylla!

Before Ace can connect it, Sean Martin comes sliding in and kicks Ace in the knee!  Ace drops Scylla, nearly dropping her on her head, and then battles back with Sean.  He backhands Sean Martin and sends him staggering, then kicks him in the stomach and picks him up with ease in powerbomb position.  But instead of powerbombing Martin in the ring Ace carries him to the ropes.  The fans all gasp-HE CAN’T!  Ace Borger POWERBOMBS Sean Martin not only OVER the ropes, but OVER a turnbuckle and lands him directly on the stairs!  Martin’s shoulder bone is nearly poking through the skin as he lies on the ground out cold.

That’s how we handle you Bla*THUD*

HOLY SHI-not only did Ace powerbomb the crap outta Martin, but Frank Leary just introduced Bobby’s face to the Showdown crew’s announce table. 

I warned em!  I warned em!  Sonsabitches! 

Back in the ring, we see Stoner now slugging it out with Ace in the corner of the ring, and Scylla launching an attack on Masa.  Masa suddenly grabs Scylla by the head of her hair and CHUCKS HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!  Scylla, in mid-air reaches out of desperation for the ropes as her arms are flailing about.  He grabs the top rope with her left hand, body swinging down towards the ground outside, she tops, HER FEET NEVER TOUCHING!!!  Masa turns doing a little victory dance hoping to spite the thought-to-be eliminated Scylla.  But Scylla grabs the top rope with her right hand and pulls her self back in the ring, landing behind him.  She now stands behind him with a smile on her face.  Then quickly hops up on the turnbuckle and leaps off for the atonement!  Masa gets planted face first into the mat!!!  Then she turns around, here comes ACE BORGER!!!  Scylla stops him with a kick to the gut and goes for a suplex, only Ace uses his size to put a block on the move, and reverses Scylla with a suplex of his own!  STONER COMES FLYING FROM OUT OF NO WHERE, DIVING AND TAKING ACE DOWN WITH HIM!  The sound of the buzzer echoes through out the arena as Maddox makes his way down the ramp.  Stoner stands up, he’s the only one standing.  Maddox gets in and lets out a powerful roar-like cry, showing how pumped and ready he is!  Stoner tilts his head, and gives one right back, telling Maddox to bring it on!  Maddox begins to approach Stoner, who then reacts by grabbing the rising Masahide, who’s on his hands and knees, and shoves him head first, hitting Maddox ‘below the belt’.  Then he grabs Maddox, and looks to the crowd as he points over the ropes.  The crowd goes insane with approval.  Stoner leads him on, and then throws him over the ropes!

That kid sure is on a roll! 

Probably had him a roll or two before coming out here...

Stoner basks in his glory as the clock counts down once more.  When the buzzer goes off, the world nearly stops.  “RIOT MAKER” comes over the PA, and none other than UWE Hall of Famer, MDE comes out.


Whoa, what the f-ck is this ****!?!

THAT is Showdown’s weapon X!  THE RETURN OF JAMIE STEVENS!

This is why no one watches your show.  You let guys who have better looking hair than have talent. 

Stoner turns to the ramp as he see’s MDE making his way down.  It was MDE who ended Stoner’s World heavyweight title reign just over a year ago.  But meanwhile, Ace is setting his sights on Stoner.  He grabs Stoner and takes him down, trying to lock in the triangle choke hold...

Submissions are useless!

He’s trying to wear him down.  Won’t work though.  Blackout wrestlers are top notch.  Ace would know that if he wouldn’t of jumped ship.

MDE enters the ring in a mixed reaction from the fans.  Scylla’s eyes, Masahide’s eyes, they all look on the now-turned-outsider.  MDE taunts them on, and both charge him at the same time.  He dodges them both, showing he’s still sharp on his toes.  Then Ace releases Stoner and stands up, he grabs MDE and turns him around, but MDE lands an elbow to Ace’s face, then back rolls over him and shoves Ace toward the other two.  Masa and Scylla both knee Ace and then grab him-JOINT SUPLEX!  Masa and Scylla sit up, looking over at each other surprised, until Scylla clobbers him and gets up to her feetFADED GLORMDE MISSES!!!  Scylla dodges the bullet and Stoner comes in, he kicks MDE-STUNNER!!!  MDE is phased dramatically, Stoner and Scylla grab him and lift his feet over, dropping him off the ring apron and to the outside! MDE ELIMINATED!

What was that about Showdown’s weapon X?

Scylla goes to attack Stoner but caught by Masa.  Masa scoops her up on his shoulders and slams her down into the mat!  BUT HERE COMES ANDERSON!!!  Anderson hits the ring and puts everyone on notice!  He levels Stoner!  Masa!  And ACE!  Anderson then turns to the downed Scylla.  His eyes set on his target.  He circles her, waiting.  But Ace Borger is resilient.  He will not stay down for anyone.  He comes back, raising Anderson off the ground and plants him on the mat as hard as he can with a back body drop!  Before you know it, the buzzer sounds out again and it’s Sanguine who comes running down the ramp.  Sanguine enters, and goes right for Ace with a series of kicks and punches.  It doesn’t take Ace long to catch on of Sanguine’s legs though.  He raises him up, pressing one hand into Sanguine’s abdomen, and then Sanguine to the ground.  Sanguine rolls back up to his feet, running back at Ace and connects a missile dropkick on Ace! 

Masa is shown delivering a german suplex to Stoner straight into the turnbuckle.  Stoner crumbles to the mat and rolls in pain as Masa stands up and is met by Sanguine who runs and jumps to the top rope, and then leaps back off spinning in mid air connecting a roundhouse!


Hey, hey, the buzzer should be going off...

Right!  The buzzer goes off, and Maria is the next entrant!  She runs down, slides in and sizes up Sanguine while he isn’t looking.  But Scylla has her sights set as well.  She approaches Maria, turns her around, and Maria goes for the chick kick that KO’d Orion, BUT SCYLLA DODGES!  She catches her leg, spins her around then kicks her right in the face!!!  Maria’s eyes roll back, and Scylla grabs her before she can fall.  She lifts her up on her shoulders and carries her over, then dumps her out of the ring! MARIA IS ELIMINATED! Then we see Ace dumps Anderson over, who lands awkwardly as his knee twists one way and leg the other!! ANDERSON IS ELIMINATED!!! By the looks of it, Anderson needs help to the back too! Time for the fifteenth entrant...NEWLY SIGNED CHRISTINE VALENTINE COMES RUNNING DOWN!

Someone say beautiful?

Well actually, I was referring too…

Quiet you!

Hitting Ace with a low blow, Scylla is the only person in the ring standing at the moment as she cracks her knuckles looking at Christine who gets into the ring. “Fresh meat” says Scylla, but Christine isn’t backing down, she gets right into the face of Scylla…**** SLAP! Scylla just slapped the taste out of Christine’s mouth, but Christine doesn’t back down, she simply wipes her mouth then slaps Scylla with an equally vicious slap, definitely displeasing the former IC Champ. Scylla now tackles Christine down to the mat as the two start rolling around on top of each other, beating one another’s heads and pulling one another’s hair.

Catfight! CATFIGHT!!

For the love of God will you get that tongue back in your mouth. You a grown man Bob, act like it!

All the guy decide to leave the ladies to it as Masahide stomps away at Ace Borger in one corner, while Sanguine is desperately trying to eliminate Stoner, who’s got a secure grip on the top ropes. The buzzer and entrant number 16 is: ESPIO! Espio receives a light applause from the fans as he rushes to the ring, targeting Father Sanguine by blasting him on the back, saving Stoner in the process. Espio now hit’s a standing dropkick on Sanguine, which sends the former World Champ to the ground. Espio’s getting excited here and Irish whips Sanguine into the turnbuckle, he spins around-BOOM! A hard kick to the skull from Christine Valentine, who in one move shows the World that she means business by just dropping Espio!

Meanwhile, Stoner has now recovered and comes charging at Masahide, but Masahide lowers his head and flips Stoner over the top ropes…STONER HANGS ON!! The fans get loud, more out of nervousness than anything as Stoner is able to just slide back in under the bottom ropes, certainly giving everyone a scare. The fans begin to countdown once more and the next person to enter is…PYRONUS SOURIA!! With a load of mayhem happening in the ring already, a running Pyro is just gonna add to the mix. Not afraid to go after anyone, Pyro heads straight for Father Sanguine, the former World Champion and cracks him hard in the back. Gaining himself an advantage over Sanguine Pyro opts to just keep on punching until Sanguine is down to one knee and now he turns, charging right at Espio and just dropping him with a hard boot to the face. Picking his spots carefully, Pyro now starts to stomp away at Stoner in the corner, preventing him from getting up and inflicting more damage onto him. Licking his chops, Pyro sees his first elimination in the form of Christine Valentine who is lurking dangerously near the ropes so Pyro charges at her, but Christine set him up and ducks now, lowbridging the top ropes and sending Pyro out! PYRONUS IS ELIMINATED!!!

As one more leaves, another arrives, right on 'cue' some might say, its MR. BROADWAY!! Playing to the crowd as he enters, its pretty much a case of 'take your pick' for Broadway as everyone in the ring is preoccupied and again, desperate to make a name for himself, Broadway goes for a big name in Ace Borger, hammering him on the back just as it looked as though Borger had Masahide eliminated. Quiet relentless in his attack, Broadway hammers at the neck and back of Ace, getting him down to the mat.

Bobby: (sings):
The ring's is alive, with'a Mister Broadway!

You really gonna push me again?

What you laughin' at Hugh? Ain't ya gonna stick up for ya partner?

You've made your bed Bobby.

Broadway seems to be having a fun old time just unleashing shot after shot on a defenceless Borger until Ace gets a helping hand from Stoner, who now gives Broadway a taste of his own medicine. Sending him down to the mat with one hard shot. Scylla sees Borger is hurting, these two have their past and Scylla jumps at the chance to damage Ace, planting him with a DDT. In the corner, we have Masahide and Christine Valentine making quite the unit as they take it in turns at stomping on the floored Father Sanguine until Scylla now comes over and hits a forearm strike to Christine, now Scylla attempts to lift Christine over the top ropes, but she's not coming off the ground and seems quite secure where she is. Another entrant is about to enter the fray in the form of JAMAL ALVANDI!!

Into the ring gets Alvandi and he sees the two ladies struggling to eliminate one another, in his attempt to make a statement he charges at the girls, but momentarily they get onto the same page, both lowering their heads and together they're able to hoist Jamal out of the ring and to the floor! JAMAL ALVANDI IS ELIMINATED!!! The team of Evelyn and Christine didn't last long though, as Scylla turns back to Christine, kneeing her in the stomach and throwing her back into the corner. Back in another corner it seems like Father Sanguine has a second wind as he unloads on Stoner with right, after right, after right, but Stoner now reverses it to start throwing a few knife-edge chops the way of Sanguine, who reverses it again and smashes Stoner's face into the turnbuckle pad. In the middle of the ring, Espio Irish whips Ace Borger, who comes back at him with a flying shoulderblock, taking Espio out and as soon as Ace is back up, he picks up Espio and launches him over the top to the floor! ESPIO IS ELIMINATED!!! Ace now spins around and lets out a huge roar, the man means business.

I like Ace Borger.

I like your Mom...go on, do something, I dare ya!

The camera pans out to a full shot of the ring and here we have: Scylla and Christine Valentine both trying to eliminate one another in the corner, Stoner and Father Sanguine both still going at it shot for shot, then Mr. Broadway and Masahide both double teaming Ace Borger, with Ace perched on the top turnbuckle but with his arm wrapped around the post, he ain't going anywhere and we reach number 20 already: QUENTIN BARNES is now about to enter the frey. Obviously a little fatigued from his earlier match still, Barnes takes his time coming down the entrance ramp, not to the greatest reception in the World either it must be said. Quentin lands a hard right first of all to both Broadway and Masahide, knocking them both down and then he just lands a right on Ace Borger for the fun of it. He now hits an elbow to Sanguine, knocking him down also and gets Stoner in a front headlock, punching and then kneeing away at the face of Stoner, almost at will as Stoner firstly struggles to cope with it, until he lifts Quentin, dropping him backwards, face first onto the turnbuckle pad.

We catch a close-up now of Masahide choking the hell out of Mr. Broadway, who's hanging out of the ring almost, although he didn't go over the top ropes. Broadway resorts to eye raking to break Masahide's grip, but you gotta do what you can to survive in the Rumble. As the camera returns to a shot of the whole ring we see Christine explode out of the corner, taking Scylla down with a hard spear which might have knocked the wind out of her also. 5..4..3..2..1..EFFIN ROX!! Effin draws 21 and after pushing Edward Laurent to the limit on Blackout, he must be confident as he lightly jogs to the ring. In he gets and right away Broadway recieves a European Uppercut from the man. One more European Uppercut to Broadway has him staggering around the ring and a third one is enough to drop Broadway down to his ass. Instead of going for everyone, Effin concerntrates on the one person as he now hits a modified back suplex on Broadway.

Showdown, say hello to our Cruiserweight Champion.

Up gets Effin and it's almost as if he and Ace Borger have some form of an understanding as they switch opponents, Effin goes to stomp on Masahide in the corner and Ace comes into the middle of the ring to focus on Broadway. Fists and boots are being thrown everywhere in the ring and Christine has her boot placed firmly in the throat of Quentin, trying to choke the hell out of him. Time flies when your having fun and this is evident at number 22 comes out...FERVOR FALLS!! The adrenaline is pumping in this young man as he starts to unload on whoever's closest to him, unfortunately for Ace Borger, that would be him. Falls starts to go mental on Ace, booting, punching, kneeing and headbutting, doing whatever comes to mind as Ace Borger crumbles to the mat. He now switches focus onto Effin Rox as he tries powering Effin out of the ring, but Effin is trying to go dead weight, if Effin goes, Falls will be going with him. Both athletes, extremely strong-willed, do their all to eliminate the other, thing is, this gives Father Sanguine a chance to capitalise as he comes running over, Falls with the left arm and Effin with the right and with all the strength he has, he's able to dump both over the top! EFFIN ROX AND FERVOR FALLS ARE ELIMINATED!!! Father Sanguine turns around and dusts his hands off as Effin beats the mat in frustration, he expected much better of himse-BOOM! Falls just levelled Effin in the back of the head, declaring it was his fault they both got eliminated before making his way back.

Confidence amongst the stars in the ring must be high, everyone in the ring believes they have a legitimate chance of winning this thing. Up into the air goes Stoner again, which attracts numerous screams, but Barnes isn't able to force the athletic Stoner right over the ropes as he hangs on for dear life here. DUANE ANTHONY is revealed as number 23, another man desperate to make a statement as he sprints into the ring, sliding in under the bottom ropes. He comes running at Christine Valentine, who again just side-steps him and brings the top rope down, letting Anthony crash out with a thud! DUANE ANTHONY IS ELIMINATED!!! Christine looks at Anthony on the floor, shaking her head at him for his rookie mistake...but turning her back in a Royal Rumble is a mistake in itself as Scylla eventually gets the last laugh, forcing Christine Valentine over the top! CHRISTINE VALENTINE IS ELIMINATED!!! For her debut, Christine did pretty damn well and the fans, mostly the guys, recognise that, as they applaud her efforts on her way to the back.

Awww mang! I liked the girl-on-girl action.

That's the closest you'll get to any action.

Says you? At least we have hot chicks on Showdown, what d'you guys got huh?

You will feel the **** slap soon Bob and believe me when I tell ya you ain't gonna like it son.

The Big guy Vladimir Dostoevsky is next out, drawing number 24 in a Rumble that's flown by. Waving his flag as he walks down to the ring he seems to have more interested in promoting his Country than winning the Royal Rumble. Into the ring he climbs, flag still in hand as the Rumble match grinds to a screetching halt, every eye fixes on this guy. He looks around the ring, shouting at everyone in his native tongue until Stoner decides F-This! Stunner!! Stoner blasted him with his finisher as Masahide, Quentin Barnes and Mr. Broadway all start to stomp away at the guy, he's done already but it's time for everyone to put their differences aside for a couple more seconds to have fun and teach this guy a lesson. Sanguine's turn next as he brings Vladimir up to his feet...Aiza'shal!! It's quiet possible Vladimir knows not where he is now as he is lifted up by numerous superstars, getting him into the perfect position for Ace Borger and his Dying Tired!! A perfect name for how Vladimir is feeling and now Scylla gets him in the Redemption Lock!! Determined to snap a bone, her wish doesn't come true as she releases the hold, but Vladimir is definately gonna be bruised and battered for a while as every wrestler contributes in lifting him high up and dropping him out of the ring! VLADIMIR DOSTOEVSKY IS ELIMINATED!!! And in a whole lotta pain.

It's time for the next entrant and here comes CHIP HORTON, who makes an urgent rush for the ring, but unlike others, he doesn't aimlessly charge around the ring, he's calculated and waits for openings, which is why Masahide feels a huge DDT and then Father Sanguine is planted with the BSE!! Chip seems to be getting a little excited, but is able to contain himself as he now focuses on Scylla, trying to eliminate her from the match but she, like plenty, manages to utilize the ropes to her advantage. Back on the opposite side of the ring, Stoner and Masahide seem to have found each other again, but this time they have a common enemy in a grounded Quentin Barnes, whom they both work over, leaving Sanguine, Broadway and Ace slugging it out amongst themselves.

With so many big names left, the clock counts down 5..4..3..2..1..E.E. FAULK!! Last year's Royal Rumble winner gets number 26 and that number, along with the fact that he won it last year, must make him a favourite in anyone's book. "A man on a mission" best describes double "E" as he comes into the ring and decides that Chip Horton is his first port of call, seeing as Chip is fresh he wants to hurt him. Faulk hits him with rights, lefts and chops all over his body, really doing on number on him and a dropkick is enough to send Chip down. Faulk is like a house on fire, Barnes is standing behind him, crouched down and hoping to put out that fire as Barnes goes to clothesline Faulk over, but Faulk ducks, spins around a Superkicks the hell outta Quentin Barnes, sending him all the way over the top infact! QUENTIN BARNES IS ELIMINATED!! Faulk encourages the crowd to get behind him, which they do, of course they do, he's E.E. Faulk, Faulk turns around...Kimi Ga Yo!! Masahide just stopped Faulk right away, dropping him with his finisher as the fans go quiet.

What a scoop for Showdown, this Masahide is a very well-oiled machine.

Oh will you shut the...y'know what? I'm not even gonna say it.

This guy's reputation can do nothing but grow, now Masahide walks into a kick, followed by Powerbomb by another rising star, Mr. Broadway. But now Broadway turns around into a swinging neckbreaker from Ace Borger, who's the only man on his feet at the moment, time to meet the next entrant who is...ADAM MAJORS!! Majors has returned to the UWE, as the titantron quickly shows a clip of what happened backstage with Majors attacking Orion, "I'll take that" he can be heard saying, with regards to Orion's Rumble number. Back to the live action and Majors heads straight for Faulk, these two guys have a past as they trade blows with one another, but neither can get the upperhand as Borger cracks Majors in the head, then hits an Uppercut to Faulk, which has Faulk grounded whilst Borger concerntrates on Majors now. Father Sanguine elects to beat on the downed Faulk, Chip and Broadway both jockey for position too as they're both trying to eliminated one another.

Neither guy is successful and both decide to let go of one another, Broadway going to scrap with Stoner and Chip going to beat on Scylla. KENJI MOORI is number 28 and the mysterious slowly steps towards the ring. Meanwhile, Mr. Broadway goes to Irish whip Stoner into Chip, but Stoner reverses and sends Broadway into Chip, but Horton flips him up and over the top ropes, but not to the floor! Broadway now grabs Chip around the neck and pulls, and pulls and eventually manages to pull Chip all the way over to the apron and this results in both guys falling to the floor! CHIP HORTON AND MR. BROADWAY ARE ELIMINATED!!! Into the ring gets Kenji and with the shuffle of his feet, he belts Ace Borger with a Roundhouse Kick, he'd love to eliminate Borger here in this one. Now a jumping back kick to Adam Majors is enough to send him scurrying, all the way into the ropes and the guy is so off-balance his upperbody seems to just go right over the top, as Majors, disappointingly for him, hits the floor! ADAM MAJORS IS ELIMINATED!!! Kenji now strikes a martial arts pose as he looks at Faulk, who strikes one back at it seems like these two are gonna go at it here.

The two men circle the ring, just trying to suss one another out, looking likely to have some sort of martial arts fight...but that idea ends in a hurry as Scylla tackles Faulk to the ground, then Masahide comes at Kenji, levelling him in the face, talking of face, Sanguine is getting his stomped on repeatedly by Stoner. ALLEN MARROW enters the Rumble at number 29, the luck of the draw brings great fortune to Marrow as he draws a great number. Marrow is now in the ring and as he has been for many, Ace Borger is his focus as Marrow basically gores the **** outta him, JIHAD!! Ace is holding his ribs tightly, he doesn't know what internal damage could be done as the crowd gasp "Ohhhh" they respond, looking at a broken man in Borger who lies on the floor.

That's Blackout, that's what we bring! You keep you're bitches, we got Allen Motherfuckin' Marrow!

I'm not denying that wasn't impressive, I still think Showdown has the better chance here though.

Most atheletes here are exhausted and as the clock for number 30 winds down, they know who it is about to come out and when ADAM DEMING walks from behind that curtain, nobodies surprised, but folks still give him the boos. The strut is that of a confident man as he climbs into the ring, it's between nine people now, only one person can headline Wrestlemania.

Prediction time boys! Who's gonna win? I'm gonna say...a Blackout person!

On that note I'd say a Showdown person.

Never thought I'd say this, but Hugey's right.

Boys, boys, boys. Showdown, will go down to Blackout, were the premiere show now.

Deming immediately gets on top of Ace in a mount position, this is perfect for him as he starts to unleash hell with a flurry of elbows and full on shots to Borger. Driven by hatred, Deming only wants to fight Ace, as is now stomping away at him in the corner, if it was up to Deming, Ace wouldn't even be around. Adam gets up and starts trash-talking to Borger "who do you think you are? Big mistake coming at me Borger, big mistake" but the mistake is mouthing off in a Rumble with eight other people around, someone's gonna take advantage and that someone is E.E. Faulk, who gets Deming and much to the surprise of all the fans, tosses him over! ADAM DEMING IS ELIMINATED!! Not happy at all, Kenji Moori now comes charging at Faulk, but Faulk throws Kenji over the top, only for Kenji to land on the apron! Kenji looks up, but gets two knees to his face from Faulk, sending him down to the mat to join Deming! KENJI MOORI IS ELIMINATED!!! The Rumble is now down to 7.

Turning around, Faulk is grabbed by Sanguine and manhandled into the corner, where Sanguine starts unloading with knife-edge chops, each of which is greeted with a "WOO!" Stoner and Scylla, who are both exhausted having started this thing, turn to look at each other again, both with a deep breathe each, they don't hold back and this results in Stoner trying desperately to eliminate Scylla, but she's hanging on pretty well. This leaves Allen Marrow and Masahide left as they both start to trade blows in the middle of the ring, just as it seems like Masahide is getting the upperhand, Marrow knees him in the stomach and sets Masahide up for a piledriver...but Masahide reverses and back bodydrops Allen Marrow, who's quite weary as he gets back to his-clothesline! ALLEN MARROW IS ELIMINATED!!! Borger sprung up from outta nowhere and dashed at Marrow, clotheslining him out of this one.

I gotta admit, thing's ain't looking good for Blacko-what the hell is Marrow doing?

Not impressed with his elimination, Allen Marrow drags Ace Borger out from underneath the ring, throwing him into the steel steps, shoulder first. Marrow now looks underneath the ring and for some reason, finds a 40oz. bottle! SMMAAASSSSHHHHH!!!!!! Ace Borger just got bottled as his face drips with blood instantly, he's sprawled out on the steel steps as officials manage to remove an irate Allen Marrow, who's more than likely dashed the dreams of Ace Borger. Back in the ring, Masahide takes down Faulk with a lariat, then does the same to Sanguine, he tries this on Scylla, but Scylla ducks and then wisely makes a grab for his mask, she isn't able to remove it, but it temporarily renders Masahide unable to see, just enough time for Stoner to capitalise! MASAHIDE IS ELIMINATED!!! Some may say Stoner stole that elimination and Scylla ain't happy about it, she dropkicks Stoner to the floor, but then is on the receiving end of a hard clothesline from Father Sanguine!

Sanguine gets up to his feet and tosses Scylla over-FEET DON'T TOUCH! As Scylla is able to land on the apron, she now slides back into the ring under the bottom ropes and through the legs Sanguine, who spins around to find himself clotheslined the hell out of this match by Faulk! FATHER SANGUINE IS ELIMINATED!!! Sanguine goes flying into the barricades and is clearly disappointed he's out, but it was a great return.

Good return for Sanguine and I must say, whatever brand scoops him up, they'll be lucky!

Stoner now stands in one corner, Faulk another and Scylla another and the three exchange glances between one another. Out of the corner of her eyes, Scylla sees Ace Borger, valient until the end, trying desperately to get back into this one, but the fact that he can barely stand still is an indication that he's done and Scylla almost does him a favour by eliminating him, putting Borger out of his misery as he falls! ACE BORGER IS ELIMINATED!!! But with Scylla practically leaning over the ropes, Faulk creeps up and tries to eliminate her, she has one solid hand on the ring apron-LOOK AT STONER! Stoner comes up behind Faulk and dumps him out, some fans boo, some cheer! E.E. FAULK IS ELIMINATED!!! Stoner shrugs his shoulders at Faulk, who accepts that it's every man for himself, he even touches hands with Stoner as we have our final two: Scylla and Stoner.

I think this is amazing that these two started and these two finish. Over an hour in the Rumble for both, they must be exhausted.

Gotta give credit where credits due, whoever wins this one deserves it.

Faulk now heads to the back, to a standing ovation, tonight just wasn't his night. Both wrestlers trade shots, Stoner takes the advantage and Irish whips Scylla into the turnbuckle. Stoner comes charging in, but eats a boot from Scylla, who now walks out towards Stoner, only this time for Stoner to catch Scylla off guard, a kick to the stomach from Stoner...Spanker Danker Pickle! Stoner now gets ready for the STUNNER, he kicks Scylla in the gut, only for Scylla to push Stoner forward, Stoner uses this momentum to run up the ropes, going for a whisper in the wind...but Scylla pushes Stoner-STONER SURVIVES! In mid-air he hooks onto the ring post at the last second, the pain that caused has Stoner standing behind the ring post, left foot on one side of the apron and right foot on the other side, Scylla runs now and does a sliding dropkick, connecting with both feet of Stoner and sending him off!! STONER IS ELIMINATED!!! SHE'S DONE IT, SCYLLA HAS DONE IT!!!!!

Dropping to her knees in victory, Scylla cannot believe the odds she's overcome to win this Royal Rumble. A courageous journey from Stoner fell just short and Scylla burst into tears, overwhelmed with emotion as fireworks begin to fly inside the arena.

Schumacher: Here is your winner...Scylla!

Respect is being shown for the first female EVER to win a Royal Rumble match, posing at the turnbuckle, Scylla points to the Wrestlemania sign as UWE fades to a Wrestlemania commercial.
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Main Event: Triple Crown Championship
Edward Laurent vs James J

Match Writer: The Baron

Ding ding ding!

Schumacher: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall and if for The Triple Crown Championship!! Introducing First; The Challenger! From Augusta, Georgia, 

Weighing In At Two Hundred And Twenty Six Pounds!! “The Kruuuuusher!!” JAMES… JOWEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!!

The audience jumps to their feet as Hell by Disturbed blears through the PA system. James bursts through the curtains completely hyped, encouraging the fans to raise his

momentum with cheers and praise. He stands on the stage, scouting out all the people, giving them time to take photos and feel recognized by the number one contender.

Frank: Here he comes!! Unbelievable! Do you hear these people Al!? These people want to see James Jowers go to [v]Wrestlemania[/b], these people want to see James Jowers become

Triple Crown Champion!! And there is no doubt in my mind that he is ready for this.

Alex: Not just that, Frank! if Jowers scores this victory tonight, he’ll also become the second Grand Slam Champion in UWE history, the first is, of course, Angelus!!

Frank: Of course, this is not going to be an easy task, partner! Let’s all remember that his opponent tonight, Edward Laurent is no push over.

James makes his way down, slapping as many people’s hands he can for good luck. He scales the metallic steps basks at a marvel you can only experience on the centre stage.

The fans shouting his name, believing he has what it takes to bring down his opponent. He makes his way to the middle of the apron, jumps on to the second rope and raises his

fist high for the audience to see. This moment, is what it’s all about. Jowers walks onto the top rope with his left foot and jumps into the ring with a confident smile on his

face, he makes his way to his corner waiting the arrival of Lord Laurent.

Schumacher: And his opponent…

The stadium blacks out and the fans quickly change their cheers into a wave of boos as a synthesized voice echoes through the arena.

“I’ve got the key-key to Gramercy Park.”

With the symphonic explosion, the lights come back up, this time in strobes of purple and green, and smoke is sent billowing through the curtain and passing through the

stage, basking the entire entrance way in an atmospheric, claustrophobic, cloudy haze. The curtains open wide as the Triple Crown Champion Edward Laurent steps out onto the

stage, the purple and green strobe lights flickering uncontrollably, synchronized with the beat of Gramercy.

Schumacher: From Essex, England! Weighing In Two Hundred And Ten Pounds! The Triple Crown Champion! Edward… Laurent!!

Laurent stands at the top of the ramp with his prized trophy wrapped comfortably around his waist. His purple towel is draped over his head, covering his beautiful face from

the unworthy as he marches past the open arms, thrown bottles and projected spit.

Alex: A true champion and a man I would go bi-sexual for! Edward Laurent finally gets his chance to shut James Jowers up after all the insults he’s said about him and his belt!

Frank: … I-I’m sorry, did you just say you would go BI-SEXUAL[/i] for Laurent!?

Alex: Well unlike you, Grinch, I’m open to all ideas of life… Besides, look at that face, don’t tell me you could say no to that.

Frank: All I can see right now is that damned towel…

Laurent carefully enters the ring, watching his gold from getting stained by the ropes. He doesn’t pose, he doesn’t have himself be recognized, he doesn’t even acknowledge

James he just lets off a smirk before reminding them all that he is the face of Blackout by raising his title to his lips, giving it what he hopes to be one of many more kisses

and hands it to the referee for the match to begin.

The ref raises the belt high for the fans, and shows James just what exactly he’s fighting for. He sets the bar and asks for no fowl play.

“Ring The Bell!”

Both men circle one another, their footwork as graceful as a boxer’s. Laurent extends his arm for the first grapple, but James shoves it away. Laurent’s arm extends once more

but James will have none of it. Laurent gets frustrated with James’ lack of co-operation and forces a collar and elbow tie up to start the match! Quickly, Laurent forces James

into a side headlock, twisting and writing the oxygen of James’ now red face. James tries to push Laurent away with his free arms but The Champ is holding on too tight. James

uses the momentum to lure Edward closer to the ropes, before pushing him off and Laurent connects with a shoulder tackle. Building his own momentum, Laurent runs towards the

ropes again, jumps over his opponent returning to the now standing man only to bring him down with yet another shoulder tackle.
The fans aren’t pleased at the sight of a man so hated by the wrestling world getting the upper hand on Mr. UWE. Trying one more time, Laurent rushes to the ropes, jumps over

James, James leapfrogs the third shoulder tackle and returns with a spinning wheel kick!! The fans riot as James mounts on top of  Laurent driving a set of elbows to the side of

the Prettiest Man In The UWE’s face, the ref tries to pull him off but Jowers goes back to playing by the books with an Anaconda Vice to start the first submission into this

match. Laurent screams in anguish as Jowers pulls deeper on Laurent. Still, hot in the match, Laurent rushes towards the ropes, holding it with his free arm. The referee counts

for James’ release who let’s go at the third count.
James quickly gets back to his feet and let’s off a smile informing Laurent that he knows he can beat him. The fans back him up as Edward can only look in a state of shock as to

how eager Mr. UWE wishes to bring his title to the fans.


Alex: I would be too if I was that pretty going up against someone who looks like he hasn’t showered in a week!

Laurent calms himself down, his eyes, filled with rage from embarrassment. He pulls himself up and tells his opponent what a real kick feels like. James gives him his

space and both raise their arms to protect themselves from any flying fists or high kicks. Both reluctant to throw the first move. James goes for a low kick, Edward raises his

leg to avoid it, Edward with a right punch is blocked by James. James goes for another kick, Laurent avoids, Lauren- James beats him to the race with a third kick! Followed by

another! And another! Laurent is forced to hold his leg after the string from the stiff kicks! James sees an opening HIGH ROUNDHOU-Ducked… LAURENT TRIES FOR A SOCCER PUNT TO

JAMES LOWERED FAC-James Shifts out of the way! James tries to boot the side of Laurent’s hea-CAUGHT! LAURENT CATCHES JAMES’ FOOT AND TWISTS IT INTO A SINGLE LEG CRAB!!
The fans scream in support of James who’s begging a screeching for the rope!! The referee can only sit back and watch the torture, James drags his entire body three steps from


Alex: STF!! STF!! Laurent Has Got James TRAPPED!!

Frank: This is probably what he considers vengeance for humiliating him earlier!!

So close but so far away, James reaches as hard as he can for the rope! It’s only a matter of inches! Laurent pulls back… Releases the leg… The fans shower Laurent in boos

from the result.


Laurent screams for him to tap, demands for the fighting spirit of James Jowers to accept an honorable defeat! James arm is almost dislocated from the lengths that it’s had

to stretch. He’s almost about to tap… He’s almost about to- He grabs the rope and holds on for dear life! The fans riot as Laurent tries to break the hold by pushing the ropes

further away with his foot. The referee counts!


Laurent will not let go!!


James struggles to hold on for dear life!!


The match is so close to a disqualification!


Laurent! Let’s go!! Laurent let’s go!!


Laurent finally breaks the hold and storms to his feet. He gets right in the referee's face, screaming about how he has until five. Laurent smirks as James is getting to his

feet behind him, the crowd roaring with approval. Laurent's look of smirking confidence is shattered as he turns around and is caught with a VICIOUS side kick to the temple!

Laurent stumbles down to a knee and James hits the ropes, returning he straight-up BOOTS Laurent right in the face! Laurent sinks down to the canvas and James makes the cover.



Laurent barely kicks out! The champ is obviously rocked! James J can feel it now as the fans are beginning to expect the big face comeback. James grabs Laurent by his face

and begins pulling him up. He then squats on his head and lifts for a piledriver! James J is feeling the crowd get behind him now. Laurent is stumbling to his feet, and James

runs toward him, leveling Laurent with a hard clothesline! Laurent is shot back up to his feet due to the force, and Laurent is struck down again by James J! One last time

Laurent bounces to his feet, and James charges in, hitting a running elbow smash! The Champ is dropped back into the ropes! Laurent stumbled forward off of the ropes and James J

lifts him up onto his shoulders, and the fans go bat-**** wild, chanting "GEE-TEE-ESS" over and over again, James smiles cockily into the camera and then trows Laurent off of

his shoulder for the GTS, but Laurent blocks his face with his arms! Laurent drops to the floor and shoots back up, he stumbles back into James J who spins him around and leaps

for the James Cutter, but Laurent throws him off! James is now getting to his feet and Laurent charges in and hits the Fantastic Magic right into the back of Jowers's head!

Jowers is KNOCKED OUT!

FRank: CHRIST! He knocked that Mooley out cold!

Alex: Mooley?

Frank: Not just a racial slur, you ignorant ****.

Laurent is down, and so is James. Laurent somehow rolls James over and drapes an arm over his shoulder. The ref drops into position for the count.




Frank: The fans have come alive here at the Royal RUmble for this Blackout Triple Crown title match!

Alex: That's a mouthful.

Frank: Ya think so? Should've seen your mother's slack-jawed ass after I shoved all six inches of my manhood down her throat. Now THAT was a mouthful.

Laurent begins pounding the mat in frustration as James is rolling over to his side. Laurnet's face is a contorted mess of frustration until he sees James's vulnerability,

and a calm smile replaces it. Laurent begins slithering around the ring, trying to discern the best angle from which to strike. James gets to his feet and the fans are chanting

for him to overcome. James is on his feet, he turns and stumbles, and Laurent leaps into the air as if a tiger pouncing for its meal, and hooks James's head but James throws him

off! Laurent fails the Ecstasy of Gold! Laurent is getting to his feet quickly, and he charges in towards James, but James ducks and lifts Laurent up onto his shoulders! Laurent

is squirming trying to break free, and James stumbles to the center of the ring! James throws Laurent off for the GTS BUT NO! LAURENT COUNTERS WITH THE ECSTASY OF GOLD! BOTH MEN


Frank: CRIKEY! ****!



Laurent begins to roll, barely moving since taking that heinous piledriver, and he crawls over to James, and drapes an arm over him.






The bell rings for nary a moment when suddenly...

Laurent looks up in disbelief as the titan tron of Tony Daniels comes into full display, the crowd reacting in a kind of stunned silence until Daniels makes his way out from the back, a referee in toe, and the Money in the Bank Briefcase in his hands.

Frank: HOLY ****


The fans rise to riotus applause as Tony Daniels stops at the head of the ramp, a grin so wide you'd think he was getting the best head of his life. He looks at the referee and then back at Laurent, whom hasn't even had time to take his recently defended title from its seat on the announce table. He's staring at Daniels in disbelief, shaking his head and screaming "no, no please!" as Daniels slides into the ring, the referee following suit. Daniels stands over Laurent, who is begging and pleading as Daniels just grins and offers the MITB briefcase.


Alex: I gotta say this is **** NUTS!

Daniels is about to hand the briefcase over when out of the crowd comes a tired and haggard Allen Marrow! Marrow slides into the ring and JIHAD! JIHAD! JIHAD! JIHAD!  TONY DANIELS GETS A JIHAD FROM NOWHERE AND ALL THAT'S LEFT ARE THE SMOKING BLACK BOOTS OF TONY DANIELS!


Marrow is being booed so hard some throats go hoarse, and are lost amongst the volume of boos. Laurent smiles as if relieved, and is slowly getting back to his feet. He clasps Marrow on the shoulder and says something to him, and Marrow smiles. Laurent is then handed the title and begins to celebrate.

Frank: Oh for ****'S SAKE!

Suddenly, as if a light-bulb went off in his head, Marrow steps over Daniels's fallen carcus and grasps the MITB briefcase. He lifts it up and stares long and hard at the briefcase, unsure of what to make of it. The fans sensing what's about to happen, cheer wildly.

Alex: You don't think.. noo... not possible... noo....

Laurent is oblivious, completely ignorant in his bliss, and Marrow grins from ear to ear as he grabs the referee and throws the briefcase in his hands. The fans break out in chants of "JI-HAD! JI-HAD! JI-HAD!"


The referee then walks over to the ring announcer, who then gets on the mic and informs the crowd...


Laurent stops dead in his tracks, he looks at the title, and then slowly--ever so slowly--turns around to see Allen Marrow, smiling like a cheshire cat and poised.

The bell rings.


Marrow covers Laurent and the referee drops into position.





"Fight the Power" by Public Enemy booms over the speakers as confetti begins to rain down from the heavens. Pyro shoots off all across the entrance set as well as through the lights high above, Allen Marrow is handed the Triple Crown Championship over the broken body of Edward Laurent, and Marrow is nearly crying he is so happy. Marrow takes the title and raises high into the air as the 20,000 strong UWE army chants "ALLEN MARROW! ALLEN MARROW! ALLEN MARROW!"

Alex: Jesus Christ... Jesus H' Christ...


The last shot of the Royal RUmble as the camera fades to black, is of Allen Marrow hoisting the title high as he ascends to the middle turnbuckle, soaking in the cheers of the fans.
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